The ARMY IS A CULT / Hugo Talks

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27 Comments on “The ARMY IS A CULT / Hugo Talks

  1. Thanks Hugo, I hear what you’re saying. On a positive note, many young men end up leaving the army, fully awake and aware of the reality of their governments – and how little they care about brave souls that have been sent to fight bullshit wars, believing (at the time) that what they were doing was right. Many do see the light.

    As for some of the shit armies have pulled on their own troops…’shocking’ is polite. Like some 20,000+ troops who unwittingly took part in atomic bomb testing back in the 50s and 60s – and the horrific impact on their lives and health as a result.

    What caring governments we’ve had for decades now, we should truly feel blessed! Hahahahahaha

  2. I love our Lord almighty and I have no doubt he will come back and wipe all the evil away from his earth which he made no one bigger than God almighty he’s the ruler of everything 🙏 ♥️

  3. This is a very complex issue. I myself served as a reservist for many years and was always conflicted by the civilian weaknesses and the military strengths. Once (militree) indoctrination takes hold through esprit de corp, it can rarely be broken. Essentially the warrior has always been celebrated. However, I would not recommend it as a professional carear under the current western lies based establishment.

  4. At the top level all military’s,police intelligence agency’s are controlled by the cult as are most politicians around the world but not for much longer❤️

  5. Hugo, you make me laugh, been saying this since i can remember, re the “Yes Sir, No Sir, Three Bags Full Sir Brigade”… They are one of the main obstacles to the solution, the police and their like also of course… All those that take and obey “orders” without question….
    Masonic Control System, Scottish Rite In Action, you know Pike, Crowley and probably Sir Vile also…

    • Why do you use BING? It is and always has veen a Microsoft product. You might as well use G00gle, if you’re only wanting to see biased information, only what THEY want you to see. This is beside the point that BING is a crappy search engine, that still tracks you. Much better choices are Qwant, Yandex or even Brave. Compare them for yourself and see.

      • Didn’t know i did use Bing, how do you know if i do?
        Got Brave, it makes no difference, i actually use slimjet, still makes no difference, depends who wants to track you…… Nothing really makes any difference, they just let you believe it does…

  6. This time I completely agree! Even the Corinthians quote…
    It’s all perfectly obvious!
    I’ve always been against all military structures – army, police, special forces. It is undoubtedly a cult.
    Still, I don’t understand why you keep referring to Paul, who is no different then modern day’s false prophets… just read the start of the “romans” – it shows exactly who he is. How could anybody reconcile this abomination with Jesus’s words (Luke 4:6-8)
    All power on earth has been given to Satan to give to whomsoever bows down to him instead of God alone.
    Best regards

  7. Well, we really won’t have to worry about this much longer with the mandatory jabs. Many join the military because they can’t get another job, so they join up because they see it as steady work with a decent pension after just 20 yrs. I know a young man who got a girl pregnant at 16, married her and had another child just one year later, so at 18, he joined the Army. Now he’s got 3 children (youngest is 3) and has 18 yrs in. Married 3 times, so far. He’s now hooked up with a Mexican woman with 4 small children (all under 6). He took the jabs “but was very mad about it”. 🥴🙄 Many tried to warn him, but he did as he was “ordered” instead of holding out or just quitting (probably because he doesn’t have any marketable skill sets and is pretty lazy, only doing the bare minimum where he’s at). This year, he was diagnosed with MS and is now being processed out. Sad story, no doubt.

  8. i agree.
    connie was all like ” ohh those westboro baptists who said mean things are so not christian…blah blah blah” and i was all like: maybe if more christians were like them we wouldn’t have all these fag problems.
    Can’t rip on Lot anymore that’s for sure!!!

    i was sort of tempted to join after highschool bc of the jeeps. i wanted to do the obstacle courses. so glad i didn’t.
    my husband was air force.
    we all have come out of something to be saved by the Lord Jesus. mine was liberalism etc… i used to not believe God’s word. for shame!

  9. How right you are Hugo. It’s all so obvious, now that you have pointed it out!. You’re right also about them recruiting in poor areas, the U.S. military has a high percentage of African Americans for that reason, they offer them free collage education which they could never afford otherwise and some luckily have profited from it.

  10. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed (John 3:20)

  11. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed (John 3:20)

  12. Well said Hugo. Constantine “the great” used this to great effect. He wanted desperately to conquer the east and be Rome’s greatest Caesar. When he saw that Christians were willing to die for their King Jesus, he realised he needed people like that, who would die for his cause, thinking they were dying for the expansion of God”s Kingdom. Much like the military think they are dying to protect their country when in actual fact they are aggressors.

    So he pretended to have had a vision of a cross in the sky the night before a battle he won which made him emperor. He made up this story years after the battle when he wanted to extend his emperorship but couldn’t get a big enough army.

    He then stopped persecuting Christians and invited all the church leaders to a Council where he basically created the Catholic Church, enticed the leaders with power and riches and promises of huge churches to be built.

    But of course he couldn’t accept Christianity the way it was because they still kept the Commandments and laws of God as given to Moses (although first to Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Issac and Jacob) and affirmed as never to pass away by Jesus Himself.

    They kept Saturday Sabbath and the biblical feast days as well. But Constantine and his fellow Romans kept Sunday as the rest day. So he changed the rest day to Sunday, forbade the keeping of the Torah (commandments) upon pain of death. He also renamed existing pagan statues of gods to the names of the disciples, to be worshipped.

    And he cleverly did this by claiming that Jesus rose on Sunday morning when in actual fact He rose on Sabbath evening at sunset. And he replaced God’s Feast days with pagan ones like Christmas, Easter and various saints days.

    To my understanding a handful of faithful church leaders quietly left the council that night before the next day when they would have had to agree to this, and warned their flocks. Many of these Christians fled while others were put to death because they still kept Saturday Sabbath. I believe the later Waldensians are most likely an offshoot or remnant of these.

    Sadly the corrupt leaders outnumbered the good and they all were made Archbishops by Constantine, given power, riches, church buildings etc and convinced the sheep to follow Constantine as God’s chosen king. Which they did, made him a massive army, fought with all their might to kill and conquer “for God and king” and succeeded as he took Byzantium and made Constantinople it’s capital in honour of himself who had achieved this by his cunning.

    Later on the archbishop of Rome would make himself a Caesar and use the same tactics in his conquests.

    Hence we have Catholicism and Orthodox which are full of idol worship and break all of God’s commands. Followed by Protestantism, while which a step in the right direction, also failed to keep the commands.

    True Christianity is you the individual, reading for yourself the words of Jesus in the “new treatment” as well as His words in the “old testament” realising it is one book with one message that never changed except that Jesus did away with all animal sacrifice and with His blood redeemed us for Himself that we can be permanently forgiven, reconciled to Him again like we were in Eden at the beginning, and live life according to His guidelines and instructions (commandments) because we love Him and He loves us and sin separates us from him. What is sin? Not living according to His commands/words.

    As you have a personal relationship with Him directly as your Father, God and King with no man ruling over you (eg. religious leaders), by His Spirit (God living inside you) HE will help you keep these commands and free you from sin, addictions, hatred etc and over time make you more and more like Himself.

    That’s true “Christianity” and only Jesus can do this as only He is God, Yahuah, El Shaddai. He is the One true God Who is the Holy Spirit, Who being our Creator is called Father, and having comev to us in flesh to save us is called Yahusha/Jesus (Yahuah Saviour, is the literal translation of Yahusha). (This is also why many Hebrew names contain “Yahu” eg Netanyahu – means “gift of Yahu(ah)/gift of God.
    Elijah is actually “Eliyahu” – El/Elohim/God is Yahu(ah). Also “Halleluyah”: means “praise Yah(uah).

  13. yeah
    and now i feel bad about my crass comments,
    mark was really mad when the navy planes flew over the superbowl with rainbows on them
    it was probably supposed to make him mad
    we keep falling for it
    of course things of this world are evil and sinny
    our hearts are!
    i can’t point fingers at homosexuals bc i am just as bad when i deny God thru my unloving actions and idol worship of gossip, food, etc…
    sorry if i offended anyone
    God is so good, He’s so good to me.


    • God is good to us all; but if we don’t wake up, smell the coffee and start perfecting holiness in the fear of the LORD we may just end up as another bad statistic, in hell along with the many who can’t be bothered to walk the narrow path of the Way to Life “Few there be that find it” “Many are called, but few are chosen” “Strive to enter in at the narrow gate “

      • God saves us by His grace thru faith and it’s the gift of God so no one can boast or work our way to Him.

  14. Exactly Hugo, and these are the ones brought in to enforce laws…. speaking of laws….has anyone in the UK signed the petition to hold a parliamentary vote on whether to reject the amendments to the IHR 2005, due to be ratified in May 2024, but could probably, even in its preliminary state, be enforced by the army anytime from now really, if an “emergency,” or even “potential” emergency (as defined by WHO) by the way occurs?

  15. Apparently Colonel Acquino died of “a bullet to the head” with some mention of “re-manifesting himself “. He seemed pleased to manifest as a satanic persona with his eyebrows styled as devil’s horns but the exact cause of death is not clear, other than that satanism is a cult of darkness and death of the soul.

  16. Hello my friend, this is the first time I respond to anyone’s blog. I am curious to know how you managed to find the video of Elizabeth Clare Prophet “praying”, and lined it up with Flynn’s incantation which was word for word identical. Obviously, he is associated with what was back in the seventies known as the “Church Universal and Triumphant. I dabbled in this cult back then until Yahshua saved me, praise His wonderful name.

  17. you know honestly what isn’t a cult these days i mean you could say that mankinds speciality is making cults out of everything. it was cain’s deal right from the getgo and he killed able bc able brought the right sacrifice.
    we have all these new people moving into our valley and bringing their stuff with them like “cars and coffee” so I googled it to see what it is and it has all the trappings of a sort of cult.
    i kinda make my own cult of one. me. i read my bible, pray, praise, serve and stuff but i also impose onmyself my own legalisms, like, one episode of the xfiles a day. don’t drink or smoke. don’t own a dog. don’t buy any new furniture or get my house remodeled. etc. etc.
    the golden calfs that aaron made the children of israel, the fake religioun that jereboam made for the northern tribes. catholocism, islam, what else do i not like, oh, ummm…soccer. it’s all bogus and God knows it.
    Oh wretched race of mankind, who can save us??? Only Jesus the perfect Lamb of God.
    God saves us by His grace thru faith and it’s the gift of God so no one can boast or work our way to Him.
    So funny I found a free kjv new testement on the newsrack outside of the grocery store today and took it home to read it and somebody had blacked out the part of the front pages that tells you what passages to read to be saved. …. THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT???? I am just still scratching my head over that one. Funny how it’s called “the Roman Road”.
    Read the bible, please, be my guest, have one, but don’t DON”T get saved!!!! Oh no!!!! then you’d be free!!! can’t have that. so crazy.

    • God saves us by His grace thru faith and it’s the gift of God so no one can boast or work our way to Him. Amen

  18. Am I correct in saying that all wars for the last 150 years, have been funded on all sides by the Rothschilds?

  19. In my country in Zimbabwe we have a day Called heroes day.the soldiers come out marching and even do pretend plays. Literally that’s where my hate for the army started. How stupid do u have to be to be part of such nonsense

  20. Wow that’s obvious – you hit the nail on the head in the first few words. Lightbulb or what. I always looked upon the army/navy/AF recruits as people who couldn’t get jobs elsewhere and that applies to the high ranks ones too but didn’t think any further than that.

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