MASKS in Classrooms & Corridors / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Spot on Hugo
    Baaa baaa baaa where has the Dunkirk spirt gone , I am so so angry with people who do not realise it’s there own behaviours that are allowing Boris the bone head to keep pulling his lying treats out of the freedom bag

  2. I challenged the head mistress of my kids school, following the lead from Prof. Dolores Cahill; asking the head to sign for liability. My son has asthma (barely) and my daughter has bugger all.
    Anyway, after a few stern emails I was granted exemption. My kids were the only ones not wearing masks in the entire school. Luckily my guys both have big balls and took all the bullshit peer group pressure (including from teachers), laughing it off as they went. We learn through humour in our house. Not laughing at people but more over the sheer stupidity of it all. Anyway, let’s see when they go back…..I’m 100% the school is going to push back again, but fuck them, I’ll pull them out and they’ll find their own way. They’re old enough now (13 & 15); Christ…….back in the day, they’d be out working already. We have a roof, we have food, anything else is a bonus. Sod them! The air is free (well, except CO2, apparently you have to pay for that). Ubermensche, that’s us! Any of those ‘Last Man’ types can cower with their masks. Actually, where are all the men in this country, what happened?. Their warrior instincts are now strictly policing the vegetable aisle in Tesco’s for non mask wearers?
    New Norms we call them, usually married to Old Karen’s

    • Sounds like you are the only role model in the school. We owe it to our kids to bring them up as critical thinkers. We live in Normandy and for several years I have organised an Anglo-French conversation group at our local “Association”. It stopped last March and I tried to get it going again in September with no masks, just a bit of common sense to build back confidence among the nervous. None of them would take me up on it so I left them to it with their masks their tests and their vaccines. Really disappointing as they were the first to step forward and expose the same government’s lies over Brexit. I concluded that it’s about social approval and as my wife tells me I’m somewhere on the Asperger’s scale, I believe I must have developed herd immunity.

  3. We need to do this. I dont want Jaiden wearing the mask to school

  4. Wow. My grandchildren in West Yorkshire had to wear masks to school when they returned to school after the first lockdown. My daughter no longer wants to know me because of my opinions and objections. At first my eldest grandson of 15yrs old was still allowed to email me (alas no longer) he told me that they had to wear masks all of the time. On top of that their break times and lunch time were shortened because of Covey which appears to know if they have their mask off for a brief time. It is a shame she appears to have forgotten that I pulled both her and her sister out of school at age 9yrs when both were coming home upset by “things” happening within the school system. I taught them at home and they both returned to school for their final year so they could take exams. Because I had to give up my 2 nights a week working it made money tight but we had happiness. Apparently her job is too important to give up.
    I despair at what I am seeing all around me.

  5. Too right Hugo – Home School all the way.. but most will be more than ready to get their kids back to school so they can get back to their corporate indoctrination centres. Plus this will lead to kids having to be jabbed to supposedly be free of the mask on some distant promised future date. Boris the Bolt is a class ACT they just cant let GO!
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    • Why do you persist in spamming this site on Every. Single. Post. *sigh* This is even more galling since this site in itself is ad-free and is one of the few sites out there that are not ‘selling’ something.

  6. Its unbelievable whats going on with the kids.Masks and social distancing and filled with fear,not too mention a shortened education and being cut off from their friends for god only knows how long.I only hope the children can get out the other side of this unaffected,but i’ve a feeling a good number will not.

  7. Been looking at the other PPE in which Hancock is supposed to have a first class honours degree. The philosophy syllabus is built on Rousseau, Bentham, Mill, Locke and all the others that talked about ethics, freedom, fair play and the other principles that developed over thousands of years and separated us from cavemen. I think he must have cheated in his exams. Time for his old professor to turn up and strip him of his degree.

  8. Just teach kids at home
    And then you can debrainwash them aswell as keep them safe from breathing in their own expelled breath

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