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63 Comments on “TEDDY BEAR HOSPITALS / Hugo Talks

  1. At first sight it seems like a load of tosh, but maybe you’ve got a point. If the powers that be want people to get used to the idea of mandated injections in the Brave New World that could be just round the corner, what better way than to soften them up to the idea when they’re young?

    • You have to ask yourself a common sense question like: are children truly  THAT scared of being on the hospital premises, that govs need to organise an international network of “Doll Hospitals” to address this matter? Are you aware of digital technology  dramatically affecting the brains of young children and teenagers’ to the point they will no longer be able to use associative thinking? Do you know that writing by hand less and less leads to some synapses being permanently damaged?…What about the whole children transgender agenda?… Otherwise, yes, it all seems like a ” load of tosh”…

    • “Mandated Injections” this will never happen as the kick back will be massive your forgetting the at what cost these last mandates . Never hit up the careers with that filth mrna when a 100k threatened to walk from their jobs.. Same with the Canadian truckers they never got the needles near them neither. When the kids get older they will be well aware as the parents who se clearly will teach them the phrase “over my dead body” and there’s if they dare forcibly needle anybody..

      • Well if they are indoctrinating children at such a young age enforceable jabs at the moment do seem unlikely as you said too many people will refuse and a mandate can’t be enforceable !!
        But when most are living in 15 min prison cities with a CBDC in use then our chances of jab refusal will be much harder, this is what bothers me. Fines will be directly taken from your digital money and when people are starving im sure most will comply and take the jab. Not sure how far in the future this is but I would rather live a nomadic lifestyle than be apart of these 15min prison cities.

  2. I’ve stopped receiving emails when you upload a new video FYI, might be worth checking if this is affecting all subscribers 

    • @Ljrosie, He’s changed the commenting format here and it’s all gone belly up since then – I e-mailed him about it as I was receiving no notifications from the comment replies, but he just ignored it and refused to reply. 
      Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to The Truth, thank you.

      • Yes, same problem. Before the blog changed, I would have the option to receive notification of new comments. That doesn’t happen anymore. I also tried the Login feature, but that doesn’t seem to work either. It’s taken me completely out of my routine.

    • I’m getting some notifications but not all.

      With regards to Teddy bears, I’m with my kiddies nearly all the time. We’ve always done Home education. We all have Teddy bears and love them.. They definitely AREN’T a substitute for me or to palm the kiddies off while I go off and do anything. Teds have actually helped us be creative and imaginative. Imaginative play is not lying. Maybe Lighten up “Hugo”. (sorry if that sounds like I’m being rude or bolshy. I’m not really)
      It’s not harming Anyone. But I guess I’m not putting my kiddies on the telly to tell stories. That’s different but it’s still play, surely? They are innocents.

      • Thinking about it, maybe the authorities are expecting the kiddies to be poorly after having jabs, so they’re desensitising the poor little mites, preparing them..
        But that theory doesn’t work as they’ve been doing these Teddy hospitals for 20years..
        Strange they can let student drs do this when there’s such a shortage of staff though, eh? 😉

  3. I never had a Teddy bear so I don’t  understand never heard of it before  

  4. Read Fr Athanasios Mitilinaios’ book series about Revelation. You have ALL the information about what is going today and what it’s leading towards. 

  5. I must have had an unusual childhood.  My mother was very matter-of-fact.  We never had teddy bears or dolls or dolls houses, etc.  We had educational toys like lego and mechano sets.  We never did any pretend play, only built things with lego and mechano sets.  We were told that there’s no such thing as Santa – that he’s a fabric of people’s imagination and not real.  Other children at school believed in Santa, the bogey man, the tooth fairy, elves and the like but not me.  My mother simply said “there’s no such thing” and all 7 of us believed her.  We were unafraid of the dark because we knew the bogey man didn’t exist.  Other children had nightmares after they had been read ghost stories, for example.  My siblings and I have never been afraid of the Dentist or Doctor.  If you tell children that something’s going to hurt, then it will.  It’s all conditioning of the mind.  I think you’re onto something here, Hugo.  I’m utterly disgusted that our hard-earned income tax is being wasted on clinics for teddy bears.  Everything costs money and tons of it is being wasted every day on sham schemes like this.  The day of reckoning will come one day and they will get their just deserts.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Hugo.  I’ve never heard of it before.

  6. Pathetic….you are 💯 correct..brainwashing seeds are being down…

  7. Yes Hugo you have a point.
    I caught polio from having the vaccine when I was 2 and subsequently had lots of failed operations basically ruined my life’s potentiality. Hospitals never really done me any favours.

  8. Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2023-01-28. Bundestag VP calls investigation jab deaths. Narrow-epitope viral evolution. QRC neutralize viral proteins (blog, gab, tweet).

  9. Hi Hugo, Oh my, you took me right back to my childhood and that’s a long way by the way. When I was a little girl there was whats called a dolls hospital, you could take your doll’s, teddies, etc to a place where if there was anything wrong with them, arm, leg, head come off you could have them fixed, not sure though if they charged for it though. Anyone else remember those?
    Very different from this I dare say, wich I think is very suspect to say the least.

    • Yes I recall there being one in London. I think Bethnal Green, East London. 

      • Yes, there was a doll’s hospital in South Wimbledon!
        Well, the State won’t be interfering at all in this way, once the NHS is completely destroyed, as they have planned. We’ll be fending for ourselves, bleeding to death, on our own kitchen tables being told what steps to take by a recorded message? Just a thought… perhaps this is priming kids to be ready to do their own ‘doctoring’, come the day?
        You pose some interesting questions here, Hugo… Personally, I find the whole Hospital Bear business sinister, especially, as you say, in the face of the current health service restrictions. The little girl ‘jabbing’ the poor bear with a needle was particularly disturbing!
        The cuddly Teddy Bear popularity came out of America, when Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear on a hunting trip in 1902… (sorry about this, I’m one of those sad ‘doll collectors’…). 

  10. Different. But at least it’s something abit upbeat compared to the doom and gloom that is (apparently) happening.

  11. Here’s what I noticed. In many scenes all the kids were lined up as though waiting for the jab. Getting them used to the cue. And they were all dressed the same… Same school? What else are they being taught.

  12. The best cures for ailments are Ayurvedic and come from God (Sri Krishna) in His incarnation of Sri Dhanvantari.  This Ayurvedic system is thousands of years old and begins with diet (as there are 3 main body types Piita (bile) Kapha (mucus) and Vayu (air))  So eating foods and following recipes created by a Kaviraja (Ayurvedic Doctor) always results in optimum health avoiding the need for intervention.
    Western “medicine” is alchemy and sorcery.  Medici (France: de Medici) are an Italian Illuminati Papist bloodline known for poisoning and murdering their opponants (St Bartholemews’ Day massacre).  Pharmacy is derived from Pharmakaeia meaning scorcery!  So these innocents are being brainwashed, seduced, and bewitched into thinking that vaccinations (and mask wearing) are good!  Nothing could be further from the truth!  The doco “The End Of Germ Theory” destroys this scorcery COMPLETELY!

  13. What I want to know is who is funding this?  We are having strikes due to the underfunding of the NHS so who exactly is funding this and at what cost?  I am sure the children will be in for a shock if they had to go to a real hospital!

    • Teachers strikes coming up! We have nurses and teachers living near us, and they certainly seem more affluent than we are. (But we have all we need, which is the main thing.)

  14. Sorry OT, but anyone in the UK had letters from there GP about reregistering? seems to be only unvaxxed getting em?

  15. It’s all programming to brainwash the children into relying on something that with a proper diet and nutrition, they will never need, unless they break a bone. Even cancer is curable, but not in toxic cancer industry hospitals where they treat it and then kill you.
    Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to The Truth, thank you.

  16. Teddy bears have been around since ‘Teddy Rosvelt’ (Edward). USA president. Teddy bears themselves are harmless cuddly animal substitutes Teddy bear/ doll hospitals have been around for many years. However THEY have been repair companies that will fix or mend an old , worn out , or valuable bear or doll. They are basically  repair companies that people may wish , or not to use. However, they are NOT in any resemblence to real hospitals, nor have they ever presented themselves as such. I think the subtle conditioning here is subconsciously familiarising children with ‘ authorities ‘ having the answers to sickness or illness. In a way its a form of grooming children for an unseen manipulation later on. Most likely  them seeing pokey poke as ok because  ‘ authorities ‘ say it is. Evil. 

    • Thank you for making that important distinction. It makes sense that a so-called teddy bear hospital would be there to repair toys, not what they’re now doing. The entire mainstream world, especially now that they are admittedly “all in this together”, totally creeps me out. I despise them and want nothing to do with them any longer! We must never forget that they are all accomplices in an ongoing worldwide mass murder operation. 

  17. BC (before covid) I might not have looked at this phenom in this light. But now for sure I am super suspicious of everything… sinful mankind, satan, the world system all combine so creeeepily to take any nice sweet thing and make it part of their sinister plan. But the joke is on them! Because of Romans 8:28 and the Joseph principle and God being in charge all beat the devil and redeem His children from all their sins. I went to this ladies ministry fair at my church yesterday and played along like, smile smile we have unity…but we don’t and won’t until Jesus separates the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats, etc etc. I am so thankful for having friends that are of the same mind. We don’t all see things the same way. I feel like Hugo does. I like to listen to Hal Lindsey. My husband and I are on the same page thank GOD!!!! Literally, Mathew 20. We read thru the OT last  year and are doing the NT this year. Our church has a good bible teacher but the ladies who run everything are such democrats! I just want to puke. My one smart friend and I just roll our eyes. She sends me the jeff childers coffee and covid stuff about how bad the vax is. Are we gonna one day realise it actually was good and it was a reverse reverse psychology mind warp all along?????? OH NOOOOOooooo jk. I hate shots and docters anyway. thanks for letting me rant.

  18. Anyone else find that they were no longer receiving notifications of new videos?

  19. Little girl “Doctor my Teddy is unwell, I think he has the Flu”
    Doctor “Don’t you mean Covid?”
    Little girl “Of course not silly! My Daddy works for Pfizer and he told me that Covid was all just pretend.
    Doctor “Nurse! Call social services, we’ve got another one”

  20. I notice there was no mention of children being afraid of hospitals and treatment due to their parents concerns which might be a major obstacle. So the state will replace the parents role ultimately. This is conditioning.  Youre bang on Hugo…its so creepy. I am noticing soft toys pretty much everywhere these days…

  21. speaking of lies, he also lies about chcickenpox being a contagious disease 

  22. Everything that happens in school is indoctrination. These children are being conditioned to accept medical/pharmaceutical intervention as a normal part of their existence. 

  23. Just heard, my friend’s childs Teddy recently suffered a mild case of Myocarditis – He couldn’t bear it…

  24. This is nuts! Ive never heard of a teddy hospital. Definitely conditioning the children . At this young age children use their imagination all the time and their consciousness has not fully developed. Children are still forming neural connections at this age of immense imagination . They actually perceive at the time that what they imagine as very real (up until age 6 or 7). I see this as serious after listening to this and thinking about it. And morbid!

  25. This is a form of subversion for kids making out that the mother and farther couldn’t possibly help teddy only the state, being the medical system, can save them. Apart from getting the kids to make up tall stories eg creative lies , Schools are noted for being First stage Programming… great insight fully video , never really thought about my Fluffy getting ill……;)

  26. My question is, a Teddy bear don’t have to wait to be seen, but real people do? Plus how has the hospitals got the time to pretend instead of attending to real people in need!?

  27. I think you are spot on Hugo. It is a psyop to also merge education and health care. In Scotland, huge community campuses have been built with schools and a GP Surgery under the same roof.
    Scottish schools are also trying to make a whole generation reliant upon the state for everything. We already have:
    School clothes grants
    Free school lunch for all ages up to 12 year olds by 2025 (currently free for up to ten years old)
    Free child care for thirty hours a week from age two onwards is already available
    Free public transport for all under 22 year olds started last year
    The list goes on.
    Education and teaching is now all about building relationships with children, which even surpasses the educational role of teachers.
    The Scottish government want children to be reliant upon the government for their mental health too.

  28. Namby-Pamby upbringings,do they do any good?they certainly turn you into a naive pratt and probably good little robots.

  29. It’s priming (as noted TOMETOYOU) and probably also a response to a general decline in hospital visits (lack of trust). I think it’s also a campaign to bring trust to drugs.

    Remember that for vaxxed people once most benefits of the so called “vaccine” have been debunked, have faded away their only “benefit” they could cling on was that the vax at least protects them from ending up in a hospital and as we know at the time for many hypochondriacs visiting a hospital it was a death sentence because (drugs and ventilators).

  30. There are layers upon layers of deception it seems, and the “Teddy Bear” hospitals is a very good example of how we are targeted at the earliest possible stage. The earlier we are lured into willingly replace reality with fantasy the better. Worst part here is how well meaning adults work together to knowingly deceive our children – there probably would not ba a teddy hospital without Santa Claus.

    Unfortunately the heavy layering of deception might go deeper still, and most will become very uncomfortable even to logically evaluate what i believe to be a very profound deception in favour of evolution, the invention of animal species – dead and alive.

    The most straightforward example here is of course the heavy merchandization of children to accompany literature, film and tv shows. If we were not indoctrinated at an early age most of us would probably question the existence of oversized animals such as Dinosaurs, but most will never even be able to ask themselves such a question, especially when having slept with a stuffed Brontosaurus for a decade.

    So the way out there layer of the teddy bear Psyop might be the fact the animal in question – the bear – is not actually an animal we can find in nature, at the least the biggest species like the Polar bear and the Grizzly bear – Ursus Horribilis – both discovered end of the 19th century despite literary “proof” and often falsified archeological records.

    What if the joke is on the adults pretending to treat artificial teddy bears, not knowing “real” bears are a joke too ?

    Animal Anomaly
    Shooting Teddybears (blog post)
    Bears Fear Well (blog post)

  31. Hugo, I so agree on this one. It’s creepy. The childrens first meeting with the healthcare system is by birth where the hospital way of the birth practice in it self is unnatural. Then the children get their vaccines. From my point of view the children need to form a «healthy» fear and scepticisme towards the healthcare system, learn to think for them selves. There is nothing natural about it or beeing in a hospital. And than you have the antibiotic resistant bacterias. There is no place on earth that you have more of them than in the hospitals. This teddy bear thing is an indoctrination.

  32. 100% brainwashing and totally staged! There HAS been teddy and toy hospitals for many years, where you can pop favourite beloved bears /toys to be refurbished and mended!
    But this is just utter nonsense.

  33. I’m still receiving notifications for your website Hugo

  34. Reminds me of the one Hugo did on the Irish Breakfast TV Show demonstrating how to fit a face covering on a doll to practise getting a nice tight fit on babies and demystify and normalize face masks on children. Appalling and deeply sinister, as is this waste of medical practitioners’ time and resources. I think medical staff are being made to keep their masks on so we won’t notice when they are robots. I missed two notifications Hugo but got the Tesco one, thanks. Also had an email from UK Power yesterday warning of imminent 3 hour power cuts…..

  35. I happen to work on paed ward regularly. Children’s stay is made as bearable as possible. They have individual TV sets, toys, array of food and most importantly parents can stay with them all the time on parents’ beds or in children’s hospital bed (if a child is not in a cot). What’s more important for a child than not to be able to stay with their parent (s). Maybe Teddy Bear hospital campaign is more appropriate in poor countries where they are deprived from their parents’ company
    Promotion of teddy bears hospital in West is a lot of tosh indeed.

  36. Never had any emails from you even though subscibed. I just look you up.

  37. Pro 20:11 KJV Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.

  38. I am waiting for a hospital appointment for 11 months….is that because they are seeing teddy bears?????

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