Who Is A JEW? / Hugo Talks

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  1. Yawn. How many more years are we going to hear about the Jews?

  2. Good book to read on this subject: Wilhelm Reich ~ The Murder Of Christ

  3. I would really like to download this for offline use but there seems to be no download button. Can we get such a button, please?

  4. You gave one of the best, if not THE best scripturally sound explanations I have ever heard, and you made it so simple!! Now, more than ever before, this is what we need to be getting out there to people, and I thank you for helping me to see where I was wrong in blaming the Jews. That is something I will now repent of and never do again because the true Jews are our fellow Christians and not a bloodline or plot of land. I feel terribly for the things I’ve said now. I was so wrong. So, thank you again for taking the plank out of my own eye. I’m grateful for that.

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