The DARK FUTURE Of Health Passports / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Nice work Hugo, your on fire today. It truly is a mystery as to how we are still surrounded by so many zombies still. Must be the new HD tv’s. Don’t think they would notice their digital enslavement as not noticed their virtual one yet!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

    • How best do we come together and confront this issue… your doing a great job bringing this to the fore.

      • Get in touch with these people

        23 Nov 2020 — CONCERNS AND SUGGESTIONS REGARDING THE UK’S COVID-19 VACCINE AGENDA. We are an alliance of medical practitioners, … search the below

        Open Letter From: UK Medical Freedom Alliance To – › …

      • We need more people like Hugo , this is terrifying, we will be digital slaves like the Chinese, terrified in your Country when the special police come to the door your freedom humanity taken away constantly monitored it’s a 1984 it’s a dystopian nightmare while the higher class Prince Charles Klaus Schwab live in there Utopian palaces when will people wake up to what’s going on , Hugo stay safe my friend you are a beacon in these dark times

  2. I can’t seem to wake people up my mum has never watched news or soaps and has never had a vaccine, she’s 85. And told the drs surgery if you’re desperate for £70 a jab she’ll give it them as long as they leave her alone
    My inlaws ffs late 60s watch bbc and soaps religiously won’t be told anything other than the usual propaganda and get very uncomfortable and twitchy when you mention the truth.
    And people always say how do you know this
    Am I right wokies
    Then I say I’ll send you a link and they don’t bother looking
    You can show people the truth
    But you can’t make them see it.

  3. How do we come together on this as nobody believes this really happening and it will be too late if we can’t stand as one!

  4. the problem is that anything you might carry cannot actually prove anything. Do you need a passport to fly. Not really, because they already know who you are before any questions asked. Do you need visa paperwork? not really because their computer tells them if you have one or not. If you presented a paper visa and it wasn’t already on their computer, they certainly do not accept the paper.

    Same for any form of documents, digital or otherwise carried, everything is ALREADY on their computers.

    The only reason for a document is to make you think you need it as a means of control and to act as a reason to deny your access to something.

    They pretty much have everyone’s fingerprints and face recognition already, so why do they need an app as well:

    money and control.

    • Digital records always take precendence over any paper records you may hold. My grandmother (RIP) found this out when the bank said there was less in her savings account than was printed on her ‘passbook’. Our family kicked up a big stink about it but no no avail.

  5. The answer is no concent, but hugo your videos are informative I give you that, but try to make videos to lift the spirit of the people, also help people how to fight this legally. Also the government has been informed that vaccine Passports and restrictions to shoping it’s illegal internationally.

    • Go and take a look at this
      UK Medical Freedom Alliance .
      23 Nov 2020 — CONCERNS AND SUGGESTIONS REGARDING THE UK’S COVID-19 VACCINE AGENDA. We are an alliance of medical practitioners, …

      google search the below
      Open Letter From: UK Medical Freedom Alliance To – › …

  6. has anyone looked at the FEEDBACK? there is no objectivity.. there is no ability to feedback that you disagree with the whole ‘framework’… it only asks which parts of it you agree or disagree with…

    @hugo.. can you film walking through the ‘consultation’ and show its bias please…its a complete joke

  7. I sort of agree with above comment but I’m not sure it’s Hugo’s job to figure out how to fight this, it’s ours. It must take hours a day to research and produce so many films every day and they are so informative I think he’s already going above and beyond. Having said that I can’t see how to do it at the moment either. Every one isolated from each other so we can’t talk freely and mobilise a protest etc is hampering people’s ability to speak out. I’ve written to my local mp twice to add my voice her thoughts possibly but I don’t know if it’s doing any good. I suspect not. We need lawyers, mps and be grouped together as a bigger voice somehow yet with people losing jobs so they have no extra money for lawyers or can’t risk big fines, only one or two mps speaking out and the possibility of group action very slim, I can’t see what to do either. Any ideas anyone?

    • I can’t say I have. It is like being stuck on a chessboard, every move you can make has been anticpipated in advance. Checkmate!

    • Google search this Open Letter From:
      UK Medical Freedom Alliance To – › …
      23 Nov 2020 — CONCERNS AND SUGGESTIONS REGARDING THE UK’S COVID-19 VACCINE AGENDA. We are an alliance of medical practitioners, ..

  8. This is one of the reasons I have never had a ‘smart’phone. In fact, I have never had anything ‘smart’. These toys are the cheese in the mousetrap.

  9. Have you seen AskTheExperts II: Medical Professionals Address BBC Panorama Propaganda (Video) #DareToThink see the new video on on Brighteon

  10. UKMFA is run by a team of medical professionals, academics, scientists and lawyers, aided by a growing panel of experts in the fields of science and medicine who support our mission and provide UKMFA with advice and analysis of the latest scientific evidence and data.

    Google search them

    UK Medical Freedom Alliance

  11. Worth having a read of this, another phone app being developed in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, ‘Common Pass’ will have all your Covid vaccine data, PCR test results etc, on your phone to enable travel across borders, they are hoping it will be adopted worldwide, looks like yet another form of monitoring & forcing everyone to have tests & vaccines to be able to travel freely.

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