Israel Anti Vax CLOWN Advert LIES / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Hugo Talks is currently Banned From Youtube

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20 Comments on “Israel Anti Vax CLOWN Advert LIES / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • Your website kind of sucks. A bit basic as regard communicating. Sorry to hear but not surprised about YouTube restrictions. It’s a sad world we live in when honest analysis is censored. Hope you can continue, we need you.

    • Hi hugo really enjoy your videos, you are doing a good job, but are you already banned on Facebook? Can’t see the group anymore and the fb video of yours entitled its your future choose wisely is no longer on my fb page?

      My facebook account was suspended, no reason given, not quite sure whats going on. Group is still there, but I can’t post in it. Do I win an award for getting suspended on facebook in 4 days?

      • I had a 30 day ban a while back. I got back on FB for 2 hours and received my current 30 day ban.
        Anyone would think I tell the truth too much!

  1. Hello Hugo,

    You are doing a great job.

    We stopped watching any TV propaganda 6 months ago and now look forward our daily Hugo Talks updates which are far more interesting and factual.

    I contacted a local estate agent to ask for a valuation as my wife and I would like to move house. I spoke to a very pleasant receptionist who arranged an appointment and said she would confirm this by email. The email laid out a list of rules that we would be required to follow for both the valuation and any subsequent viewings and we were really shocked and thought they had a bloody cheek! I replied telling her in no uncertain terms that we had no intention of following other people’s rules in our own property and would not socially distance or wear masks and gloves in our own home nor would we leave while any visit or viewing took place. I ended by saying that the valuer would be very welcome to attend on the condition that they agree to follow our house rules. Of course she rang back the next day to tell me they must follow “government guidelines” and that it was all for our benefit and to keep us and their staff safe. I cancelled the appointment!

    In line with new government guidelines to help prevent further spread of COVID-19, Estate Agents are to carry out viewings and valuations in such a way that safeguards both your heath and the health of our team. Please could we ask that you follow the below requirements to assist us with this?

    Please could you…

    • Maintain social distancing guidelines as set out by the government. Wear a mask or face covering and gloves if possible. • Limit the attendees to a maximum of two people from the same household. • Try not to touch anything within the house, if you require a door opening etc. the agent will do this for you. • Help us conduct viewings in a timely fashion by keeping to a reasonable pace.

    And we will… • Accompany all viewings and valuations maintaining a social distance, wearing appropriate PPE. • For all viewings, occupier(s) will be required to vacate the property whilst the viewing takes place • For all valuations, the occupier(s) will be required to vacate the property whilst the agent looks around the house, which will be done in a timely fashion.

    This obviously means we will be unable to sell our house because we stand by our principals and are not willing to comply with this bullshit.

    Take Care Bob

    • We wanted to put our house on the market….this is awful, entrapment everywhere. We must hold the line though….

  2. Not receiving the latest 2 videos Hugo – shut down! ________________________________

  3. Still with you Hugo, times hard here as my partner can’t work without taking up to 40 Covid Tests a year and possibly the Vaccine so he has retired early. I will do my best to support you on Patreon in the near future..

  4. This is a very sad indictment of what the public has allowed to happen. I don’t know if there is any way back from the new Bill Gates normal. Too many have been totally brainwashed by the cabal/deep state hypnosis and they cannot be brought back to their senses. A bit like living in a zombie apocapyse movie!

  5. Wow, are all Israeli adults 6 years old? What an insult to their intelligence. If the vaccines were so safe then the governments wouldn’t have had to give them immunity from prosecution if they maim people. I’m really shocked and saddened by the willingness of people to have dangerous chemicals pumped into their bodies. They’ve been trained to forget their own, amazing, immune system.

  6. Absolutely brilliant hugo…keep up the great work and don’t lose heart

  7. Hi Hugo sorry to hear about you tube really not cool for you tube I think your work is great will still want to support you wherever you are keep up the good work your a legend

  8. I had a recee mission to my local ‘vaccine clinic’ today and saw what I can only describe as a steady stream of people going in and out. You could actually see the terror on people’s faces. A kind of petrified frozen look. The propaganda has worked. The dizzy blonde on security even had the cheek to ask if I had and appointment. “Not yet 😀 “. I suspect that ‘compliance’ will be pretty high. Unfortunately. It is that steady stream of folk turning up for the ‘jab’ though that could well determine the fate of those of us who don’t want to join the steady stream for the jab. If nobody turned up the government would be stuffed.

  9. I also had a recce at a ‘covid testing station’. I couldn’t see any activity though. No comings and goings.

  10. I live in Israel. They are so compliant it is un real. Mostly the over 40s. They will make all of us take the jab. Or our lives will be made difficult. This is the model for the western world by the way . 🤦‍♂️

  11. Banned ! That explains why i couldn’t find you links on you tube, but we know why don’t we. Me and the missus really look forward to your posts. They’re like a beacon in the dark. Keep gping mate. much respect.

  12. Hello Hugo,

    A friend recommended your talks about 1 month ago and I’ve been listening to them almost daily since then.

    Netanyahu’s Purim vaccine propaganda video was as dishonest as almost everything else in the Israeli mainstream media.

    Here is an exception:

    Best regards,

    Daniel Labounty

    Poriya – Neve Oved


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