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  1. Hugo….after every six months they have to be Jabbed. in order to renew their Passports……and after the fourth Jab, they will be spilling over with disease …..CDC ZOMBIES PREPAREDNESS. APOCALYPSE..!!!. ..AFTER THE 4 JABS,. THEY WILL BECOME ZOMBIES…This is what a Doctor explained..

  2. Hugo, firstly great work you have been doing. truly remarkable there are no more people like you on the media set. well, we know why, do not we?i just wanted to ask you If you would share more information about how the lock downs in other countries such us Australia, New zealand, korea, japan and even china itself have been able to carry on a kind of normal life as the BRITISH PRO GOVERMENT MEDIA do not show it?  i watch daily news in English from different Korean and Japanese news outlets and it baffles me to see how they have been able to go to work, socialise and even move the economy during this period without the mass vaccination OBLIGATION this government is pushing us?  Dour media like the SUN and ITV or SKY news party poppers yesterday after the PM speech to start to ease the lock down. they immediately started saying a COVID PASSPORT MAY BE ISSUED. what? it is against our rights to push us to vaccinate If we do not consent so what is the plan? then the scientist came with their typical doomsday predictions again about 90000 deaths if the lock down is lifted to quick. what a bunch of prats…for sure If they get their salaries reduced then they will not come out with this ideas. We have to live with this virus like we do with flu, which has been killing thousands every winter in this country and Europe. I watched the other night live football from Australia with fans in the stadium and that was in December. one of the weirdest thing is that UK government never give the figures of people who recover from covid-19 nor the active cases in the country but almost all the countries in the WHO daily COVID-19 UP TO DATE TRACKER SHOWS IN THEIR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. they do not want us to see the real active cases nor recovered so they can carry on keeping us in more lock downs. Please, have a look at the covid trackers I mentioned and you will see how UK never give this info out. PLEASE KEEP YOUR GREAT WORK, EXPOSE THEM WHENEVER YOU CAN. I AM A SUPPORTER OF YOUR CHANNEL. WE NEED OUR FREEDOM, WE NEED TO GET BACK TO OUR LIVES. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Regards V Valdes

    • I also watch news from other countries and back you up on all you wrote. The UK also does not release figures on the skyrocketing suicide numbers. A Los Angeles coroner said the other day that they had seen more suicides this last 9 months than the last 30 years combined. That is a heartbreaking phenomenal increase. I wish I could say it’s not what I expected from our government but I can’t. And yes Hugo is putting out great work and doesn’t know what a day off is.

  3. Excellent research as usual Hugo.. Morgan is a Demon, only need to see his pic to feel ill. They love their numbers
    COVID 19 (C = 3 = Abaddon, Destroyer OVID is a sheep and 19 is Slaughter. Plus the usual Certificate of vaccination I D. 19 = AI. And in Pythagorean COVID = 26 two six’s are 66. Mad World!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer (the vaccine company) for 16 years, and immunologist for 30 years explains “there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen.” asserting that: “false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID PCR tests are being used to manufacture a second wave based on new cases.”
    He says that SAGE should be sacked for gross negligence and a new group of scientists (immunologists) without conflict of interest to the vaccine companies or Bill Gates, should be formed to advise the Government immediately!

  5. On The BBC News At 6 O’clock Tonight There Was A Woman Who Look Like She Was In A Park & I’m Sure She Said That It Was Not Mandatory To Have The Jab

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  6. Didn’t Piers Morgan loose his job for falsifying photos from the Iraq war?
    Wasn’t he also involved in phone hacking; something to do with deleting text from a 13 year old dead girls phone, leading the parents to believe she was still alive for a period of time? Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Piers have a very good relationship with Rupert Murdoch.
    Just questions. Anyway; I’m glad he’s the go to through all this. Impeccable credentials, a solid man you can trust.

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