5 thoughts on “PEOPLE POWER! AUSTRIA To REOPEN Shops And Schools / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. this is awesome Pod, the police in Austria have taken their helmets off and are marching WITH the protestors. God be praised ! shame the filty pigs in the UK wont do the same, UK police are the fucking worst.



    1. We all have to do what we can in our own way. The UK is muted at the moment, especially the poor sods who still watch the MSM.


  2. Are we lions or sheep? I fear the latter. I used to have pride in this country but it seems to have ben stolen by a bunch of effing soy eating troglodytes.


  3. Good about the shops but not sure about the vid. The cops are all still wearing their muzzles and look to have broken the protesters down into small groups and seem to be leading them, not joining them. See how some go straight on and some then go right, followed by a blue lit police van…


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