Queen Jab Selfish Comment MASSIVE PR FAIL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

13 Comments on “Queen Jab Selfish Comment MASSIVE PR FAIL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. The satanist pedophiliac phycopath should be exterminated right away, where is the children from Canada and Australia that she and her Nazi husband of hers scumbags.

  2. She said it cos that’s what her jug earned boy wants.
    Wef useful idiot.

  3. It certainly is backfiring – a big newspaper reader and follower went totally off on one this morning. Won’t be taking the shot now when before today was considering it. I think as the separation becomes more apparent the non B/S followers in the street should openly show their closeness and happiness whilst moving further away from any mask wearer/s. In other words reverse psychology. (we are the healthy ones – they have a virus or will have as get more shots)
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  4. I think her majesty could show how unselfish she is by donating one of her palaces to the homeless. And perhaps also sell one or two of her items of gold and diamond jewels to fund a foodbank or two for her hungry ‘subjects’.

    What do you think?

  5. Your Majesty
    You must think your loyal subjects are as thick as two short planks
    You want the untested on human beings jib jab have it, but don’t . Think for one minute we are as stupid as you appear to think we are
    I was on the fence over the Royals but now with Dickhead Charles and his World Economic Forum buddies
    and paedophile Andrew who does not even have the bottle to go to the USA to clear his name. And your comments on the Jib jab I am no longer on the fence time you stuck up twats were gone, no respect here

  6. A shame Prince Charles didn’t launch himself and all of Davos into outer space upon musk’s rocket with Elon going along for the ride. I hope queenie bop has failed enough to wake a few more people up.

    • She chose not to comment about the disaster that Brexit was going to create and warn her subjects of the situation that is now unfolding. However she thinks she has the right to encourage the enforcement of an unlicensed vaccine. On neither occasion should she have actually intervened but she did have the power to dissolve parliament over several issues that took place the year before. She also chose to do nothing over May’s bribe to the DUP so she could form a government and Johnson’s frequent lies. Very disappointing from a monarch who is supposed to set standards. Guaranteed to erode any trust that may still remain.

      • Sorry Alan but I don’t choose to be her subject. I choose to be a free person. As for setting standards, her and her family are the last people I’d look to for my “standards”. I’m not arguing against your views just telling you how I feel.

  7. Wonder if this is a reverse psychology psy op, a way to bring in the abolishment of the monarchy…. which has been hinted at for years. They don’t do anything for society and yet are paid for by the tax payer.
    The queen’s not legitimate anyways. Nor are Harry or William apparently but that’s another debate.

  8. Her eyes are evil just like Boris Jon Yung’s, Rat Halfcock’s and Twatty the alien’s.They are all psychopathic satanists.Research their evil past doings and it’s plain to see

  9. Just eye catching headlines with no base in the truth just like the one above it about the full moon woman. Are these headlines about the SAME. woman🤪how can this paper expect to be taken seriously and if people do what does it say about them ?

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