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    • The King James gang(Fishmongers) are the “Crafters of man’s “Bible”…just like the Media…Truth is the “Bait”…and “Lies” are the SWITCH

      • you can unpick the systemic errors, with a concordance and historicity.
        for instance Anti does not mean the against or the opposite…it means ‘is like’ or ‘in place of’
        so your moniker is ‘AntiPope’ or ‘Like the Pope’

      • interesting…so ‘ante”is like in Poker when thr “ante” really means “in”..?…thanks

      • In terms of St James Bible ut has had parts of Scripture “removed” which seems odd. The Jerusalem Bible is the truest version.

      • What else you gonna read?

      • for “Starters”…or for the “advanced” Beginners(1st Graders) try the Nag Hammadi Library Collection…and then…keep seeking…the whole world could not contain ALL the “Things” that have been , and should be, written….Peace on Firm(not “flat”) Earth -the apostle john

    • Thank you Hugo. I agree. The Bible is still the Holy scriptures and provide God’s word, the 10 commandments, knowledge, & wisdom. Turn off your TV’s! Im orderibg a K8ng James ss well thst hasn’t had the meaning of thou, thee, etc. changed to distort meaning. ❤🌎🙏

  1. I disagree that the media is controlled all of them time. I think there is times where the public control the narrative also, and the media will follow because that’s where the money is. It is a constant grappling for control.
    Tucker Carlson is religious and supports belief in God and conservative values. He also is against all of this trans children sickness and has spoken out against so many important issues and brought awareness to many people. What exactly does he do or say that is so negative? Can you give an example. It’s all well and good saying that he is part of the system but so are we all and so are you. That is how you communicate to us. We have to use discernment in the information being communicated rather than just stop listening completely.

    • Yes, I agree it’s more complex then just saying “it’s all of them so don’t bother believing anything” it’s always more complex and with need to keep sensing/ investigate individually.

    • I think an enormous part of the problem is that the population doesn’t truly understand the scriptures what it would appear to me is that we’re being bombarded with nonsense that’s obviously illogical obviously counter to what’s good the trans agenda and all these things are being inorganically pushed to be eventually torn down and to enter us into a new age the age of the Antichrist most folks think that the Antichrist will be some horned evil man that’s very easy for us to discern as opposed to it being a man or person appearing to be an amazing uniter that appeases christians

      • People are evil, Jesus said we are all God but some people choose to be evil, as human beings we are all capable of showing love, forgiveness, remorse and compassion but so many people choose to murder and war and just being wicked!

      • You can learn/ sense within yourself the correct path.. that’s where God is as well within all of us.. and some people have never been religious but have always felt God’s presence.. its not only by scripture you need to be close to God.

    • A few years ago he humiliated a young woman who was telling a truth they didn’t want seen. He knew he was wrong as it was very strongly pointed out to him, but the agenda was more important than this young woman’s mental health… That’s when i realised he was not what was being presented… A truth too far for any of these elements becomes a problem for them, and they know it…
      Regardless, you don’t do that to people, never mind when it’s you that’s wrong and you’re a Christian…… Many sins there me thinks…

    • Did you know Carlson is a Kabbalist?

      Stop falling for idols !!

    • Some people do not have discernment and get emotionally involved. ANYONE who is famous or in the spotlight is part of their system. It’s always been Bad Cop/Good cop to fool everyone.

    • There sure are lots of people who are still SNOWED posting on this thread and liking comments…………

    • Tucker Carlson is a kaballist plain and simple religious does not mean of Yhvh. Baal worshiper we’re religious too..

    • Carlson has connections. He is religious; he is not biblical christian. Obama is Muslim yet gets infront of the world and claims he accepts Jesus Christ as his saviour. Discernment is key. Why would a major news station remove their biggest money-maker? Why would he be allowed to speak against the narrative which aired throughout the world when facebook bans accounts for a simple comment? He claims not to be a journalist but an entertainer – entertainers read scripts.

      I concur, Hugo, there is no alternative media. Two wings of the same bird. Their fall will be in their symbolism – learn it and then you’ll see it everywhere and know. Our Lord and Messiah are truth.

      • Like Oprah 😂😂
        Every bloody newsreader , wannabe actress / actor etc
        ALL OF THE TV MOB ars sell outs… Bring back candlelight & scripture 💗✨️✝️

  2. I think you are correct again. I used to think it was very important to be up to date with news. I realised it was out of a fear of what others would think about me. Then I found out if you don’t do anything about the news why even concern yourself with it? Ego ! Fear of being ignorant. Yet the ignorant are the ones only getting info from news. News that seems to be global and not local. They obviously want me to care about “them” Let’s all care about what is present in front of you – what really matters. Get off the info wars.

  3. The media is the sourvmce of all manipulations. I recommend the teaching from the late Dr Myles Munroe titled The Power of the Media. It’s on YouTube on YouTube or The Munroe Global App

  4. Hugo as always, a BIG THANKYOU… Echoing my feelings completely. I’m fed up of hearing all the lies & crap. I’ve been going cold turkey from the tv/net etc..
    My heavenly father is truth & love, God is good.
    I pray & read my bible & I CAN HONESTLY SAY, I sleep better, feel better in myself & have my appetite back. Before I did nothing & was exhausted……
    God is my father, my shepherd, my life is his & I adore him, in Jesus’s name, Amen 🙏 💗 ✝️

  5. You’ve just nailed it again..the masses are the batteries that power the matrix..the beast system needs them to be plugged in in order to harvest their energy

  6. Hugo, just because we ask you who you think is telling the truth doesn’t mean we are looking for a saviour, in my case I’m just curious. You are also the media, you bring us stories that are out there and give your opinion on them. The alternative media are giving their opinions on the issues at hand also.

    • Well I don’t consider myself ‘media’. Technically media is any channel of communication. Therefore you then are also media, because you are communicating with me through the internet. That is a channel of communication is it not? Do you consider yourself ‘media’? But then you also have ‘corporate media’ which is any media that is published by a company or on behalf of a company that carries their message to a specific audience. And that is what you are seeing everywhere, the CO network as I call it, much of it is in disguise, pretending to be alternative and its all propaganda and as I show in the video, its all pushing the same agenda and getting you to focus on the same subjects, characters and plotlines.

      • From the Latin MEDI or MIDDLE.

  7. Thanks. I love the way you say it. I agree so much. I also find it a bit funny.

  8. Totally agree with you. I don’t listen to either side any more. They are all leading everyone to the same place, just one side uses some truth to get you thinking well this part I know is truth so the rest must be true also. That is how Satan has always worked.

    • It’s the same with politics in the UK, it’s a rotational dictatorship and always has been!!!

  9. I read my Bible. I pray and I tell others about Jesus. This is what we are called to do, especially in these days. But I do also inform myself, not through the mainstream media, but by listening to and watching people who are solid Bible teachers who talk about what’s happening in the world from the lens of how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in our days. How can you avoid being deceived if you completely shut yourself off from informing yourself on what’s happening in the world? Yes, much of it is a narrative they want us to follow, but here is where discernment is needed. Many in the church for example have taken the injection because they were not informed on what is in it and what is its real purpose. If we become so narrow in our focus as to just read the Bible, I believe we can lose our effectiveness for reaching the lost, for they will then see us as somebody who does not live in the real world. God bless you, Hugo, much of what you say I do agree with, but we do have to inform ourselves and be discerning.

    • As Jacques Ellul also explained in his book ‘Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes:’, the more in-formed you think you are, the more your head is stuffed full of propaganda.

    • ‘How can you avoid being deceived if you completely shut yourself off from informing yourself on what’s happening in the world?’ – If you were completely shut off, who is going to deceive you, apart from yourself? Those you are claiming that are informing you of what is happening in the world are the actual ones deceiving you. I have made many videos in the past about media stories, I end up repeating myself over and over again, ‘it is a Psyop’, ‘It is fake’, why do I keep doing this? you speak of discernment, if you use your discernment in your everyday life, say for example to determine who is someone you would be friends with and who you would not want to be associated with. That is useful because there would be both good and bad people to discern from. my point in this video is that, there is no alternative to the mainstream media. It is all one leviathan beast serving propaganda machine, it is all serving the father of lies, therefore discernment has determined for me that it is to be avoided.

      • We are called to be in the world but not of it, (John 17:15), as we are the ambassadors of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20) and we are also commanded to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16) to push back against the canker of corruption, greed and the evil that is rampant in our society. If we go and close our door on the world and switch everything off and just read our Bible, we might as well go to Heaven, but we believers in Christ have a work to do. Any mature believer will tell you that when our work is done the Lord then takes us from the world to be at home with Him in Heaven, but not until then. I don’t disagree that the mainstream media is controlled and much of it is fear mongering. However, there is real news that we need to pay attention to such as the pushing for legalisation of paedophilia as the next frontier that they want to push through and we have to push back against this. We cannot ignore it. There are well informed Christians who know their Bible and make it their business to inform themselves on what’s happening in the world in order to then positively pushback against the evil and also to educate other Christians less well informed on what is going on in our society.

      • ‘If we go and close our door on the world and switch everything off’
        You are making the same mistake as many do. You talk about closing the door on the world, but that is not the case, you would be closing the door of the media. The media is not the world. By saying ‘If we go and close our door on the world and switch everything off’, it seems you assume that the media is the world. The media is an illusion, yet you talk of it as everything in the world. This is where most have gone wrong. You have come to rely on the satanic media as your view of the world. If that is the case then you are relying on the father of lies as your perception, this is pretty much the whole point of the video which you have missed. Then you go and promote a load of shills. Please no shill hawking in here.

  10. As Jacques Ellul explained in his book ‘Propaganda’, engaging with this crap feeds our need for propaganda; we are complicit with the propagandist.

  11. I’ve been saying this for years. I would often comment along the lines of “Why are you bringing my attention to this?” or “I wouldn’t know about this unless you hadn’t brought my attention to it.” As you say, they want your attention whether it’s positive or negative. All part of the same dialectic.

  12. “We always give the public their heroes. We give the heroes to every faction, and then people once they hear this person say all the right things, we give releases to them because he or she speaks for ‘me’. We say go there go do that and they do it. ” – Albert Pike

  13. Probably the best video yet. 100% bang on Hugo. I’ve started to totally disengage now with the media altogether and find myself just not caring anymore. As you say, Scripture is what really matters. I’ve even stopped listening to a lot of your videos, not because I don’t appreciate this site but because I don’t care anymore what the world is putting out there. Obviously sometimes things need some attention but generally speaking, it’s all rubbish and not fruitful to engage in. Thankyou for your wisdom and brining the Truth to light Hugo. MUCH appreciated

  14. Amen Hugo.
    “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness…”
    Matthew 6:33

  15. attentiondistractionentangledworshipfeedfocusleadcontentmagnifyechengageharvestfollowscriptstorymessageconceptagendaensnareillusionmediaactorsclubpowergivendeceptionpathalternativethemescharactersstemdarknesstricksdisquisedaffected

    great video! I am pretty good at telling people this same thing but then going back to looking at drudge report I confess. Even if you try not to hear it somehow it sneaks in, like, yesterday i could have sworn i heard that in Africa a biolab was compromised due to government skirmishes and who knows if a new pandemic was just accidently released??? great. people are masking up again. and in Montana we have a tran taking up all these headlines in our legislature and something tells me to just ignore it. go outside and count the tulips that have bloomed. deliver some meals to the elderly. rock a baby to sleep. laugh with my neighbor, look for ducks. go fishing. ride my bike. walk to the park. pick up some garbage. pray. read my KJB. email my Dad. tease my cat. feed my husband. enjoy my life. God is so good. count my blessings. smile. wait. sort of be like a child but not childish. forgive and love others. people get ready Jesus is comming soon we’ll be going home. thank you for reading.

    • This is a good example of how trained and conditioned we all are at accepting these stories and man-made scripts.

  16. Thanks Hogo, I agree with you, for the most part and try to disengage with the matrix as much as possible. However, I must say this, you know enough about the Tucker Carlson story to know that he is a CIA wannabe puppet shill. That information came from somewhere.Bill Cooper said that you need to know your enemy. Isn’t that from scripture? So my question is this: how to engage, in an intelligent, intentional way, just enough to be aware, but not so much that one gets sucked in to the matrix.That’s a connundrum

  17. Space travel ✨ lies, with all of it, ONLY JESUS CHRIST RISEN to the end 🙏

  18. I can not wait for our Lord to come. Will be so glorious. Peace be in your heart, all of you.

  19. Communist rules for revolution:
    Does this sound familiar to you, the public?
    In May 1919, at Dusseldorf, Germany, Allied forces captured a very significant document: “Communist Rules for Revolution.” As you read these “rules” now, over 100 years later, keep in mind what you are reading and hearing every day in the news media:

    A. Corrupt the young; get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness.

    B. Get control of all means of publicity, thereby: (CONTROL AND OWN ALL THE MEDIA)

    1. Get people’s minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books, plays and other trivialities. (FOOTBALL)

    2. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance. (FLAT EARTH)

    3. Destroy the people’s faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up for contempt, ridicule, etc. (POLITICIANS)

    4. Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.

    5. By encouraging governmental extravagance, destroy the credit, produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.

    6. Promote unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorder and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of the government toward such disorders. (BLM)

    7. By specious argument cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues, honesty and sobriety.

    C. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext with a view to confiscating them and leaving the population helpless.

    Think about it people, you are now living it.

    Phyllis Ludwig

    • Even “COMMUNISM” is a false paradigm designed to mislead. What THEY really mean is unbridled Capitalism for THEM and Feudalism for everyone else.

  20. I’ve had a sense of darkness descending in recent years when I realised that “truth had been cast to the ground” and “the end justifies the means” theory seems to prevail..People in authority who were expected to tell the truth, hide behind a wall of credulity to gain advantage , often financially, with a bare-faced lie eg the Covid pandemic situation. So I like to keep my finger on the proverbial pulse – but it’s doing my head in! All we have to guide us is our intuition and the spiritual laws.

  21. Brilliant Hugo.

    I had the same response recently about Tucker Carlson, they said “he has been telling the truth for 14 years at Fox”. My reply was, if he has been telling the truth all this time , have you been set free, have your life improved since Carlson has been telling you truths for the last 14 years? I got no reply. People just want idols.

    The truth is Christ and ONLY his truth will set you free.

    • I can see 2 sides to this. One….you are right, we should turn to the kjv Bible first. Stop crowding our heads with overload of ALL media. I dont watch 99% of what comes to me from all sources. But on the other hand, we do sometimesneed to be informed. Someone i know who doesn’t watch ANY media, has young kids in schools…they knew nothing of the supposed sex ed they are putting out to 5 year olds now with government instructions. I had to tell them. Neither did they know about the fake alert alarm last Sunday. Had I not told them they wouldn’t have turned their alerts off. So for practical reasons we do need to know certan things, but not to feed the beast with endless debate and ‘opinions.

      • Yes, there is no need to be plugged into a 24/7 mass media machine, a ‘town crier’ would suffice.

  22. Is it trending because it’s being fed directly, or is it showing how the propaganda is working on the population and that’s why it’s trending?
    I would say both

  23. Yep, Tucker years ago belittled a young woman who was telling the truth, it was so blatantly the system at work and disgusting…
    However, i must disagree with you here, “they” do care whether you engage or not, it depends on what you are engaging with. If you’re going for “The Jews” or The English, even their policies and politicians (puppets) etc, they love it, because you are paying attention to something you have no control over…
    But go for the Scottish or another truth they don’t want out, you will then know all about it… Ask Bill Cooper…
    Why do “The Media,” Hollywood etc relentlessly pedestal The Scottish, while British TV is swamped with Scots and Scottish “experts.”
    Whenever there’s and expert required, in pop the Scottish, they even try and tell the English how to play football… It’s endless, in the political arena it is off the scale, all from a population of only 6%… Control Freaks or is something else going on, oh, that is what’s going on and some….
    Not hard to work out and just The Tip Of Iceberg, take the blindfolds off…

    • Hello, I am wondering if it is because the Scottish “experts” have a different accent from the English and that is soley why they are used as “experts” in the corporate media. The Astrazeneca women is Scottish. It might also be because there is a lot of private schools in Edinburgh (a third of Edinburgh’s children attend private school). Who knows, it is all very odd. Hollywood also often like to portray Scots as mad, e.g. the school janitor in the Simpsons.
      Although, the population in Scotland, as a whole, are significantly less well off than the English- 50% of the population are on some form of benefit (child tax credits included). Almost every small town in Scotland is mainly social housing and cities like Glasgow and Dundee have the highest poverty rates in Western Europe.
      Just to add to the book 😉

      • Hi, yes, Great Scot (just that should clarify it for you, Good Scot, it’s all about projection), and it would be lovely, (lovely and media are not words you normally find in the same sentence), if different accent were the reason. English has many to choose from if they want, why not Irish, do you see the problem.. By what they say and do all the time and it’s relentless, I would say it’s a very long shot… Talking long shot, even the snooker is hard to watch, have to turn the commentary off.. tip of iceberg…
        I did a year long “study” (before I said anything to anyone regarding the media), day after day going through every programme (it’s about programming us) across the board, which proved without a shadow of a doubt (imo of course) what they were doing and why…
        When the Leveson inquiry was on I sent it to them (concise, but still an inch thick), among much else. I’d already been in contact with Ofcom, they’re like the Smithsonian, but for the media……
        Leveson got Thompson to delete it all and they set about trying to destroy me… I was already in trouble with them (establishment) before that, but it up’d the anti some more…
        Yes, the AstraZeneca woman is Scottish, so also is the company that build the suicide pods… Yes, the janitor in the Simpsons is Scottish, also the bagpipe man in Austin Powers (and that’s very interesting re, “eating babies”), but they are the exception. Most of the evil elements have English accents, heroes anything but, beam me up Scotty…
        Yes, I have heard that before, re the poverty in Scotland, hows that possible when Scotland get six times more per capita spent on them every year and counting…
        We need to be very careful what we believe from these “studies,” as when I checked it out donkey years ago, the poorest ward in Britain was Torpoint in Plymouth, yet they were still claiming it was Glasgow at the time, then… I went to Torpoint, Plymouth side, and they weren’t wrong
        Where in Western Europe would you find a city with a third of the population in Private Schooling. Can only think of Monaco, and even that is subsidised/”tax” funded for the locals, if I recollect correctly, but could be wrong…
        Dundee, the oil capital of Britain, where’s the money going… The Scottish (and Irish) need to wake up to what “The Scottish” are doing to them also, and stop blaming the English, as with the highland clearances and “the troubles.”… Once they can get past all this instilled hatred, they may be able to see what’s going on…
        Hey, but appreciate you being able to chat without throwing your dummy out of the pram, so heartening… Do you know how hard all this was for me to accept (a lot of pride swallowing), and i was discovering it for myself, no-one told me……
        Think you’re reading the book now, lol’s…

    • It is all very interesting for me. I would like to read the full version of the book some time, if you are comfortable with that. I am still puzzled about how they all these Scots end up in prime positions and how they all know each other. Maybe from the private schools and universities. Have you noticed younger Scots in these prime positions i.e. Scots under 40?

      • Of course, you could proof it as said, that would be very kind of you… If it ever gets done.. i’ll let you know if i start it..
        Don’t know if they all know each other, but they certainly know why they are there, it comes naturally (indoctrination), imo of course.. Even bought and paid for treacherous “English” are at it, otherwise they wouldn’t have their jobs… I understand why traitors are more harshly treated…
        Anyway, as far as under forty, nobody stands out high level, long time ago i was into it like that, now i don’t take much notice of who they are, just “shrug it off” in the main… However, some were under forty when they first caught my eye, Laura Kuenssberg for one, saw that coming a mile off… Miss nicely nicely, Lorraine Kelly, she tried to justify herself (understandable), have a go back a couple of years ago, think she regretted it…
        When I mentioned the snooker to you it kicked off a whole “chapter” (lol’s) in my head, just on that and F1.. I call the British TV coverage of those respective “shows,” The Hendry and Coulthard Promotional Society, especially F1, which I haven’t been able to watch for years..
        Coulthard is going to be some sort of F1 Director (if he isn’t already), the man who caused the worst crash (arguably) in F1 History and couldn’t care less, he’s almost proud of it, very lucky no-one died..… He actually admitted his anti English Bigotry and what he was up to in a live excited slip of the lip… He makes so many appearances on TV, the “other day” (probably recorded) he was on something where before he even appeared, the presenter insisted he is a very nice man, probably on Coulthard’s agents insistence… Loads of scumbaggery going on in both “sports,” re this regard and much else..
        They (the TV producers) did back off slightly, for while, around the time just after the Leveson inquiry, but it soon all crept back in…
        The Weather was a favourite one, “The Best of All The Sunshine” was always in Scotland, this phrase was never used for England, even while England was having a drought, lol’s.. You couldn’t make it up, what sort of inadequate degenerate feels the need to do stuff like that……
        Lol’s, anyway, Happy Families one and all, not if “they” have anything to do with it..

    • I see what you mean, it is so weird praising the Scots and Scotland so much. I am too young to remember all the Coulthard’s dramas but always disliked the female presenter you mentioned.
      I was meaning if you were also comfortable about me reading what you had already written after a year of study (that is an inch thick).

      • Yes, that’s why the original title of the booklet was, A “Solipsists” Guide To Ethnic Cleansing, by stealth…it’s relentless.. The Whether forecasts might as well just said SCOTLAND IS GREAT, as it was, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, without a breath but with a bit of Wales thrown… England sometimes didn’t even get a mention in name, unless it was a negative, lol’s…
        You got to ask yourself why these cretins would do it, well i know why they are doing it, but the mentality of it all, i can’t get my head round it…
        Anyway you’re welcome, i’ll try and get the booklet together for you also, but there was some very strange goings on when i saved it on the chip (they used to target my laptops), as i repeatedly did, don’t even know if i can open it and if it’s in one piece…
        At one point it was all over the place (for no obvious reason), but you never know… i’ll dig it out, Media “Study” also, that’s definitely ok, somewhere…. Will let you know when i’ve found it… Probably get on it tomorrow..

  24. Thanks Hugo. The remnant Church needs voices like yours. The hour is late.

  25. I agree,
    KJB is indeed better then the rest, yet missing things…
    I’ll suggest you to look up and find the 3rd book of Ezdra, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.

  26. Right on brother, may everything we do be done for the praise, glory and honour of our Creator, El Shaddai, Yahuah Most High!

  27. You are spot on, I just got myself a KJV Bible a month ago.
    So much interesting information. But 🙏 fast and have a quiet time with the Lord and your eye’s will be opened.
    God bless you

  28. Another great video Hugo honestly I really do think that God is really open your eyes to lots of things are happening. I must admit I never watch the news now I see the old bits pop up on the radio from time to time but that’s about it, I guess we need to know a little bit of the things are happening in the world but not too much, but in green agree with you we need to completely disengage from everything. They are trying to tell us and put into our heads to make us think that what they are saying is actually accurate and true and isn’t propaganda. Likewise we know the days we are living in and we know we need to be looking out for so that should be the only instruction that we should be living for the Bible, the MDs and the book of revelation. Thank you for all the work you do a make up, bless you and the people on this channel through this page.

    • You don’t have to watch the news for hours on end. You can just scan over the headlines.

  29. Watch Altiyan Childs 5 hour video, former freemason blows their lies wide open. It answers everything. He will tell you who the Freemason
    Lucerferians are and what they have in store for us.

    • Yes, let’s all watch a five hour video, oh, the irony 🙂

      • Actually I have watched this and it will blow you away, I watched it in one hour instalments, please give it a go

    • While he avoids the main culprits like the plague and sticks it elsewhere, as usual…
      These ” exposés” are always the same, it’s about distraction from the main culprits, The Scottish Rite (Ancient and Accepted top dogs since 1776) & Swiss Octogon, while sticking it on the English..
      He would be dead if he actually went against them, Pike, Crowley etc All Scottish Rite..

  30. My thoughts about this battle we are in is that it is based on our fears and our beliefs. This is why the greatest battle is for our minds.
    The good news is that each of us chooses what to believe. This is why censorship and misinformation/lies from the parasites is being pushed so hard.
    Many people unknowingly lock themselves into the prison of their beliefs, especially those who do not question. What do you choose to believe? Do you question it?
    “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”
    Pisces “I believe”, Aquarius, “I know”.

  31. There’s Alot of pretend Christians in the Media…you don’t get as big as Tucker unless you’re on the payroll…why do people think what he spouts are his opinions? He’s an actor..plain and simple!

    • His family is CIA and he’s a Kabbalah Witch. What could possibly be wrong there????

  32. So what are you, Hugo? Your media in a sense. You are on Rumble and Odyssey. You say the media is controlled, it has been for decades, but don’t you think maybe it is systematically being destroyed, slowly. Your not looking at the bigger picture Hugo. Your just so focused on your own truth, and don’t seriously look outside the box. You have been wrong in a lot of things, and I have commented on many of your video’s over the years, and have noticed that some of my comments are not being shared, No swearing, no disrespecting you. Only my opinion. What happened to free speech on your video’s? I have seen a few of my comments waiting to be moderated, even for 4 days + and yet my comments don’t go through. Is it a case that, if you do not agree with a comment or an opposite of your opinion, then we are silenced? Is that not what we have been fighting for the longest time, free speech? Will be interesting to see if this comment is shown.

    • As I’ve already stated …. Well I don’t consider myself ‘media’. Technically media is any channel of communication. Therefore you then are also media, because you are communicating with me through the internet. That is a channel of communication is it not? Do you consider yourself ‘media’? But then you also have ‘corporate media’ which is any media that is published by a company or on behalf of a company that carries their message to a specific audience. And that is what you are seeing everywhere, the CO network as I call it, much of it is in disguise, pretending to be alternative and its all propaganda and as I show in the video, its all pushing the same agenda and getting you to focus on the same subjects, characters and plotlines…..

      As for the rest of what your saying,, well your not really saying anything, ‘I’m not thinking out of the box’, ‘you are wrong’ these are vacuous meaningless cliche’s, your not giving any examples to back up what your trying to say. it a bit boring to come on here and say I don’t agree with you, and not give a reason. Your not even explaining what you even disagree with. Kinda pointless, if you leave links in your posts they will need to be moderated first, plus if your posts are that of a shillhawk (just hawking shills promoting shills on here), then your post will be gone.

      • Hugo just look at their username there is 666 in it. Trying to disguise it by putting a 5 in the middle…laughable.

    • Karen it might be wordpress deleting comments and not hugo. all the kosher owned media does this in my experience and they do it to my sites also.

  33. Hi Hugo!
    I don’t watch tv at all and I’m not interested in watching the news these days but I need to rely on the Internet, because it’s the only way to communicate with my relatives, especially with those, who are abroad!..And I must say, it is very interesting to know about the King James’s Bible, even though I do not have any faith.. At the moment.. I don’t want to say religion because I’m never going to be religious.. Or the sektant.. I’m not against of the any of the religions, as long, as it is not hurting me or other vulnerable people…

  34. In the Bible, the eye often seems to be linked with deception while the ear is linked to salvation. For example, Genesis 3:6:

    And when the woman SAW that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the EYES and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

    Compare to Revelation 2 and 3 where the injunction is repeatedly given:

    He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

    There is a saying that “seeing is believing” and people seem to immediately believe what they see. But when you hear something, you think about it and try to decide whether it is true or not. This makes television and the other visual media the greatest Weapons of Mass Deception ever devised. Computer graphics have advanced to the state that you cannot believe anything you see on an electronic screen.

    It is interesting that Thomas Edison, inventor of the phonograph and motion pictures, which were first steps on the road to television was a member of the occult, Lucifer-worshipping Theosophical Society. Maybe some of his many ideas were placed in his head by someone or some thing with an agenda. Come to think of it, Edison also discovered the “Edison Effect” which was the basis for vacuum tubes which were the forerunners of transistors.

      • Tesla was a Christian so I know why you hate them. Tell us about brit milah or metzitzah b’peh
        where the talmudic rabbi sticks the babies penis in his mouth at circumcision to suck the blood. Like we should listen to rabbis and jews who do this? This is real thing everyone look it up. maybe they trained the vatican priests?

        oh and guess what what kosher tribe owns the media
        so you never hear about this sick practice.
        these want us to believe this tribe is the “chosen” people.
        chosen for what is the real question.

      • I bet your rabbi told you to say that – Tell us about brit milah or metzitzah b’peh where the talmudic rabbi sticks the babies penis in his mouth at circumcision to suck the blood. Like we should listen to rabbis and jews who do this? This is real thing everyone look it up. maybe they trained the pedo vatican priests?
        oh and guess what what kosher tribe owns the media. so you never hear about this sick practice.
        these want us to believe this tribe is the “chosen” people. chosen for what is the real question.

    • I will give You what no Angel’s eye has seen, nor ear of any Archon has heard…¶…And when we had heard these words, we became glad, for we had been grieved at the words we have mentioned before. But when he saw us rejoicing, he said, “Woe to you who lack an advocate! Woe to you who stand in need of grace! Blessed will they be who have spoken out and obtained grace for themselves. Liken yourselves to foreigners; of what sort are they in the eyes of your city? Why are you disturbed when you cast yourselves away of your own accord and separate yourselves from your city? Why do you abandon your dwelling place of your own accord, making it ready for those who want to dwell in it? O you outcasts and fugitives, woe to you, for you will be caught! Or do you perhaps think that the Father is a lover of mankind, or that he is won over without prayers, or that he grants remission to one on another’s behalf, or that he bears with one who asks? – For he knows the desire, and also what it is that the flesh needs! – (Or do you think) that it is not this (flesh) that desires the soul? For without the soul, the body does not sin, just as the soul is not saved without the spirit. But if the soul is saved (when it is) without evil, and the spirit is also saved, then the body becomes free from sin. For it is the spirit that raises the soul, but the body that kills it; that is, it is it (the soul) which kills itself. Verily, I say unto you, he will not forgive the soul the sin by any means, nor the flesh the guilt; for none of those who have worn the flesh will be saved. For do you think that many have found the kingdom of heaven? Blessed is he who has seen himself as a fourth one in heaven!”

      When we heard these words, we were distressed. But when he saw that we were distressed, he said, “For this cause I tell you this, that you may know yourselves. For the kingdom of heaven is like an ear of grain after it had sprouted in a field. And when it had ripened, it scattered its fruit and again filled the field with ears for another year. You also, hasten to reap an ear of life for yourselves, that you may be filled with the kingdom!”

      “And as long as I am with you, give heed to me, and obey me; but when I depart from you, remember me. And remember me because when I was with you, you did not know me. Blessed will they be who have known me; woe to those who have heard and have not believed! Blessed will they be who have not seen, yet have believed!” …-…sometimes…NOT “seeing” is believing…-Peace on Firm(not “flat” Earth -the apostle john

    • ‘There is a saying that “seeing is believing” and people seem to immediately believe what they see.’

      After Jesus’ resurrection, He appeared to His disciples, but Thomas was not with them at the time, so he did not believe that Jesus had risen. When Thomas did eventually see Jesus, Jesus said the following to Thomas:

      John 20: 27-29
      27 Then saith He to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing.

      28 And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God.

      29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

      What is faith?
      Hebrews 11:1
      Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

  35. I agree its all controlled but I do rekon the demons in flesh suits use the “alternate” medean whores as a way to guage herd opinion..because without herd support they are nothing..hence forth I do enjoy leaving ultra salty and sarcastic comments on platforms such as bitchyte.shredding the whore media narrative..but I do completely agree that the only path is with the Lord and I read the KJV daily as it is definitely a living book crammed with knowledge, understanding and wisdom

    • Oh Frank!…are You sure?…or did “someone” else tell You the King James(Demonologist) is “Holy”?…¶…”They are a type of the twelve disciples and the twelve pairs, […] Achamoth, which is translated ‘Sophia’. And who I myself am, (and) who the imperishable Sophia (is) through whom you will be redeemed, and (who are) all the sons of Him-who-is – these things they have known and have hidden within them. You are to hide within you, and you are to keep silence. But you are to reveal them to Addai. When you depart, immediately war will be made with this land. Weep, then, for him who dwells in Jerusalem. But let Addai take these things to heart. In the tenth year let Addai sit and write them down. And when he writes them down […] and they are to give them […] he has the […] he is called Levi. Then he is to bring […] word […] from what I said earlier […] a woman […] Jerusalem in her […] and he begets two sons through her. They are to inherit these things and the understanding of him who […] exalts. And they are to receive […] through him from his intellect. Now, the younger of them is greater. And may these things remain hidden in him until he comes to the age of seventeen years […] beginning […] through them. They will pursue him exceedingly, since they are from his […] companions. He will be proclaimed through them, and they will proclaim this word. Then he will become a seed of […].”

      James said, “I am satisfied […] and they are […] my soul. Yet another thing I ask of you: who are the seven women who have been your disciples? …Oh Ye of little Faith!!!

  36. I’ve always considered the mainstream media as a product of the Freemason news outlets, I believe those apron wearers detest us and lying is an accomplished art to them, if we are to be set free from all this deception it won’t come from human hands.

    All I see is the veil is being lifted and people have no trust in any media outlet.

    I won’t attack a person on this platform for warning me what’s coming our way, so thanks Hugo for sharing your thoughts.

  37. one red tulip so far. and it got hot yesterday so the petals already drooped down. my neigbor is struggling with mother in law issues. I can relate. tonight we are going to bbq deer and antelope steaks. i am trying to talk nicely with my sister via email who i got in a ton of fights with over biblical issues over the last 3 years. I want to love everyone and be Christ like, I still also want to stand up for the truth and then the naughty Katie part of me wants to bash democrats and tucker type people would feed that dog. so that is my battle, this inner tension of being on God’s side and having to go about it God’s way (the cross)…trusting God. So this websight is a god-send for me to be like therapy to wean me off media that makes me a hater insted of a a lover of souls. as always thank you for listening…..

  38. Hugo, for your information, Rumble is no longer available in France due to the French government’s request to drop some of their content providers, which they refused to do.

  39. Humans need an answer ,a saviour and so they continue as they always have looking for the reason.
    Perhaps we are born just to live and die just like All life on earth with no answer and no reasons.Hugo,a logical person seems to have gone down a very old rabbit hole, The Bible ,a combination of scripture? used for many years to control, can we really trust this created by man, that’s a fact and always used to keep the human race in line ,that’s a fact.
    If you want tobe saved that’s great but saved for what and WHY..

    • All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 2 Timothy

      Inspiration of God….The word translated as “inspired” literally means “God-breathed,”
      Your belief in this is based on faith,
      faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
      Without faith you are faithless (not adhering to allegiance, promises, vows, or duty: not trustworthy; unreliable.)

      profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
      Which means “useful or beneficial, promoting or enhancing well-being.” Its advice you can accept or ignore.

      • …¶…What, then, is the Resurrection? It is always the disclosure of those who have risen. For if you remember reading in the Gospel that Elijah appeared and Moses with him, do not think the Resurrection is an illusion. It is no illusion, but it is truth! Indeed, it is more fitting to say the world is an illusion, rather than the Resurrection which has come into being through our Lord the Savior, Jesus Christ.

        But what am I telling you now? Those who are living shall die. How do they live in an illusion? The rich have become poor, and the kings have been overthrown. Everything is prone to change. The world is an illusion! – lest, indeed, I rail at things to excess!

        But the Resurrection does not have this aforesaid character, for it is the truth which stands firm. It is the revelation of what is, and the transformation of things, and a transition into newness. For imperishability descends upon the perishable; the light flows down upon the darkness, swallowing it up; and the Pleroma fills up the deficiency. These are the symbols and the images of the Resurrection. He it is who makes the good.”…remember also ‘It’ is written somewhere that if You experience the first Resurrection…the second Death has NO “power” over You

    • Mullins was an excellent author and Germany burned his book (first since the Hitler era) on the Federal Reserve Bank and who was behind it

  40. But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

  41. Food for thought.

    Isaiah 40:21-22

    21 Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth?

    22 It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in.

  42. Hugo the bible was only allowed to keep what the vatican allowed mich was kept out. Much of what was written was also coded for the generation today. Ihave followed you through these years when we had the great deception of the vaccine where half of the worlds population would have disabilites ir death. The world leaders and Religious leaders knew about these earth affects that will be an eventual survival of a few and they have planned to control the few left and those that escaped taking the jab through faith and as what we call divine intervention from God who sent many dreams to many of the people that this was coming and not to take this. The greater deception is the hiding of the events that the world will see and that you being younger will witness. You have called out the lies that has been constructed to force people to obey their rules because they fear the wrath of the people they bend laws and encourage immorality as though they are giving a last meal to those in death row.
    I have followed a site for many years and it is only recently that I have noticed the change where the speaker has become more in tune with his spiritualalty., as I was expecting this to happen having worked in Gov in science. There were always anomalies that could only be a higher being in control and that being the creator God. The recent last videos of his are really worth watching and you need to prepare for you and your family for an event that may come sooner than later. He knows too that what the bible has spoken of in Revelation although coded answers the affects that will hit the earth. So far the events of the changes to the earth are correct in line with what has been recorded in Revelation. These lies from MSM with all that is happening as you have called out many and got many questioning too. This is what the governments have been hiding from the public for fear of panic also. It worth just looking at a few of his videos and is also being watched by UK collumn.
    Looking at the whole picture. The site is
    God be with you and keep these videos going exposing their inconsistancies.

  43. C-11 was recently passed in Canada. (Internet censorship bill) Though we know algorithms have been guiding web searches/blocking info.
    So every single DARPA-net site has been guiding you, based on many factors. (U.S.A.- D.O.D.) Psy-ops.

    I don’t watch much. Last year I had the opportunity to spend a month away from the internet, and MSM. The Ukraine war started, all kinds of thing’s happened. But I was happy, in the families 100 year old, riverside fishing cabin. Fixing things/painting, and taking long walks. (Plumbing, Propane stove and electric light have been added over the years. No cell, no internet. No garbage pick-up or road clearing! [Though trash/road’s are in the yearly property taxes?])

    Tucker Carlson is the son of an Alphabet agent? Is he not? Fox is owned by media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch. Duh?

    The “Agenda” is complex and has been ongoing since before I was born. Including this and more (the attack on female roles, abortion, and destruction of family values.) 60’s revolution resulted in a lot. 80’s Women in the workplace and divorce normalized. 90’s-00’s E.S.P. psychic’s/ghost’s, past-lives, Homo-normative in TV… 2010+ T.V./Media, full-blown Satanic worship in all media types, LGBTR2D2+, Pedophilia becoming normalized.

    With regard to Carlson, and the “Pro-Christian” view he espouses. Mixed with some media attention about a crime/criminal charges.
    Polarizes the public more.

    Christian’s could learn a lot from Proverbs 26:17-19 (I Know I always do.)
    “Whoever meddles in a quarrel not his own is like one who takes a passing dog by the ears.”

    Romans 12:2 “do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.
    do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

    Tim Leary, the LSD goof said “Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.” … “Tune out of the world, Tune into God, Praise God for all His creation.”

    • Somehow I quoted Romans twice there. Oh well, it applies to the video entirely.
      Must have hit ctrl+v twice.

    • I should also mention. I’m not promoting Tim Leary. Some people jump onto one thing…
      I’m changing his famous quote from (Take drugs, sync with spirit’s, lose your soul.)
      To “Tune out of the world, seek/find God, Praise God/Find Peace.”

      • OK. Sorry, to be clear, I don’t think taking drug’s makes you lose your soul.
        There’s a better word than exaggerating. I’m serious, but it’s not black or white.
        I think you can lose your soul taking drugs. Or “Sear you mind” ?

        But Romans 8:38-39 says: “For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

        You shouldn’t do drugs, 1st Peter 1:13 “Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”
        Or have tattoo’s. (Marking on the skin, Leviticus 19:28) Maybe piercing’s?
        I don’t think it’s a salvation issue. Look at all the converts who are in prison.
        After reading the scripture, I won’t. Anyway, I hope that’s clearer? Or provided clarity to the comment’s.

  44. Hugo I appreciate and enjoy your videos, thank you! Just one thing in this video you mention the first photograph in the context of introducing elektricity to the public but please note that at that time photography was a completely chemical process, they even used combustible chemicals to produce flash light. No elektricity needed, not even to transfer negatives into a positive image. Sorry for being pedantic carry on.

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