Tesco LOWERING Staff Wages / Hugo Talks

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250 Comments on “Tesco LOWERING Staff Wages / Hugo Talks

  1. But surely by telling them to stuff their jobs, that will give them what they want? Less staff, more reason to just automate? More reason to give a more impersonal ‘service’ and just take your money and run?

  2. Also, NEVER use automated tills, demand staff service. Whilst going through a regular till recently, I observed a queue of about 10 people WAITING to be able to just GET IN to the do it yourself area!I mean WHY? QUEUEING to serve yourself! 🤣🤣

  3. I did shelf stacking about 12yrs ago for tesco. For me it was only ever a job between jobs…

    The staff used to get a self serve buffet lunch for £1.32 with the food about to go out of date…

    I was stacking my plate to the rafters as i had a healthy appetite then being physically active in sports.

    The queue moving along right to left One is always looking left at what to select next… this short dumpy woman on my right chirps up and says to me, “That’s too much food it’s disgusting!”

    I looked at her plate with a piece of lettuce and a pea and replied, “Too much for who, you or me?!”

    Not that it matters but i would always clear my plate 95% at least… my dad was a war baby and always cleared his plate and so i grew up with stories of rationing and not being wasteful…

    I sit down with the other workers and notice miss dumpty numpty sit with the suits aka managers table and observed her nudging a female manager/manageress [I’m surprised they haven’t cancelled the word yet as it has man in it?! Lol] and nodding in my direction and like a flea in the woman’s ear clearly slagging me off…

    Next day same routine… yet this time i was intercepted mid queue by same aforementioned manageress and she said, “That’s too much food!”

    I said, ” Well how much is enough where are the portion sizes?

    To which she said, “You’ll just have to have less in future!” …in a loud authoritarian tone loud enough to ensure the whole canteen overheard her exercising her authority over me…

    So naturally i ensured all my replies were at the same volume in order that the rest of the staff could hear my reasoned responses…

    I replied to her, “Is that right?”

    She smugly replied, “Yes that’s right!” in a superior victorious tone…

    I said, (whilst thrusting the tray with my ample plate into her abdomen (not too hard on impact but it reached her quickly) which she naturally and instinctively grabed hold of both sides of the tray, at which moment before she had time to react) then you can keep your food and keep your job and walked out as cool as a cucumber and left without further notice!!

    On a side note….

    My uncle had a set of antique balance scales with brass weights… i took a 2g weight in one Thursday which in those days was late night shopping whereby they shut at 8pm…

    At around 7.50pm winding the clock down i went over to a checkout girl and asked if she could weigh it as i wanted to check if it still weighed the same or it had worn down over the 100+yrs…

    She obliged and weighed it on the till electronic scales and she even printed me the sticky ticket out…

    Guess how much it weighed?!…

    2.25g!!! Every little helps… who them or us?!

    The cynic in me would say that tescos and their ilk are operating bent uncalibrated scales in every store….

    Who would buy half a kilo of apples and go home and weigh them?!

    This if the case as i suspect would be contrary to the weights and measures act and they should be prosecuted accordingly…

    I wonder how much of a backhander the people get who’s job it is to both calibrate the scales and who checks the same?!

    I was going to embark on a mission to travel about the country and do my own checks but time and resource didn’t permit….

    Perhaps now with the internet people could do their own checks and post their findings on a social media page dedicated to the same?!

    • Hello James… That has to be one of the best messages I’ve ever read on here (and not religion based).
      You’re a legend. Well done. And I think jack Cohen who started tesco would be rolling in his grave, utterly appalled (my mum (when she was little) knew him with his fruit and veg ‘barrow in the 1920s in Hackney)

    • @James hi

      Really great comment. It was like reading a little exciting story.

      Cheers for that, it’s interesting how co workers need to poke they nose in in the 1st place.
      People have no manners.
      My family were grocery people so we used the old weight ways, it’s true, we are being under cut on near Everything!

      Have great day James thanks for great comment.

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