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    • Same shit different year…another pathetic “virus” looming and people will want them hopeless swabs again😀…and them even more hopeless face nappies….
      And dangerous experimental jabs that never had any longterm safety data on them…
      People are well screwed but they will drag the free thinkers down the shitter with them…
      There was never a “covid 19”….
      Lockdowns was used to crash the economys that are part of the 2030 reset agenda…
      I showed people the proof with all this shit but there so brainwashed that they rather believe the media and news and all the other tossers and inbred families behind it and
      The WEF and WHO etc…
      People really disappoint me actually the way they dropped there pants for this complete fraud…
      Im so fed up with them i dont so much as look at them wearing them gags and showing there jab cards off as if there so important etc…
      Weak and no backbone describes them…

      • You sad person, of course there was a pandemic, and it has not gone away, wearing a face mask when you are in a crowded shop for a little while would not hurt anyone! And do you know what! There is a virus called the Flu, too, and mask wearing when in a crowded place

      • There was NO pandemic. You are a shill. You are on this site to cause chaos. The chances alone of you knowing 5 people go against the odds. You are full Poop. You stink. And need to go take a bath 🛁

      • I beg your pardon, it is true, the 5 people who died were family it decimated the family that are left. I am on this channel, not to cause chaos as you put it but to put a reasoned argument on my thoughts, there is no need to be abusive. A lot of what Hugo says about things I like, but I do not agree with him on this subject, sorry that you do not like my views

      • Fine, you don’t believe me, well I know the truth

      • The Pandemic is not real. So you must be a liar. I will feel free to call you a liar because for the last three years I have dealt with folks just like you all over the net. And have seen no one die and empty hospitals everywhere. I have not gotten sick at all. Don’t wear a mask. Even had an old man cough in my face on purpose in a grocery store. I missed all the funerals that were going on for the last three years. Blocking the streets everyday and all the ambulances. But I saw plenty in the fake ass news Give me a break

      • @Daphne Horne, You had five people in your family THAT DIED OF SOMETHING ELSE, BUT IT WASN’T COV-YID 1984! Viruses, as contagions, DO NOT EXIST – viruses (poisons) have to be administered or jabbed into you – THINK WOMAN! probably for the first time in your brainwashed life!

      • @Daphne Horne, Unfortunately, you have swallowed all the swill in their pig’s trough wholesale! I must admit, though, you do grunt for (((them))) very well! Oink! Oink! Oink! LOL

        Viruses as contagions do not exist, including Cov-Yid 1984 and colds and flu so-called viruses. Colds and flu are self-generated illnesses in our bodies, brought about in order to remove toxins and bad bacteria from our bodies. Viruses are POISONS and you cannot catch a poison.

      • I meant to say you “you are right Stuart “

      • I am so sick of people like you. You are the reason these people get away with the their fakery. There is no way you know 5 people who died. I live in a county that supposedly had the highest death rate. Never saw anyone die. All the freaken hospitals were empty. I worked in the public. Here is a story for you. I was at a hardware store in Houston getting some piping. Well there happened to be a fellow with no mask next to me and I ask him. So you don’t wear a mask either and he said I wear one sometimes. Then he proceeded to tell me he knew 4 fellow firemen that died from Covid and I proceeded to call him a liar. I said. Why the hell aren’t you wearing a mask then? See he was Mason and a dam liar. They are just like you. They know 5 people that died and we know no one. I am sick of yall. That why I am the way I am. Because yall are nothing but liars and actors and pawns

      • @Daphne Horne
        I am not denying your experience. But more people died annually in 2018 and/or 2019 of “The Flu/Cold”
        2020 had lower mortality numbers, including COVID, Flu and Colds.
        Even after changing the requirements to 2 weeks since last injection, died with covid, not of covid. 2020 the flu disappeared!
        What’s up with that? C’mon, you can do it!

  1. “Stay at home if you feel unwell” = fair enough.

    “Wear a mask and stay at home if you feel unwell” = fucking stupid.

  2. Back in the pandemic the Welsh government insisted the mask had 3 layers … tweak one half of the 3 and you have a S 🐍 . Now I’m sure you see that they were in forcing ‘ slayers ‘ masks . As above so below 🎭 .

  3. fella yesterday wearing a mask while driving alone , but the best thing was talking on his mobile at same time! i know which is the most dangerous and the idiot cant work it out.

  4. I’m more inclined to wear something to hide my face from those… all seeing cameras as you walk into supermarkets. Maybe a bee keepers mask…. And develop a funny walk 🤣
    Thank you so much Hugo for keeping the information coming. Happy New year…. whenever it is? 🤷‍♀️😂

  5. Never worn a mask, never will – utter bollocks. A surgeon told me that unless you are wearing a proper surgical mask for a very limited time you might just as well wear a top hat !!!

    • I always use a mask when I go out, I never stopped wearing a mask. I always feel I can offer opinions, I do not feel like a slave, I have friends who did not wear masks or had the vaccinations, 5 of them died, the others nearly died. I had my vaccinations and wore a mask, i have severe COPD, I never got Covid. I say that instead of ridiculing everyone, just live and let live

      • I agree; live and let live but to be honest i don’t believe your post. I worked all through this plandemic. We worked with a skeleton staff and the sheep who believed all this crap took to staying at home on furlough. While we were keeping the company afloat non of us got jabbed, wore masks, non of us unsocially distanced and no one used sanitiser, and guess what, no one died.
        Now the sheep who hid at home got the jab and wore masks are a different kettle of fish. Since the company opened up properly and they came back to work; one bloke has had to retire early because he can hardly walk any distance since having a booster, another bloke in the office had chest pains and had to be took to hospital, one chap in his early 40s had to be rushed into hospital from home and he has been diagnosed with Pericarditis. Add to that another chaps missus has been ill for months after being force jabbed (nurse) and the doctors are bewildered after a multitude of tests.
        All these sheeple seem a very un-healthy lot now as well, colds, sniffles, tiredness etc. Us conspiracy theorists are carrying on regardless in full health.
        I do not know one person who even got covid and neither do my workmates. I do not know one person who died and didn’t get jabbed, but i know a few who have died since getting jabbed, including my 55 year old neighbour who had heart failure.
        Oh and by the way i am 68, you know, one of those at risk :)) Bunkum.

      • @Daphne
        I am sorry. I call bs on that story

      • You sound totally indoctrinated and controlled. I pity you, no one died of any so called ‘virus’, and everyone has to die sometime. They died of something else, possibly the poisoned water or the poisoned air or the food they ate or the drinks they chose, or the medications they were on. ‘Covid’ has NEVER been identified, isolated and purified, there is not ONE legal medical paper in the world that proves it exists, its all a scam, and YOU have fallen for it.

      • You are obviously better trained than all the medical people in the world, you should be so proud of yourself

      • @Daphne Horne, You need to start your research with a Dr. Stefan Lanka, a German ex-virologist, who has FULLY exposed The Germ Theory MYTH and, with it, the VIRUS MYTH! – you silly duped people have been screwed over by criminal governments, and their criminal quack medical advisers, like so many trussed up turkeys before Christmas!

      • @Daphne Horne ‘Medical people’ that are all bought and paid for and corrupted by Big Pharma! Doctors are criminal drug dealers – nothing more – nothing less!

      • I will file that under utter nonsense

      • Not nonsense at all, just because it does not fit in with your narrative, therefore it must be nonsense, how childish.

      • @Daphne Horne, It’s your comment that is childish, for it tells us straight away that you have not done one atom of research into the subject of viruses, that you have blindly believed lying politicians and their so-called medical experts, and you have believed lying media whores without question – now THAT is childishness!

      • Wrong I have done research, I believe my research rather than yours, you are just parroting what others are saying, I did not get my research via the government or the media. Goodbye, its is a total waste of my time replying to all your nonsensical narratives

      • Daphne Horne= 108 = 18 = 666
        Horne = 33 33. Degree mason
        Could be a coincidence 🤔
        But you are still full of bull

      • Daphne Horne

        Your body is designed to cleanse itself. Your lungs are a gas exchange system, taking in oxygen and expelling toxic gasses from your body. You can see something similar in a car if the air filter is dirty your car can’t get air in and if the exhaust is blocked it can’t get the used gasses out and it will not run. Viruses do NOT EXISTS and have NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST. I could go on and on and on showing you proof but I am guessing you will never listen so.

        If you believe in viruses the ‘science-ologist’ themselves admits a supposed ‘virus’ is so small is NEVER settles to the ground and is constantly floating in the air. A supposed ‘virus’ is a third the size of the pores in a mask so would flow through a mask like a mosquito through a wire fence. None of it makes any sense other that to damage your body by convincing you you limit you oxygen and re-breathe toxic gasses to damage your brain and body, the more people that comply the easier it is to force it on others.

        So by blocking your air flow you are only ever going to do your body harm. Hypoxia (too little oxygen) this results in brain damage, particularly in children as the brain requires a lot of oxygen as it grows. Interestingly studies have also shown hypoxia increases your risk of block clots. Blocking your ‘exhaust gasses’ causes hypocapnia which poisons your body because you are rebreathing the toxic gasses your body is trying to get rid of.

        ‘New link between hypoxia and blood clot risk
        August 2, 2018
        Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
        Researchers have found how hypoxia (a low concentration of oxygen) decreases Protein S, a natural anticoagulant, resulting in an increased risk for the development of potentially life-threatening blood clots (thrombosis). Although hypoxia has been associated with an increased risk for thrombosis, this research showed for the first time a molecular cause.’

        The story of people that died during lockdown supposedly due to ‘covid’ I can give you another explanation; Joe, a nice guy, mechanic, a little over weight. The main exercise Joe gets is going to work everyday but suddenly the government tell Joe there is a killer plague and Joe can not go to work. Joe is worried, Joe is terrified, stressed out of his mind for himself and his parents. Joe locks his doors sits on his sofa watching TV all day getting no exercise. His body is used to standing and moving all day and suddenly Joe is stressed and sitting all day, may be binge drinking, may be binge eating. This sounds to me like the recipe for thrombosis followed by pulmonary embolism, oh no of course it was ‘covid’. Why do you think they advise you sitting on an aeroplane to keep moving your legs? because they know sitting and moving less causes thrombosis and death. Strangely the symptoms of pulmonary embolism is very similar to ‘covid’ shortness of breath trouble breathing etc etc add to this masks increase the risk of blood cots, it is almost as if it was planned hmmmmm noooo no one is that evil are they?.

      • Hi in response to the lungs, I have stage 4 COPD, my lungs are only working at 25% capacity, so I am very vulnerable to Covid and Flu, I will take any jab and use a face mask when I am in a crowd. What I do does not hurt anyone else, there is also no need for you or anyone else to verbally abuse anyone who has view different to you or anyone else

      • @Daphne Horne
        “Live and let live.” I wish… It’s been 2 years of stinky-eyes and jumping away from me, like I’m a ghoul.
        I have a medical reason to never wear a mask. And I haven’t. People have treated me like garbage. Especially before they all calmed down after their injections.

        Here in Canada, people waited 4-6 months for their “2nd dose.” All of 2021 and 2022’s first half was terrible!
        From a social perspective. Not to mention the huge division of people for/against vax. For/against re-opening schools, for/against masks in stores. EXC. I still can’t go to a medical clinic without my laminated “Dr.s prescription: Not required to wear a mask for medical reasons.” Then they stick me in the hall, instead of the waiting room. “For the comfort of other patients.”
        Ostracize me? For the comfort of other’s? Utter nonsense, it’s still part of the rules/regulations. So I do everything over the phone.

        I haven’t been injected with poison that is “safe and effective” at attacking your organs and not stopping, perhaps actually spreading some disease. (Though I live with jabbed, so it’s either in the environment or not spreading) Or it’s in me, and that’s that.

        My Grandparents are 85+ they tested positive this summer. They were deathly ill and the hospital offered Remdesivir or go home. Injection free they went home and are alive, perfectly well now. (Thanks to a RN in our family who took care of them)

        I haven’t caught anything in 2 years. Except a head cold, which was mostly gone in 5 days.

        I hate seeing people put stupid, fancy, floral/trendy useless, smothering, IQ lowering, hypoxic inducing pieces of fabric over their child’s face. When even the Gov. who lies and says “safe, effective” says “Don’t put masks on kids under 4.”

        Live and go educate your friend’s and family. Because someone is being seriously stupid at this point.
        Einstein said it or was it another. “The definition of insanity is: doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result.”

        We know masks are useless. (Yes N95, great for mold, no good for virus’ Try a P-100 Great for spray paint, but not good enough for virus’) One injection, no wait 2… 3rd time’s the charm… or maybe 4 for the elderly and infirm? 5, hey why not the masses keep asking for more. $$$ Sorry I’m mad at the whole situation. Not you Daphne Horne.

      • Daphne Horne
        January 4, 2023

        ‘Hi in response to the lungs, I have stage 4 COPD, my lungs are only working at 25% capacity, so I am very vulnerable to Covid and Flu, I will take any jab and use a face mask when I am in a crowd. What I do does not hurt anyone else, there is also no need for you or anyone else to verbally abuse anyone who has view different to you or anyone else’

        I am not abusing you Daphne Horne, but you have to realise by complying you are complicit in the plan and putting pressure on vulnerable people to comply. People here are angry because once your eyes are open you can not ignore the truth. BUT we all must understand some people are vulnerable and easily manipulated. Daphne you say your lungs only work at 25% efficiency? so why would you want to reduce the amount of oxygen you are breathing in by wearing a mask? You say you examined the ‘evidence’ I would be interested to know where you found this evidence.

        It reminds me of when I was talking to the manager of a shop that was abusive to my wife because she was not wearing a mask. While I was explaining the facts to the manager she touched her mask multiple times and when I pointed out if she believed in a ‘virus’ she had now contaminated her hands and everything she had touched and will touch, she got very angry and threw me out the shop. People are easy to manipulate when they do not even understand the flaws in the ‘science’ they are following.

        According to the ‘science’ a supposed ‘virus’ can contaminate you even if you rub you eyes or pick your nose because you only have to touch a mucus membrane with an contaminated finger. Add to this the supposed ‘virus’ is so small it floats in the air constantly so would enter your eyes, nose and mouth as soon as you entered any building. Where are the hazardous waste bins to place your deadly contaminated face masks? The only way they can poison us is if ingest toxic chemicals in our food, drink, breath or inject it directly into ourselves willingly.


        When is a test not a test?

        Public Heath England

        Understanding cycle threshold (Ct) in SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR
        A guide for health protection teams

        ‘RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample *but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present*. The quantity of intact virus in upper respiratory swabs will be affected by factors that are endogenous and exogenous to laboratory methods.’


        During the first lockdown I was food shopping and was challenged for not wearing a mask by the check out operator, the police were mentioned, everyone in the queue was mumbling and giving me the evil eye. When I tried to explain to the check out guy the governments own guidelines said it not law to wear a mask and I could even exempt myself, someone in the queue shouted at me “Go over there and talk about it!” I hate confrontation and felt really sad but I was not going to leave without taking it further.

        I asked to speak to the manager and said I do not like being threatened with the police, the manager said “we get the police in here nearly every day telling us to check and they ‘fined’ (only a judge can issue a fine, he meant notice) someone the other day” etc etc. I showed him the official government guidelines and explained HE is the one that will be sued NOT the police. I warned him the next person the check out operator threatened may be too afraid to come back to get food and starve and HE would be to blame. His eyes flicked and he then went on to tell me the story of an elderly relative. When the plague first started she locked herself in her home and refused to go shopping, by the time anyone checked on her she had lost two stones in two months and died.

        I have a relative who has had six injections and the pharmacy keeps phoning her up and asking her to come in for more. She is vulnerable because a few years ago she had a brain aneurism and never fully recovered. She has recently been diagnosed with a ‘heart condition’ and her brother has blood clots in his legs. Unfortunately those people that have ‘co-morbidities’ have already been before the death panel and sentence has been passed. Do you remember the census? did you fill in your illnesses? Your chance of recovery? DNR. Over 47 with co-morbidities DNR.

        This information is for YOUR good NOT mine

      • Nobod has died of “covid”…that rubbish was never contained and the FDA CDC have no longterm safety data for them jabs either…
        Good luck with all that and the hopeless face nappie👏🏻

  6. Never worn one, NEVER will. My teenage Son was the only one in his class to not wear one when they were ‘recommended’ in school settings.Told him not to use the hand sanitiser crap as well, as we need germs! I am very proud of him, it took a lot courage to be different amongst your friends and peers. I also kept him off when the toxic jabbers went into school, after I’d emailed the Heateacher about why I was not allowing him to be on site. (Which I never got a reply to) His Head of Year phoned me after they left, and said I could bring him in if I wished, which I did! Talk to your kids.. (Even if you do get constant eye rolls like I do) 🙄😂 Thanks for all you do Hugo 🌟Happy New Year to you and all 🤍x

    • Good for you and your son.
      I did basically the same with my daughter, she was the only one not mask wearing for quite some time. As you say, especially in the early days, definitely took courage for her, but when explained with some basic sense and logic (i.e a cloth mask won’t prevent anything anyway, handling them just spreads all germs more so, we actually NEED germs to constantly to test our God given Immune Systems and young healthy children are at virtually zero risk to Convid) it was the only way to go and anyway why would you want to wear one of those horrible things for no reason at all!
      Funniest thing though after perhaps a few weeks….. she said, “as soon as the teachers left the class or the kids were on break or walking to and from school a great number of them just pulled the face masks down anyway” ; )

    • Snap , managed to keep all four of mine from mask wearing and getting any jabs, all four of my children are perfectly healthy , ab free mask free and no I’ll heath, who’d have thought x

  7. Let people do what they want, including to wear or not to wear a muzzle. I must admit it felt cosy on my face last winter when I forgot to take it off on leaving work. Worn always below the nose though.

    • Limiting oxygen levels = increased risk of cancer. Hypoxia makes tumors resistant to radiation and some chemotherapy. DNA-damaging free radicals induced by radiation are normally stabilised by oxygen but, in its absence, significantly higher doses of radiation are required to kill cancer cells.

      • @Mark, Radiation kills ALL cells = quackery = no different from 18th century leeches = the cancer industry is a criminal racket!

      • @TTND
        Tell that to the children born after Chernobyl. Or all the infants suffering from genealogical diseases in war torn countries where DEPLETED URANIUM shells have been used. Iraq being only one… I believe former Yugoslavia has their fair share of DU. Thanks to NATO intervention.

      • @Mark.
        Have you met them? Other then on your TV. The TV is so good at propaganda. I beleive nothing I see on TV programming. Have you been to Russian to see? Of course you will say you have. Only on the net.

      • @Artful Dodger, I won’t thank you for confirming what I said, that is, that radiation kills all cells! perhaps you need English comprehension lessons, amongst numerous other educational disciplines.

      • @ Jeff
        Are you talking to me? Chernobyl is in the Ukraine.
        No I’ve never been to Europe or the Middle east. But there is more than ample physical evidence for nuclear-damaged people.
        When the X-Ray was first invented people had a blast, taking x-rays of themselves/friends. Until they had a myriad of diseases, mostly cancerous. And then rules for x-rays were made, and have continued to expand. Right now in Canada the recommended limit is 2 x-rays per year. Of course people go over the limit. But there is a record.
        Terrible fact. Over all, chemotherapy is only 3% effective at nullifying cancerous tumors.

      • @Artful.
        I Didn’t know it was you that wrote that. Russian and urakine. Its all the same to me over there. But I don’t beleive any of their psychological operations. If I don’t see it. I don’t believe it. The news lies and scripts alot of bullshit. They can made anything look real on TV and make the world believe it. Just like they did covid 19. They can make anything seem real in the minds of the masses just by showing an image.

      • @Jeff
        Mark wrote whatever. You said “Have you been too Russian to see?” But I mis-read it as a typo.
        “You must be Russian I see.” Or something, I was confused. “It’s all Greek to me!”

        But I know where Chernobyl is, the exclusion zone and the people who stay living there. There is also “Mayak” and the surrounding area, in Russia. They don’t eat the reindeer because it’s toxic. They don’t drink the river water, because it’s toxic in so many ways.
        The place was/is basically a nuclear dumping ground.

        I don’t watch TV anymore, haven’t for a long time. But journalists, investigative reporters on the ground, from both sides of the isle, have written and photographic, documents from hospitals in said countries. Showing the increase in childhood cancers… X-rays do cause cancer… DU does cause cancer/malformations. (So even if all the journalism is a lie and a double lie, you can’t avoid the historical fact of x-rays.) You can find articles written after Gulf War I … But hey, maybe it is all controlled so don’t bother!
        Read a Bible!

      • @Artful
        They are all sell outs to the devil. It us and them. We get nothing but lies. The Bible says it very clearly. Satan is a liar and has been from the beginning. He has decieved the Nation’s. He has decieved the whole world. I believe not a darn thing the news dishes out. And you shouldn’t either. It’s programming. Where do you think it gets it name? Its Indoctrination. They feed you want you want they want to. How can you not know this?

      • @Jeff
        Yeah, we have talked about controlled narratives, psy-ops, exc.
        That’s why I said: “hey, maybe it is all controlled so don’t bother! Read a Bible!”
        Here’s a lovely song.

      • @artful. Now we can both agree on that. Read a Bible. Cause it could all very well be controlled

      • @TTND Oops, I misread your comment. “Quackery” and “18th century leeches” threw me off. You’re awfully harsh, and rude.
        You could benefit from lessons in spelling a full sentence correctly. Better yet some civility, patience, understanding, grace, meekness. In that order, because being civil is easy. Grace and Meekness are much rarer.

      • @Artful Dodger, LOL You pompous self-righteous know-nothing jerk! If I were a gambler I would bet that you don’t even know what ‘meekness’ means!

      • @TTND
        Moses became meek. He also smashed the 10 commandment tablet. I know what it means.
        How do you do that bold font anyway?
        Is it a hot-key, or a function with the mouse?

      • @TTND
        I think my comment was flagged. Because of links. How do you reply so fast? Does your email blowup, whenever a comment appears on this site? Are you looking for new comments and reading them? HOW DO YOU DO THAT BOLD FONT? I WOULD LOVE TO USE IT FOR BIBLE QUOTES.

        Which dictionary definition would you prefer?
        KJV Dictionary “Mild of temper; soft; gentle; not easily provoked or irritated; yielding; given to forbearance under injuries”
        When Moses killed an Egyptian he was not meek. He went to the desert, became meek, came back, confronted Pharaoh, smashed the commandments. Yet, was one of the meekest men.

      • @Artful Dodger, I have a problem with you and I am sure you’re aware of what that problem is – you’re argumentative and disagreeable, so that means we’re not likeminded, as Paul exhorted his Assemblies to be. This means I am not minded to share my trade secrets (emboldened text) with you. Once you have repented and you’re my brother I will be more than happy to do so.

        Meekness means “POWER under control” and not feebleness or weakness as fakestream Christians interpret it. Hence Moses was meek but unfortunately didn’t always keep his power under control, that is, when he struck the rock in anger due to the Israelites rebelliousness and lack of Faith. This cost him his place in The Promised Land.

      • @TTND
        Well that’s too bad. Paul and Barnabas disagreed. In Acts.
        But it worked out for the better. The gospel was spread farther and wider.
        I still love you.

      • @Artful Dodger, Paul and Barnabas disagreed over Paul’s treatment of Mark, whom he felt didn’t measure up to his standards of what it meant to be a messenger of Yah. There was definitely no fall out between them over The Message of The Gospel, which is the issue I have with you regarding your arguing and disagreements. And your claim to love me is based solely upon your false idea that you’re right and I am wrong.

      • One day I am an irredeemable “serpent seed, a miscegenated sub-species.”
        Yesterday I could have been your brother, if only I would repent? To whom, you?
        Yeah that’s an argument… Also cognitive dissonance and hypocritical statements on your part.
        Shall I quote you again? I think not.
        “You’re tearing me apart Lisa! Do you understand life, do you?” … “Don’t worry about it, I still love you.”

      • @Artful Dodger, I am not saying you’re irredeemable! Just as Yashua Messiah healed the Canaanite woman’s daughter, but he still called her a dog and she said TRUTH LORD! You need to rethink everything you have been taught or erroneously taught yourself!

        If The Father wants you He will call and choose you, however, I see no signs of that, for you argue against me continually, just as you are now. When I see some signs of likemindedness then I will know that you have been chosen by The Father. Until then you will remain opposed to me for you can do nothing else.

        I have no recollection of having ever said this: “You’re tearing me apart Lisa! Do you understand life, do you?” … “Don’t worry about it, I still love you.” You had better provide a link for that!

  8. Anyone who has had three years to do research on the science of mask wearing and still insists on wearing one, is indeed a mug…

  9. I hope, vast majority of people wouldn’t come back to those stupid masks!.. Unless you a doctor 😷, you don’t need them. In fact, the masks breed harmful viruses, fungus, if you wearing them all the time!.. And visible blackheads on your nose 👃, eww!.. Children and adults don’t need them at all. It affects children’s confidence, especially at schools. And teachers should remember from before, that children need to see their mouth 👄, when they are teaching.. At the lesson time!..

    Happy New Year, Hugo and everyone here!! 🧚‍♂️✨🤞🤞💖

    • Doctors wear masks while operating to stop them getting sputum / spit into open wounds. Fook all to do with germs or viruses.

      • @Blane
        Then go wear your diaper for the fake virus.

      • you are quite right, Blane, its all just for control and has fook all to do with any so called ‘virus’ It appears that Jeff didn’t quite understand your comment.

  10. Thank you lots dear Ericka! We all absolutely gotta stand up for ourselves, be strong and courageous. I’m being a right little rebel, and it’s the best way to be!!!!! How are you? Do hope you’re ok. Sending you best wishes for a Happy New Year. xxxx

    • Yes, I think they are seeing if they can do this again. There’s a lot of stuff going on. I am in New York State and they put something in place, or have tried, for certain counties. Mine isn’t one, but I’ve been out there and I don’t do not believe this garbage is going to fly in our large county.. We were in BJ’s and the one masked-up family (felt sorry for the child, too) looked like freaks, and only two people at the customer service desk, and the one we were dealing with the mask — well, I really don’t know she bothered, it was so loose hahahah.

      I saw an article about Paterson, NJ, the Paterson School District proclaimed that starting January 3rd everybody masked up and social distancing. One district!

      There was some sort of Rasmussen poll that said that almost half the adults polled said they believes the death jabs were responsible for death and serious illness, so there’s that. And there’s a reason why they shut down comments on articles dealing with this stuff. They know what the response is.

      Meanwhile the beat of those celebrities, doctors, and what not who said vile things about those not taking the death jabs keep dropping dead. Oh, well ….

  11. The current cold outbreak is putting more stress on the NHS than the peak of Convid, that’s how bad convid wasn’t lol

    Do you think they’ll be going on about the xmas22 cold for 3 years? Surprised didn’t use it for a fake convid boosters push, looks like they’ve given up pushing those.

    Had the cold for 3 weeks with everyone else it sucks!

  12. They’re starting this scam again now that they are letting Chinese travel, this will be their excuse, and this time they will tighten the screws even more. They’re not done yet, and a lot of their plans for the Beast System still have to be implemented. TOTAL CONTROL PRISON ‘PLANET’

    • 100% spot on. When I watched those stories of Chinese rebellion for their supposed recent lock downs and the fact that those stories were allowed out of China by the CCP and even mentioned on the BBC, then you know it is a narrative our enemy wants you to see. Then, just as before they can show examples of sick Chinese people, who of course are not sick and test them with a PCR test that is fake, to then claim there is another deadly pandemic, when there is none. That will be the trigger to lock everyone up again. The mask wearing is the compliance pre-curser as before. Lockdown, SMART cities, the intent to make us all prisoners. DO NOT COMPLY.

  13. There are SOME stupid people here who have left BS remarks about a virus that has not even been proven to exist.

    • Was never contained or tested for the jabs or them stupid swabs that dont test for infection or sickness…its all bollocks this “pandemic” which sadly alot still believe…
      They want the jabs and wear useless gags…let them…saves me the worry and bother about them

  14. Depopulation my friends.
    I’ve been watching HUGO for ages now and I trust him and take his advice over the media.
    This whole “plandemic” is a depopulation plan. Kill people off and the way to do that is to jab people up, the jab is designed to weaken your immune system, so you get more ill and you just drop dead. My Mrs works in A&E and most of the people who are in there with all sorts like FLU ect are just dropping dead like flies. It’s sad to see but they decided to take the jab.

  15. Here we go again folks. They are at it again . Another pandemic coming to enslave even more. Remember event 201 the pandemic simulation that they did back in 2019 at John Hopkins University about a covid19 starting from China. Well they are at it again. In October 2022 they did another pandemic simulation even worse that covid19, called Catastrophic Contagion. This one targets children and young adults, and guess who was there . The psychopath Bill Gates was there and he spoke too. Well he said if this one meaning Covid19 didn’t get their attention, the next one will. Here is the link .

    • Are Bill and Melinda getting a divorce? If I were her, I would be taking my name off everything related to Bill.
      Then again, it’s probably just for show. No one seems to care about the Lolita Express, the passenger list. Or Little St. James Island with a compass pointing East and temples on it. Not to mention the guy who designed some of the buildings, revealed they have chambers that lock from the outside… Lock em in! Duh?

      • @talleyrandcm
        404’d ! Ninja on Bitchute. Broken link!

        I agree that we should focus on Jesus Christ, His sacrifice, His saving grace.
        Not be side-tracked by demons. I haven’t been paying attention. That’s why I said “Divorce?” “It’s probably just for show”
        I looked at areal photos of Little St. James island, and you can see the temples and compass.
        I was curious, apparently the architect said some strange things about the buildings/temples. (Grain of salt)

      • They did psychological experiments on the epstein island and cult behavior hance the temple and the rooms to lock. They needed to do this to figure out how to psyop the world.

      • @Beeny
        Perhaps, I haven’t heard about that happening on Little St. James. (Lots of rape, pedo.) But the brainwashing/psychological imprinting I haven’t heard of.

        I have heard it from the mouth of child victims, (Now adults) who were brought to the Bohemian Grove, and other pagan worship sites. Being subjected to all kinds of torture and vulgarity, a child could not imagine the depths of depravity.

        There is one woman from Australia I believe. Who went to a therapist as a child and described/drew her experiences. With gruesome detail, a child of under 10 could never imagine.

        MK ULTRA is officially cancelled… But was just renamed… That’s from the 50’s-60’s.
        We’re living in a COVID psy-op right now… I don’t know what’s real!
        The technology is not perfected, and using children is abuse… For more accurate results from the mass population, you would use adults. (They may just be sadistic hedonists with perverted desires.) Those desires and perversion could easily come from submission to the evil one.

  16. hey hunter,how’s it going on the “covid” ward,still trying to save people from “the invisible enemy” or rehearsing your tik tok dance routine for catastrophic contagion in 2025?? 🤥

    • Them face nappies have poisoned her brain with the carbon dioxide going back into the system…
      Many are like that🤪

  17. Here’s a real kicker for everyone. I spoke to my Dr. the other day… We spoke of new drugs on the market, something in stage III trials.
    I said: “Well I’m not taking anything in a stage III trial.” The doctor replies. “Neither would I.”

    I couldn’t help myself but chuckle… I then said “Ha-ha. Yeah, Spring 2023, yeah… mmmm…” He was speechless.

    We moved onto the rest of my checkup. Even my Dr. knows he made a mistake. Then he blocks it from his mind, or whatever he does. He knew exactly what I was talking about.
    I hope he doesn’t croak! There are too few Dr.’s and nurses where I live already! We’re having staffing issues at the ICU.

  18. @daphne horne im a sad person…yeah right love…your the stupid people believing all this shit…did you know them masks let particles go straight through them and not designed to be used on the outside?..or them jabs have never been tested for a jab?..or them swabs dont test for infection or sickness…you may know of 5 people that died but more than likely a false swab test within 28 days of a natural cause of death…my advice is wear you gag and join the other brainwashed morons that still believe the “pandemic”….
    Read the WEF 2030 agenda as thats what this is all about…0

    • I like to mention. “While wearing that mask, have you ever smelt a fart?”
      Smell a fart, catch a virus. Which one is smaller than the other? People get mad.

      • You can smell alcohol through them aswell Just gross!

  19. @daphne horne

    Keep having that crap stuck in you and wear your mask then…
    Your life your risk and your taking a big risk longterm with your health…
    No longterm safety data from CDC or FDA…
    “Covid” the beggining of the 2030 agenda…
    Not some pony virus that never was sceintifically proven to exist

  20. For such intelligent people I cannot fathom why you even engaged with that Daphne puts the mask on and deserves an extra booster lol…you’re not educating her..she’s lost and a bloody ignorant liar ..brain-dead shill..she’s been like that her whole life lol in school we used to ignore pains in the arse like her..don’t give her the attention she so desperately seeks..all that virtual signalling..she’ll be dead soon enough😁

  21. No actually Covid does not exist therefore you can’t catch something that does not exist.Maybe you will get Santa claus virus?
    Everyone who talks about covid like it is real is either with the conspiracy or is under demonic oppression or posession for believing a 2 cent lie

    Not one human in the history of this world has seen Covid19 and apart from that do you really think that a group of freemason’s who openly worship Lucifer really want to shut down the world to save the world from the sniffles or cold-THINK
    Lucifer worshipprers which all high level masons are do not care if you get the cold.What these scum do care about is injecting everyone with a graphene oxide injection that will change your DNA.All those who have been genetically modified for whatever pretexts are now mutants. The children of the vaccinated are now coming out with their eyes all black as I show on my website of censored truth.

    Use the brain if you are GODs victorious people and not a easily programmed zombie!

    1. a real vaccine takes 10 to 15 years to develop, this graphene based liquid was put into use in 9 months
    2. if there is a virus how would you know because there is no test for there is not! The PCR test can not be used to detect a virus all it does is magnify the sample, this said by the inventor of the PCR test!
    3.Why does the government censor and block information even kill people who tell the truth? CONSPIRACY that is why
    4. The government knows these vaccinated will become Zombies as they continue to inject demon juice, they are talking about the second zombie pandemic that is coming soon, even bill gates says there will be 2 pandemia, the 2nd is coming soon with roadblocks checking to see who has not blindly become a mutant and who has stayed pure, this way they can pick out the pure for their concentration camps so only the mutants will be allowed on this earths modern world system .And if you go the the mutant path good luck staying alive because there are 8 injections they want to put into you!!

    If you think Covid is real you need to get right with GOD because the Holy Spirit is not with you…like it or not this world is infested and the end of the world is coming with the battle of armageddon.Jesus is GOD and the New world Order lasts 7 only years

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