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236 Comments on “Dr Aseem Malhotra & Dr John Campbell / Hugo Talks

  1. He’s trying to save his arse, remember no mercy on these monsters when the truth is laid out bare for all to see.

    • The only name that suits these doctors is Dr Mengeles. Despicable. How can you be a doctor and recommend something that has no safety data !!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine you are the most annoying individual trolling this website. Are you gonna soon tell us that the WW didn’t happen? Since you are so equipped with knowledge- tell me about suffering and mass murder of Eastern Orthodox Christians the WWII , in Europe? Was that a lie too?

      • @Saaaaa What have your silly emotional irrelevant questions got to do with my comment? Here’s another: are you an unthinking blind believer in Victor’s History BS?

        “The victor will never be asked if he told The Truth” — Adolf Hitler

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine trolls! They respond as soon someone writes a single letter! Your response is again whole lot of garbage. And total utter nonsense. Your entire show on this website is simply that. My question is more than relevant to your empathetic and pathetic comment. And my history based on my personal ancestral story not some rubbish you write about hoping to come across as an intelligent individual. And I personally believe you should go and seek help ASAP. Hugo should have blocked your abusive and bullying content long ago.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine your ‘OP’? Hilarious! You are not even aware that you attached yourself to my comment. Thank you v much! An argument with a Mengele’s and Hitlers admirer? No freaking way!!! Drown in your sickness. But You should be accountable for your twisted statments. A denier of a slaughter of millions and millions of people. Psychopathic. Hope you get better soon 👋

      • @Saaaaa My OP to you.

        1) Now tell me how much research you have done into REAL WW2 history?

        2) Tell me what you know about pre war Germany under the Jewish controlled Weimar Republic where Germans were unemployed and starving in their millions?

        3) Tell me what you know about the Transfer Agreement or The Danzig Corridor?

        4) Tell me what you know about Roosevelt’s manipulation of The Poles in the run up to WW2, or how he was developing a war psychosis in the minds of the American people?

        5) Tell me what you know about the Polish war monger Marshal Edward Śmigły-Rydz?

        6) Tell me what you know about Churchill’s deliberate bombing of civilian targets in Berlin in August 1940 thereby provoking Hitler to retaliate and bringing on The Blitz.

        7) Tell me what you know about The Jews declaring financial and commercial war on Germany in 1933?

        An educational video for you, just to get you started: SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 https://archive.org/details/six-million-jews-1915-1938-hd

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine yet Another attempt to downplay others and make yourself look superior. Take ‘your’ history and preach it to your own followers. Your entire aim on this website whilst glorifying Nazism due to your own historical “understanding”.

        I have been lucky not to live through such atrocities but know it first hand through my Gran’s personal tragic ww story so I do not need your stupid history teaching. And you would never ever want to hear such harrowing stories and real life tragedies that never ever heal!!!

        Here is something you go educate yourself on , factual, documented (Concentration Camp Stara Gradiska, Croatia. And Jasenovac , Croatia) then talk about WW facts!!! Go and take a good look at those photos and REAL facts and see if you can again glorify and justify it. Then just be ashamed of yourself because you actually know nothing. Nothing. At. All.

      • @Saaaaa, Not an argument, and not a single answer to any of my questions, just a mere silly emotional infantile protest, and very ignorant as well. And what atrocities are these that you’re referring to? No doubt you learned all about them on the tel-a-lievision and in media whore rags.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine ‘atrocities’ is a non existing word in a vocabulary of a psychopath. You can wipe your bo**om with your sick history knowledge and murder justifying ideology. As far as I am concerned you can go to hell because you belong there with your sick mind.

        But before I go I will respond to @Hugo re your extreme content propagation, because it’s the only thing you talk about here and if he doesn’t respond to it I will report this channel all together. People like you should be held accountable for their murder glorifying content.

      • @Saaaaa, Here’s a non-existent atrocity for you: “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But: without Jews there would have been no Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957”

        — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      • @SAAAA.
        Someone finally sees this troll (thetruthnotdoctrine) for what he is. Thank you

      • @Chaplain Bob Walker – @houstontexans2015fan – @Thewholeworldisdecieved – The Antifa libtard Cultural Jew Marxist posing as a Christian!

        It’s only gaslighting trolls, Judaisers and liars that call me a troll! Really convincing! ROTFL

      • @thewholeworldisdecieved we know Trolls are best ignored.. but this one is a serious case. A fanatical egoistic psychopath with no respect for life and open murder glorifying tendencies. Trolling this site under every single upload with twisted sickening hatred. Claims the knowledge, yet doesn’t know fundamental fact that Russians ARE The Eastern Orthodox Christians.. His hatred for Jewish people blinds him so much that he believes everyone who disagrees with his narrative must be Jewish and should be treated like dirt. Acts as if no real people of many origins suffered unimaginable losses through sickening abuse and practices which only a psychopathic mind like his can support. A human with a heart and soul can not. Killer glorifying evils like this one are a danger to people and societies and should be accountable for their statements.

      • I am the only one other than someone named Loccie that has challenged his pure wickedness. I really feel sorry for him to be quite honest. He is lost

      • @Saaaaa, Yet another Cultural Jew Marxist traitor, and this will definitely make your day LOL.

        The Jews: Who Are The Jews?

        1) We are Satan’s Serpent Seed from The Garden = Hamitic Canaanites, not Semitic Israelites
        2) We are the lying scam that is anti-Semitism
        3) We are Bolshevik Marxism (Judaism or Communism)
        4) We are the lying money making scam and Industry that is The Holocaust
        5) We were behind The Subversive Frankfurt School
        6) We are behind Cultural Marxism = Critical Theory = Political Correctness
        7) We are behind White Genocide
        8) We are behind the LGBT agenda
        9) We are behind Radical Feminism
        10) We are behind Multiculturalism except in Israel!
        11) We are anti-Christianity – the Christ killers
        12) We are behind a One World Government
        13) We are behind “Divide and Conquer”
        14) We are behind The Greater Israel Project and Balkanisation of Arab nation states
        15) We are the race baiter and slave trader
        16) We are censorship of Free Speech = Anti-First Amendment in the USA
        17) We are Internationalism (globalism) and hate YOUR nation
        18) We are a Dual Citizen with no loyalty to your nation
        19) We are the reason your daughter has low self esteem and desperately dresses like a whore.
        20) We are the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
        21) We are Usury, Fractional Reserve Banking, World Currency and Fiat DEBT Money = CREDIT.
        22) We are AIPAC, NareBLA, ACLU, The ADL, NAACP, The SPLC
        23) We are the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, tabloid journalism, and pornography
        24) We are the Corrupt Judicial System that frees the guilty and imprisons the innocent
        25) We will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
        26) We are your last, your current and your next war
        27) We are anti-gun = Anti 2nd Amendment in The USA
        28) We are open borders, except in Israel!
        29) We are Eminent Domain = the theft of your land and property via the thieving mortgage scam and foreclosures.
        30) We are the Military Industrial Complex
        31) We are an Unregulated Nuclear State
        32) We are International Terrorism (The Destroyers) = Hamas, The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh and White Helmets
        33) We are the re-writer of history to our advantage
        34) We are “war by way of deception”
        35) We are the Aggressor yet ALWAYS the Victim
        36) We are the Eternal Radical.
        37) We are anti-Monarchy and destroy Monarchies.
        38) We are The Unlawful Rogue State of Israel
        39) We are born liars and are insulted by The Truth.
        40) We are the purveyors of the Noahide Laws = beheading anyone claiming Jesus Christ as God.

        Who are we? “The Jews, you silly duped goy slaves!!!

      • @ thewholeworldisdecieved I totally agree with you. One can only pity him. Must be a sad sad existence. And a big job too – trolling under every single post!! I don’t think I ever visited the site (and I don’t do it too often) without noticing his droppings all over. It very well explains the state of mind!!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine “They” could be all that you have listed and more.. but what are you gonna do about it? More so – what have you DONE about it? Apart from Barking at hugo talks site, spreading hatred at ordinary people – absolutely nothing!!! “Their” agendas are being implemented , slowly but surely. By the look of it you accepted to live in ‘their’ societies!! Go ‘hit the snake on the head’ and deal with the perpetrators directly- why don’t you? Not ordinary folks!! You are barking at the wrong tree! According to you ‘they’ are operating since forever.. and haven’t stopped.. and most probably wont stop. So what does it tell you?

        But here is an important point. You are no different to ‘them’. You actually ARE them. Just wrapped in a different “shiny paper”. Evil is evil whatever you want to call it. And this Earth and this Earthly experience would be the most beautiful without ‘you’ and ‘them’. But since that is wishful thinking , we can only hope and pray that the end judgement is the right one. 🙏🏻

      • @Saaaa “But here is an important point. You are no different to ‘them’. You actually ARE them.”

        How does my exposing them make me them and/or no different from them? What kind of twisted, evil, satanic thinking is that – you have a vile treacherous mind?

        You and that low life, scum bag, traitor filth that has been poisoning Hugo Talks threads recently are mentally sick, and the pit of hell is your destiny unless you both change your thinking.

      • @Saaaa..
        I have gotten to the point where its pointless to argue with him. He is pure evil. And to be honest he is plant. He is here for one reason. To sow division. His job is like all the plants. Its called divide and conquer. I trust no man. Not even Hugo. I have found not one person on any website or blog that can be trusted. Its does not take much to figure them out.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine Wow! ‘You’ EXPOSED ‘them’?! 👏 👏 And? What now? The world is going to be a better place because of it? I thought you said those powers operated the world wars? Where are we since? Decades and decades on.. Anything changed? ‘Oh well.. still Just here at Hugo’s site, back to square one!! But heyyyy this someone exposed them!!!!’ Again!! Oh just how revolutionary!! Now we can rest assured that since we know how the world operates AND this time the world will only be a better place’!! Definitely!! Bloody laughable!!!

        As for you not understanding how you are as same as ‘them’. Simple. Because ‘you’ are a stupid PAWN in the hands of ‘them’. And THAT is precisely what makes you as evil as them. If not even worse. Still don’t get it? I’ll break it down. …’they’ could not operate withaut ‘you’ and the likes of ‘you’. ‘You’ help them implement their agenda of hatred and devision spreading that ultimately leads to the murder of millions and millions of INNOCENT people. The key word here is INNOCENT. Yes. You. Stupid. Evil. Pawn.

      • @Saaaaa Since when has the dark enjoyed being exposed to The Light?

        I am here to do a job, and that job involves exposing those that REALLY govern this world and to teach people The Truth as to who they are. What they do with the knowledge is up to them. Knowledge is power in the right hands, but I am just a messenger for Yashua Messiah and awaiting His return.

        The only pawn here is YOU who has (((their))) zip across their mouth.

      • ‘You are teaching people’?! Wow! A Troll Preacher as a ‘teacher’ behind the keyboard! I said exactly that right at the beginning. What a benefit to the World!!
        And preaching what exactly? How it was ok to kill millions and millions of innocent people? And that they ‘deserved it’! Those who did it were not in wrong! That’s what you tried to teach me!!! I think you need to be thought something too. Your face pulled out from behind that screen , then we can see how your sickening lectures would go. It’s easy to be brave behind the screen!! All weak losers are!

        You? Light?! Oh God help me!! Maybe ‘you’ are a perfect light In Satans world. ‘They’ also represent themselves as light, you know. It’s a new thing in this new opposing world. Day is night..and night is day.. that sort of a thing.

        ‘You’ are the light that a normal person with peace and God’s love in heart and soul can and never will be! ❤️🙏🏻

        So twisted is the ‘Light’ nowadays that they do bad things in His name. But looks like the “God” you follow is not the same as mine. Mine doesn’t allow for killing of others.
        So sick and twisted are ‘you’ that you preach Bible on one side and glorify murder of the innocent people on the other. So big are people like yourself that ‘they’ (read ‘you’) believe that they are bigger than God Himself. Literally. Well. They are NOT. And His Judgement will come. So may He judge you, just as ‘you’ and your wicked, evil twisted spirit deserves.

      • @Saaaaa, Not my problem if you’re a stranger to The Truth. You’re just another lost and unsaved wretch or perhaps you’re a Jew – you seem to display all their venom and hatred for The Truth.

      • @Saaaa.
        Thank you again. I am glad to let someone else tackle this wicked monster.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine When you need to say anything other than list (copy and paste) bullet points or just spit under someone else’s comment, you are not very clever are you!

        Again , you are just proving what I said above. Who are you to decide on whether someone is lost or saved?!! Do you actually hear yourself? If you know anything about God you should know how to lower yourself when you talk about Him and His Laws. But you are a typical example of “Gods” walking this planet Earth and that is the precise reason we are where we are now!! But that should be sorted soon I am sure.

        And again , you are wrong. Your not so clever brain and hatred filled heart makes assumptions. And you are not only wrong but you are unbelievably sad too. To answer your question, no , I am not Jewish.

      • @Saaaaa I don’t need to be clever, The Father doesn’t call clever people. He has no need for them, for with their ‘cleverness’ comes conceit with their 2-bit intellectualism, their big heads, their big egos and big mouths spewing meaningless drivel and BS 24/7.

        I KNOW who is lost and who is saved, I can discern it Spiritually, and anyone not likeminded with me is lost, for I KNOW THE TRUTH, and I teach THE TRUTH nonstop everyday 365 days of the year.

        “and hatred filled heart makes assumptions.” You call it hatred because I oppose EVERYTHING you stand for, and represent and that’s your silly uncontrolled emotional response – in Truth and reality it means nothing, for it is founded upon lies and error – you’re no different from a BLM bot.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine I am glad you’ve admitted that you are not very clever. It is perfectly obvious. Because If you were you would have been able to interpret God’s message the right way!!!!

        ‘You call it hatred because I oppose EVERYTHING you stand for..’ Wrong! I couldn’t care less anyone opposing me but the trouble is you absolutely have no idea what I stand for!! You were only capable of guessing and assuming throughout. However, YOUR stance is very well documented above and, ‘I call it hatred’ because YOU GLORIFY THE MURDER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE. So stop simplifying your evilness!!! You glorify murder. Pure and simple. That is ‘you’.

        And btw, I know it may be strange to ‘you’ but humans actually have emotions. That in fact is the main difference between ‘you’ and I. I have heart and soul as opposed to ‘you’, dark, evil, satanic energy.

        Unintelligent brains tend to constantly contradict themselves in their statements. Mainly because they have nothing to say., so it’s totally pointless and bellow me to waste any more of my time on baseless and empty discussion with someone who is totally but totally CLUELESS. Thank you and goodbye!

        Btw It’s just the perfect Day for you tomorrow. You don’t even have to wear a costume!!! 👿👿🎃👿👿

      • @Saaaa. He will have the last word. He always does. I am thankful that someone else sees through his contradictions. I believe what he does is on purpose. The Bible tells us to love our enemies. And pray for them. Thats what I will do. And even if he says something to me I will let him have his last word. I found out it would be endless back and forth. He will drag you down. Not worth it.

      • @Saaaaa And which message is that?

        “you absolutely have no idea what I stand for!!” Oh yes I do – NOTHING! ZILCH! ZERO! is what you stand for, for you’re a bag of wind and a clanging cymbal.

        “YOU GLORIFY THE MURDER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.” Who says they were innocent? I’ll tell you – a carnal minded, dead from the knees up, dork called Saaaaa!

        I glorify EVERYTHING The Yahavah does, for I KNOW His ways and they’re NOT you’re ways!

      • @thewholeworldisdecieved Thank you! All the best to you and I must say I totally agree with your earlier statement that no human can be trusted. I trust my closest Family and His Devine spirit that warms my heart when I need it. ❤️🙏🏻 Powns like the one above can not bring me down. And he can have a last word. I have no problem with that. My life and time is more precious than wasting my time on a loser. He can drown in his own poison as far as I am concerned.

      • @Saaaa The poison is all yours and your allying yourself to a filthy Zionist ‘Christian’ scum bag traitor to the Semitic White peoples of this world, just confirms it. A man or woman is ALWAYS KNOWN by the company they keep!

      • @saaaa.
        Good luck to you on your journey. This site is pure evil. I am getting off of it. The satanic energy of the blog controllers is more than I can bare. Its sad that so many are being decieved.

    • Both of these guys are arrogant, unethical, paid pharma propaganda minions. They are scandalous & should not have a license. They make me sick! How could people be so evil. They are not heros but filthy snakes. I agree with you completely Hugo. Beyond fathomable 🤯🥶

  2. We all have to remember that more than a few were duped into accepting what the “high ups” in all areas ie clinics,Drs, CDC, who etc etc etc. Thankfully (although for some too late) people are seeing the results of the experimental injections

    • Whilst you are correct to highlight his shortcomings at the start. There is no excuse for recommending this jab without long term data. He has however been on the right side for over a year now and he is a voice that should be listened to. He hasn’t suddenly come to this conclusion it’s not a year and a half later.
      Please get you facts right.

  3. Suprise surprise Dr Campbell has just posted a video with his guest and on queue is none other than Dr Malhotra, you couldn’t make this shit up

    • “DR” Campbell’s comments, begging for another shot May 21st. ^^^ June 1st-3rd 2021. Right along with the global narrative.

    • Well, Turdeau. Unfortunately Canada is at the mercy of this guy. No matter how hard it is polished a Turd, still remains to be a TURD!

  4. Right on cue, Campbell releases a video WITH Malhotra, talking about the horrific cardiac effects like they are reading from a cereal packet, and not a single acknowledgement that they both pushed the jabs with ZERO data

    The worst bit is the comments…I absolutely despair…people calling them heroes!

    I’m sorry, but if I set fire to your house then belatedly decide to pull you out, I’m not a hero, I’m the bastard who set fire to your house and injured you FFS!

    Dare to point it out and you get “well they know better now, as new data has come to light, yada yada yada don’t be judgemental, yada yada yada”

    BS! As supposed men of science, they should have known better than to PUSH experimental concoctions…there were MANY Dr’s warning against this crap, THEY are the real heroes but who was listening???

    As far as I can see, Campbell and Malhotra haven’t ‘changed their minds’, they are playing their parts

    The rug pull is underway!

    • If there was a way to agree with you more, I would. They both deserve beheading, or the electric chair, or a firing squad, or something like that, for the egregious harm they have caused with their heinous recommendations to get injected with who knows what. Heroes my ass. Thank You, Eva777.

  5. Hugo, I didn’t get the jab and I’ve ended up with long covid. Explain that ?

    • Do YOU know how to truly test for Covid? Well, guess what? Neither does anybody else. You’ve simply allowed yourself to be hoodwinked into believing a lie. Wake up!

    • You didn’t get long Covid 19 because Covid ain’t real. Get a life

      • There is something there but why there’s some people suffering is because they are not being treated with Ivermectin.

      • @Muhammad

        Bull poop. It ain’t real

    • I’ll explain it for you: a) ‘Long covid’ doesn’t exist but you’ce convinced yourself that you have something. b) You got the jab and are now angryly regretful and want to blame people who give testemony of truth. c) You’re just a troll who makes up stuff to annoy and divert attention from the issue at hand.

      I hope this helps. Thank you and goodbye.

    • Hi, I’m not Hugo but I can answer your question, I do believe Covid 19 is real & I also believe that those who been affected by the Covid vaccines are real so we are either playing Russian Roulette with the virus or we are playing Russian Roulette with the vaccines, there is treatments for Covid 19 but it’s been blocked by the mainstream narrative & to talk about it you get silenced by the mainstream narrative, the treatment is called Ivermectin, check out: flccc.net
      If you are on telegram there’s a chat group called: Dirt Road Questions Chat. You can have a chat about your situation on the group. For your Covid 19 was you treated with Ivermectin?

      • @Muhammad Ali Eesaa, Unfortunately for you, but what you BELIEVE is an irrelevance. Viruses as contagions DO NOT EXIST. Viruses as poisons DO EXIST, and poisons have to be taken or administered – THEY CANNOT BE CAUGHT any more than scurvy (once thought to be contagious) can be caught!

        COV-YID is a Jewish hoax, just like the Holohoax.

      • There is One Million dollars up fro grabs for the first person who isolates and then presents that covid virus for authentication.
        So Far NO TAKERS!

    • Also I forgot to ask, how are you feeling now Gerard?

  6. ALL Dr’s sell their souls when, they get the big pharma vaccine inserts showing all the KNOWN side effects, and then DO NOT show the patient or their parents. This is why Autism has increased 1000 fold since 1988. I hope that when Jesus returns, they all go hang themselves, just like Judas did.

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