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  1. Thanks Hugo.

    You certainly try your best, very informative.

    Have good rest of your day.

    • What your saying makes absolute logic, I’ve listened to you from the start I find your videos from your website don’t look anywhere else your one of the few that talks in the way we should be thinking in these times great video you are appreciated 👍

  2. Great observation. I didn’t know about sigils. But I think you are definitely on point. Nothing would surprise me at this pt.

    • Thank you Hugo. Very interesting. The first apple computer was 666,66$
      And you know why they use the apple with a bite out if it logo.
      Because it’s referring to the forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve.
      Keep up the good work brother. Amen.

  3. Enjoyed this one Hugo, thanks. here’s something for you to think about, if you so desire…
    Check out Ashgabat, Turkmenistan… “Brand new” and the most beautiful city, look familiar to you?? It should.. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Kabbat+Turkmenistan&t=brave&iax=images&ia=images
    These are inbuilt “electricity”/Free Energy buildings, long before 150 years ago, centuries of it, and they are all over the world, still…
    Now, whether it was electricity as we know it, or “electricity/power” derived from sound waves/vibration or just the Aether etc, is another question..
    There’s no way most of these structures could have been built without power tools and advanced technology, the logistics would just have been impossible with what they tell us was available..
    The spheres on the spires etc used to contain red mercury, re ancient ones tested…
    What’s that about??
    “They” Lie About Everything…

  4. Yes true all started to go down hill when people started to turn away from Jesus and started using computers mire trouble than they worth

  5. I’m wondering how difficult it is to get in contact with you… I’ve tried writing comments here few times, but they never appear… I’ve also sent two emails and got no response. Perhaps you’ve got far too many messages to go through or else… anyway – great work!

  6. Hugo, did you know the speed of light 299,972,458 m/s are the cartesian coordinates for the Great Pyramid of Giza.

  7. Reminds me of the eelf assembly
    in the jabs like circuits.

  8. if there was no electricity there would be no heating lighting etc & am in scotland and it’s freezeing up here most of the time so fuck no electric plus if there were no cameras people who’s lost loved ones wouldn’t have photos to remember them by plus you need electricity in hospitals etc banks etc plus Hugo your using electricity & net so it’s a bit hypocritical huh and av gone 4 days & 44 hours without electric coz was skint and fuck that it was warmer outside plus I’d rather have electricity than not plus not everybody can live off the grid

    • @Blueangel we have reached the “blackbox” stage as “Devon stack” would say,people have no idea how things work,even on a fundamental level,it’s just a “magic box”to them.” ignorance “is the “Adversary” to the free, I think at school we learnt to fear the electric grid,rather than understand it and so any real learning was for the curious mind.

      • well first up I hate ignorance secondly I didn’t learn about electricity at school whatsoever in history class it was fuckung caveman ffs wtf like really that’s hardly blooming relivent to the 21st century is it & as for science huh I can’t hardly remember blooming anything except nearly blowing the place up lol & making a scriemce/registration teacher hit me on the back coz I was chocking on a hard sweet stuck in my throat & just as another teacher & class walked into the room oops and the rest of school was crap exceot for maths that was absolutely hilarious like going to the circus we did no work for 9 months no yea her exceot stand in soft as anything believed loaf o crap we told him ha n oh n one o maths teachers even looked like a caveman lol ha yep got good laugh that day so school was nothing but a joke infact av learned more in last 6 yrs researching – child – snatchers bastsrds – ss – cps – & 3 yrs research into covi crap than I ever learnt at school so yep that says a lot for schools

      • what is defined as blackbox stage please

      • @nOstrOdamus A part of a cycle where the population start believing in magic through ignorance,they have no idea how anything works,hence the knowledge of what was human is now just a “black box”like a flight log after a plane crash.

    • ‘If there was electricity there would be no heating/lighting etc’

      …. you ever heard of fire, how did people survive for thousands of years with no electricity, I wonder…….🙄

      • like am really gonna start up a fire in a council estate ffs & have the fucking fire brigade & pc plod scum at ma doior I hardly think so oh and that’s if the blooming rain doesn’t put it out first

      • the point is that people did have fire for thousands of years for light and heat. Amish people live without electricity now. The point isn’t about right now specifically its about what been leading up to now. Do you take everything and reflect it upon your own situation, or do you ever think outside of yourself and your day to day existence?

      • The point you seem to be missing is that it should be free, it used to be and is in Turkmenistan…. Like the air we breath, they are in the process of monetarising that also… Water used to be free, a “human right,” till they started selling it in little bottles and charging via meters, while poisoning it… Why pay them for any of it, get off your asses and take control, it’s going to come to that anyway, might as well get stuck in while there’s maybe a chance

      • is it because life was life then not so greedy and profiteering as this day and age , when life then had a meaning

      • @nOstrOdamus to some but not to others,some people had hundreds of words for “horse”as they loved them,worked with them.Others on the other hand, had even more words for “money”as they loved it.Can you guess who runs things now and who the two people’s are?

      • Maybe the face masks were to get us used to wearing ‘air meters’ 😀

  9. Hi Hugo, thanks for your vids. I would like to posit a point of consideration for you. The age of the earth/universe/creation has been argued by people on all sides of the religious fence. As a Christian, I look to the Genesis account as an account of ‘Beginnings’; how did it start, how did we come to be where we are, what are the causes of our circumstances. Taking the Christian world view, I hold humanity as being slaves to a genetic condition referred to as sin. We are unable to do anything about it, it is passed on from generation to generation. The only thing that can deal with this genetic abnormality is a blood transfusion. Anyway, regarding the creation of the world, we have light on day one, and we have a light going on and off for each day. Day three, we have sun moon and stars that give their own light and are there as signs and seasons. It wasn’t until sun moon and stars came into existence that we are able to determine lengths of days, weeks, months, years, decades and centuries. So up to that point, nobody has any real idea as to how much time passed in history between day one and the introduction of day 3. There is no frame of reference. I believe in the Genesis account of creation, I just do not hold dogmatically to a specific, literal 6 days or 6,000 years. May GOD bless you on your journey and in your relationship with Him, Hugo..

    • Good observation, however it is blasphemous, because God SAID He worked for six days. So it IS six days work.

      And in relation to keeping the Sabbath holy, the six days of work are repeated for a number of times by God in the OT.

      Maybe I didn’t get your point? In that case my apologies (I’m no native English speaker).

      • Hi Laura10. The point I was trying to make is this: We define days as ’24 hours’. 24 hours make a day. The sun orbiting our planet takes 24 hours, therefore it help[s us to determine what a day is. But the sun didn’t exist until day 3. Therefore, how do we determine what period of time made up a ‘day’ before the sun moon and stars created the patterns we use to determine time? I hope that makes sense.

    • Hi David Mitchell,

      Yeah than I understood you right the first time around.

      We don’t have to determine how long in actual hours these first few days were, before sun and moon were added by God.. because God tells us a few times in the OT that it took him six days to create.
      On the first day He created light. The light divided the darkness. The light He called ‘day’. And the dark He called ‘night’.

      In my opinion, the answer to your point is that: God says it concerned whole days: the first, second and third day. Three whole days
      No need to question Gods word. Doubting Gods word… He would call blasphemy, I think.

      Another proof for the 6 x 24 hour duration is, that God repeats quite a few times that we have to keep the sabbath holy, because: Six days He worked and He rested on the seventh day. And he commands us to to the same: for a time of six whole real days we work, but the seventh we rest, on the sabbath.

      By the way. Also right at the start of the Bible you see why keeping the sabbath is not an ordinance done away with at the cross: In Genesis 2 God blesses the 7th day, the day He made holy, so we have to keep it holy no matter what. Very important! It is His very first command ever.

  10. Electricity is a fascinating subject, we know how to produce and harness it, but I’m not convinced we know exactly what it is. They say it’s the flow of electrons, and that the electron is both wave and particle, but that sounds vague and contradictory in itself. Electromagnetic field, light, electricity… remain mysteries of God’s creation. We use them all right, but what are they at the core I don’t think we understand.

    • Electrons physically manifest in different ways to our senses and sensors, depending on the inherent energy levels.

  11. I had completely forgotten about the sigils. I only heard about them (and looked them up) once because somebody posted an interesting video where the sigils could have been the motifs behind the emoticons that most people use on text communications. I have to admit I stopped using the emojis just in case! I still find difficult to understand how summoning such icons could have any real power, not that I don’t believe it, but I’d love to understand it better. So yes please Hugo, more in depth videos on the subject! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

  12. I am not selfish or ignorant right I
    am a born fighter I am & have been fighting the state social workers – child – snatchers for 6 yrs plus fighting this covi crap for 3 yrs I’m fighting a war you don’t even know nothing about so yeah I do think outside the box all I’m thinking about is ( my son ) 1 billion % & how to save ( our lives ) I am physically emotionally & every other way exshausted broken beyond belief struggling everyday 24/7 so am not thinking about thousands o yrs ago am thinking about now 21st century & yeah i get the covi crap hell and all the crap that goes with it but my first priority is ( my son ) 100% so don’t tell me I don’t think about anybody else coz I am not like that whatsoever you don’t know me you just assume to know me by what I say & as for Amish well believe what you want reg them that’s they’re choice

    • Keep fighting, no surrender.
      We live in the beast system.
      Seek God, great things can happen when we turn to Him.

  13. electricity should be free to everyone and not to be charged for paying for it as its a free thing in life

  14. i love the Amish!!!!!
    except i like guns
    and cars/trucks
    but if i could have a horse i would trade up
    and i guess i could live without the gun…
    this was a very interesting video!!!!
    I just got back from teaching sunday school and skipping a really boring meeting after church, haha. bad girl.
    but it’s sunny out and I am gonna go soak up some rays and listen to the word on my mp3 player, I have been grooving on the Psalms….

  15. Hey there Hugo

    Thanks for the video – informative and helpful.

    The early chapters of Genesis fit well with what we know from science and archaeology. Genesis chapter 1 informs us that humans were hunter-gathers, (The Palaeolithic Period,) who followed the animals and ate from what naturally grew in the ground or from trees. They were under an edict from God to “fill the earth, and subdue it,” which they did because we can see the evidence they left behind. Genesis chapter 2 informs us about humans settling down and learning how to cultivate crops. (The Neolithic Period.) The area where much of this agriculture took place was called the Fertile Crescent.

    Genesis chapter 2 naturally follows chapter 1 chronologically, once we grasp that then the events described in Genesis fall into place historically, scientifically, geographically, and theologically.

    I hope that’s helpful, God bless you,


  16. The other day I was talking to someone about those few sociologists and philosophers who have gone against the grain of current, if you’ll pardon the unexpected pun, thinking with regard to technology; people like Theodore Roszak essentially saying that technological advances always lead to much worse situations for society; and that this is inherent in technology itself. This person then turned around and said, well, I guess it’s how you use technology, you can use it either for good or you can use it for evil; which directly contradicted what I was trying to say and essentially reverted back to the default view that we all have on technology; the one we’ve been brainwashed to have. These philosophers are saying something very subtle and wise because we’ve been so heavily conditioned to think of technology as neutral used by either good or bad people. They are saying that when technology is applied, badness results.

  17. It is said that Jesus worked in Joseph’s carpentry workshop. Well anyone who has ever hit their thumb with a hammer will know that even a simple everyday invention can be harmful in the wrong hands! History has shown that remarkable inventions which should have helped people have been used in a way which has done just the opposite. As humans we have been given the ability to learn and understand but we also have the ability to choose between good and bad.
    Ps Hugo re Blueangel, considering complex questions of life may not be very high on anyones list when trying to exist in challenging circumstances. See Maslows ExpandedHierarchy of Needs

  18. Jewish Calendar – 12 hours in a day.

    John 11:7-10

    7 Then after that saith He to his disciples, Let us go into Judæa again.

    8 His disciples say unto Him, Master, the Jews of late sought to stone thee; and goest thou thither again?

    9 Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world.

    10 But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him.

  19. Thanks Hugo, yes, very interesting and thought provoking ideas.
    To put things in a Biblical perspective;
    I agree the earth is 6000 years old and we have only had electricity and all the Technology that brings for say 200 years.
    The book of Revelation talks about Government, Finance and Religion on a Global scale, this is only possible with sophisticated Communication Technology using electricity.
    We are also told in Revelation everyone is monitored and cannot buy or sell without the mark.
    After this everyone must worship the beast or be murdered… this level of tracking and control is only possible using AI.
    We are also told of those who long to die but cannot, could this be people stuck in some kind of virtual reality world, which it is impossible to get out of or to die?
    Later there is a flood of millions of nightmarish creatures who have the power to inflict pain on all human beings, could this be some kind of massive global drone swarm guided by AI?
    The nightmare continues… come quickly Lord Jesus 🙂

  20. It was very interesting about the electrical circuits and the demonic symbols. How they are very similar. I agree with the theory that they may be portals into the demonic realm and people are using them without knowing what they are doing.
    It is true what the 2:nd Ephesians says, that the enemy is the prince of the power of the air. Hence the airwave/WiFi “connection”, so to speak, between them.
    The non biblical book called book of Enoch talks about the fallen angels being trapped in the air above the earth aswell.
    Looking forward to more videos on this subject.
    God bless Hugo and all

    • @Joel T would it be uncomfortable to find Arch Angel symbols within as well,or is it the fact that “metaphysics”was far beyond science\physics?take the simple “dot” and “circle” the dot being ” finite” and circle “infinite” ,the two lines or pillars,the “micro” and “macro” the two edges of the endless spiritual.The “Prince” is forever ignorant,he believes he is the creater, he has no faith.They use the same trick over and over “The monsters guard the treasure”Think in terms,such as a seed,meets the endless ground,from this a tree and then the fruit (resolution)then see first you have dot(seed)and then another dot (ground)connect them,to make a line,make a third dot (tree)then connect the dots to make a triangle,then the fourth dot (fruit) connect the dots again to make a pyramid.notice the words “ground” or “earth”,” connect “and so on.

      • I have read your reply Baldur probably 3-4 times and I think I get what you are saying. I am not sure.
        Anyway, yes I think the symbols and how they are formed open up frequencies. Just like circuits for computers, radios, phones, etc. They pick up different things based upon how the symbols or circuits are formed.
        God bless

      • @Joel T I am sorry that my words don’t quite do justice to what I was trying to say brother,I think we are all better in person.As you mentioned frequency,this is quite interesting https://youtu.be/FY74AFQl2qQ let us talk of God and his glory for a change.

  21. Isn’t it strange that lightning is not seen as often as we used to!?!
    Interesting. Yahweh bless you Hugo as you continue in His will.

  22. Fascinating article Hugo, when you think electricity is an invisible power. Much appreciated!

  23. Think they reset everything every couple of hundred years and erase all knowledge of the past. Tartarian example

  24. This video brought Daniel ch12.4 to mind for me. Thanks again Hugo for your work.

  25. By far the most wacko of your videos Hugo, once you was an inspiration, I am only clinging on now because you were such an inspiration once. I think of myself as a Christian, but the scriptures you quote seem irrelevant and pushing scripture for pushings sake.
    You are going to turn away non Christians with the relentless pushing, you will end up with a few selective Christian crazies and who will that really benefit? no one.
    I am an electronics design engineer, I also study mythology and magic and I have not seen any comparibles between Sigils and component diagrams, fair enough being brave and putting an idea forward, but just hold the idea back till you at least have some validity behind the argument.
    PS: Edison was NOT the inventor he was for DC voltage. Tesla gave us the AC power generation system we all use today and Tesla for all I know was a very decent humble man.

    • @Neo well said,he made a mistake in “proclamation of man”you can’t “anoint” yourself. As someone on here once said “a ditch is waiting for you”dug by your own hand,I add,but he also said “and who will be there to pick him up”I would as this man’s kin call that “Christian” I hope you and Hugo understand this,as to everything you said, this is fact.peace brother.

      Ps the man was (censored)

    • Neo; Hugo clearly says in the video that Edison was nicking inventions from other people. Watch the video again and you will see.
      I also think his Bible quotes are fitting in what he is referring to with each particular subject.
      Everyone is entitled with an opinion but I don’t agree with anything else you said in your comment. That is my opinion of your opinion 🙂
      God bless

      • @Joel T come on,he said he was an “electrical engineer” Hugo never mentions “tesla” and “AC” current,you see Joel “propaganda” is not bad,it is simply there to promote what one wants the viewer to see,it can be the “truth”or as close as anyone can be or it can omit it. Tesla loved lighting he even said he “saw his loved ones” within it,as to say,every lighting strike reminded him of how life was so fleeting,a flash of light,so unique that it would never be seen again.that is quite beautiful in my opinion.

    • How do you feel about people stealing your ideas? “I am not troubled by that,what troubles me, is they have no ideas of their own”(Nicola Tesla)it is said 80-90% of tech is from him and God knows what they took from his work,which could only be the work of a true believer.to be given such a mind.He thought as he slept on his work.(Almighty)or nothing 100% or nothing,your God, my God, his God or nothing.explain how the (Almighty)is not all,everything and I will see nothing but false witness.It is here,now,it is ((them))that can’t be named,that send senators to foreign countries to sign “acts” that attack free men and women in their own nation.”the Prince of hot air”

      • Tesla, as far as i remember, got his knowledge from a Russian who landed up in a gulag.. His name began with B i think. Nothing new under the sun, Tesla’s tech and much superior has been around for centuries, “they” have just been hiding/keeping it form us, using Scotch Mist (Smoke, Mirrors & Bullshit, layers upon layers) and making us pay for the pleasure to control us…

  26. see also “the invisible rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg.
    a book about how most modern diseases can be linked to electromagnetic radiation.

  27. It’s an interesting discussion Hugo, but I’m glad Tesla has been brought in. What’s your view on scalar energy and free energy?

  28. Electricity itself is not bad. We even have electrical activity in our bodies,….it keeps our heart going! But like everything God provided for us, Satan will use it to his advantage wherever possible. It is the same with everything. Think of the ‘good’ inventions, microscopes, printing, wheel, all ‘invented’ things can be used for good or bad. Same as natural things, Electricity, water, fire, wind, sun, etc. Satan probably does use electricity. But he also uses everything else against us. It’s WE who have to have spiritual discernment and be wary. Check in daily with the Holy spirit, and ask for your ‘daily bread’ …. that would be spiritual bread from God, not just physical food!

  29. I believe in the bible yes the debil would find it hard to have a 1 world order ect without electricity so how long has it been planned to rule the people because ever since we’ve had a government they have all screwed us 1 way or another

  30. Way off mark on this one, sorry, Hugo.

  31. just watched an old season one xfile and got the idea that maybe when we started nasa the demons hitched a ride back onto earth. a sign guy in our town has stuff about CERN on it. jacobs ladder, falling like lightning, heavens and the earth, the rapture, the two witnesses all so connected to the Bible, it’s so cool. i don’t understand it all but I know God is in CHARGE, haha. charge, get it?

  32. David Mitchell
    Just to correct you, the sun does not orbit our planet, we orbit the sun and it takes us 365 days to to go around it each time (I’m sure you just made an error) the 24 hours you spoke of is how long it takes the earth to do one rotation on its axis.
    I completely agree with you about the 6 days, Jehovah tells us that a day is like a 1000 yrs and a 1000 yrs as a day, I too don’t take that literally, I think God is in a different dimension to us so time is very different for him, we only have to take the distance of the stars, they are light years away and the giant telescopes in space (especially the James Webb) are finding galaxies that are so old it could change everything the Big Bang theorists have believed for years. 🙏🏻
    Our creator is awesome and no doubt once the earth has been restored to a paradise we will know a lot more than we presently do 😊

  33. Hugo, when Jesus talked about bringing a sword to set mother against daughter and father against son, he was talking about the fact that following Jesus Christ and forsaking all others will indeed create separation from this world. Secondly, his word is a two edged sword that works even within our own souls, our hearts, and our minds.

  34. The Great Deception is not one specific lie but that everything should become a lie. This evolved the fabrication of news, science and even history. Remember in 1984 Winston Smith’s job was falsifying records and erasing history.
    The date is not 2023 but rather 1023. The invasion of Britain 55bc the same event as invasion of Britain 1066ad. See Formenkos new chronology. This in turn means it is approaching 1000 years since the death of Christ at which the beast is released. Jesus died aged 33 allegedly April 5th and rose April 8th. This gives a date for Rapture event. Rapture is a description of solar micronova (my research suggests these happen just under every 3000yrs, there have been 5 micronova since the cabal installed itself (transitional entities).
    Have a lot of info on this as well as complete timeline. Aug 27 this year will see collapse of economic system following deep state psyop event staged in New York. Live test was Beirut harbour explosion. In Revelations this is described as The Fall of Babylon The Whore.
    Presently I’m struggling to get this info out as anything I post is almost instantly deleted.

    Nb Revelations is predictive programming written by the cabal (sorry I know this is upsetting). The same events are repeatedly described from different perspectives hence so many false starts and false endings. Cabal have perfect knowledge of events… it is as if these events have already happened.

    Hugos analysis is correct but needs to step this up to next level which can be disturbing.

    Judgement day refers to our own judgement not that we will be judged. This is not a test of belief but a the choice to be conscious beings or subservient to what we are told. We have been given consciousness do we choose to think or do we prefer the reassurance of the lies we are told? Hence choices have been framed in this way. This is not a test of if we are good or bad but rather do we wish to be sovereign beings. Hence those awake are not the best but they are those who choose to think. Likewise, Lucifarian ideology is about getting good people to do extremely bad things because they have been tricked to believe themselves righteous.

    Apologies. Have tonnes more super important info but can’t fit it all here.

    Micronova April 8, 2033

  35. the history of electricity u gave is the wikipedia his-story….. not the biblical . we know egyptians were using electricity, “bagdad batteries” . we always have had electricity

  36. Sigils and spirits might explain why some ancient complexes look like circuitboards.

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