13 thoughts on “WTF! Black Covid Bus Of Doom LONDON / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. At this stage it’s becoming a bloody joke, how much money is wasted on this propaganda ? Boggles the mind on how tax payers money is wasted on a grand scale, to which to tax payer fits the bill at the end of this scamdemic… loonies are running the asylum.🤡


  2. Would be far more accurate if the covered it with pics of Hancock Johnson and the various Sage muppets they truly are scary


    1. We are being systematically slaughtered, it`s mass murder. all those who play any part in it should, and must be jailed for life.


  3. Again – Bumbling-Boris,Half-wit Handcock and the rest of the despicables are leading us all down the Great Reset Rabbit Hole – They are now attempting to jack up the paranoia in London by increasing the fear factor with a big sinister BLACK Bullshit Spewing bus! This will increase the rampant paranoia that already exists, and very possibly nurture any inherent psychological conditioning against the colour BLACK!! – What on Earth do they think they’re doing? – Don’t condone their ‘Divide-and-Conquer’ tactics – Wake up Britain and smell the coffee. – Never forget, only a few actually believed what Hitler was up to until it was too late.


  4. Another example of the psychological warfare being imposed on us. Why do all ambulances now constantly drive round with blue lights flashing and sirens wailing? Am I supposed to go home and wait nervously for the next set of instructions from the telescreen?


  5. Protesters in London should pelt the damm thing with animal feces to show them exactly what we think of this utter bullshit


  6. Remember the BIG RED BREXIT BUS ? It was covered in LIES and FEAR now we have the BIG BLACK COVID BUS covered in LIES and FEAR !!!!what do the two buses have in common?


  7. Also did you ever notice every time the so called R number comes down a new variant turns up out of the blue
    what’s next Boris Solent Green.
    Great channel Hugo


  8. Don’t know what to do where you go I’m scared and lost and not gud with technology. I’m finding it difficult to trust anyone right now. Wish I wasnt around right now seeing my family being torn apart


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