School MASKS Are LONG TERM ABUSE / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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11 Comments on “School MASKS Are LONG TERM ABUSE / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Do not let these evil people do this to your children ,sack Hancock and the rest of them ,

  2. All of this agenda has been wicked but doing this to children has to be pure evil. Why would any parent agree to doing this to their children? If more people read Torture and Democracy by Darius Denali they would realise the half face masks is a first step in torture techniques, along with goggles that Fauci tried to push.
    It’s not an easy read and obviously distressing in places, also 600 pages followed by around 200 pages in footnotes. Despite that, it’s a book I’d recommend to anyone trying to get their head round what’s going on. I’ve had my copy since it came out in 2007 so I would imagine second hand book suppliers have it now. I know it cost me £30 new.

    • Thank you. I’ll pick it up. I’m not sending my children back to school in masks tomorrow. I’ve also educated my oldest as to what’s really happening and that this is a war, not a health crisis, nor a pandemic. I also told him that I’d be his voice. He’s a very intelligent and well behaved boy, and would never tell the teachers straight up. So I’m showing him how to do it respectfully.. he’s stressed. My heart breaks. I too will be sadly quitting my College degree to save his future. My College degree was for a career change… I wanted to be an officer, but I would never submit myself in forcing people these demonic laws. I’ll go back to the arts : ) You dont have to be a skilled investigator to know what’s really going on. All you need is a critical eye and a sound judgment to know that our world is being held hostage.
      I hope you’re aware of the 2nd Nuremberg Trial… it is humanity’s last hope.

      • It is good that you are putting your children first and teaching your eldest the truth of what is going on. I am sorry you are having to give up getting your college degree, I wish there were more people with values like you. At least you can hold your head up, happiness and truth come first.
        I have to admit it especially grieves me what they’re putting the children through. Parents who aren’t “aware” will never realise the psychological damage being done, I wonder at the compliant adults in the world at the moment.

  3. I can’t find a way to leave a comment on Odyssey without starting a channel so I will just add here that this must stop #nomasksinclass or anywhere quite frankly…..of course the agenda is that they want to kill us, so obvious I despair at people who can’t see it!

  4. This is training for their future… any parent that wants a future like this for their kids does not deserve them.

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  5. Just watching sky news Australia reporting the usa is dropping mask mandates in even more states. What’s the betting in couple of weeks they’ll announce covid spreading like wildfire and they’ll have to lockdown harder than ever.

  6. Hi Hugo As well as bacterial and viral infections, I would be concerned with fungal infections with the children wearing masks all day. They proliferate in moist warm areas and we are surrounded by fungal spores all the time, especially in damp weather conditions. They are very insidius and can penetrate other bodies organs once they have established in the lungs. Fungal infections weaken the immune system leading to other secondary infections. With children constantly touching the mask I fear they are at greater risk of these infections. Aspergillosis is one such infection but there are many others.

    If children are put on antibiotics during this time for bacterial infections, or what is thought to be a bacterial infection, then that could further complicate things and increase the severity of these infections.

    There has never been any studies on the effect of wearing masks all day in children so I do not feel that the medical profession can rule this out. Everything that is being done right now is one big clinical trial.

    Just a thought.

  7. Its So very SAD, Adults that refuse to see whats going on,
    Frustrates me im Grandparent, unlike Parent, I HAVE to keep my mouth shut where kids are concerned 😡😡😡
    Saw thru this ladt APRIL With Lying Government & pathetic lying experts

  8. This is pure evil . I don’t know what it’s going to take before it hits home to the sheep what is really going on . Where are the services that are supposed to protect children? The parents who go along with this are absolutely brain dead.

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