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57 Comments on “SLEEP DISORDERS / Hugo Talks

  1. ‘Not dead – just sleeping’. He’s not kidding anyone but himself. Courtesy of Spike Milligan. ‘I’m one of those rare cases – a sick hypochondriac’. Courtesy of Only when I Laugh. You must excuse my flippancy. Humour is the only thing that keeps me going these days. Thanks for your patience, Hugo.

  2. well Hugo first up your body needs sleep it’s your bodies way of trying to heal itself secondly av got a sixth sense and I’ve had preminition dreams and most of them have come true incl one about me and so dreams can also be a warning to make you
    Aware of some things and yeah av got insomnia but I do sleep it’s natural it’s normal reg sleep and to refer sleep to religion is crazy bcoz if you don’t sleep you die & not all dreams are nightmares some dreams can be good and sone dreams dreams I remember but most of the time if I do dream as soon as it wake up that dreams gone and I can’t remember it and yeah there is a sad dream I keep having now & again but I know exactly what it is and why it’s obvious to me and yeah I do have nightmares to much but sone of those nightmares I know exactly why but I always win pity I didn’t win when I’m awake but I will reg a personnel issue but some dreams I just wake up & think where the fuck did that come from plus ok Hugo answer this one coz this is scary as hell I keep jumping in my sleep or rather jumping out of my sleep one min am asleep nxt min I jump out of my sleep and it’s fucking scary as hell plus an ex boyfriend told me if you die in your sleep you don’t wake up scary

    • @blueangel yes the “premonition dream” is quite something,about 12 years ago,I was working with a tree surgeon,the night before,I dreamt of a severed head,the next day,I was holding a ladder while,someone was cutting a branch,it snagged and flung the chainsaw straight at me,I ducked it,like the bloody thing was the song “don’t fear the reaper” came through my mind,we all downed tools,immediately,And to break the silence I say “don’t fear the reaper”flick on the radio of the van and wouldn’t you know,the very same song is playing.And that was drink a clock.hahaha

  3. Hugo why won’t you post my comment ???? I have a scary sleep problem I jump out of my sleep it’s scary as hell and I want to know if anybody else on this thread has same issues so will you post my comments

    • Sometimes it takes a while for comments to show up. Don’t be so quick to blame Hugo.

      • Well that was this morning and it still isn’t up so don’t tell me it takes a while I’ve had comments not posted before and I’ve been watching Hugo vids for long enough now to know how it works

    • @blueangel Other than “EMF” a Thiamin deficiency can cause sleeping problems,as it regulates Autonomic breathing system and thus waking up gasping for air,another is potassium deficiency which can lead to heart palpitations,again effecting sleep.I myself cut out all “seed oils”from my diet,which I found was in everything processed,if it is not diet related then,it would likely be “EMF”.Hope that helps.

      • I’ve been jumping out of my sleep for years not all the time but it does happen unpredictable and my diet is ok I’m not overweight actually it’s the opposite but EMF hmmmm dunno tbh

      • Same too many carbs can be bad for sleep. I do low carb high protein and I’m much better

    • Maybe it is a startle reflex from when you were an infant?!?

    • This comment was posted.^^ @blueangel
      Sometimes my comment’s aren’t posted, because they have links from sites that are blocked, for whatever reason. Sometimes HUGO reads it, then it is approved. (Only when there are under 60 posts) After 60+ Post’s it can be hard for Hugo to approve or disapprove comments. So they default to disapproved. He’s busy making the next video.

      Are you experiencing Sleep Paralysis? (AKA The Hag)
      I’ve never had that happen to me. But I know many people who continue to suffer from “it.”
      A stiff drink will wear off in 4 hours, the suffocating monster will return.

      I have “Night Terror’s” but that is nightmare’s where I wake, in a state of panic… Often after thrashing in my sleep, hitting my hand’s on the wall/bedframe.

      Ephesians 4.26-28 “Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity. He who steals must steal no longer; but rather he must labor, performing with his own hands what is good, so that he will have something to share with one who has need.”

      We all need Christ in our life. More and more.

  4. Yes I slept walked for many years but when I turned back to God almighty and started reading my bible I don’t 🙏 now I only sleep for about 3 hour but feel OK
    I feel at peace now

  5. Great video Hugo as always. Years ago I was introduced to the Kabala and astral travel or astral projection. WOW, being able to control my dreams and fly amongst many other amazing things was quite something. BUT it was leading to a
    dark side & I turned away. A lot of damage was caused, those you interact with in your dreams can be harmed also. It never fealt right (like playing with magic) and the more I did the darker it became. I did not intend this BUT it proved the wrong kind of temptation.. Now my prayers to God in Jesus’s name and he alone is my only destination 🙏 amen

  6. Poor sleeper as a child, but how uncommon is that (?), I have been working nights as a nurse plus tedious family housekeeping, plus I work outdoor to live off the land, not self sufficiently, but as much as possible.
    I could drop off anywhere. Literally, I sleep like a log.

  7. Hugo I doubt you read comments since you have so many viewers. It was years ago my uncle had cancer and I would ask his son how his father was doing and he would always say he was doing fine. We were much closer when I was younger and felt like a heel for not visiting him sooner. I decide to go visit him and he was nowhere near fine as a feeding tube for Ensure shakes was going to his stomach and I asked his wife what was the blue liquid that was going into him and she said morphine. I bring my bible over there and start reading to him and talking about sin and salvation. Since he had throat cancer it was difficult for him to speak as the chemo/radiation burned his throat. I told him there was heaven and hell and that he could be forgiven of all his sins if he believed. I said follow me in prayer knowing he could not speak. I was touching his head while we prayed and he received Jesus as his savior. When he lifted his head he had tears. He visits me in a dream and said thank you so much for helping me get to heaven and it is so beautiful there. He is guiding me through his home and said I have only been gone a couple of weeks and Elaine got rid of everything he had. Said it was like I never even lived here. I called my mother as it was her brother to tell her about this vivid dream and she said I got to call you back. She called her sister and told her of the dream. Elaine had told my mother’s sister that she got rid of any kind of reminder of my uncle as it was supposedly too painful. I often wonder if this could have been real or coincidence. I never had a similar dream when a very close friend and my sister passed away. I often viewed Elaine as a user as I asked her if she really loved my uncle and she said she would say she did if he put a ring on her finger. She passed away a few years later in a car accident and it was determined she had a heart attack while driving. I did reach out to her son saying we were cousins and if he ever wanted to know more of his father to feel free to reach out to me, but he never did.

  8. The Media are in cahoots with all branches of Satan’s operations… The Media Are The Worlds Most Prolific and Accomplished Serial Killers…
    Masonic Control System, Scottish Rite in Action!!! and their countless useful idiots of course…
    Ultimately yes, absolutely, on a higher level it’s “spiritual,” a soul test..

  9. Look into spiritual sleep paralysis

  10. The CVD injection causes insomnia that so many people are experiencing now & more will experience in time. That could be the reason for media reports so to normalise it. Similar operation for other effects of the jab.

  11. This is weird but the other night I woke up, wide awake and remembered that in my sleep I had been in paralysis and was shouting out for God and Jesus but no words were coming out!! I have never experienced this since I was a child, I used to have nightmares too all the time. I don’t remember dreams now and maybe that is God’s way of protecting me!! Interesting that there has been so much hype about sleeping and new drugs in the MSM recently eh?? Maybe they are using the 5g towers on people who took the pricks!!! Also what you are saying about Lazarus maybe satan gets to us through our dreams when asleep because we are vulnrable and he is able to hold us there in limbo!! I wasn’t scared just prayed and fell back to sleep like a baby until my alarm went off!!! No fear because that is satan’s tool and the perfect Love of God drives out the spirit of fear!!!

  12. Fascinating subject…but if useless trivia for you Hugo, one of the paintings in this video was painted by my ancestor..! I was mesmerised by it as a child.

  13. The demonic will use your past sins to shame you as well… And if you have no faith in Christ…. It’s hard to combat it… I use the Jesus prayer in my sleep and repeat it three times… Which does it,, for me! If I’m troubled in my sleep, my mind kicks in to the Jesus prayer…. Do not be scared of them.. That’s what the demons want you to be…
    Before sleep, say your prayers, very important!!.
    Especially in today’s (demonic world)…
    Switch the manic TV off!
    Don’t read newspaper’s….
    Full of scare stories….
    The TV is the worst!! For letting in the demonic! Through horror movies or sexual content… Do not let your eyes see, what you don’t want to see!
    We are in the “spiritual battle” of our lives! °
    Many are asleep to the dangers!
    “Be wise as serpents, innocent as doves”
    Know your enemy!
    Bible is the food of life!
    Gospels is the bread of life!

    I can’t imagine a day without prayer or my bible!!
    They are everything to me!
    This world is coming to the end of days… The chaff will be got rid of and a new day will arrive… But we must go through the cleansing!!
    The world has gone evil…
    Everything is upside down!!
    God is truth and reality!
    Without truth, you have no reality… Too many are caught in delusions! In these wicked days! Truth has been thrown to the ground…
    Our history, for the past 500yrs has been distorted and twisted… To suit the cabalist masonic bankers!
    And their puppets in power!
    “We the peasants are lied to daily and the lies repeated. Until the people believe the lie…. Masters of propaganda! Deception!
    Triumph of the jew!
    They created two world wars in Europe to decimate the (Goyim).. Two Christian Anglo saxon nations against each other… Spilling the blood of the innocent… For what?? Christendom was weakened.. English, German aristocracy decimated, wiped out!! Poor souls went to war on a lie! Britons are not in control and haven’t been for a long time.. All theatre for the masses! Even the royals are crypto Jews..
    All faiths the same! Madness!!
    God bless!
    Christ the king of kings!

  14. Ecclesiastes 9:5 – For the living know that they shall die; but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Well, that’s death then. As for dreaming, this was an area that always fascinated me and actually gave me an idea that prophecy was a real thing. On three separate occasions I dreamed I was ‘somewhere’ that I didn’t recognise, only to actually see these places within 6 months of having the dreams. They were all places that were visited due to decisions made the day before the event. God showed me prophecy and that I could believe in the testimony of Jesus Christ; I was also an athiest back then.

  15. during the covid our dreams were especially interesting. i’d go to sleep just wondering what kind of weird stuff was going to be downloaded into my brain. my husband and i would tell each other our dreams and just laugh or talk about them. we had a variety of inspirational, educational, emotional, prophetic?, memory lane, fearful, joyful, all kinds. it has since slowed down or maybe we have become a little numb to it.

    when the kids were little they’d have the night terrors and call out to me, i’d comfort them with snuggles and God’s word put to little songs and teach them to repeat verses to themselves when it happens so they’d not always need me. it was training in how to put on the armor of God.

    i usually go to bed talking to my Heavenly Father and wake up with a little song in my heart to Jesus, because that’s what i mostly feed on all day. but my dream time can go any direction honestly…but i have never had any really crazy experiences or been spooked.

    I am sometimes aware of my spirit battling bad stuff even while i am asleep. i also wake up alot lately with hot flashes bc i am 51 years old and enjoying my natural change of seasons of womanhood. i can roudly wear my flip flops in the winter so to speak. love it

  16. I had a dream that everyone went on social media one last time to organise a day to destroy all electronic devices. Everyone gathered up their TVs, smart phones, tablets, kindles, computers and watches and took them outside and smashed them up and put them in the bin.
    Celebratory parties were held all over. Children played outside joyfully, teenagers talked in person with each other. People read books and told stories. Food was grown and traded, prayer and herbs were used to prevent and cure illness. People played instruments and put records on, everyone danced and sang.
    They tried to reach us but everyone was too busy dancing to “Off the Hook.” It was really liberating.

    • @Jude you may enjoy the song “disillusioned” and the video.

  17. Hey Hugo, I have been subbed to you for about 4 years now and have noticed your faith getting stronger as you consume more of the Holy Bible. This is an excellent post and I truly believe you’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head about dreams and the spirits of demons instilling fear through sleep. For instance, last night I had a disturbing dream and it just so happened that I lost my cool with my 97 year old mother a couple days ago and would not speak to her for 2 days. Yesterday, I called her and apologized for getting angry with her. Last night I had a wicked dream but awakened myself before it went on any longer. Today I feel even more caring loving of her even though she is a casting circle rosary praying Catholic. Peace and grace, Brother!
    Post Scriptus: I was saved on Jan. 1st, 2017 and have been “sleeping like a baby” ever since. Each day is a blessing, time is getting shorter and even the sleep cycle is shortening. We are blessed because of our ever growing relationship with Jesus.

  18. This kind of discussion also brings to mind Schizophrenia, (dreaming awake?), and an alternative treatment and study for this condition where the subjects claims, of hearing constantly goading voices, were treated at face value, instead as symptoms of a physiological condition, and addressed as such; the study finding a much higher success rate with this approach. This discussion also makes me think of those people, perhaps the unfortunately vaccinated, who are spinning around before dying and the footage circulating around that shows this; and all the speculation about this that follows on.

    My own Big Dream, to give a First Nations name for the unusually vivid dream, involves camping at a First Nations camp site, the WYA campsite near Tofino/Ucluelet in British Columbia, and photographing Orbs around our campfire using our digital camera of the time, and then having amazingly real dreams that night of all the First Nations Elders being present. I also once dreamed of a friend of mine who had recently passed over. He turned up in my dream bouncing around on a pogo stick grinning away like a loon, and this in the middle of a particularly harrowing existential dream regarding the prospect of death. This kind of schtick just spoke to his sense of humor in spades.

    In a later dream, and this speaks to our mutual appreciation of Radiohead at the time, he turned up in an astral car, like in Blade Runner. Just listen to the second song on the Insomniac album to get the reference on that one.

    • I think you are right that we need other treatments for schizophrenia. I read several years ago that a water fast was conducted in a Russian study years ago, perhaps in the 60’s, with schizophrenia patients and most of them got cured. Atleast for a while.
      In several places in the Bible fasting is seen as a great cure. In Matthew 17:14-21 Jesus mentions a devil being inside a man that only would depart by prayer and fasting.
      Fasting is an alternative approach I think but since it is non-profitable the medical community will not recognise it.
      God bless

      • That’s why you gotta love the comments section, the passing around of these little nuggets of information that really broaden your horizons. Thanks for your insights Joel and God bless right back at ya!

  19. Hi Hugo,
    I`ve had a nightmare, where the enemy wanted to eat me, after luring me somewhere, without going through the specifics, but God intervened, just before they were going to eat me, I said can I pray first, as I went quietly knowing I was surrounded seeing all the exits were blocked, then a wicked voice shouted, we don`t have time for that, and just at that moment, I heard the Lord`s/God`s/Father`s voice speak, uttering, I hold them in the palm of my hand and I woke up missing the rest of what was said, and shaken to what just happened. this was during my time, when I had distanced myself from the Lord, but He showed me the way back. the other dream of many, I had during this time and still have, was when I was fasting trying to draw closer to the Lord, I`ve had a bad knee for many years which ached a lot, and this was causing me pain when kneeling to pray, I remember saying whilst kneeling and praying if my knee was not so painful I would kneel more often in prayer, then the following night, and this dream was very pleasant, unlike the other example, in my sleep, I heard the Lord`s voice saying, let me take care of that, and I saw him pull what appeared to be a long length of string from my knee, and when I woke up, my knee no longer troubled me, the Lord Father can do miracle`s while we sleep, I have even seen the Lord standing to the right hand side of the Father at distance, but I knew it was the Lord and the Father, and since returning to my faith in Jesus, for all things, my life as changed a lot to what I was like, like you I would not even consider reading the Bible or even listening to audio Bible a couple of years ago, but now, I`m constantly wanting to listen to audio Bible, but knowing eventually I will start reading and learning it properly Amen. keep up the good work Hugo a lot of your views I can relate to.

  20. Thanks Hugo as always.

    Hope you and All have great evening/day.

  21. I’ve got a sixth sense & have premonition dreams and most of them have come true & a ex boyfriend told me that if you die in your dream you don’t wake up & now and again I have the sane recurring sad dream but I know why & other nightmares am fighting the enemy – witch – but I win damm right but sone of my nightmares are so bad I won’t tell nobody & I’ve got a theory that if niighynarez are really bad if I don’t tell nobody they won’t come true and I seriously hope they don’t

  22. I remember when I was younger that I used to watch the tv series Twin Peaks. It was pretty scary and especially the endings, from what I remember. Many times I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare after watching that show.
    In one of the dreams one of my older brothers had been strapped to a metal bed in our basement and murdered. In other dreams I was chased by some crazy murderer and other stuff like that.
    They use to say that “You are what you eat”. I think it is as important what we consume with our minds, as Hugo has pointed out several times before with Netflix, the msm, etc.
    God bless Hugo and all

    • Yes totally it’s like a diet for the mind. Phil 4:6-9

    • No wonder you had nightmare after watching twin peaks I saw that years ago it was creepy wierd freaky in a very disturbing way from what I can remember vaguely but av never watched it again even the green mile was less scary than twin peaks and the green mile was scary

  23. Really appreciated all the paintings. I have had at least two premonitory dreams which alerted me to imminent health problems. Many people ruminating deeply on problems have had the answer revealed to them in dreams. Fascinating subject.

  24. I remember my mother would say a one-line prayer to us children at night and mine ended “God bless Rachel, nice big girl”. We slept like logs.
    In later life I experienced sleep paralysis which meant my body was resting while my consciousness was awake and that gave me terrible nightmares, caused by sleeping on my back and not being able to move – never again! I have had spiritual dreams. One was noticing in the bottom right corner of my consciousness when drifting off to sleep, an image of an old, dark oil painting of the face of Jesus which morphed into a bright light image of His angry face which was reddish olive brown and looking like someone who had been crucified, He was beardless and had a slight wave to his hair. I researched and found a report which said he had no beard and was known as the beardless one! The image disappeared and I felt a tap on my heart. Later I thought of the saying “Jesus knocks on the door of our hearts” and also “the wrath of the Lamb”.

  25. ok guys you want a nightnare well this is one of my premonitions – back story my granny was diabetic & died of a heart attack ( broken heart ) we were very close and close to my granda to – fast forward yrs later I had a premonition dream I actually saw my granny having a heart attack I could see her face etc my granda was holding her & I was running around screaming for an ambulance now the scary thing is my granda died of cancer- the year before my granny died – first but in the dream it was vice versa anyway then I had another premonition that I was In a hospital and in a room on my own sorrounded by old people & I had tubes sticking out of my arm and I couldn’t move and I was desperate to get out o there then guess what few yrs ago my chest from hell went nuts and yep I ended up in cardiology unit in a room on my own surrounded by old people with tubes comming out of my
    arm – drip tube – and I was desperate to get out of there so how’s that for scary I’ve recently had another premonition dream that’s screwing with my head but am keeping that one private 100% but I’ve also had premonition dreams about ( my son ) which came true and in a very spooky way more than once infact ( our ) lives are spooky I could tell you things that would give you chills and all true 100%

  26. ok before anybody goes all physcy on me – reg my last comment – I had an absolutely amazing dream when I was pregnant with ( my son ) I dreamt I saw ( my baby ) inside me and ( my baby ) had dark hair and blue eyes and when ( my son ) was born he had dark hair and blue eyes same like me when I was born how amazing is that then ( my little boy ) got blonde hair & im a brunette but that dream was one of the most amazing dreams ever and I’ll never forget it ever

  27. @ Joel T God bless you too 🙂
    @ andtherewasalight your First Nation people have much to teach the world. God is Alive
    Love to all <3 x

  28. 13:25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. Matthew

    Demons come in dreams for sure. For example, if you’re struggling with a certain sin ie. Fornication, demons will take the form of beautiful women (they know your type) to tempt you, they’ll project lust into you so that when you awaken you will will think about that sin.

    There are demons that have a specific assignment however to to cause sleep apnea and so on, they need cast out. On many occasions deliverance from these spirits is crucial.

  29. Thanks Hugo! Yes I myself had dreams in the past that didn’t make sense but then happened in the future. I also had a grave warning, from the Lord that showed me what would happen if I didn’t turn my life around and turn back to him. In this dream it showed a good friend I knew from the past reaching for me to pull me out of darkness. Sure enough I reconnected with this friend shortly after because of this dream and it literally helped turn my life completely around. God bless what you are doing. You are being used by God to reach lost souls.

  30. Oh, Hugo, Hugo… How I miss the old rational version of you.
    Connecting dreams with a spiritual dimension, that’s fair enough. But when are you gonna realise that Jesus is a fictitious character and the bible yet another manipulation tool by the powerful? You, of all people, should be able to see that!

  31. @bakdur reg your previous comment about your nightmare oh yeah I bet you needed a stiff drink after that your heart musthv been going like a bat out of hell & thanks for link had quick look have better look tomorrow it’s late am tired & not feeling good

  32. When I went out at 6am this morning with our dog, the beautiful blue sky was being desecrated again by those bastards spraying whatever it is they spray. They are playing with nature, but they will not win. If there is a God, I hope he blocks up all their nozzles.

    • At the moment they are using desiccants to suck all of the moisture back into the sky again, thus preventing rainfall: they are creating droughts that are destroying crops. At other times, and in other parts of the world, they are seeding the clouds with different chemicals so that it causes deluge: Also ruining crops… (and everyone is coughing incessantly and everything is getting polluted, trees dying, etc). Then, of course, they blame the extreme swings in weather on climate change (and use that to keep rolling out their control agenda). I don’t know what God’s solution will be, but I pray that the blinker wearing public who refuse to see what is going on above their heads (and, as a result, on the ground below their feet) wake up soon and offer Him/us some help… some sort of mass action?

  33. There is another angle to this: As with all the articles, since the roll out of the jabs, talking about the things that cause heart attacks, this could be a cover story for the fact that EMF radiation is a known cause of sleep deprivation…

  34. Lol no rational person who say that Jesus is a fictitious character. His existence is not disputed by scholars, but has been confirmed by archaeology. I would like to see Hugo do more videos on current affairs, for eg the amendments by wh0 and cover the recent summit. I do not doubt the authenticity of the brave scientists, doctors and handful of MEPs who bravely continue to search for the truth. I believe ‘democracy’ is a fragile thing, it’s the best we can hope for and these people should be supported. The human rights laws we enjoyed until now came from Christianity. It seems to me that Hugo is doing his thing and that should be respected, it’s his life and his journey, and in the end there is no power but God. Jesus was the most anti-authoritarian figure we have ever known. So much so that rulers of empires attempted to quieten his voice by building corrupt churches around him and imposing laws and wars in His name in an attempt to destroy his teachings. The MSM continuously target Jesus, as Christ’s teachings remain the biggest and only threat. All other religions, philosophies and practices are tolerated and even promoted as they pose no threat whatsoever. Those who try and support Christ’s teachings are ridiculed in much the same way as those who oppose the experimental injections. Being a True Christian today is the bravest and most rebellious position to take, much like being perceived as a witch was….many centuries ago.

  35. Good video Hugo. It made me reflect on my own dreams and temptations.

  36. Hi Hugo. I was possibly injected with this shit and not even sure how many times… But it didn’t stop me from turning to Jesus for help and He saved me. I was like you speaking against NWO but also against God. I was into magick and ocultism and that lead me to being possesed by demons. Luckly i was brought up a Catholic so i immediatly knew what im dealing with and then begged Jesus for help and He did…
    The demons were showing me that i was injected and the antibody test specifficaly for the jabbed shown i got spike protein in me. Then i started shaking like many of the victims but Jesus reversed it and im fine now. Im sure jab doesn’t cut pple off from the God. Many were fooled and did it in good will. God won’t reject His harmed children. Devil wants us to believe it is the case so he put this fake possibility in ether.

  37. Hugo, I think you are correct that during dreams are when we are either in or on the verge of the spiritual realm. When I was young I would sometimes wake up very early, 4 to 5 A.M. and find my father with his Bible praying. One time I asked him why he got up so early to pray. He told me because it is during the forth watch that God and angels are closest and most active. Many years later I read the story of Jesus in Matthew 14:25-27 “And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear. But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.” Then I knew what my father was referring to. From what I understand, we typically go through 6 sleep cycles per night with the 5th and 6th cycles happening during the forth watch and also have the longest periods of REM sleep. REM dreams are the most vivid.

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