Burning Man 70,000 STRANDED / FBI MK Ultra / Hugo Talks

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  1. Great way t reinforce climate brainwashing t hippy dippy loony left.

  2. Jacob, I believe traveled through with his children; and his daughter was raped. The festival was of this character; fornication. ■ Her brothers destroyed the men of that ruling/people. She was settled in keep. Genesis 34

  3. GOD had enough of all the evil 😈 and washed them out shame 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    U welcome was worth the money

  4. Your videos are such a gift and I love your song. Thanks and may God bless you and open all the right doors for you to walk through.

  5. Well the imagery sure is disturbing. This is MKULTRA 100%, the study of mass hysteria. I’m sure weather warfare was preformed too. It’s a game for these investors, this is all a study and you are correct.

  6. Hi Hugo, posting here as YouTube keeps deleting this comment.

    The Clown image used by cacophony caught my attention. Christian Paul Stobbs has a channel called understanding conspiracy that goes deep on the origins of the clown, going right back to the nephillim. Apparently there’s a group that high level masons can join called Shriners, who dress as clowns. All the best.

    • I have a very short video of ex Mason speaking of this. But I don’t know where to share it as I’m totally shadow banned and marked on fb. I don’t really post elsewhere. I could try and put on telegram. I’d put it to here, but don’t know how. I’ll try to copy and paste if possible!

  7. It’s very strange (highly suspicious?) that they are not letting them out. What is the expliantion for that?

    • Hi JB. I live in a mid part of Nevada, and I heard when this burning man first started, there were only 250 people. Every year word spread and more came. We just had 3 waves,days of freak storms, tons of lightening & thunder & downpours, and then I saw this festival on a video, in mud, making the one road out impassable. But then, yesterday we had 3 bouts of HIGH winds, hard rain again, and pea sized hail fell for about an hour, on Sunday. Some places were warned of half dollar sized hail, and it was like stones hitting us–they expected it could break car windshields also. The area burning man is in must have gotten it too, already mired in mud, so made it worse. It went right through all our little towns, like it was planned or something. So, I don’t know how much of it was THEM, or God. Or both. Also, I think only God’s mighty voice can make thunder, so is why I think it’s mixed…evil men controlling weather, (and destroying trees and crops) and God’s wrath and warnings that we are indeed, living in the last days. Can you imagine Jesus watching these things? How grieved He must be of his own creation forsaking Him for “doing as they wilt”. Doing their own thing…instead of His will. And serving evil instead of Him. It’s like a cancer eating up the earth. Eating up souls. SAD. And those who sigh and who cry over all the abominations being done get ridiculed, turned against, laughed at, scorned and called doom and gloomers. When we are trying to save THEM from doom and gloom they will have eternally for not listening to and seeking the Lord. But they received not the love of the truth…and God gave them over to delusion. The Bible says…”they judge themselves unworthy” It’s hard to watch it getting more horrific and widespread every single day. Pray for all who are speaking out and warning and trying to get the real truth out. Bless you all, and Hugo especially. God bless you. OUR GOD REIGNS!

  8. Hi Hugo! Always an education for me every show of yours I see. Never heard of Burning Man fest.

  9. Sounds like a rip-off of the ‘Wicker Man’ sacrificial festival that takes place on the islands off of the coast of Scotland.

  10. Sounds like a rip-off of the ‘Wicker Man’ pagan, sacrificial festival to thank the Sun gods for the harvest that takes place on the islands off of the coast of Scotland.

  11. I can see approximately 9:00 mins into this upload there’s the book “Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society” and in the left hand corner the word “Dadaism”. I’m not sure if it is of any relevance but is was an art movement that was anti art. I wondered if the Dada movement gave birth to this Suicide Club?

    Anyway keep up the good work Hugo. Can you recommend a copy of the KJV of the bible? There’s so many amended versions. I don’t know which one to buy.

  12. Thanks Hugo, another fascinating video and yet another “sign of the times” we are living in.
    Top marks for your song too, many thanks, Pete 🙂


  14. there are clips from woodstock of young men claiming they saw planes seeding the clouds and that the storms were manmade, it wouldnt surprise me that this is the case here too; probably contained after being sprayed with some toxic agent or illness to let it set into the body and contain the experiment.

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