Crowd BOOS Jabs And Govt At Australian Tennis Open / Hugo Talks #lockdown

10 Comments on “Crowd BOOS Jabs And Govt At Australian Tennis Open / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Hugo – wrong in one aspect

    My Victorian friends were booing the Victorian Government not Federal Gov. The Tennis Aus Chair = Jane Hrdlicke didn’t mention Federal Gov.

    Victoria is led by extreme left wing Labour Premier Daniel Andrews. He caused 800 deaths in Aged Care with corrupt use of private security guards that no other state gov used. There has been an ongoing Inquiry inyo the Melbourne hotel scandal. He is like Drakeford in Wales. They have had a harsh lockdown for nigh on 4 months until Dec20. NSW & QLD virtually no restrictions since Ju ly20.
    Andrews and the Victorian Government which is predominantly Melbourne is so far up the arse of China & CCP that he even signed up the Vic Gov to the CCP’s Belt & Roads deal which is about to be quashed by the Federal LNP Gov (akin to UK Conservative but not Bojo’s lefty version)
    We in Australia have a federalised union akin to Germany and state premiers had power to close borders and enact there own C19 authoritarian rules which surprised many and Federal Gov were powerless to stop.

    Secondly we were booing vaccine statement.
    Australians are very dubious of it and well informed. Gov owned media paid from Federal funds – TV stations ABC & SBS = (BBC & C4) run same puff pieces from lockdown loving lefties mostly hailing from inner Melbourne.

    Thirdly – the Tennis Australia Chair – Jane Hrdlicke is also new CEO of Virgin Airlines Australia and recently bought out of Administration. She as CEO of this Airline is badly hurting from Andrews Vic Gov lockdowns such as 5 day one last week that is crippling domestic air travel when no international air travel is taking place to/from Aus. She needs business & leisure between Melbourne- Sydney- Brisbane to survive.

    I and many believe she purposely mentioned Vic Gov to send a message to Andrews via many like my Famiily in the Crowd who enthusiastically booed, that went around the World,

    We like your channel and knowing what is happening to relatives in UK & Europe and the WEF, Gates etc. But please gen up on difference between A State Government and Federal Government in Canberra.

    p.s. we wont be taking jab from whatever Manufacturer.

  2. You should see the Australian media falling over themselves to say they weren’t booing the vaccine!

  3. There were boos at the ladies final, too. They had a mini lockdown with a curfew imposed halfway through the tournament and fans were forced to leave in the middle of a match. They booed when that was mentioned.

  4. Her speeches were too long and rambling and she did them with her back to the players she was supposed to be addressing. Poorly thought out and implemented. Naomi Osaka was pulling faces behind her back, obviously bored waiting for her to finish. She then did it correctly by turning and addressing her opponent face to face, even though it meant her voice couldn’t be heard too clearly as the microphone was now behind her.

    Hardlicker, if she had any appreciation of other human beings other than herself, should have noted that. But she did not. Deserved to be booed, in my opinion.

  5. wake up people, before it’s too late!!!🙈. do not take this disgusting, unelected bill gates jab.

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