Who Can You Trust? Peter Hitchens / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Peter Hitchens didn’t fight against anything, he willingly gave away his freedom & his testicles.

  2. Another great video.. will place below his good interview on home page of my site. He has lasted the longest before exposing himself… Julia Brew Dog did the same the other day after going full bore at a woman that wanted to slow end of restrictions down, then slipped in once she has had her jab all lockdowns etc should be lifted.

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  3. Thank goodness I never bought into the Hitchens fan club. As for talk radio, when it got taken down for a day, it was a deliberate move to try and make people believe they were opposing other main stream media. Load of ……..

  4. I agree re Talk Radio. I stopped listening some time ago. Constant sniping at the “crazy” people who suggest that there’s an underlying agenda here, preferring instead to push the “incompetent government” narrative: “The govt are just incompetent, that’s all there is to it. No need to dig any deeper”. Yeah right.

    • You don’t have to listen if you don’t want to. It is not compulsory yet. Talk Radio is only one out of over 100+ stations on my DAB radio 😀

    • Like any other commercial channel you can tell the demographic they are aiming from from the adverts. With Talk Radio it will be ads for white vans 😀

  5. I wouldn’t trust anyone at all in mainstream media they’ve all so easily been bought as the politicians have by the elite. I think the only genuine ones on youtube are Hugo and Carl Vernon that I’ve watched.Brandnewtube is better

    • It is an interesting point that he makes about discrimination. I have long thought that there is a possibility that certain groups may be given a ‘free pass’ not just in the sense that they can sail through Checkpoint Charlie at the supermarket unhindered but an actual ‘vaccine passport’ without having to take the actual ‘vaccine’, Obviously certain persons would be given a ‘passport’ ‘under the counter’ but this could as the author of the video alludes to mean wider groups, groups that the general public are made aware of but with the pretext given that the science says the risk to the rest of the community is non-existent. As the author of this video says it could be just middle-age white man who has to get ‘vaccinated’ and be challenged every time he wants to buy a loaf of bread.

  6. Hugo, I agree with everything you say up to now but I think you got it wrong with Peter Hitchins. He delights in irony and winding people up. I think he writes for the Sunday Mail because he wants to get a message through to their readers who wouldn’t normally read what they consider to be conspiracy stuff. Maybe a bit of a double agent but definitely on our side and we need all the support we can get. I read his article and it’s as critical as anything he has said before. He’s making a concession to get the vaccine in order to move around and be his usual subversive self. Look at his track record and the contempt he has shown for people like Piers Morgan. That doesn’t change overnight. When you get to the barricades you’ll find he got there first and is across the road negotiating with the enemy and tying them in knots.

    • I’ll admire your faith in him if you want. For myself, anyone opposing what’s going on, the minute they say I had to get the jab because…… I’m gone. Hugo ever says that, I’m out of here.

      • … or says that ‘vaccine passports are an idea worth considering’, you won’t see my heels for dust 😀

      • Totally agree. We could end up creating quite the dust storm.

  7. The goal is to get everyone to have the ‘vaccine’: Peter Hitchens has stood for nothing.

  8. Lord sumption , Peter hitchin , both revert to type. Middle class establishment cronies.

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