Who Can You Trust? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Christopher Walker is also Pro Vax; so yes, they’re all in this together. Don’t laugh and roll your eyes but I’ve actually been reading Mein Kampf. Before anyone starts throwing rocks at me, no I don’t agree with the whole religious persecution and aryan race/blood line bullshit, but, his take on International Finance being a plague (which for me was his biggest gripe and battle) along with his analysis of Parliamentary styles of democracy and the type of characters that naturally gravitate into those positions of power is spot on. Before anyone criticises, read it.

    • Mein Kampf certainly gives a huge insight into things. Sometimes we have to read what others wouldn’t approve of to get an all round balanced take on life.

    • I don’t think my local library will stock a copy somehow. Unless it is hiding among the ‘Westerns’ 😀

  2. I have no faith in any of the politicians, fully agree with you on controlled opposition. In fact I’m sure I put that in the comments the other day when you were talking about Charles Walker. It’s all one big preplanned game to them. I know they have puppet masters but they still make the choice to do as they’re directed. Well, I make the choice not to believe any of them.

  3. There are some people trying to bring private legal challenge to government about lockdowns
    one is Simon Dolan, he has already raised over £450,000 on pledges, Read more on the link below or on his twitter account, he shares updates and his correspondences.

    Join the Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdownwww.crowdjustice.com › case › lockdownlegalchallenge
    by Simon Dolan … My name is Simon, and together with a few other like-minded souls, we are launching a legal challenge against the UK Govt Lockdown.

  4. This is like when you mentioned TalkRadio were possibly a controlled opposition to COVID (back in the autumn) – and we had to be careful on the intent of their message just in case! Good call!

  5. Wigs now liberal,Tories the original party and then a real people movement which was invitation by Fabian Society and called Labour Party. There’s never going to be a real opposition and if for any reason a real opposition manage to gain power then they will be brought down like ex tower hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman . Labour Party wanted him out but got the conservative to do the dirty job. No to Facebook

  6. You need a search bar for your videos or I not seen it

  7. Most people don’t realise that the ‘Trussell Trust’ is a FRANCHISE! And it is not cheap!

  8. In the immortal words of Mulder and Scully (The X-Files): TRUST NO-ONE

  9. Is that a syringe Sir Desmond drew? I thought it was something else 😀

  10. When there is nothing negative about something that has had any bad effects on the citizens… The authorities are not doing their jobs if they do not inform you or provide any kind of evidence they learned about the issue to serve you better as an elected person.

  11. Reiner Fuellmich the German Lawyer who exposed the Duetsche Bank scandal and the VW emissions and performance fraud believe exposing the PCR tests as being not fit for purpose is the key. Kary Mullis (the inventor of the PCR test) is on video repeadily reitterating that the test should never be used to test for infectious disease and yet governments all over the world have used it as proof of spreading infections followed by economy crashing, job destroying lockdowns.
    Only those still taken in by government propaganda and establishment controlled media still believe this is about a boogie-man virus, everyone else is blatantly aware psychopathic billionaires want to create a NWO using the Chinese totalitarian model to force us into compliance. If they succeed their reset programme will take us back to a time before the first industrial revolution when the aristocracy owned everything and the peasants owned absolutely nothing. At that point life will no longer be worth living unless you’re one of the elites.

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