Sshh! Don’t Talk About OVERPOPULATION! Hugo Talks #lockdown

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26 Comments on “Sshh! Don’t Talk About OVERPOPULATION! Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Hugo your video isn’t working on Oddysee either?

  2. Blimey what did you say to be banned from YouTube Hugo…well done

  3. Love you Hugo! Thanks for all your insightful news! You are definitely one step closer everyday making the world a better place!

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  4. That video of Gates trading off teachers against the elderly is hilarious. People need to understand he is not a genius and that one man did not rise to the heights of Godliness on his own.
    Money isn’t the issue, it’s printed out of thin air. As they say, ‘money is only a concept for those that don’t have it’.
    Population numbers have always been used to drive fear as well, but if people haven’t noticed, there are still vast amounts of land and sea not cultivated. We just need to do it in a more sustainable way, being kinder and more appreciative of clearing up our mess as we go. It’s all bullshit! The individuals hiding behind the corporations who are lecturing us now on our responsibilities are the same people that drove us to this point in the first place.
    We’re not saving the planet, the planet will be here long after we’re gone and over time, will heal itself. We’re saving ourselves….specifically we’re saving those who feel privileged to be saved, by the sacrifice of those less fortunate.
    The narcissism of the elites holds no bounds, they massage their egos by reminding themselves each morning of their compassion for humanity. Let’s us all praise the 1%. Where would we be without them?
    Maybe their ancestors could claim superiority and greatness, but we all know what happens to children born into privilege….and this is who we have running things now?

  5. Great to hear young people telling it how it is. Wish there were more (from a 64 year old who is appalled at what is being done to our kids) ________________________________

  6. I too had problems on odysee this time buffering until about 4 mins from end then shut down. If those who talk about over population would do us a favour and all stop breeding, then maybe take that demise tablet that was brought out in 2019 themselves, that would sort out over population.
    Funny how Stanley picked on same number 15 million and 2025 as has UK reduced to in that year. Or not so funny. He creeps me out just like his son. People say Boris is a silly buffoon and they really believe it. He’s not. He’s a very intelligent, calculating man who pulls the wool over even some conspiracy theorists eyes.
    As for what bit I saw of the youngsters, even if convid was real, the only people in lockdown should be those at risk and healthy older people should make a personal choice if they want to go out. No masks, no restrictions. And a good way to know it’s all nonsense is the fact we aren’t supposed to make that choice.

  7. Great video HugoIt makes perfect sense depopulate the world agenda but vaccinate everyone to keep them alive🤔ThsnksNoel 

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  8. Why do the ones obsessing with overpopulation not put their money where their mouth is? Instead they live on way past their eighties
    Same regarding climate change.

    • David Attenborough is another one always crowing on about how there are too many of us, and there he is at 94 years on the odometer, already on 24 years ‘borrowed time’ as my gran (RIP) would say, and still consuming precious planetary resources. Why don’t these type lead by example?

  9. Well they cant say they did not warn them… And they cant say we did not try and warn them. What more can you do?

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  10. I tried to join p e of the group s what a stupid ball ache…. You just lost loads of new activists what’s up wiv ya…. You trying to make it like a secret society!!! Get it out there!!!! Well unimpressed with the your joining attitude…. Get in there

    up wiv ya

  11. I guess they are trying to Shh you now, Argh those guys, The Truth hurts that’s why mate, You’ve done brilliantly this last year, Don’t let them bring you down ! Keep up the Great work ! 👍

  12. An interesting fact I learnt is that everyone in the world could move to Texas and have around 1000sq ft each to roam around in. Stupid idea, yes, but when you think that the whole of the rest of the planet will have no people in it at all it’s pretty mindblowing.

    Apparently the Sudan has enough arable land to feed 1 billion people. That’s just one single country. There is plenty of room on this planet for everyone, plenty more room for others and plenty of room to grow food to feed them all. The planet is being artificially mismanaged by the parasite class in order to fit their agenda. They’ll stop destroying the rainforests etc when they’ve achieved their aim of exterminating us because they’ll want the Earth to be a beautiful place to enjoy all to themselves when we’re gone. A few ‘lucky’ useless eaters will be kept around to clean their toilets until they invent a robot to do it, of course…

    • Texas is fives times of size of the UK though, but still you would be talking about the whole of Texas being a built-up area with no open space. Most of the UK is open space which is really apparent when you fly over it just like with any other country. I am not sure if it would work out well if you concreted over the whole of a country, imagine the UK was just one big city with huge tower blocks cheek to jowl. But what is apparent though is that every available space in our cities is being built on. I recall from somewhere that the housing density is to increase 4-fold in out cities. It is part of some agenda. I am not sure how this squares with the ‘de-population’ agenda though. Maybe these agenda aren’t even meant to square. The population of the UK has increased tremendously over time. I have been shocked when I have come across plaques and suchlike that have the population of bygone times recorded on them.

      • Trev. It was the Mayor or Governor, whatever they’re called of Texas that said every one on the planet could fit in Texas, I can remember it being said. Everyone would have their own decent sized house with a good sized garden, so not all concrete and tower blocks. Then factor in how many of those people on the earth are babies and children, they don’t need their own house etc.
        They did a computer experiment a few years ago. They made everyone on planet an adult and started standing them in the Grand Canyon with just enough room to turn round. All those billions only filled a third of the canyon.
        Note of interest or maybe not. There’s an even bigger canyon in Mexico.

      • Did anyone actually bother to do the maths or the math as the Yanks say on what the Sheriff, Mayor, Governor or whatever of Texas said? 🙂 It is like Santa Claus when you are a kid; it all begins to fall apart when you do the maths or math 🙂

      • trev. Yes he did the maths etc; after getting sick of hearing those who think they’re elite keep going on about over population. That was a few years ago before “they” got as brazen about it now.

      • The Grand Canyon theory sounds plausible though as according to my intensive research it stretches to 277 miles (446 km) long. Compare that to the UK mainland which is 600 miles from top to bottom.

  13. Interesting and disturbing clips included of Jane Goodall and Bill Gates.

    Curious how he always laughs when he talks about jabbing little kids with vaccines in the arm and depopulation.

    These are very dangerous people.



  14. Couldn’t see you on YouTube so I guess you where here

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  15. Hello, have you been permanently removed from YouTube ?

  16. Watched today on Odysee – no problem. Bojo complaining of over-population? The pot calling the kettle black, surely? How many kids does he have?
    Plenty of room for everyone on planet Earth. People just tend to congregate in cities because that’s where most jobs and facilities are located. My country of Scotland has huge areas of uninhabited land and we’re just a wee country in comparison to the total land area of the world.

  17. Hey Hugo!
    Generally love listening to what you have to say n your voice
    Given that we are living in wokenism, dat privileged white boy view, not cool these times of fucked up fuckery.
    I gerl cyst three old punks like me, feeling this shit more than the yout of today.
    I’m not getting the jab n I will not be bullied? Unlike some sell outs I know

  18. Anyone complaining about overpopulation should lead by example & remove themselves from the population, I’m sure the rest of us will manage perfectly without them.

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