Isle Of Man SMOKESCREEN / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Excellent. They using applied psychology. Raise your hopes one minute then dash them the next. Cause confusion to folk & they’ll agree to anything. Shalom

  2. This is certainly a curious state of affairs! Does the Isle of Man (IoM) have independent infection/death rate figures? Have IoM been vaccinating and how many/age? Time for a bit of digging here. It does seem quite an odd story. Zero Infection Rate? Have IoM stopped testing?

    • Yes the Iom has independent figures for all of that on the website.

      It’s not an odd story at all, people are still being tested but the border is closed to non residents and those residents that do return have to isolate for up to 21 days and are checked on. If they break the rules they go to prison. It’s that simple. There is no covid in the community at the moment.

  3. It is very simple

    The choice about to be made by the Swiss is a choice between human rights and government control. Does a public health crisis mean human rights come second?

    The lockdowns are, in reality, a twisting of the arm by the banks, pharma and tech companies, so that we surrender and accept endless vaccines and immunity passports. So that we submit to becoming tech controlled slaves

    But the basic question about human rights remains and has never been addressed

    Of course human rights should come first. The healthy should not be punished. This is the answer

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