Ireland Firework Man / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. As much as I’d love for it to be true it’s not hes been outed on the telegram app in a group. Hes not a cop. This only serves to discredit and creates misinformation . Believe me I wish he was and we could hold him to account but hes just a yob.

    • Not meaning to be awkward but maybe you should do a bit more learning about these groups of “yobs”. No, not cops but people deliberately trained by secret services to stir up trouble. They’re a bit like the crisis actors in as, you’ll get so you notice the same people popping up in demonstrations etc; regardless of the cause being demonstrated against.

  2. I can’t help you about the firework but I do know that “they” have been putting their own in amongst peaceful protesters since the late 1960’s. They start the trouble, then leave and the gullible public buy the story that protesters equals bad.

  3. Thank you Hugo for including Ireland in your reporting, much appreciated.

    Just so you know, we call 1 police man/woman a Gar-da and the plural for police here is Gar-dee (spelt Gardai).

  4. Kind of like the “armed insurrectionists” in Washington on Jan. 6th. The MSM has people convinced that our nation, our democracy, our very way of life was threatened by a few broken windows and some people entering (storming?) an EMPTY building. Amazing bit of magic there.

  5. hi Hugo
    seems the whole thing is only getting started?
    shows me there are no government’s really just people paid high wages to run country’s
    its probably the same group of people who have always run the world?
    started wars when and where they want its only us the people who suffer
    bill gates, and all these other low lives are only front men ,and id say they are expendable too
    you will never know who is really running the show
    and what the end game really is?

    • its to destroy the economy, kill a bunch of elderly peeps, bring in a new world order and make a shitload of dough for pharma at the same time.

  6. Hi Hugo, when you slow the video down, you can clearly see two of these fireworks still going off on the ground on each side of the street so there was more than one person involved. Nobody made any attempt to stop them going off and the Gardai clearly attacked peaceful protesters who had nothing to do with the incident. It also looks like one yellow jacketed Garda was very close to apprehending the suspect when he simply stopped pursuing him. In my opinion this was a classic orchestrated agent provocateur to marr the peaceful protest and to distract from the real issue of illegal lockdowns and the loss of freedom and rights. The media and politicians of course, jumped on this sole incident as you stated in the video with no response to the actual issue the protest was concerned with.

  7. It immediately looked suspicious. The main body of the parade was on O’Connell street singing and cheering peacefully. Then suddenly the Gardaí block the protesters into Grafton street and isolate these guys. This man lets off the banger rocket and instantly the Gardaí kick off. You can see the majority of people on either side of the street are very taken aback and shocked. The people fighting the Gardaí look like an Irish brand of Antifa. Reeked of a set up. And the mad thing is, the news would never show the actual protest here anyway. Even if a million people turned up they would not show it. They don’t show any of the protests over the last year except for the BLM one.

    • I absolutely love the great big phallic symbol right in the middle of O’Connell Street and tower over everything. It is fantastic especially for tourists. It is always in eyeshot. You can never get lost no matter how much meandering around the streets of Dublin you do 🙂 And even better since it was right next to the bus-stop to catch the bus back to the airport 🙂 If only everyone was as smart as the Irish.

  8. You can download audio/video from youtube through this site – It downloads the content locally and play it on your media player so it avoids all the buffering/stuttering/ads. It also gives you a range of video quality and you can download only the audio if you prefer. It also defeats the age-restricted content nonsense. Other similar sites will be available but this one definitely works.

  9. Hey Hugo checkout Gravitas on Youtube Pfizers abusive vaccine deal

  10. be are being sold out look at the state of Dublin city Centre
    junkers homeless
    Talbot sreet if like a visit into the 3rd world
    all they want is vaccine vaccine
    rise or die

  11. The guy in the grey who set off the firework had his hand wrapped up and when he set off the firework it only made bang noise and smoke but there was no spark like you got when you usually have in the fireworks and there was more bang and smoke directly coming from behind the police line and from the behind right hand side and this was happening as the police was pushing and chasing the crowd and they don’t turn back and chase the people who was setting the firework from behind.

    • Anyone going to future demonstration please do not take your anger at the police or any officials , you have to understand that they have to follow orders whether they like it or not. I know they do not disturb the main demonstration but once it’s over please go home.
      If you think there’s someone in the crowd who might be a police officer but you are not sure then offer them a doughnut.

  12. Hi HugoTalks

    I been following you and in advance great work and thank you for your kindness and hard work through these awful times.

    My email today is about ‘George the accountant’ whom has obviously become to over excited 🤪🥺😂👍 and over vocal to peoples opinions which is sad, very, but as the saying goes ‘always one’ 😳😂 Point I wish to make is he is making an illegal act towards innocent peoples views and I just hope this chap realises this and even worse his self proclaiming to be in a professional job his self, awful behaviour.

    Anyway thank you again for your posts ect and I wish your self and your work all the best 👍🤞🏻💪

    Many kind regards


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