Bill Gates Barcode Kids Advert / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Video Taken Down By the ARSEHOLES at Youtube –

Watch it instead at brandnewtube

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  1. Yes.. saw this a few days ago, absolutely disgusting. There has to be a point that the normie wakes up surely before signing up to this APP (33)

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  2. The big data surveillance in China are partly carried out by big US tech companies as a experiment and now that is been successful it’s going to be rolled out everywhere else whether you like it or not. I personally don’t see the problem with the new fourth industrial revolution as long as we get universal basic income and don’t have to work, it beats working 60 years .

    • Do you think that UBI will be enough to survive on though? And do you think the elites will want to keep paying a population to do nothing? Especially when they say the earth is over populated.
      What conditions will be attached to the UBI? Jabs, tests, debt relief, social score, 24/7 surveillance, microchips, synthetic meat and food, electric cars…. It will make everyone as poor as each other, no chance of moving up the ladder. And the the great reset involves a lot more than just UBI. In their latest video, they flash OBEY on the screen while telling you “it sounds like a globalist world take over but it’s not, trust us, we just want to help as it’s unfair we became so rich during the lockdowns”…

    • It does sound nice if we all get a basic income and we haven’t got to work until we drop but somehow I cant quite see it being like that.
      I just keep getting visions of Huxley’s Brave New World and the film THX 1138, a drug induced reality and not a sign of a Robert Duvall anywhere to be seen!

      • I have friends who since they began working from home have given up even leaving the house. They do all their grocery shopping online and get takeaways delivered. But it is mostly takeaways that they live off. When they are not ‘working’ they spend their time watching ‘Netflix’ and ‘streaming’. What they describe reminds me of some dystopian drama. I keep saying you sound as if you are living in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World but they just don’t get it.

      • THX 1138 interesting film, hell no that future is mad. Universal basic income is already here and it called universal credit which is a combined off all benefits rolled into one and most people will not mind receiving universal basic income as they most likely are living to work with no prospect of buying a home and no one can stop this happen as the carrot is too good to miss.

    • How about freedom? When I say freedom I mean the ability to go for long walks, eat a steak, laugh out loud? I fear John, that one day you will long to go to work.

  3. Its obvious that our would be rulers are really after our children, they know that if they get them young they can manipulate them into whatever they want them to be, the older generations don’t matter to them and that’s why they want to kill us off in any way that they can.

    At the moment I don’t hold out much hope of ordinary people waking up and seeing what’s going on around them, I despair of the fact that a large majority of people that I see and talk to every week haven’t got a clue, they cant see past the end of their noses. Its all Boris is doing a good job and there’s light at the end of the tunnel and the Vaccine blah blah blah!

    I refused the vaccine last week and now I’m waiting to see how this will affect me or my family, will I still be entitled to medical treatment, will I still have the right to buy food, clothes and other essentials, will my family be penalised because of me?
    Tyranny is alive and well but I’m not going to kneel to it.

    • You want have any problems here in the UK as long as you are a UK citizen because they have exemption for some people with medical health issues which is also going to be used a pretext for people who are choosing not to be vaccinated because they know that sone people will resist so as long as 90% have it that ok but it’s not going to be easy but you going abroad will be hard maybe as you will not have any rights in other countries.

    • They are after the children and they want Jerusalem as the new world capital… check #talpiotpeogram …that is the problem with channels like UK Column and others refusing to see the role of zionist plans in all of this… people like Alex Thomson, ex British intelligence, who is most definitely controlled opposition

    • I’m in a near identical position to you except I’ve had 2 phone calls from doctors receptionists, 1 letter. I decline the jab every time. If it comes to those words ” it’s only a train ride, only a shower ” then so be it. And I really, really mean that. Let’s hope a miracle happens and people start waking up, tho’ I admit it’s doubtful. Try not to over worry about it too much.

      • I’ve got a hospital appointment tomorrow, I’m expecting them to say that I’m not entitled to the medical procedure that I’m going for because I refuse to have the vaccine or I’ll be put on notice that all medical treatment that I need in the future will be withheld until I have the jab.
        That might sound extreme but these are extreme times, we are at war with an enemy who has brainwashed most of the UK population to be their unwitting foot soldiers and that includes our neighbour’s, families and friends.

        As in any war I would gladly lay down my life for my family as any man would, I just wish that the methods we could could employ to retaliate were more clearly defined.
        The fog of war has never been more murkier than during this particular attack on our way of life, our freedoms and our future.

      • I love coughing. I understand completely how you are feeling. I am having to make choices. Sometimes I need blood transfusions, even though the outcome could only end one way, since people getting jab I would not consider having one even if they gave the okay to me not getting the jab. I guess it’s all going to be about our choices.

      • I Love Coughing…are you from the United Kingdom? Is the NHS really going to deny medical treatment without the vaccine?. I am scared to even use the NHS anymore even though I am ill, I don’t want to end up dead and mysteriously labelled COVID-19.

      • Huitzilopochtli T. Your response to comment came to me, so maybe you pressed wrong reply? Regardless in answer to your question. Yes I’m in UK. NHS seems to be responding differently depending on the area. UK Column news on Friday featured hospital letter sent in by viewers husband as hospital letter stated her operation would go ahead but proof of jab needed. Neither husband or wife wished to have jab.

      • Huitzilopochtli_Tenochtitlan, yes I was born in the UK and I understand your reluctance to use the NHS, I need a monthly treatment to stay healthy. I’ve noticed the change in the nurses over the last eleven months, they’ve gone from being friendly and optimistic to being quite cagey and very good liars depending on what you ask them (in my opinion anyway) and no one seems to have any trust in the NHS anymore.
        It feels like all the people who used to have your back, the police, doctors and hospitals, now want you locked away and labeled.

        rheadmaeo, I read a something last week about people getting blood transfusions and whether people who have had the jab will be able receive blood from people who haven’t it and vice versa and no one seemed to know how that will affect people in the future.
        If people are no longer compatible because of the jab that could spell an end to blood transfusions and that would be a stroke of evil genius on the part of the enemy.
        You are right, its all down to our choices from now on, we now live in uncertain times.

        Always look on the bright side of life but don’t start whistling while you do it or they’ll hear you!!

      • I love coughing. Never did learn to whistle, was told nice girls don’t whistle!? Regarding blood transfusions. My point was, I decline the test and jab, and I do not want blood given me because of people having the jab and it affecting their blood. Otherwise I might as well comply right now.

      • rheadmaeo, I understood what you meant about the jab and blood, I just waffled on a bit too much and confused things.

      • I love coughing. No probs, carry on waffling, I’m practicing whistling.

      • Whistle away and watch you don’t get caught…. I just got a wordpress account and seem to have a new name now, oh well variety is the spice of life.

      • coffinsatdawn. From coughing to coffins huh. Made me smile. I can’t whistle for toffee so gave up on it.

      • I suppose coffins at dawn is probably slightly better than being called dueling coffins!
        I’ll have to fill it up with poems about honour and death now, whistling is overrated anyway, it can come in handy if you’ve got a sheep dog though.
        I went to the hospital today and had my treatment, no one said anything but I suppose its early days yet, its been less than week since I refused the jab.

      • coffinsatdawn. Really glad you didn’t have problems at the hospital. I have noticed from comments in some you tube channels that different areas in England are handling things in various teams. Which is kind of odd when they’re all supposed to be NHS. I’m in South Holland, Lincolnshire and our infection rates are allegedly on the rise, third highest in England apparently! I just think, yeah, sad saps around me are most likely running to be tested. A case of, have a sniffle, now it’s convid.
        Your new name is just fine, there again so was the other.

      • coffinsatdawn. Not sure where various teams came from, was supposed to be various ways.

  4. This is very very upsetting. I know where it is going but so many people are asleep. I live in Canada where they are already masking the kids, this is upsetting.

    We are headed to the new world order but try to tell people that, they think you are nuts!!

  5. Just want to thank you Hugo. You are a voice of sane humanity in this crazy and deeply disturbing situation. Thank you and bless you for your goodness and integrity.

  6. Hey Hugo, it seems that YouTube has shut your latest post down. I’m a novice computer user and don’t know how to open it up.? Is it a video or just a picture of some cartoon kids? Bill Gates Barcode Kids Advert/Hugo Talks Lockdown: Please Let me know how I can check it out and view it, thanks… Yours truly, Loyal Canadian Follower 💯👍😁

    • Hi, you can find the video on the website – Brand New Tube, my friend.

  7. This must have been a good one. ‘removed for violating Youtube’s terms of service. Why? It was supposedly Bill Gate’s advert right?They have a real aversion to the truth, or at least some truths.

  8. They have taken the Bill good boy Gates / Microsoft children’s health app diwnvideo down

  9. Hi I think you should try posting this with no commentary and see if it gets taken down , see if Facebook and you tube still thinks it is offensive then they have confirmed themselves that it is this advert that is offensive, and not your comments x

    Get Outlook for Android


  10. Is there a way to see the vid other than through YT?…they’ve finally wiped you. I watch agahst each morning n will miss my morning Hugo!

  11. did this advert come from a microsoft website, or is it posted on the LA unified schools website somewhere? i need to confirm and validate this before i share 🙏🏻

  12. 9am Monday.. wont let me see video either on u tube or your site message saying the video does not meet the rules of conduct !!!!!!

  13. Why would YouTube block this video i w is it bacause its the real truth

  14. Why would YouTube block this video i wonder is it bacause its the real truth

    • It’s because Hugo broke YouTube’s 11th Commandment: ‘Thou shalt not criticise Bill Gates!’

  15. Can someone elighten me, is Universal Credit really Universal Basic Income as John has stated above? Secondly the utopia John is describing regarding this is false – you will have fulfill constant requirements to even receive this income. It is not for free, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Some things might be mandatory vaccination, microchipping, surveillance etc. I know mandatory vaccination is already a part of Australia’s benefit system, if you don’t have them you have a benefit cut.

  16. I woke up this morning with the message that the QR code is going to be the mark of the beast and the system for the social credit. This video confirms it…
    They have got us locked in to their system with their money and their internet. The walls are closing in. Even if you want to bypass their system by living like Thoreau a simple life they will not let you. Look at the houses of the Palestinians getting bulldozed , the tent cities of the homeless getting trashed by the state enablers. We have to put our foot down. It is do or die at this moment.

  17. Hi everyone, keep up the great work HugoTalks. So, I just posted on the BNT link of this video. The site appears to now be offline. Quite new to it so not sure if outage is a common occurance.

    Anyway, having an enquiring mind I decided to scan the QR code on that saccharine child’s school pass… anyone else had a go? Guess what? I was totally Rick (T)Rolled… is this for real? Are we collectively just having the piss taken from us!? Haha

    • Jeez, it didn’t take you to Rick Astley and ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’? 😀 Holy hell, Batman!

      • “Trev” <<< is that Italian for a sneering cunt ? So “trev” tell us all what’s in the vaccine ?

      • Jimmylynn777. I think you’ll find trev was joking, let’s try and keep Hugo’s comment section friendly. It would be a shame to spoil it.
        I think it’s a case of you have to read all comments to understand the one you’re judging.

      • I don’t need you to interpret for me rhead… you comments are at best, boring and uninspired..mind you own business

      • jimmylynn777. Fine. It will be my pleasure.

      • Seriously, it did. Trying to find the original footage source but can’t.

  18. Just watched on Odysee. Creepy stuff. Keep up the great work Hugo. You know you are telling the truth when they shut you down. You are the only “Covid sceptic” I have come across who stresses the point that many of the things people are being told to do are voluntary, e.g. kids wearing masks in school. People just assume they “have” to go along with all the rules; they don’t. This ends when enough people say NO. Don’t comply with the lie.

    • Angela. The problem is the majority of people buy into what government and mainstream media is saying. Some people even seem to be enjoying the fear factor. The type of person who thinks all teenagers, demonstrators etc; are bad, they really appear to be enjoying it. I don’t do despair but those sort get me close to it.

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