Germans Says NO To The Jab / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. It’s okay, they can use the shelved vaccines for the police. Apparently due to demand and supplies, there was an issue being able to administer to ‘our’ local Bobby. Anyway, there you have it… yourselves lads, there’s plenty to go round; problem solved😊

    • Glen…I would like to thank you so much for such valid info…my mind boggles at how you manage to obtain this info…so needed in these dark days…what would you suggest,. No immunity Passport…I would rather die a free spirit, than be enslaved by this dark system…no freedom but rather bondage,. To a greater evil..Thank You so much,. Heather

  2. Look at this…drive-thru jab locations being set up in the US. These people are sick.

    Thank you Hugo Talks for your videos of truth.


    A concerned and awake American


  3. Did you hear the bit about online shopping tax. !

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  4. The obvious thing that the authorities have utterly missed: People don’t WANT to work and don’t care if the government goes bankrupt. Of course, those of us who loved our liberty are a bit miffed (LOL) but there seems to be little we can do to stop the mad masses marching off the cliff. Good luck.

  5. 1984….and would you believe sheeple actually believe this propaganda….

  6. Hugo
    If you are the genuine article and I think you are, I would seriously consider getting yourself a VPN because if you are genuine you are going to need it.
    I’ve watched a fair few channels get removed from YouTube in the past few years *NordVPN is a reliable company.

    Also ProtonMail should be considered as should DuckDuckGo as I mentioned the other day, you have to protect yourself, bro

  7. Exposed and proven lies around the Corona terror scandal – as reported by Dr. Reiner Füllmich in his interim FACT on the Corona Committee:
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    As communicated in the last newsletter, the hearings of approx. 100 internationally renowned scientists, medical experts, economists, lawyers, but also affected persons, which have been conducted by the Berlin Corona Investigation Committee since 10.07.2020, have meanwhile shown with a probability bordering on certainty that the Corona scandal was at no time about health. Rather, it is about cementing the power – illegitimate because obtained by criminal methods – of the corrupt so-called “Davos clique” by way of shifting the wealth of the population to the members and relatives of the Davos clique, among other things by destroying small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. As a result, “platforms” like Amazon, Uber, etc. can take over their market shares and fortunes. Newsletter topics at a glance: 1. status of the Corona Committee investigation: a. Corona as a diversionary tactic by the so-called corporate and political “elites” for the purpose of shifting the market shares and assets of small and medium enterprises to global platforms such as Amazon, Google, Uber, etc. … 3rd status PCR test lawsuit in New York, German lawsuits, Canadian lawsuits, Australian lawsuits, Austrian lawsuits, lawsuit to International Criminal Court, European Court of Human Rights. We have found this confirmed again and again: In fact, the dangerousness of the virus is about the same as seasonal flu; regardless of whether it is a new (wholly or semi-manufactured) virus, or we are merely dealing with flu relabelled as Corona pandemic. Meanwhile, the Drosten PCR tests are not even close to being able to say anything about (contagious) infections. To make matters worse, the health and economic damage caused by the anti-Corona measures is so devastating that one has to speak of a historically unique level of destruction. The fact that it was never about health, but apart from that, becomes particularly clear from the fact that the injections with genetically experimental substances (disguised as “vaccination”) are now leading to the most severe damage, including fatal consequences, on a mass scale. The world population was introduced to these gene experimental injections gradually, but amazingly extremely quickly. To get the population into the panic they needed, lockdowns (dangerous and harmful even in the WHO’s estimation), mandatory masking (useless and dangerous) and social distancing (useless and counterproductive) were introduced. In the meantime, more and more people, not only lawyers, are rightly demanding – apart from an immediate end to the lethal measures – a judicial review by a truly independent international court. In addition, there is an interview with a whistleblower from a Berlin nursing home, who testifies that of 31 people who were vaccinated (partly compulsorily) in the presence of Bundeswehr soldiers (tested negative before the vaccination), 8 have died in the meantime and 11 are struggling with severe side effects. … There will be contributions and discussions on how … but also how to ensure that the policy of the so-called “Davos clique”, which is based on printing money out of thin air, can be ended and stable currencies returned to by building up regional currencies (if necessary, with the EU being reduced to an EEC). In particular, however, we will also have experts explain to us how it could have come about at all that we now find ourselves in this blackmail situation that was unimaginable a year ago. The link to the special meeting of the Corona Committee announced here can be found on 17.02. via the Committee’s website: Yours sincerely Reiner Fuellmich (Responsible in terms of press law: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, LL.M., Senderstraße 37 in 37077 Göttingen)

  8. Most people are lazy, so if they pay them to do nothing they will. Most people are so lazy that they accept all the lies from mainstream as fact rather than research for themselves! The ones that are not lazy though have more than enough evidence now to have these criminals arrested and whilst we still have a Police force (before the Chinese troops arrive) their crimes should be reported to local stations daily!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  9. It is about time we write letters to our MP’s shaming them for being party to this echo of the ‘Great Reset ‘ narrative . They are hinting at ideas that soon will be restricting our lives more and more and more . Are we going to whinge amongst ourselves or push back. We need to squeeze what matters to them – continuing to be an MP or mocked , shamed and sacked .

  10. If you want to know who your enemies are look no further than any company CEO who is advocating no jab no entry no jab no travel
    No one can stop you from traveling it’s your human right under international law

  11. Hugo, yes there are a LOT of sheep in Ireland, but many of us are awake and are exceedingly frustrated seeing the bigger picture. There have been protests and will be more.
    But we are blocked at every avenue trying to get the covididiots to listen to us!!

  12. I always enjoy your videos, thank you for doing this. Thank you for being part of the resistance!

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