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30 Comments on “BLUE TICK FOOLS / Hugo Talks

  1. Thank u for that Hugo I’ve just been back on Internet and makes me depressed looking at what people moaning and so easy to get back into it I am coming back of it God bless you Hugo 🙏

  2. It is like walking into a Las Vegas casino foyer. The star attractions that they want the guests to play get prominent placement. Whilst all the regular machines get pushed to the back and down the corridors. But you have to remember that the casino is still owned by the cartel and everything is still a game. Their game , their rules.

  3. I think it is a cesspit to be honest, I was kicked off many times for my views, but I only go on to see what’s happening, and who or what is the current propaganda, S i gave up msm and tv years ago! I think he’s doing this because as well because twitter has apparently lost 50% of its value since he took over … not good for his bank balance lol! Either way, I couldn’t care less, it promotes nothing but lies. The modicum of truth people like us would put on there will disappear again I guess, because the truth will be demoted by paid propagandists!

  4. Oh how the internet has very sadly changed. I remember a time when if you wanted to get noticed you could learn Search Engine Optimization – if you had the persistance – to beef up your chances. And you could also search for anything and find some real hidden gems. It was an active and in some instances a very social place. And then ‘They’ f***ed it. They are so obsessed with power. But, look at them, who would want to be anything like any of them?? I feel many of us have already stated to slide away from it: It’s no longer the same as it once was.

  5. I rekon you have totally nailed it..its become just bubblegum for the eyes..I’me going to focus on working on my veggie garden skills

  6. I use Twitter to contact companies with dreadful customer service, it’s worth keeping for this alone

  7. My comments are always shadow banned on yt now. It’s frustrating. I feel they are flagging yt accounts (who are spot on) and can now censor live chat comments as well. I’ll take the censor as me being close to truth and double down on sharing that info. Lol

    I wrote this on your yt post: Spot on Hugo! Lotsa “fake bans” from CO’s. I feel your frustration as have many of us who’ve tried exposing them yet get shadow banned, accounts terminated, gang stalked etc.

    The irony is they believe they’re “enlightened.” Lol Sure. When you censor, lie, manipulate, hide knowledge and silence those who are onto you, that is not enlightened. It’s parasitic thievery.

    The CO’s are easy to recognize now. They do tend to all release info at same time usually dividing us with something. Right/left, black/white, rich/poor, old/young, Christians/Muslim, lgbt etc to get a rise out of Christians especially.

    Sadly, too many fall for it. Also many Christians who need to heal from things and not be so hate filled.“False Christians” if you will. Hate the sin love the sinner. More should ask “What would Jesus do?”

    The cult loooves when Christians say hateful things pushing more away from Christianity. I was one who was turned off but now I’m a newer follower of the way.

    Of course there’s also the plethora of nwo fake profiles pretending to be rabid Christians or whatever to make it appear so many Christians are intolerant etc. It’s been interesting to watch all of this unfold. Jesus is the way the truth the life. Ty for your courage and truth. Hugo.

    • Another thing I’ve noticed recently are comments that I cannot see, on my videos, but if I’m logged into a different account, then I can see these comments, interestingly enough they are comments that are usually shillhawks (plugging / hawking a shill channel) spamming another video attempting to direct the audience away.

  8. Get yourselves on Gab, Gettr, Mewe and Mastodon social media apps, rather than stay on Twitter, if this charade carries on any longer folks! Thanks for your interesting videos Hugo and all the very best wishes. 😇🙏

    • I’ve got accounts on Gab and Gettr, both useless, once again all you see are the same people being pushed.

  9. Exactly as you say, Hugo. I watched some of your latest video on YT, and there on the right-hand-side, for me to watch next, were two videos by ‘Doctor’ Campbell, the bastard. The man who pushed The Shot, and is really a nurse. I came straight out of it. Just as an aside, has anyone noticed the number of young people struggling around using a stick? Not good at all.

  10. it’s all so rigged. The bible is so much more interesting. and so relevent. we are in Jeremiah now in my Bible study called BSF. my husband and i are in Luke, reading thru the NT together. I also do the OT and am in Judges. At turch we have been in James but for Easter switched to John or something. It’s all good. I love the Bible, it is the word of God. Even if you are in a cult the whole overall story of the Bible STILL rings out that Jesus Saves and the Holy Spirit gives witness to that…hard to really get around it honestly…. We are all sinners in need of our Savior and He is the only one. Praise God!!! I just went and had lunch with some buddies at an old folks home and they make you sign in on this kiosk that takes your temp and blah blah blah for covid. It will never end. The mark will make all this so much more convenient no more boring typing in your phone number and stuff, just scan the forhead with the old temp scanners already all set up. or the palm scan. Like anyone would go visit people at an old folks home if they were sick!!! or if they were, like they’d answer the nosy questions honestly. I guess at least we are allowed in to hug our loved ones. Can be thankful for that. And the sunshine. It’s a lovely chilly sunny day here in NW montana. Drinking tea, watching HUGOTALKS, it’s the life. God bless!!!! xoxo

  11. john “according to the data”campbell is a fraud ,and all the mrna filled muppets believe his shite ,and to think he has been educating nurses for decades… o wow o wow!

    • His account on YT made over £million, he’s a shill, just like Brand and all the others! It’s just £ ker-ching £ to them!

  12. Elon’s name when he was born was El Elyon “God Most High” and it changed over time to Elon…. Look into his babysitter “Shalom Girl” on YT.

    • Nah its an identikit platform of all the other alternative sites, same content same people, same faces all over it.

    • Yes, Brighteon is about the only one now, but one cannot share anything from there as it is immediately blocked

  13. There’s Brighteon, but you cannot share ANYTHING at all from that platform, I have tried on Facebook and Twitter and it is immediately rejected. I guess its because its the only TURTH platform left, and they can’t have that.

  14. A lot of people are stopping consuming youtube and mainstream news etc. As you well know. Thanks for all your hard work Hugo. I have a question. Where did everyone go? I mean rent and mortgage going up. Workers shortage housing shortage. The story doesn’t add up am I missing something.

  15. Hi Hugo, I know you don’t know me, but I wanted you to know that I just took a full 10 day holiday from all media…phone, internet – the works. It can be done!. I return to watch a video clip on bit chute (I know) and at the end it suggested I watch the entire video on YT. Another one, a meme, or possibly a South Park thing, was clearly inferring white privilege in the form of answering a game show question. Bit Chute was the first alternative that I discovered, but over time I find myself shutting off video after video as just old news, or find myself wondering why they are promoting bitcoin or other products we should not consider. I will probably still use BC to stay somewhat current while using a strong elixir of DISCERNMENT! Thanks for your ongoing insights. By the way emails from you direct me to YT, but I always check your channel directly.

  16. Totally off-topic, but it really pissed me off: When I went to EBay, The British Red Cross were touting for money. I couldn’t remember if they were involved with the jabs, so I looked at their website. They are even pushing jabs for pregnant women, even NOW, when we know what the jabs are doing. I may email them when I can collect my wits!

  17. Hi Everyone – Thanks Hugo.
    Great video sir.

    I have never had a twitter account & I don’t do social media either, no tv.

    A much more effective
    & peaceful life without thank you very much lol.

    I have though
    over the last 3 years while this Insanity has been going on around us, found channels I now talk with on our own platforms as this like Hugo.

    Hope everyone is doing well and yourself Hugo.

    All the best.

  18. Lamentations is being repeated . Only this time it will be completed . Wormwood will befall those that didn’t repent . Verses 3:12 and 3:13 are your go to in order to understand the jib jab , vaccine angle program …

    • Wormwood was Chernobyl. (another faked event- Chernobyl village was originally titled Wormwood)
      Revelation is NOT God’s word, it’s their playbook. As in, Rev 9,11.

  19. Your spot on as usual Hugo, I only watch your vids on this site, never on social media channels.

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