DUBLIN IRELAND Large Crowds Attend Lockdown Protest / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Age Block and Share Block On This Video on youtube…. So Check It Out on brandnewtube or on Odysee

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    • I’ve been age restricted too I’m logged into you tube through my google account they have my date of birth absolutely ridiculous!!

  1. The shadowbanning on your stuff has started Hugo, they asked me to prove I was over 18 just now when I declined,via my spewtube linked to TV, they clicked it off… on all other content I haven’t had any trouble getting a link

    • Seems so. Maybe Fuckerberg has had a word in the ear of the Google guys. These evil totalitarian tech companies should be thrown to the bottom of the sea.

    • There is no way that I am sending my driving licence to the google guys!

    • I also means that they can ID who is watching these videos. Put you on some sort of ‘list’.

      • Don’t be under any illusion that you’re not already on a list somewhere, WE are enemies of the state now.

  2. Same as above..Age restricted, no opportunity to view.

  3. Hugo you always tell us to come to your website but your website it just showing the YouTube video?

  4. Discussing why am I being asked to verify my age on Google, why is it not available on your site to watch? Your subscription process is not an easy system follow either. Yours very confused and disgruntled

  5. Yeah I can see how they are censoring you. Im now determined to see it and share the arse off it too!
    can we see it anywhere else? Just i case my id proof doesn’t work….

  6. Do you realise this has warning on it on YouTube. Also have you see two jab deaths in the express half way down been brushed under the carpet Sent from my Windows 10 device

    • Regardless it was the police who turned up dressed to kill and carrying sticks to beat people with. Their intention was obvious just like in Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square…..

  7. If you notice on that footage of the po lice in Dublin, there’s one officer at the back, pushing them into it. The modus operandi is the same as I’ve seen in London and in Palestine. Organise, watch their tactics and plan accordingly….

  8. Hugo This video has been age restricted on utube typical they don’t want anybody commenting on it. This is the start of the fightback here I hope we can keep it going. I don’t see this video on bitchute. Noel 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  9. UTube asking for pic of my driving licence or other ‘proof of age’ to watch this video – Wankers!!!

  10. Hi Hugo. Please get a rumble account  upload there also. No shadow banning…Sent from my Galaxy

  11. Same here, I’ve tried to watch on you tube and it wants age verification, same thing on here, it says only watchable on youtube. Bastards

    • Age verification? Does that mean you have to send your drivers licence, passport and bank statement to the google guys? 😀

  12. So your screen is black and saying age restricted and I have to go watch on youtube. Yet the reason I come here is to get away from youtube.

    • I subscribed to lbry/odysee from when lbry started up, that was to watch other content makers before I even found Hugo. For some reason vids become unwatchable due to constant buffering. Tried to follow Dr.Coleman on brand new tube, useless as well.

      • I gave up on Dr Coleman too for exactly the same reason. Ye of so easily deterred 😀 I found this site useful for capturing the video/audio from youtube, It means you can play the file locally and it avoids all the buffering/stuttering/ads. https://www.y2mate.com There will be other similar sites but this one seems to work. You can even download Hugo’s age-restricted content this way too, but shh, don’t tell youtube 😀

  13. Unable to watch as YouTube want age varification all your others are ok keep up the great work buddy👍🇬🇧

  14. Hot on the jewel-encrusted heels of her Maj. Who didn’t see this coming? 😀 Covid-19: Prince William and Kate urge people to get vaccine 😀

    “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have urged people to get the Covid vaccine, saying it is “really important”.”

    “really important”, well, that’s jolly spiffing of you to say so 😀


  15. “This video is age-restricted and only available on YouTube. Learn more
    Watch on YouTube”

    – oh, to hell with that. No dice, youtube. Do one!

  16. This has been blocked stating unsuitable for under 18’s but leaving no place to click if you are an adult
    All Mainstream news condemns the use of violence by some of the demonstrators
    I want to heat your unbiased report.

  17. Off topic (but everything has to do with everything), but interesting to share :

    From The World Doctors Alliance (WDA)

    The follow up to Ask The Experts I is OUT NOW.

    In [www.brandnewtube.com/v/75grLS] ask The Experts, a highly-qualified team of 30 medical experts from around the world presented their personal, research-based insights on the Covid-19 vaccines.

    When it reached over 8 million views on mainstream social media and countless more shares and downloads worldwide it was censored and “debunked” without just reason.
    These brave, caring, qualified and committed professionals are among the most heavily-censored voices in the current media environment.

    The widespread attention prompted the BBC to put together a Panorama programme allegedly attempting to expose deliberate “dis-information” on behalf of the speakers and the film makers.
    In fact, the BBC was, without any pretence at balance, attempting to undermine the experts’ qualifications, views and credibility (ie an ad-hominem attack) without actually addressing any of the actual important issues raised by the video.
    We think they failed spectacularly.

    Did the BBC get behind the truth of the matter or did they score some own goals?

    Decide for yourself.

    Watch Ask the Experts Part II here:

    Ask the Experts II provides a platform to the same medical professionals to re-iterate their views on the validity of the ‘global pandemic’, the need for, safety of & likely effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, and the other extreme and unprecedented measures that have been so hurriedly forced into our everyday lives.


    Download. Share. Reupload:

    BBC Panorama Vaccine Disinformation Programme Complaints Procedure

    If you dislike the blatantly one-sided and unscientific way the show was presented please make an official complaint about this programme.

    STEP 1:
    Complaint direct to BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/contact/complaints

    STEP 2:
    Once you have complained to the BBC, keep your reference number and use it to upgrade the complaint with Ofcom.

    Getting as many complaints as possible with OFCOM is important – if you only complain to the BBC it will stay internal.

  18. Watching on an Android phone? Download an app called NewPipe. It’s an anonymous youtube front end. You can still subscribe to your favourite channels, but without signing in or providing any data at all. It’s also ad free. Not in the Play Store for obvious reasons. There is a setting in it to override age related content blocking.


  19. Thats so obviously a set up with the fireworks. Shows you the depths to which governments will sink. Well done to the people who came out and shame on the Garda for their aggressive fascist behaviour.

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