CELEBRITY VACCINE SHILLS?? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Hugo Talks is currently Banned from Youtube

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Celebrity Vaccine Shills – BRANDNEWTUBE

Celebrity Vaccine Shills – ODYSEE

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34 Comments on “CELEBRITY VACCINE SHILLS?? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Brand new you tube is shit .I can’t get on with it .Not mobile friendly at all .

      • I have looked at both brand-new you tube and odysee, already signed up to both, the former for Dr. Colman but gave up trying due to constant buffering. The same happened when I tried watching you on there today. Odysee is same sign in as lbry so automatically on there once you’ve signed in. Shorter vids fine so I had a look at one longer which I’d already seen, just testing and I really miss your vids. The longer one did some buffering on and off after 5mins. Hope that helps.
        Your vids as usual are great. The Israel one re jabs out and out sickening but hey they had that big demo over jab passport, so that’s good. Re the celeb vid, you’d have to be an idiot listening to any of them and rushing out to get the jab. Thanks for all you do. Veronica

      • I had a look at those rushing into my local ‘vax-ceen clinic’ and I have to say that none of them looked like the sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer;, in fact, they all looked like they were one sandwich short of a picnic. I very much doubt any of them had ever heard of Dr Vernon Coleman or even knew what mRNA is even though it was about to be injected into their bodies.

    • Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny on Bitchute explains how the Vaccine effects your body.

  2. Odysee works fine on my phone, as does BNT usually, but I nearly always tap the Odysee link. LBRY is another to try.

    Facebook is a joke. They claim to have 4 billion users or some crap, yet some people have 3 different accounts plus another one for their effin’ cat. I got turfed off after a couple of days. They asked me for my mobile number in order to log in and instead of a number I typed fuckoffyourenothavingit and hit send. Boom, suspended and then deleted!

    • Forgot to add; how did Suckabiggun know about how the vaccines worked back in July last year? Was that common knowledge back then?

      • Did. The same way the rest of them did. All a load of ……… Insert any word you prefer!

      • Should have been Sid not did.

  3. They seem to be trying to create a fog of confusion and flip flopping at the moment. Maybe this helps fry peoples minds and turns them into zombies quicker.

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  4. hi I think what you’re doing is great I wish wish more people would act on the information you give egg seem to be a lot of the most of out it’s just following a job like you say that I like watching your your comments and I will things you find thanks very much Andy

  5. Video froze part way through on Brand New Tube. When I try to watch again it is saying error 404?

  6. Zuckerberg After Taking To dr Falchi Changes his mind

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  7. I have a motto I live by, NEVER Give the Bastards the Satisfaction. it works for all sorts of things.

    • Rob. Not a bad motto. In all my life I’ve never had an idol in the film, music world etc; so it’s all a bit beyond me how they’ve literally taken on hero status. I know it’s been done to work that way but I’ve known older folk do anything a soap star says. Leaves me dumbfounded.

      • Oh I agree, I’ve been caught up in the nonsense myself in the past, but as I get older I find it easier to see through the BS.

        These Professional Adult Pretenders are always on duty when anyone they don’t know is around, it’s all an act, look at that silliness a little while ago with Tom Cruise chewing out the film crew, he really deserves an Oscar for that performance, but stupid people everywhere think it’s great.

      • Rob. What do people see in Tom Cruise? When I was a teenager women were going do lally over Paul Newman. The way some were acting was possibly the main reason I never did any worshipping of anyone.

      • The real purpose of soap operas is the ‘programme’ the viewing public. Big teams of behaviorist and psychologists are involved in putting them together. The stupefied sheep sat in front of their huge telescreens identify with the characters. Soap watchers are shown how a character reacts to a particular situation, they are given a lead and follow their example when they encounter a similar situation in real life. For example, Stacey Slater in Eastenders has received her ‘invitation’ for her corona jab. She tells Dot that she is worried because she has been reading this ‘Hugo Talks’ site on the interweb. Dot reassures her that ‘Hugo Talks’ is a ‘conspiracy theory site’ and is not to be taken seriously. They both laugh it off and wonder how Stacey could have been so stupid in the first place. Stacey quickly books an appointment at the ‘vaccine clinic’ and next we see the delighted Stacey receiving her jab. “Now, promise me never to look at another conspiracy theory website again, Stacey”. “You have my word, Dot, big thanks”. They both hug. Time for the theme music.

      • Trev. The scary part is how long people have been suckered in by the programming. There used to be a soap on called Crossroads, the only way I can remember the motels ( I think it was a motel?) owner being called Meg is because when she died on the soap my nan ( grandmother) cried for days. It wasn’t something I watched, I’ve always preferred reading so I was bewildered how she could be upset by it. Worked then, so I guess it works even better now.

      • News just in. Roy Cropper in Corrie refused to serve someone in the cafe, because he wasn’t wearing a mask. It kind of proves my point. There is not need for me to be making up story-lines. To be honest, I don’t watch any of these soaps so please forgive me if I have got my characters and plot-lines mixed up. Send my love to Den & Angie. I will pop into the Queen Vic, or is it the Walford Arms, the next time I am passing… make mine an orange juice – a large one 😀

      • @rheadmaeo Didn’t someone petition the Supreme Court to get some character in Coronation Street released from prison? 😀

      • Trev. I think you could be right, off one of the soaps anyway. Can vaguely remember prime minister of the time making a statement about it. Guess you have to watch the soaps to really know these things.
        I’ll have tonic or soda water not over keen on orange juice.

      • Me neither 😀 Probably settle for a sparkling water instead 😀 YOLO – you only live once 😀

      • I used to worship Piers Morgan. I bought all his newspapers. They say you should never meet your hero. I wonder if that still holds true.

  8. Well done for getting banned on youtube. You obviously hit a nerve with that Gates animation. Very telling. Peace and blessings

  9. You know you’re speaking the truth and they don’t like it when you’re banned from Crapbook or Pootube I have been from both.Keep going Hugo and don’t let the corrupt treasonous vile snakes win

  10. Thank you my brother 🌟🙏🏼 We all Fighting Together,,,, -Arne

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  11. I am beginning to have my doubts about Piers Morgan 😀 There is just something about him that I can’t quite put my finger on 😀

    • Trev. I hope that was sarcasm. Otherwise I shall have to run away screaming onnllly juuussst realized. Do you really watch Pier’s Morgan. I can send a thermometer to you if you want? Only tryin’ to help!!

      • trev. Oh dear. I actually think he didn’t sell his soul to the devil until after the storm in a teacup at The Daily Mirror. Up to then he seemed a fairly decent guy.

  12. Trev. And would you really want to put your finger on him???

  13. They are all shills. Project veritas is a psy op like qanon. They are trying to fight both sides in the argument. They want us to just give up and get the jab to go back to life. Hence the Peter Hitchens story.
    Sars cov 2 is the virus (still not isolated) that apparently causes the disease covid 19. The vaccine is for covid 19, as Fauci says it is to stop clinical disease/ symptoms… not for the virus. They are playing word games with us to being in their great reset and likely depopulate via death and sterilisation at the same time. Keep spreading truth Hugo.

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