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13 Comments on “Lockdown End Pushed Back Rumours! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I just got off the phone with the NHS a few minutes ago, told the person on the other end I’m not having it, due to it being untested, unlicensed & unsafe, their reaction was “oh ok” no argument whatsoever, ended the call with a thank you & I’m done! No jibjab for me.

    • Lucky you, at least so far! I declined it. Got a second phone call about 2 weeks later, to which I told them I had already declined it and she said she would put it on my records. A couple of days later, a text. I also got my second letter today from NHS with written large on the front that I had missed an appointment and cost the NHS around £160. These are in relation to the 2 phone calls from surgery and I hadn’t kept my appointment for the jab. I received the same letter after declining a flu vaccination.

      • I can’t wait to tell the NHS goons where they can stick their magic potion when they contact me. I utterly despise the NHS, they are a massive part of the problem.

  2. I got a text message a couple of weeks ago inviting me to participate in this experiment. I logged online and basically told them I had no interest in a live trial on an experimental drug and that they could dish a dose of BS to a hypochondriac instead

  3. My Wife had a call from the surgery and had the exact same conversation. Keep up the good work.

  4. A Shot in every chamber.. Rishi the Billionaire looks pretty relaxed.. Don’t even know where these new star MP’S came from? And I wonder where all these new security guards came from?

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  5. This is now getting really serious, All this was just conspiracy nonsense a year ago ,it no.longer is yet people still believe it all.How many lies can a Govt co.e out with before people wake up .
    I’m beginning to lose hope now .

    • I wouldn’t keep calling them Suckers. I need to pass this on to people who may have already had the vaccine and want to get them onside and better informed. If they feel insulted this will be more difficult, although I agree with your view! Been reading some psychologists’ view on behaviour and one point that keeps coming up is the 20-60-20 analysis: 20% will always be easily manipulated/brainwashed, 20% are critical thinkers and the remaining 60% can go either way. These are the people we have to aim for by explaining the serious intent of the enemy we now have at our gates. I worked in adult/further education all my life and I felt that most people would respond to a common sense argument. What we now have however is a greater desire to be socially acceptable and follow the apparent norms being set by social media. Maybe your adoption of Facebook as a medium will help chip away at this.

  6. hi I just think the public general public or just bring more so easily I don’t really see this returning anywhere near back to normal for long long time if ever does because of people doing around me or so into this bloody injection is unbelievable and I really believe it we come out of it so much because we are like you just said but I do support you and I hope that like you keep on finding all this information we might be able to make it turn around better I don’t have much helps thanks very much Andy

  7. Spot on again hugo.like you I cannot believe how people can still go along with this and they are making it harder to escape not easier. Just got my jab letter which I’m not having-at this moment in time I will die in the fight rather than give in. Keep it up please you speak for people like me.

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