Roadmap Is GUFF! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. They are Pure Evil – And the people so Dumb! RoadMap in Pythagorean numerology is 32 (Two 3s = 33)

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  2. So have we always had fiat currency. Even currency backed by gold etc is fiat. Value for anything is only the value we place on it. Simply the trade between the producer and the consumer has been perverted by the middle man/market place. What we’re seeing right now is an extension of the simulation, to maintain the perception to the value of things. Power and wealth has been created in the minds of others. However if everyone simply put down their tools and went back to the land to farm for themselves, this would all collapse.

  3. No Hugo I am not excited, like yourself scepticism oozes from me. Here we go again where the jab enjoyers will fall for every word. Like we haven’t been here before, give the public a little and then take it back again but harder. Typical torture technique to get them in total submission. As for Tony Blair, God help us all, I’ve been keeping tabs on him and his doings ever since he was prime minister. Evil personified.

  4. As, in the short term, there’s nothing we can do atm about this stupid lockdown as pubs restaurants and shop owners are too cowardly to challenge Boris the antiChrist, best attitude is to turn negatives into positives by, for example doing exercises and concentrate on eating properly etc. Don’t let these evil bastards win…

  5. This has been planned for years, there next step we will be in camp’s so the tyrants can get richer and have the world as there play ground

  6. Hi Hugo

    I’m a msm journo and wrote this article last April (see link below). Since then I’ve been trying to wake up colleagues and have had limited success. I’ve also set up a group of journos on WhatsApp raising concerns about lockdown, compulsory vaccinations and global media platform censorship. Would be great if we could get you joining as we have other alternative media journos on there who are fairly big hitters as well a msm journos from broadcast, nationals and local newspaper groups. If you fancy having a chat about it or joining you can call or text me on 07870 265041.


    Henry Widdas

  7. If I cant feed the ducks, then I’m staying in for another eighteen months…! that’s what everyone seems to want to do, stay in and dream their lives away, are they putting drugs in the food or the water?
    I will admit to liking some drugs quite often but are the drugs that I like taking, so much better than the government drugs that mine cancels theirs out and still allows me to think like a normal person? (allegedly)

    I have never seen so many people turn into jelly babies over such a short time, walking coma victims, I use walking in the loosest sense of the word, shuffling I meant to say, shuffling from the top of the head right down to the obligatory old man slippers… zombie like mask wearing people that I use to know.

    There’s so many people that cant come to terms with what is happening, its so far outside their comfort zones that they’ve just become frozen in time, like familiar characters in a book, I’m outraged myself and fucking fuming!
    I wonder was the same crippling disbelief evident in this country during the first couple of years of the second world war, when people had to come to terms with the massive changes that was coming/happening at a pace, because it is a war that’s happening now, take no doubt about that.

  8. I see prof lockdown was on the BBC news, what a brass neck he has, after his past actions. Rhinos have thinner skin than he does.

  9. I despair at the response of the sheep to the psychological war hitting us by these devils.I do not understand why they can’t see what I see and are not only going along with this shit but believing will only end if and when we fight back masks, no jabs, no lockdown and a change of the present political monsters.

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