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  1. I’ve had a similar issue with my hotmail account for about 18 months. People tell me that they reply to videos that I forward to them, but I never get replies, apart from a few which seem unaffected. I’ve checked all my settings and haven’t blocked any of them or changed anything, as far as I can see. I now don’t care and just think it’s fate, that these evil people are monitoring, censoring and surveilling everything anyway. I use protonmail, but it’s not as good, unfortunately.

    • Have you ever sat down and took time to think, “do I need to use any social media?” I bet you would not be able to do it, you’re selling your soul to them by using their services

      • We’re all addicted to a point, even yourself I’d guess, as why are you commenting here? It’s a problem for us individually and as a society how we deal with the pros and cons of technology. I just resent the malevolent aspects of being unable to write anything anywhere to anyone, as we all should be able to do.

      • As long as we’re telling God’s Word and warn about the jab being the Mark of the Beast, we’re very much allowed to use any device.
        Thanks to internet aka beastsystem I learned a lot about God and the end times.
        Once we’re forbidden/ banned to speak God’s Word, it’s time to leave internet.

  2. I clicked on your email to go to the video, which seemed to be on YouTube. Alongside the video were at least fifteen ‘Doctor’ John Campbell videos! The most I’ve seen yet. They keep trying.

    • Yes, fifteen, a full house, every possible slot filled, I gave up counting at twelve 🙂

    • grouchoone1195@ that shill has been all over my YT feed for some years. He is a hero amongst the “truth community” who will not hear a word against him 🙂

  3. The 2 common denominators of people I’ve seen blocked are 1. people who agree with you and 2. are Christians. I’m not sure if that’s the same for everyone, but I know at least me and 3 other Christians found ourselves unable to access in a relatively short timespan. And I was doing a lot of commenting exposing the occult stuff for sure. Keep going bro, be strong in the Lord! Deuteronomy 31:8 & Matthew 16:18 🙏

  4. Hugo – Why is it that in the past year this kind of thing is getting more & more obvious? Because more & more *REAL* info is getting out there, these incidence increase. Direct correlation. What they do is to provide a ~SEEMINGLY~ open platform where you THINK you’re able to post anything you want (like Telegram) They then sloooowly start to choke/shadowban/throttle you out to keep the fix in. People are noticing what they can no linger hide. The -TOTAL- information lockdown IS COMING. Get ready

    • It’s fairly obvious, they DO NOT WANT THE TRUTH IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER!!!!!

      • jews killed the Truth . Literally.

      • Amber!
        I see :your awake to the real power “central bankers”
        Who control the information war….. As they have done for centuries… The English were cannon fodder for their wars…. Rothschilds own all the puppets on power.. 7 of sunaks cabinet are Jews….. And he was shoe horned in to put the final nails into our coffin….
        Wokeism, leftists, Liberalism, is communism!! Open borders means child sex trafficking worldwide!!

        It is easier to pass the children through the borders…. These woke scum are evil to the core!!
        “Sound of freedom”, movie! Shines a light on this disgusting practice…
        Jim caviezel (passion of christ) plays “Tim ballard”
        And American hero who goes in all over the world
        Rescuing these children…
        Ukraine too 6000 children he saved from the traffickers…. Anywhere there is chaos the traffickers will be…. This is billion dollar industry…
        Does anyone think the UK is clean of this? Their up to their necks in this filth!!
        They parrot open borders!! The left are filthy to the core!!
        Destroying 10s thousands of children worldwide!! Absolutely disgusting!! All of us! Must inform everyone! It’s our duty!
        May God bless all who participated in this movie! Because Hollywood, all the movers and shakers of the world did not want this movie to be shown! But by the grace of God! All that is hidden is being revealed! Those on power! Are filth!! Of the highest order!!
        “Ye are of your father the devil and his works you will do”

        Jews are enemies of all humanity ”
        St Paul..
        USA, UK, up to their necks in it!!
        Ukraine is the hub for money laundering, child sex trafficking, bio, labs..
        Central Bankers, want to destroy Russia, and get the stupid goyim to fight their wars….
        Just as they did in world war two…
        General patten (1945)
        Ive come to the conclusion we fought on the wrong side”
        He never made it home.. Killed!
        Communism triumphed!
        Freedom died!
        The fruits are all around us!! As the noose tightens everyday!!!
        So many lies 24/7 spewed by MSM!
        Putin is the new Hitler….
        Their global Jewish one world order may implode!
        Virus hoax was stopped in its tracks!! Because of Putin threatening their global domination…..
        Seek the truth and you shall find it!
        Thank God for wisdom, truth and discernment….
        Truth is power!! Lies will always crumble, sooner or later!
        God bless! Truthseekers!

        “people hate truth for the sake of whatever it is that they love more than the truth”.
        Rainbow cult!! Demons after the innocence of children!

        “They love truth when it shines warmly on them and hate it when it rebukes them” ”
        St Augustine

        Those words! Are so true!!
        People make up their own truths!! Makes them feel good!
        ” You cannot love without discipline, and you cannot discipline without love “”…
        Our society is drowning in fake love! No discipline! No honour!

        God bless!

  5. This issue not only with this chanel, don’t think it’s a “glitch”
    Many good chanel have same issue

  6. That why they pushing everything online,to control and shut down….

  7. Yes hugo I’ve been stopped from commenting and it says I have to join the channel

  8. Yes… the web covers everything and more and more spiders are crowing out from every crevice. I’m shadowbanned everywhere.
    I haven’t subscribed to your channel yet, since I’m checking it regularly, but I will now. Sooner or later they’ll get the channel too.

    • Same with me.
      First I couldn’t comment nor (dis) like a comment on bitchute for nearly a year.
      Since about two months I can comment again. But the same time YouTube shadow banned me.
      Bitchute most likely will bann me again soon for speaking the truth.

  9. There is another problem 🙁 After the video ends there is a wall of twelve ‘Dr’ Whatshisname videos to pick from 🙂

  10. I sometimes email my brother with links to sites like The Conservative Woman, Russia Today on Odysee and others. All perfectly normal sites. He told me when he tried to look at them, ‘site not available’ came up. He uses his phone mainly, Samsung, which may have the Samsung browser on it. I don’t like to nag him, as he has enough problems to cope with, but to me, this is censorship. As an aside, if anyone is sick of WEF and electric cars, have a look at MGB-GT V8 Nurburgring on YT. It will make you feel better. I am old, and remember when these cars were new. Ten minutes of pure pleasure, if you have good speakers!

  11. Telegram changed about 6 months ago so that I can’t comment on your posts any more. It says I have to “apply to join the group”, and when I do apply, nothing happens or changes. It’s like I’m blocked from interacting on your Telegram posts.

  12. I have the same issue and told to join the channel🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. I have the same issue and was told to join group🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. I use the HugoTalks website exclusively and although I can leave comments there, I cannot “like” anyone else’s comment. It’s like the more means we have to communicate, the more difficult it has become.

    • Actually, it appears to be a browser problem. I tried using a Chrome browser instead of Firefox and everything worked fine.

      • I actively avoid anything ‘Gugle’. I wouldn’t use Gugle Chrome if it was the last browser on Earth.

      • @trev – I hear you brother. It’s only on my computer to use for compatibility checking. Other than that I think it sucks! I’ve used Firefox since its beginning.

      • All browsers suck.
        All of internet is in their hands.
        I can’t like comments on this site neither, no matter which browser I use.

      • Ever heard of Windows 365? ‘Securely stream your Windows experience—including your personalized apps, content, and settings—from the Microsoft Cloud to any device with your Windows 365 Cloud PC.’ So even your operating system will be ‘in the cloud’. M$ will have total control.

      • Firefox is no saint. All (mainstream, or is that fakestream?) browsers are bad, just some are more bad than others. It may not be a completely smooth ride but there is no harm in throwing some legacy browsers, such as K-Meleon into the mix.

      • @Heidi – Not being able to like comments, too… interesting.

        As for the internet being in their hands… was it ever any different?

      • @trev – Sure, I’ve heard of Windows 365 and avoid “the cloud” like a plague. And I’m not cheer leading for Firefox either. There’s just too many battles to fight, so I pick mine carefully. Peace.

      • Don’t know about that Charlie. I use the BRAVE Browser – although ultimately they probably end up owning everything; even the browsers and websites that are initially benevolently run.
        Who knows who’s behind things; including all so-called Alternative Media websites like this one.
        I’ve never heard from anyone to date that comments can be banned by the satanists on private websites. Never.
        But half my comments don’t appear on this one. That is strange to say the least! Why not All comments?
        Certain things are Not permitted.

        Truly, we can only trust God Almighty Fully and our Saviour Jesus. Trust No Man. We Don’t Need Man when we have Jesus.
        He’s All we Need.

      • @Ellenique of Zebulon – You say “half my comments don’t appear on this one”. That’s a matter I’d take up with Hugo. I also am not aware of outside censoring of comments on private blogs.

  15. our emiail got all glitchy too and stuff like that. we must be so super precious to God to make the devil work so super hard to mess with us.

  16. Hugo, I’ve been blocked from commenting for months – I used to be very vocal. Wondered why you’d block me when I like and share most of your videos.

    • I can comment on YouTube, but no-one can read it.
      So I’m being shadow banned. This has been over two months already.

      • ‘Shadow banning’ first started on ‘dating sites’. i.e. if you searched for your profile you could see it but other users couldn’t. So you have to create other accounts to see if your profile/comments are visible to the ‘outside world’.

  17. That example you gave was me!
    Something bizarre did happen to my telegram account though as for a time I was blocked from commenting on literally EVERY public channel, for no reason at all, no arguments or disagreements with anyone or anything, just straight out of the blue it happened. Then it stopped after about a week or something, other than for Hugo’s and one called Level Water.
    I did wonder if maybe someone who was pushing bitcoin or something that I have ignored/deleted the message of, might have reported me or something out of spite, who knows?

  18. WordPress own this site, they have an extensive list of words that will result in automatic censoring.

  19. Thanks Hugo.. This happened to me about 18 months ago.. Sometime around Christmas 2022! Doesn’t time fly. I was another one of those in agreement with every christian post you put out.. Ye no prises for guessing what message they (they being the prince of the power of the air) are trying to block..

  20. Strange, I put in a comment couple of days ago and its not on??? Are they censoring private sites now too?

  21. Had the same issue with your own HUGO telegram and various other TG sites. I speak to the owners and they cannot fix such their end. Its some kind of shadow banning or glitch is seems, on yes a WEF owned platform, even though it is kind of useful, its basically a honeypot trap like Q and all that other such garbage. They wanted everyone echo chambered and away from MSM sites, where like Marianna Spring, they block any comments at all, as once upon they allowed comments and did not like the public retorts to their obvious lying BS propaganda hit pieces, or just general lying with MSM’s every breath.

    In your case HUGO I know that its not yourself blocking my comments, as even though I raise Comparative Religious issues to some of your videos, you have in general allowed them through, as debate is healthy. Interesting in your Glasto video recently, that you acknowledge ISIS as MARY as therefore, the parallels do exist. What it all means, is unknown, as much of what should be known has been crushed from the historical record or had its lines blurred.

  22. Harry Fisher, Debra son was banned for ever from Facebook fof speaking out… He like us only use tictok and now as telligram just wastes battery and is a complete faff to log in each time

  23. Yes me too, tried to “join” the group on telegram, won’t seem to let me.
    Keep up the good work, love what you’re sharing Hugo.

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