Schools PRESSURE Parents To Get Kids TESTED / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Just seen the footage of pigs beating the citizens, this afternoon in Dublin … all it takes is 500 organised men and then Varadkar will be swimming down the Liffey… trained in Israel same tactics as NY and London police, this has been planned for ages

  1. Waltham Forest college in Walthamstow, London, has informed students on the childcare course that they won’t be permitted to go back to their studies until they have been vaccinated. I have a very scared 19 year old who faces losing her career path if she chooses to refuse the jab! This can’t be allowed surely?

  2. Stroud High School……ha, ha….same here in Cirencester Deer Park.. Stroud has quite an alternative, bohemian mind set. There are some brains that come out of that town. All that weed smoking and crystals……very happy growing up there. Sadly to say the posh lot over here in Cirencester are too cowardly, desperate to protect their middle class life styles. I drop my kids off and see parents and children all masked up in their cars before school even starts. Hilarious! I’m at a point now where I’m happy to offend everyone. If they’re going to fuck up their kids futures along with mine, then the least I can do is remind them how cowardly they actually are. Do real hunter, gatherer men go round saving the NHS and wooing the ladies wearing a face nappy🤣🤣🤣 whats everyone so afraid of?
    Anyway, at least the teachers at Deer Park have been pretty cool…(some)….my guys don’t wear masks and won’t be testing, (maybe because I’m a pain in the arse and they’re sick of my bullshit🤘)

  3. All very clever.. parents now desperate to get kids back to school.. So don’t want to rock the boat and will accept anything as usual. You got to feel sorry for the kids that have parents that understand so little. Also going to be very hard on kids told by parents to resist. Only option at moment is to not send yours back + stop paying council tax if you still are! These criminals are just goading the people to loose it!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. Absolutely heartbreaking. Unfortunately a lot of the parents will be happy to comply. Those who don’t wish to comply face being put under pressure by their own children because they don’t want to stand out. The other sad but true fact is the teachers, although they shouldn’t treat those children not complying any different, in a lot of cases they will.

  5. If my kids were younger and school age they wouldn’t be going to any brain washing establishment
    There’ll be taught at home

  6. So!
    With both my kids having big bollocks and in the spirit of fucking with things, I’ve given them instructions as below. What’s the worst that could happen, they get sent home?🤣

    ‘As a reminder, if your friends challenge you as to why you’re not wearing a mask, remind them that they can take their masks off too. It’s voluntary.
    The government web-site states as such.
    Parents and teachers can not force children to cover their faces.
    If a teacher gets angry, ask them if it’s compulsory or voluntary?
    They can not bollock you or give you a detention, they can not kick you out of the class (as long as you’re not being rude or cocky… stay cool); they can not send you home.
    In short, they can not withhold your education based on you deciding not to wear your mask.
    If your teacher says it’s compulsory, they’re either lying or mis-informed. If they are mis-informed, give them the government link above and keep the mask off while they check.
    If they are lying and say something like “it’s compulsory in this school”, remind them that is not the case, especially as it states in the letter they sent to parents it’s voluntary.
    Bottom line is, if anyone chooses not to wear their mask, there is nothing they can do. All the kids could take them off and life would continue.
    If they’re cowards, they can keep them on, if they are free thinkers, then you’ll see.
    So yeah……if anyone comments why you’re not wearing…..remind them….dare them…..(but you may have to help and jump into the argument if the teacher starts to get angry…..which they will).
    Best to keep the conversation simple to teacher by simply asking them if it’s compulsory or voluntary. Once they answer the truth, end of conversation.
    If they talk about exemptions only being the ones who can take off their masks…..that’s bullshit. That only applies in shops and travel…..because those are private businesses, not schools. For children the exemptions don’t really mean anything, the government has categorically stated masks and testing in schools is purely voluntary. Simple!
    It’s not about causing a fight. It’s simply about breathing Gods fresh air, which is your natural born right!
    If all he’ll break lose and they call me, cool…..I’ll remind them of their obligations as well. Spread the love.

  7. Allowing this insanity to continue is insane. This is how Jews were treated in Germany. Made to wear little symbols rather than masks but what’s the difference? Subjected to untested medical procedures. Then just slain. That seems to be the end of this, too.

  8. When my kids were at school, a teacher tried to punish one of them for something they didn’t do, my missus (in her healthier days) went into the school & had a word with the teacher, I have no idea what was said but the teacher quit teaching the same day. Take no prisoners is the way to go.

  9. Hey Hugo if you read this you need to upload your vids via a platform where they can’t delete your videos. All that effort just to get deleted!!

  10. Is this the implosion of our civilisation? Can we, the common people stop it? At the moment it doesn’t look like it. There are not enough citizens standing up to the bullies and authorities. It has happened many times before, eg Rome, Greece, Egypt? Did the commoners in those times knew what was happening as we do, or where they just as gullible as the majority of folk seem to be now?

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