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45 Comments on “Tesco Clubcard WHAT THE PUBLIC REALLY THINK! / Hugo Talks

  1. Okay, that is utter BS. The God of love is NOT going to literally burn billions of people in a literal fire for all eternity without mercy!! Yes, people will be judged, but the Bible clearly tells us that when God’s judgment comes, ALL will learn righteousness. God corrects, He doesn’t kill. Would God give a commandment to people if He Himself will not follow His own rules?

    • You do know the floor limit for salvation, if not you should look at the end of the good book, the word ‘as they say’ 144000 of 7.94 Billion
      How are your chances looking, no hang on it get’s more challenging.
      Quote from a biblical scholar Jeff Thompson “Sadly, many scholars and pastor across the centuries have refused to acknowledge the Jewish ethnicity of the 144 Zeus because they believe in replacement theology. They believe that God is through with the Jew. And so when ethnic Israel comes up in Eschatology, they are precommitted to find an alternative explanation because regardless of how plain the text is. If the literal Jewish ethnicity of the 144 Zeus is acknowledged, then replacement theology must be abandoned.

      When God seals these 144,000 Jewish missionaries, nobody, including Antichrist, will be able to touch them.”

    • God is a burning fire, as Love and Judgement. Hell is a place when one knows he rejected God and is separated from his Love forever. “The concept of hell is of a negative relationship to God, an experience not of his absence so much as of his presence in wrath and displeasure.”

      Scripture sees hell as self-chosen; those in hell will realize that they sentenced themselves to it by loving darkness rather than light, choosing not to have their Creator as their Lord, preferring self-indulgent sin to self-denying righteousness, and (if they encountered the gospel) rejecting Jesus rather than coming to him (John 3:18-21; Rom. 1:18, 24, 26, 28, 32; 2:8; 2 Thess. 2:9-11).

      We have this life for repent. Everyone needs to decide bc the judgement comes to all and salvation to some.

      More: https://orthodox-christianity.com/2013/09/on-hell/

    • Go to bible-truths.com and read the late Ray Smith’s scriptural writings, “the lake of fire series” , then maybe you will get some real good insights into what scripture really teaches.

  2. Aren’t most of your YT videos here embed code?
    If they shut down your YT channel – the legacy videos will not play.

  3. Thank you Hugo for taking the time and trouble of explaining your thoughts on Tesco clubcard. Tesco are discriminating against people who don’t have a clubcard by charging them more.
    I got fed up with Tesco having all these card only checkouts. Not shopping there anymore.

    • You can see how they control people from both sides.
      Similar to GBNews they capture people who are not outraged and moved away from BBC.
      SkyNews worldwide controlled by Murdoch (a friend of Kissinger) are tasked to program the ones who are lost to the mainstream media.
      You think they are your friends for bringing these stories but they never tell you that the main perpetrator IS THEM.
      Like Tucker Carlson (another SkyNews spook) just blames “the Left”.
      How come Klaus Schwab is “Left”?

      They either employ some silver-tongued speakers like Carlson, Oliver, Farrage for people to stick to these “alternative” outlets like GBN, SkyNews.
      People think something is being done since these TV stations are expressing their concerns but it’s only to give you temporary comfort and keep you at bay while they continue to boil the frog. It’s basically a programming but the subjects are people in the opposition.

    • I forgot to mention Russia Today (advertised by CIA agents at Trafalgar Square in 2020). This outlet has been used for many years to capture and fool the growing opposition.
      UKColumn looks cheap what makes it look genuine but again CIA. Even Gandhi stylized himself to look like starving beggar but he lived in a palace and lived like a king.

  4. We will all fight against the system until the last Man falls. Thanks Hugo.🙂

  5. I cancelled my Tesco clubcard as soon as I watched your video, thank you. It is interesting, when I called Tesco to cancel my clubcard, they asked me what is the reason for the cancellation and when told them all this, they cancelled it without any fuss. So, I won’t use Tesco any more.

  6. Post on Twitter Hugo- that would be good exposure for your work/ exposés

  7. Similar to Tesco, Costco (Utah and Nevada in particular) were swamped with “members” cancelling their membership and demanding a refund last year. This was done once people had enough of the “mask imperative”. In short order, the imperative went away! Keep encouraging “aware people” to cancel membership mate, then maybe the “smart” people’s eyes will be opened to this chicanery!

  8. There is no mark of the beast until the Antichrist exalts himself in the Jewish Temple (which is not built yet) and demands to be worshipped. The mark is completely tied in with the adoration and worship of the Antichrist. Those who do not submit to the mark will be killed. Please stick with scripture. It may not even be a chip. It could be a tattoo. Look at the Holocaust where the Jews were made to wear a star. It could be something much simpler. I don’t know how it all fits together but until he arrives and demands the world worships him then we do not have a mark of the beast.

    • I agree Loccie. The devil is working overtime. And he is inside Hugo’s blog. But this one is working triple time. There is three of him.

  9. I don’t believe in prophecy, but I believe that there are powers who make prophecies become reality and using those as opportunity. Who knows who old these prophecies are and how and why somebody wrote them down, to prepare people to a future takover.
    We can create a community and write prophecies in a “lible”. We could teach to all of our decendants what they have to do in their lives, who and for what goal they have to work for. If we/they do it persistently and in secret throughout generations, just a matter of time until our community takes over the world.

    • Attila

      December 8, 2022

      You state your theories as fact as if no evidence exists to disprove your theories.

      “I don’t believe in prophecy”

      OK got it understood, you don’t believe in prophecy.

      “I believe that there are powers who make prophecies become reality and using those as opportunity”

      Errr I am getting a bit confused because that would be a logistical nightmare for man, we are talking thousands of years of prophecy that have ALREADY been proven true. Which men are making sure these prophecies keep coming true throughout all these years?


      “Who knows who old these prophecies are and how and why somebody wrote them down, to prepare people to a future takover.”

      ‘The man known to us as the apostle Paul began life as Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:11). The account of his radical conversion to Christ is found in several places in the New Testament: Acts 9:1–19; 22:3–13; 26:12–18; and 1 Corinthians 15:9. From the moment he was saved, he began preaching about Jesus (Acts 9:20–21). Over the next several years, Paul travelled extensively, planting churches wherever he went. When not with those churches, he still carried the responsibility for them in his heart, like a father for his children (1 Corinthians 4:14; 1 Thessalonians 2:11). Much of the New Testament is made up of his letters to some of those churches. We know for certain that Paul wrote at least thirteen letters that are included in the New Testament. Scholars have debated whether or not Hebrews was written by Paul; if Paul wrote Hebrews, that would make his total contribution to the Bible fourteen books.

      The following is a breakdown of the letters Paul wrote and the possible timeframes in which he wrote them:

      Galatians (AD 47)
      1 and 2 Thessalonians (AD 49—51)
      1 and 2 Corinthians and Romans (AD 52—56)
      Ephesians, Philemon, Colossians, and Philippians (AD 60—62, during Paul’s first Roman imprisonment)
      1 Timothy and Titus (AD 62)
      2 Timothy (AD 63—64, during Paul’s second Roman imprisonment)

      Although Paul penned or dictated these letters, he makes it clear that he is speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The other apostles, as well as the early church, accepted these letters as words from God (2 Peter 1:20–21; 3:15–16). Jesus Himself told Paul that he was sending him as a witness of all God would teach him (Acts 26:16–18). Therefore, we can rest assured that Paul’s words to the churches are inspired by the Holy Spirit and relevant for us today.’

      “We can create a community and write prophecies in a “lible”. We could teach to all of our decendants what they have to do in their lives, who and for what goal they have to work for. If we/they do it persistently and in secret throughout generations, just a matter of time until our community takes over the world.”

      You are funny, You seem to forget theses prophecies are coming from The Bible NOT from their own ideas. So where are you getting your ideas from in your “lible”, remember you can’t just copy God’s prophecies in The Bible because that only proves God was right. Have a look at when they try to come up their own prophecies and the result. Now according to you they can make ANYTHING come true from The Bible so please explain why they can’t make any of this come true for their agenda?


      If God and The Bible are all nonsense why do they all worship satan? why do they convince the mindless masses to celebrate satan’s feasts? Why do they try to convince everyone God does not exists and The Bible is made up? Why would they ever try to take ownership of God’s plan when it ends with THEIR punishment and THEIR destruction, ask yourself why would they be making God’s prophecy come true if it leads to their destruction? They believe when satan stands on The Temple Mount he becomes God and saves them all, they are mistaken.

  10. It’s a kind of discrimination, imagine the ticket stating: Low price for whites, High price for coloureds.
    Or: Low price for jabbed, High price for un-jabbed.

  11. My son refuses to give up his club card even though he knows they are analysing his data. So he gave me one of his key fob cards. I don’t use Tesco very often, but when I do, I use it and always pay in cash. Any products I buy are completely different to those of my son.

    Today, I bought a large bottle of Baileys, priced at £21.50 for £10 and got £10 worth of discounts on other products that I would never normally buy (it was close to 20% of the total bill) – none of which would be in his pattern of spending (or mine)…but, they have no idea that it wasn’t him.

    I appreciate that they are busy switching people to apps, but they won’t be able to abandon the cards for a while yet…

    So, imagine what would happen to their algorithms if thousands of people gave their cards to each other.

    It would be a small spanner in the works…and, as Tesco says, every little helps.

    • THATs the ultimate goal. People playing the game. In case you haven’t noticed, the games are getting lethal.

  12. Imagine what it’s like living in a country where there is no way to avoid all this state sanctioned crap.
    China just SHOCKED the world and the Western media are silent | Redacted with Clayton Morris

  13. Hugo the beast system is here and will achieve what is bible prophecy . All food retailers will go / are going the same way , they are blinded by money/ profit / evil . Smaller independent retailers usually rent property/ land which is owned by the establishment . Even if they own land / grow own/ sell food , it is all exposed to the same crap that they keep spraying in the atmosphere . Weather manipulation etc , strange that apparently we are experiencing unusually cold conditions given energy prices … banks are shutting , post offices , industrial strikes being promoted across all public services , the masses will become so frustrated that they will demand the government to something about it all , then they bring forward what is already planned they just had to destroy what was before first . They have destroyed the nhs , breaking down the police , the military , everything so they can bring in the new arrangements / order . Satans plan started a very long time ago , we are already in his ‘ net ‘ which is being hauled in very quickly . Spread the word of the only saviour is a must but they will only listen but not become …

  14. Hi Hugo Laura here I’ve not really been watching any videos over the last week or so my daughter is not very unwell in hospital as per NHS out of hours and the doctor is completely screwed up Miss diagnosed and left a 15-year-old in agony for well about four days anyway had a very interesting nose whilst in the local sick kids hospital it’s really eye-opening particular as a former nurse Hugo I don’t know if you or someone else on this I could do it because I’m very new to all technologies and stuff that good I guess because I will do a freedom of information act on the amount of ambulances going to A&E maybe or hospitals back in 2019 to this time in 2022 because honestly I want Pepsi on the way to hospital but it seem to be hell of a load of them and also about the severity of those conditions are because we know you’re not getting ambulances as you’re seriously ill particularly onThere seem to be ambulances coming all the time even during the night so that will be one point here I’m going to go backwards and check over the videos over the last we while completely agree on this sadly my daughter mother daughter am actually got a Clubcard the other day and I was like oh my goodness I completely agree these places are just hyperinflated to cause people it’s just pure discrimination and we should definitely turn away from the shops I’ve not been into a Tesco’s I don’t know how long I am sick leave during the pandemic is how expensive it was all getting in there so I just completely turned away then we are shopping a local butchers and I am Iceland, we got a shop somewhere there’s eight of us at our house so I completely agree I think the mark of the beast it has to prepare the system they constantly am sort of in role it also has to be done bit by bit so we are definitely start to see that come intoAnd on my final point today I drop in boots try to get a bit of Christmas shopping I was absolutely staggered to realise all the tills been taken away so as a blind person I decided to go to the chemist the guy was actually quite rude he said what do you want from behind the counter I said no I’m at she wanted to use your till she wasn’t particularly impressed but it was need to stand firm I’m not be rude but definitely go about our business we do know the truth we know what’s going on and sadly these things do have to you know I’m go the way that need to go according to bible prophecy gods timing plan is completely perfect but we are definitely going to log in that direction towards the end and also a couple of videos back you’re talking about some of the words within certain Bible is appearing to change Hugo you’re definitely are growing spiritually maybe might want to look into the Mandela affect

    • Yes, very heavy traffic of ambulances when I’m out to the shops. Two at a time the other day in two places. The old boy I talk to at Lidl had his fourth shot, then called the ambulance. They said ‘he must be allergic to something in the shot’ and he would have to see a doctor as they could not help. He tried that, but no appointment. A relative in hospital two days after her ‘booster’. Blood clot? Seizure? That’s two not on the Yellow Card.

      • @ grouch… they have been jabbing the majority since the first days of birth for a very long time , comprising the immune system from developing properly in the first place and thus needing certain vaccines to protect from something that you should of naturally been protected from . Each and every one of us have been jabbed with crap against our permission before we had the ability to speak , unless you had a very special upbringing , covid nonsense was just a continuous of that , with obviously the financial destruction of smaller business , and yet a excuse to pass more draconian laws which is still going on . A simple example in the uk is all the industrial actions taking place , people rightly complaining about costs of living crisis created by the establishment , that then uses the frustration felt by members of the public that are affected by such strikes to pass new draconian laws stopping your right to protest . It’s been announced today . The beast system will achieve its goal because the majority can not see what I just tried to explain .

  15. Hi there Hugo you have a great God given gift to spead the truth. I have an off topic comment that I want to share with you.https://www.worldatlas.com › articles › group-of-seven-g7-countries.html
    G7 Countries – WorldAtlas
    The G7 is an intergovernmental association made up of countries that have the world’s biggest, most developed economies. The G7 was previously called the G8, until Russia was expelled from the group. The G7 does not include some of the world’s biggest economies, such as China, Brazil, and India. The G7 stands for Group of 7. Could this be revelation 17:11?I don’t know also revelation 17 :3 with the ten Kings could it be what prince Charles was referring to in the cop 26 speech I think it was of 10 sectors or regions in the world. I am curious.

  16. I dare all of you. Start living like the Amish do. Problem solved.

    • While you might find it difficult to live like the Amish, it’s possible to live quite happily without a lot of expensive trappings. Analyse your spending. What do you really NEED?

  17. Biased statement. The low number of comments from thinking people doesn’t really reflect what the public thinks. To make this reliable you would need to ask random people on the street. Similarly, if you asked Tesco clientele, you’d probably find out that they are quite content with their little loyalty cards. Majority of the people do not think. BBC does activity like thinking for them.
    I might have been still Tesco’s occasional customer, but no longer live in a close proximity. For good several years I had used my tesco clubcard, collected coupons and spent more to ‘save up’. I called in there under the lockdowns, staff wore tops: ‘we are all in the same boat’ and were very harsh with the customers. That put me finally off.
    Back in the days, when we shopped in Tesco’s, it attracted people with fishmonger, deli and butchers. Last time Tesco I visited looked more like poundland with rows of tins and other trash food.

  18. Hi Hugo. Great post and well researched as usual. I agreed with you completely then realised I had a Wickes card that provides 10% discount if you sign up and Screwfix (Kingfisher Group same as B&Q) also offer 5% discount if you sign up but am glad to say I haven’t applied for this one.

    I love eschatology and prophecy is now converging as the Word states. All things have to be set-up so they can just be switched on like light switched when tribulation starts although some can be beforehand. Good to see you quoting KJV. Keep up the excellent work.

  19. well said Hugo…one thing u must research, st. paul/saul was mistrusted by early Christians as being an antiChrist …then a vatican council decided what books were going in and what books were not going in
    The Bible e.g. The Book Of Enoch amongst others ….

  20. P.S. Articles on Tesco didn’t merit much attention, Hugo, which brings me to conclusion that many people use tesco card. Here, I must confess I keep one ‘loyalty’ card – Boots and unlikely will have point card of any other chain store. That one has someone else’s faded name on it, and I use it now and again, usually reminded by the shop assistant.

  21. The lake of fire is where Satan will suffer torment forever, which I think means until eternity ends, at the end of the next age, if it ever ends; but men will have their final destruction in the lake of fire, after the second resurrection, they won’t suffer eternally. That’s what I understand from the plain words of scripture. For a man to suffer eternally for a short life on earth, no matter how sinful, would be unjust. They will likely return to the nothingness of before they were born.

  22. lol she has inflammation from the jabs she promoted and the media / medical board just created a new fake condition name

  23. While ever the MSM are bought and actively whitewashing this, it will carry on. Because that’s all the sheep believe.

  24. Absolutely brilliant video. Refreshing to hear discernment when talking about these things

  25. The problem is, if you stop using your club card, than you have to pay a stupid price. I have a club card, not shopping at tesco really, my boyfriend pop to the little one sometimes. I don’t know what to do now days, I think all the big shops selling rubbish and fuck the people up with those made up prices.
    Fuck knows where to shop now days…
    I just wish to go to a farm and get everything from there,and stroke the animals. Xxx

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