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  1. Dell Bigtree worked in MSM and he said there will come a point where they will have to eventually respond to all the adverse events from the vaccines or lose credibility. Yes, I think you’re pretty much right Hugo and it shows that information is permeating through in spite of them. The Mail carried an article by Dr Mike Yeadon about PCR tests which was interesting too.

    I’m not entirely sure what’s going on and I wonder if there are parts of the globalist agenda that certain factions may not be totally on board with in the long term. The EU wasn’t in everyone’s interests financially i.e the City and some of the papers were pro Brexit in spite of the main TV broadcasters’ bias towards Remain. There are some other parts of the media that intrigue me too such as Australian Sky News. What do you think?

    • Sky news Australia is the only news channel I believe. I think maybe the daily mail has had to put this now because they have been reading all the comments in which the tide has turned dramatically.More and more are saying it’s all bs and they will not have the vaccine.The queen got a bollocking this morning too

    • No, they do not have to either publish or admit liability regarding ‘vaccine’ or mRNA injuries as these can all be put down to “Oh, he/she must have had c19” factor. I won’t continue with a lecture on the mRNA risks (the Oxford and J&J viral vector fortunately are minimal). The lecture would be a week long. Most people will now head to the centres and be rolled over with NO CHOICE of option. Odds 1, Moderna, 2, Pfizer, 3, Oxford. Others like me will try to obtain the Oxford PRIVATELY, here in the UK as it is the safer option by far: (No jab, no life right, no passport, job etc.) but only when not having it means I cannot buy food, go out or go to the dentist Say by 2022 when the initial papers will be published as the USA trials DATA will be assessed. Others will hold out to the end, blessings to them all. Truly dangerous times.

  2. Come on it’s been called coved case not diagnosed coved. I wonder how the educated doctor’s that have been hoodwinked by the cult feel.

    • John, I don’t feel the educated doctors or nurses come to that, have been hoodwinked. They leave a really bad feeling in me. I know some have families, but to go along with the narrative to keep their jobs? I personally could not live with that on my conscience.

  3. Referring the the Off-Guardian, now we’re going to see numbers dropping with the W.H.O apparently telling the testing centres to lower the CT of the PCR tests, along with Summer is coming. Controlling and directing the amount of info is certainly the name of the game. You’d think they’d want to talk about the amount of deaths in care homes that have died after the vaccine……of course they haven’t been recorded as deaths from vaccine. It’s mental, my wife works with a lady who’s grandad died 3 weeks after the vaccine and she doesn’t suspect anything at all……being told is was because of Covid, that the vaccine came too late🤦..(testing negative before the test though)

  4. It doesn’t really matter what alternative information comes out now, so long as it’s paced. The vaccine is going out and they will soon start to hail the successes. All drops in numbers will be attributed to the jab or lockdowns. Any alternative narrative will simply give people bullshit to argue over. Most sheepeople will accept the MSM vaccine saviour bollocks. But bare in mind, it’s really important they get that vaccine to as many people as they possibly can before the good weather. Tests from schools can be used as a tool to push that further if needed. Nice to find out yesterday from James Corbett that Oxford AstraZeneca is funded by Google Ventures. No conflict of interest suppressing anti-vac voices on that bad boy🤦

  5. The data certainly needs looking at but overall there will be an increase in deaths from all causes over the past year. My own (unqualified) calcs based on ONS data, readily available to all come to about 12-15% above the last bad flu epidemic 2018 which went unnoticed in the media. Covid19 is a bad virus, no doubt, but we get them from time to time and have never trashed people’s futures in dealing with them. Furthermore this has a median age of death of 82 and is not a pandemic. What really needs attention, and I don’t know how to do it but somebody will, is an estimation of the deaths caused by: mismanagement of people in care homes and the outbreaks caused by moving people out of hospitals to free up beds in the early stages; those delaying doctor/hospital visits with fatal consequences; those whose treatment was deliberately de-prioritised by hospitals and caused an early death; increase on suicides due to lockdown and similar causes, and so on…..This government is guity of what would have been called war crimes under different circumstances and need to face up to their guilt.

    • Correct. I concur. Plandemic from the beginning. Look up Binary bio-weapons. Worth study.

  6. My guess is this will continue to divide and confuse the general public whilst maintaining the look to the unaware that there is an independent mainstream voice. They plan to ease off over summer to skin more of the little money they have left to only bring back in October/Nov blaming the people and mutations of course. Our job is to make sure they can’t get away with it by working harder in this period!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
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  7. Not sure about this one. From what I’ve heard since this covey crap began, the Mail always carries a story once a week that goes against the narrative, possibly not front page. I don’t think they’ll risk losing the huge revenue they get paid by the government for advertisements just like the other papers won’t. So it must have been passed to print by them.
    Maybe it’s all part of the cat and mouse game they play. You know, give a little, take a lot.

  8. Last year the same thing happened and government took of some people of the list and they are going to do the same and take of some people of that list but it will remain the same. Just imagine this 120,000 people complained about wrongly diagnosed coved on the death certificate and then the government writes back to all 120,000 people to say, yes will got it wrong so we are going to change the verdict but then Broadcast the massage the nation that they have taken 1500 people of the list and 120,000 people think that they are one of 1500 people taken off the list.

    Read this article from last year

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