Bill Gates and SONGBIRD / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Gates is just a college dropout who stole the MS patents- he’s just a dumb guy with money

    • People WANT to believe the media. People seem to be happy being asleep. I for one am sick of trying to help them 😒 There is no hope

      • Scientifically, I have found myself at odds with the methodology of scare tactics from big media, from day one.
        I am elderly, and have but a few contacts who question the facts that nobody bothers to inform themselves regarding the messages being delivered to the general public.
        With no isolates of the virus in over 12 months, and the knowledge that PCR testing cannot give a diagnosis of anything, plus the increase in deaths of those vaccinated, I am worried!
        My contingent cannot march in the streets, besides fines here have been beyond most people’s income.
        I want to do something but cannot think of anything practical.
        There’s no point in arguing with the converted, as that simply divides sovreignty, ie people power.
        Does anybody have suggestions as to how I can be of practical help?
        I don’t fear the virus, but am overwhelmed at the loss of human rights and subsequent unnecessary deaths.
        The US has a court of arbitration to compensate those impacted by vaccines.
        Should we be talking to human rights lawyers in our own countries to have such a legal compensation put in place for those harmed by vaccine as in the US?
        Would the prospect of having to compensate all deaths from hitherto untested interventions by vaccines be enough for governments to consider the cost of the game in play?

      • @Johnno,
        Unfortunately, the tactics employed seem to have been devised in a way which prevents any possible counter-action by anything less than either a vast number of people or at least a group of people with a looooot of money. Therefore, as it seems, it looks like time will tell how all of this will progress..

    • Dumb? I don’t think so. Far too many people in positions of power worldwide look up and listen to this greedy, dangerous, evil, self certified ‘medical expert’. He needs to be watched very closely.

    • It is one of the ‘laws of power’ – let others do the work and take the credit for yourself.

  2. Refer to legislation Coronavirus Act 2020 Shedule 21, Part 2. section 4 POWERS RELATING TO POTENTIALLY INFECTIOUS PERSONS IN ENGLAND
    This part of the legislation gives power to health officials and police to remove and locate potentially infectious persons to where ever they want basically. The implications of this legislation, whilst not seemingly being used at the moment are quite scary. If the the vaccine ever become mandated, they will have the power to withhold anyone who they deem to be POTENTIALLY infectious, which according to their criteria is basically ANYONE. And I expect they will then not release you until you have been vaccinated. I do not like harboring this doom and gloom, nor do I wish to scare anyone. Where is the line between inaction and faith in the real universal truths that action need be taken. I am not completely opposed to a much more community based world collaboration, but not in a politically motivated kind of socialist totalitarianism. Big words are scary. There is nothing more I would like to see than a planet without territorial borders and good will to all men, world peace, but at present that is not what this looks like.

    I really hope that the governments of the world are being directed by a race of extraterrestrial benevolent beings, who have our wellbeing at heart and all this propaganda is to merely prevent mass hysteria of a devastating kind. l mean you know that the average man is scared of ‘aliens’ and would sooner shoot them than listen to them. I mean aliens would make more sense than the craziness of the seemingly psychotic, neurotic directions of the supposedly competent government…

  3. It’s sad, but we’re not united. The country has been divided and those who follow the BBC will never convince themselves they’ve been duped. I live in an affluent town out in the country and I would say 90% of the pollution couldn’t wait to be the jab; also pressuring those around to ‘do their bit to save the NHS’🤦
    If we could get hold of an English copy of the ‘Hamburg Syndrome’ and circulate that……now there’s a movie that would slap everyone in the face…..never mind that stupid ‘Song Bird’; which went into production from when exactly?

  4. …thank you SO much !!! Let People Power Prevail… Tricia….

  5. Hi Hugo, I’ve just watched this video and yes I agree this is scary stuff! Thank you for highlighting it. How many subscribers do you have watching surely could you put the in touch with Laurence Fox he has started a party called Reclaim we need to do this legally! What do you think can be done?

    Best wishes Heather x

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    • please note.. for those within the EU mandatory vax is prohibited.

  6. yo we need to build a community now anyone is welcome as long as they are coming with peaceful intentions love your vids Hugo keep up the good work! much love brother peace x x

  7. I have watched this film. In ‘Songbird’ enforcement is carried out by the council’s cleansing department. You have to scan your face every morning with your smartphone. If you fail the test the council are alerted and come around to kill you.

  8. is there a way to halt gates?
    we can avoid using Amazon ir twitter. we can support local business
    but we are rather gazumped if we try anything online! without Microsoft. it shows the dangers of monopoly!

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