Irishman SAYS What WE ARE ALL THINKING In VIRAL VIDEO / Hugo Talks #lockdown

17 Comments on “Irishman SAYS What WE ARE ALL THINKING In VIRAL VIDEO / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. He is right. He is absolutely right. The times has come to fight back all over the world

  2. Yup…fully get everything he said but this won’t stop until we all get together and make it stop. The governments agendas are fixed, they are amazed at the compliance, we need to get outside and make a noise. Feel for everyone that is suffering in this unnecessary madness.

  3. He says that he doesn’t know the answer, but in truth he does. Non compliance.
    Unfortunately, the enforcers (police and soon to be armed forces maybe) will always have jobs, That’ll be guaranteed by those in power to enable their plans to succeed. We need more angry people, but the powers that be are carefull in keeping the sheep comfortable at the moment.

  4. If we do not stand up to this government, it will be too late!!!
    We have to fight, and drain the stinking Tory/labour swamp of all the puppets on a string, who don’t give a shot for human life!!!
    Shame on you all hope your all done for war crimes & T blair

  5. Trouble is he does not realise this is their plan.. there was no virus until people started injecting themselves. Then as real death rates do rise they can blame mutations etc etc

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  6. Don’t get angry…..every outcome, every human emotion will I’m sure be expected and planned. If we’re angry, it’s because we’re supposed to be. A simple removal of a mask and a good laugh will go a long way😊

  7. He’s speaking for all of us in “lockdown”. We should all be sick of it but unfortunately I am surrounded by willing, compliant neighbors who no longer speak to me because of what I think. My biggest crime? Declining the jab. I’ve even been told that at nearly 66yrs I should know better. Such is life.

    • You’re not alone, but there’s more out there that agree with you than you think. I ran through town the other day with a hugely offensive T-Shirt, stating that New Norms clap to save lives etc. I’m done cowering. We need to challenge people, engage with them and evoke emotion. Bring back a national pride and remind people to man up. Are you a coward, do you want a better future for your kids? Who’s going to protect your kids….you?….or are you placing your faith in the government? Time to provoke people and send them home thinking. Make them feel disappointed with themselves.

      • I agree with what you say and have done my best to make people aware of what’s going on. Maybe the fact I live in a Lincolnshire village that makes it harder to find people who think like me. Bonus to life is a DPD driver agrees with me and always spends 10 minutes chatting with me, thank goodness for time slot deliveries or else he’d knock and be gone.

    • They don’t seem to realise it’s because you DO know better that you refused the jab.

  8. They want to destroy the middle class through lockdowns and seems they want to or dont mind to kill many with vaccine

  9. I’m not calling for violence, as that would be illegal.
    I’m just noticing that politicians deserve to be shot and hung for the treason they are pulling off. No way they’ll get a penalty through the courts, as they have written their rules.

  10. Irish citizens have to be the most uneducated I’ve came across ‘ we have no absolute rights under the constitution we vote all politicians in under ‘ imgaine that ‘ and we keep doing the same thing over and over looking for change ‘ never going to happen until the majority educate themselves on how the Irish state works ‘ from an Irish woman 👩

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