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197 Comments on “SLAVE MASK / Hugo Talks

  1. Well i would leave a comment if i could watch the bloody video it will not load/play

  2. Well, there must be a problem with the device you’re using @Joanne!

  3. Hugo they can shove their mask where the sun doesn’t shine, but I guess the sheeple have learned absolutely
    nothing over the past 2/ 3 years!

    • I get you don’t like the term ‘sheeple’ Hugo, the way I see Yes we are Yeshua’s sheep; those of us who follow Him that is, but the ‘le’ extension is a derogatory term for the masses who follow ‘ the darkness in the world’, ie the herd behavior of people easily controlled by a lying and dark governing power! I have no issue with being a sheep in the eyes of The Lord, but a sheeple is quite something else! I meant to wish you and all your good followers LOVE & HOPE in 2023 and whatever they throw at us, remember God will help you through if you ask! He amazes me how He helps me to fix things around the home. Talk to him through Jesus, give up your fears and worries to the Lord! God bless those who love Him, and prayers for those who don’t yet!

  4. Yeah nothing says “I’m a dumb fuck” like wearing a mask.

    I’m all for it tbh. Saves a lot of time and effort trying to figure out if someone is worth bothering with.

  5. Yes, Hugo, just as you said, it is a satanic ritual of compliance and control; but not for me, they can wear mine.

  6. Funny how everyone is now sick following a global roll out of untested experimental jabs, but as usual it’s nothing to do with the vaccine. They can bring in what they like I will never comply.

  7. Good common sense Hugo,degrees not needed to see through the B/S

  8. Can we organise a clap for the un vaccinated at 8pm on Thursdays please…

  9. I’m ashamed to say I went along with the mask bs originally. Not for long I give you, but I should never have gone along with it. Thankfully I didn’t make the same error with the clot shots. Anyone still buying any of this nonsense now, has gone full 1984 compliant.

  10. My answer next time someone asks me if I want a mask “No thanks I’ve already eaten”

    • I have seen an increase in mask wearing in Limerick since before Christmas, an old ghoul who lives a couple of doors from my home is driving in his car alone with a mask on, a truly thick cu#t.

  11. In April of 2020 I called it the “mask of the beast”. I was not wrong. The ONLY place I put one of those idiotic things on is when I go to the hospital for blood work every six months. I haven’t seen my doctor in the years that masks have been mandated. The blood work takes less than ten minutes.

    • I don’t even wear one when I have been for bloods. Am not asked either. If the nhs is forcing healthy people to wear masks for people with compromised immune systems like I was told they are then the system they are offering isnt fit for peoples care needs all round.

    • It made me chuckle that the comment with a swear word has the most likes!! lol

  12. My partner recently had to go to A&E and subsequently have hospital appointments. Masks were handed out by the door dragon, but I simply didn’t wear mine. No one said anything (if they had tried to insist, I would have had to make the choice between abandoning my partner or my principles). All staff were masked, which was sinister.

    • If you sit in a room with a doctor or nurse who wears one don’t trust them as if they are wearing a mask it means they don’t know what they are actually doing.

      • Agreed, although some of them have to follow the flock in the surgery or they would lose their job. With mortgages & cost of living rocketing some may be not able to ” Do the right thing” & shout out to the public our NHS is funded by the drug companies

  13. Hugo you should check the photos of prisoners at Guantanamo bay of 2004 onwards as they are wearing surgeons face masks and 6’ apart as the American guards walk around unmasked. Were the prisoners used as Guinea pigs to see if they comply better when they are forced to behave this way?

  14. They told the morons to sanitize, distance, don’t leave home, don’t meet people, wear masks etc for years. The reason? TO PROTECT THE NHS.
    What’s the FSM been on about 24/7?
    The collapse of the NHS!
    I don’t know anyone, never in my life, who was hospitalised with influenza (or with the non existent COVID).
    Lies lies lies

  15. not surprised in the least. first thing that came up on google this morning was that there is a new strain of covid coming so no im not surprised and will not ever put a mask on my face again,thank you hugo for all your work.

    • It’s about control ✂️🔨🔧⛓️ see how many sheep will jump to their command.

  16. Anyone who still doesn’t realise wearing a mask is detrimental to their health by now has no excuse and there surely is no hope for them. As you sow, so shall ye reap.

  17. Sadly some people are getting Covid again but to my knowledge they had taken the jab last year with it’s mutant spike protein , which seeks to attack our auto immune system.

    • Their body, their choice, their problem I’m sorry to say.

  18. Thank you Hugo i never have listened to government my God almighty gave me life and will call me back when he’s ready trust in God almighty

  19. I can imagine a time when the perpetrators of all this are clockwork-oranged with the catchy little “put on your mask” ditty, 24/7/365 in an isolation chamber deep underground.

  20. Always interesting and thought provoking thank you
    But why these mono word reply’s of foul language by certain
    Responders allowed ,puts me off reading comments which
    On the whole are interesting.

    • Freedom of speech. No matter what someone says here it seems to be allowed, I’d much rather that than people being censored for speaking their mind. People are angry with the whole situation which is understandable. Scroll past and ignore if it’s not your cup of tea. Best wishes.

  21. ‘You will not BELIEVE this symbolism. The year has opened with more propaganda promoting the AI / Beast System and New World of AntiChrist.

    Please be vigilant in these times as the deception (spoken of in the Biblical book of Daniel / Revelation) is going to be incredibly alluring and fascinating to many.’

    • I was a bit shocked to see that my credit card charged me an interest charge of $6.66. I had expected this would come, just not so soon. Also, I noticed the juvenile court cops were sporting vehicles that looked like police cars until you saw the license plate, with the numbers 666 on them. This was in Lancaster California. It was about a year prior to the credit card charge.
      People think I’m crazy. Wait til it’s boldly in your face. It’s utterly shocking. I left California and have no inspiration to ever return.

    • London’s Ukraine/climate change/lbgtq pride propaganda display looks tame next to other countries’ “worship the beast” images.

  22. Used to wear these masks in the chemical industry for much larger dust. They didn’t work well with that.

    • I have asked people that if they were in a lift with 5 others, everyone wearing masks,and someone farted…would they smell it? They all nod and say yes…… I then say what use are they against a c-19 germ, then?

  23. The people still masking up now and believing the propaganda are not going to change, they are 100% committed to the mass formation psychosis. The likes of us are the opposite and will never accept it. It’s a fight to win over the ones in the middle who know something’s wrong but are torn between complying for a quiet life or rebelling because they realise they’ve been had and there are nefarious agendas playing out.

  24. So you have this Idea. It’s immaculate and worthy of the sum of all that is and will be. Fanaticism? Scared of having to deal with your own potential? Long lives King Charles and the paedophiles in the vacuum of space where time is ‘it’ yet suppositories of demographic and personal substance reflect some idiosyncratic boundaries on all those abilities?
    Milk.if choas rules, then our brains will fit…simple…

  25. Anyone remember those reality shows where the unwilling participant would go for a job interview, Once in the waiting room a bell would ring and everyone (actors) stood up, the bell would ring again and everyone sat down.It wasn’t long before our unwilling participant followed suit. One by one they replaced an actor with a new unwilling participant until everyone was replaced with a room full of people standing and sitting at the strike of a bell and not know why they are doing it. I had friends say that they would never fall for it, yet they have,

    • I dont remember that at all but it is a brilliant analogy!

  26. Fortunately I haven’t seen one Masked Dimbo yet today, a very good sign for around here. 🙂

  27. Brilliant insight Hugo.
    Masks are visual reminder to live in fear and condition your compliance.

  28. shock, as (some)people who understand what is happening say that they know who has covid🤥🙄how can you believe from this large-scale of lie that there is a percentage of some kind of truth?!?!?covid is a well-publicized flu!!!where is the logic?!covid is the first part of training to obey and the first act of this whole theater…

  29. Didn’t wear one last time, won’t be starting now..

  30. Let all that want to be muzzled suffer the consequences

  31. This from a former ITU nurse. A medical mask filters out particles measuring 60-80 microns and has an efficacy of 1 minute and 40 seconds. A C19 particle measures 0.6-1.0 microns. An analogy would be, choosing any grade of chicken wire and use it as a mosquito net. Lesson ends.

  32. Nice one hugotalks from New Zealand 🇳🇿 I surely going to see a lot of sheep wearing again 🤦‍♀️😂 what does Carl Johnson Say From GTA Oh Shit Here We Go Again 😂

  33. I never complied first time around,but to those that did…..fool me once,shame on you…..fool me twice,shame on me.

  34. If people continue to refuse to repent of their sins God’s wrath will come upon us.

    • The gospel of Christ is 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. Repent means to change your mind. Believe that Christ died for our sins and resurrected for our justification. Salvation is a free gift without works, without the deeds of the law. If righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain. We receive Christ’s imputed righteousness when we believe the gospel of Christ.
      Christ became sin for us. He who knew no sin became sin for us. He redeemed us from the curse of the law. Curseth is everyone that hangeth on the tree. Should we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid. However, we can do nothing in our flesh to obtain salvation. It’s all about Jesus and what he did for us! Be blessed! ✝️❤️🙏

    • You are entitled to your view. Best hide yourself away!

    • @Amber, If The Father isn’t calling them, then they are incapable of repenting of their sins.

      John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw (drag) him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

      John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

      • Ugh

        Draw and Drag have two different meanings Stop adding to the Bible.

      • @untruthful
        Maybe you should use that scripture on yourself instead 🤔 of using it on everyone else. Ok? Ok.

  35. Wear a mask, ha. I will put a chicken wire fence around the garden to keep the insects out.

  36. I and none of my family will wear masks as we didn’t before. If anyone asks just say you are exempt as they can’t make you and can’t ask about your medical history. Of course the people who wore them before will probably have the fear installed in them and will comply.
    It is normal to have colds and flu at this time of year. I don’t buy newspapers or watch news so didn’t know about this which is just as well.
    Thanks Hugo.

  37. Never worn a mask, done any tests or had any jabs, and I’m absolutely fine thanks. Absolutely nobody tells me what to do!!!!!! These sick bastards can all go to hell, and I will carry on with my life as normal just as I did three years ago. They can all get stuffed!!!!

  38. The chem trails being ploughed into the atmosphere day and night have killed billions of wild birds, in the name of bird flu, we’re breathing in the same shite. So many people have fallen ill too quickly for it to be a normal spread. It’s being dropped on us.

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