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43 Comments on “TESCO CLUBCARD DIGITAL TRAP / Hugo Talks

    • So you stop using Tesco now, then Asda, Sainsbury’s etc follow suit. Only option left, AMAZON! Clever stuff.
      Many thanks for your great work Hugo.

  1. Everything you say is true BUT what can poorer people actually do to fight this? The alternative to falling for the big supermarket trap is to buy at small independent shops where you will pay EVEN HIGHER prices. I don’t doubt the veracity of your analysis but people with little disposal income have some hard choices to make. Tell me the answer that will not mean us getting even poorer.

    • Doing what you can to grow your own food or group with others to work together to grow food is a start – this will become more important in the near future on current trajectory.

  2. Sainsbury’s are doing a diet version of this, fronted by the voice of ‘national treasure’ Stephen Fry. Regular radio ads promoting their ‘smartshop’ app and the discounted offers available for using this. It’s very manipulative – he says ‘you’ve been a bit of a silly sausage’ if you don’t use the app. Oh go fuck yourself Stephen.

    I think it’s time we started writing to senior directors at the supermarkets, Tesco email format for anyone interested, is first.last@uk.tesco.com – and informing them that the (beast) system they’re pushing forward will end up fucking them and their families too.

    RR – above – is right about what choice lower-income people will have; but everyone who can afford to, should ignore the devil’s tempting lower prices and / or, vote with their feet.

    • You are correct, but we are living in Biblical times, spoken about, since the beginning, I think writing to the directors, sounds a good idea, except, the directors of these stores are the beast & a body with many satanic parts… (when Tesa Cowin first opened the business, it was to make life easier, unfortunately they made there money & moved back to Israel, but sold tesco to a food retailer giant… Sadly

  3. Another option is to start better supporting local, independent businesses & farmers markets more. Again, for those that can afford to.

  4. nothing new here Hugo, I have worked in Retail sales and Management for near on 40 years and it has been going on since then, people have sucked up to it and will fall. As a previous High Commissioned salesman i can tell you it is very easy to sell a con onto the Public. 😂

  5. And what will their prices be next year when the shelves are empty?

  6. I hate the way ALL advertising these days shows mixed marriages. Are there any all white families any more? It is as if they are bending over backwards to show they are not racist. But in doing these ads with only mixed marriages they are actually being racist. Persons of colour should be insulted by this. And what about “Happy Holidays”. Why not call it what it is CHRISTMAS!!!! Is this so that muslims are not offended?

  7. I’ve not shopped at Tesco since they changed the recipe of their own brand Spag Bol and swapped the horsemeat for minced beef gristle.

  8. I have a club card, but in phisical form, once they make it digital, I will stop using it & Stop shopping at tecos.. because no way will I download there app..(also in tesco and waitrose and asda, have you seen the face biometric cameras as you enter there stores ., we used to shop in sainsburys until many items, were on sale at £6,66p.. (that’s a sign from God, get out of there, shop elsewhere)..
    I have shared this video and all the others from day 1… To my contacts…
    Also I’m including your videos in my tic tok account, as well as the Brilliant Bible texts, you put out…
    Were you able to make a tic tok account, as there is many people on there, who like us on here, benifit from your videos greatly Hugo..

    God bless you Brother, thank you for standing out from the crowd & standing for Jesus Christ, Hugo..

    (always remember, Jesus Christ has already Won.. Only look to Jesus Christ, don’t be Anxious about anything, just keep trusting & being obedient, as I know you are Hugo..

    From john and Debra…
    John 3 v 16 🙏🏻

    • I saw this coming last summer when I went into Tesco with a friend. I was shocked to see my intelligent friend using the Tesco app just totally unaware of the ramifications. I haven’t been back to Tescos since.

  9. Hugo having recently defended you , this video really … yes your cludcard argument ok . I’ve had a card years , haven’t actually shopped in there in months . Why ain’t you making a counter argument defending the people being ripped off apparently if they don’t have the card ? Forgive me , but your coming across if you are in a privilege position , you say you shop somewhere different but don’t say where , you have your own home so can preach about meters , mortgages etc etc . Many smaller retailers go to the bigger ones to purchase their stock at a surcharge to their customers to give the illusion of local , independent . You know this ! Let’s cut to the chase , In my understanding , we can disengage from the ‘ program ‘ immediately , surrender everything you have, and snuggle up to a tree and live a true honest homeless life as god originally planned for us and survival will decide the time . But you could do that and your still be resurrected and thrown in the fire because you knew nothing of the scripture but had actually lived your life accordingly to his teachings … Hugo maybe your testing folk … be careful , only the disciples survive and they were instructed to become Jesus and spread the word .

    • Become Jesus 😂😂😂 Hm, really! Let’s explore that. One, it is not only the disciples that “survive”, no flesh “survives”.. we must ALL die once and be Reborn, this is what the disciples are Holy aware of (water and spirit), the second death (spiritual death) well… Ask the Jehovah Witness’S how scared they are of litteral hell. Gods’ elect are not scared of hell, we rejoice when one repeats or when one is sent to hell; for we know our Saviour and have a personal relationship with Our King and the wisdom to know our eternal life WITH him under HIS Government, for the Government is upon HIS shoulders. TESCOS “I’ve got the power” (ex tv ad) was part of an MKULTRA, NOW global elitists program designed to deceive and perscicute Gods’ elect for their god Satan (#BLOODMONEY #AVOIDTHE2NDDEATH) WW4 is over my friend, the psychological war is ineffective. It’s now an act of “who’s club are you in”. State your case clearly: I did by using my car to go to a butcher’s and a farm shop, avoiding covid WEF Transhumanist players (post 2020 #DIIA2020 / gIIA2020 aka #PEDOSUNITED) and the #PEDOSUNITED Occult, by using past confidential therapy data on me from 7 YEARS previous (2015) in 2022 took my car (suceeded) and tried to take my child (failed) having already pharimkia’D me into a seat of Satan remote village. Long story short…We ALWAYS have a choice. I am of Christ Jesus, you test me, go on. Ps, I live in a housing association flat and am on universal basic income with only a Tesco express and post office in my village.

      • Actually Jehovah’s witnesses don’t believe in Hell

      • Read revelations and then come back to me …actually read Matthew before that and the lord does ask his disciples to fully embrace him and thus will have the same authority as he . There will only be 12000 disciples from 12 nations spread over the 7 continents of the world that are guaranteed salvation when the beast fully accomplish its destiny . You can’t stop it , it’s god’s will , the wave is indeed coming .

      • What about this scripture. We should all fear God regardless of the position you think you have.

        Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12).J

      • @jeff I have already accepted my spiritual destiny , I’ve admitted in other comments that I can’t be saved so no I’m not trembling . I’m simply learning the truth that I may hopefully save someone else .

  10. You mispronounced Grotesco! “Leading the way to your entrapment…every little helps.” Nudge, nudge, shifting from the original clubcard incentive of building up loyalty points and receiving little rewards like money off coupons (everyone paid the same for items in store regardless), to ‘clubcard holders only’ prices. It’s actually quite a bold leap, some of the price differences are shocking/laughable. They hope people will just suck it up and give in to the convenience of the app I guess. Those with a clubcard/app will probably think “I’m alright Jack”, besides, very few can afford prices any higher. Alongside those smaller “strictly Tesco app users only” stores they are really testing the waters.

  11. Recently all Tesco shops have installed barriers that open once you get in the stores.
    I believe these will be used with DIGITAL ID in the near future.

    • Asda has them too, it’s only a matter of time before their rolled out across all Supermarkets.

  12. I went into Tesco yesterday to buy a few things for my mums grave and my aunts Christmas as it’s just across from my aunts home.
    I didn’t have a club card but asked a girl if she would use hers to save me the extra price.
    She was delighted 😀

  13. It’s called a *Club* card because if you’re unfortunate enough to sign up for one, it’s YOU who eventually gets beaten round the head with it, when (or if) you ever realize what it is they’re doing with all that juicy consumer data you provide them.

    But even without a Club Card, most Corporate mega stores are still collecting and processing surveillance data on their patrons, which I believe they’re using to enhance the larger Recognition surveillance grid, for consumer analytics and behavioural prediction cues (and ultimately control), which they will no doubt seek to tie into the 5G IoT (Internet of Things) Smart Grid – But eventually they’ll be no need for physical mobile devices on a mass level… 👋 (Check out what they’re doing in Sweden).


    I saw somewhere a video presentation foretelling, that for the future of the ‘in-store retail environment’, the consumer experience will be exclusively personalized for that individual. To some degree it sort of already is with the internet and targeted Ads, and also NFC (Near Field Communication) for mobile in some specialized stores. But combining certain technologies, a person could say, walk into a store and only see (and possibly hear? *through tech like Voice to Skull, or even connected wireless earbuds?) advertising prompts and information concerning that individual, for products and services based on THEIR collated data profile. Imagine walking into a store and a display screen personally addresses YOU, and suggests, or rather reminds you what products you need to buy, because your new Alexa 5.0 Smart Fridge had already updated the IoT Smart Grid, so that where ever you go, the Smart Grid knows… the Smart Grid knows… It knows when you’re asleep, it knows when you’re awake, it knows when you’ve been naughty (AKA expressing free speech), so be good for goodness sake!

    You get the point.

  14. Just a quick comment.Firstly someone stared that Jehovah’s witnesses fear Hell while actually Jehovah’s witnesses don’t believe in Hell . And Tesco don’t do online shopping which stopped just before pandemic which I found oddly out of step with other supermarkets . Tesco also funds numerous charities in my local area. So I’m a little perplexed at this video

  15. We do not have to shop in these supermarkets, there are other retailers online, but we are too lazy to search the internet; it is easier to just click on Amazon and Ebay. We can also shop at our nearest farmer’s market. We need to get out of our comfort zone and support our independent retailers, instead of supporting these greedy supermarkets who are working with the likes of the World Economic Forum and others to destroy us. If you think things are bad now, they are going to get a whole lot worse very soon.

  16. Haven’t shopped at Tesco for a few years . They are certainly the worst for all this but by no means the only ones . The last straw for me with Tesco was Father Christmas with a covid pass . Won’t forgive them for that and won’t shop there ever again

  17. It’s very simple, take two baskets, one for discounted prices, one for normal. Use your paper clubcard and pay only for the discounted. Pay the rest on a separate count and with cash.
    End of the nonsense

  18. Wait to see what Morrison has in store for you. As you may or not know the aforementioned chain store was acquired last year by a financial consortium, most likely with BlackRock and Vanguard in the background, and ever since a tsunami of technocratic advancements have been implemented. They might not be as visible as Tesco’s yet, but once they ease consumers into, they will pop up in a flash. I guess all supermarkets, without exception, have them up their sleeves ready to be deployed while engineering consent. Tesco is at the forefront only because it has a larger coverage, larger market share and they can afford loosing a small chunk of their costumers in this process

  19. Here’s an idea. While we don’t shop in tesco unless it’s the only option.
    We decided to ask an elderly relative to order extra cards. So we’ve given these out across the family and friends.
    They get the lower price and our relative gets the points. This helps them shop on their pension and none else’s shopping habits are tracked.

    I stopped my card when I found out how much money they’d made selling data compared what the club card points were worth. So I said F to them then.

  20. Hugo very informative video I must admit I think it was Andy somewhere up in the comments I completely disagree with you I think you guys trying to put across some really valid points same as I say I don’t use Tesco’s but when we were on holiday there was a Tesco’s locally so likewise went in there I must admit I did what someone else did up in the comments I just asked the lady next to me if she wanted to get some additional points that’s how gullible people are I don’t even think she realised I was actually on about trying to get the savings I am slightly worried as I said my daughter that lives with me because I’m she goes to college and when they go for lunch it’s a local Tesco’s are use and she’s only a student on a very small amount of money so I wasn’t aware but she actually got a Clubcard the other day but I don’t know I think I’ve been trying to tell them all if anything happens whereby it’s digitalise we have to get rid of it for me personally I look well I think basically comes down to your mind and whether basically you’re engaging with all these things within the system we need to be at a place that we go to start to disengage with everything so anyway another great video Hugo

  21. I noticed the same thing in Ontario, Canada last week. A phone app (I know, bad) named Flipp showed a flyer at a large grocery chain, Metro, a sale on fish. When I went to the store, the listed price was different. I asked an employee why, and she said I needed to download their phone app to my cellphone to get the discount. No thanks. Great work!

  22. exploring new found interest in religion like Christianity and finding yourself in a spiritual position doesnt mean u have to start fear mongering yourself and others with obvious silly tropes like “lake of fire” . scripture…yes….script written by ure….perhaps? culture…. cult of ure…… different sides to a coin. im not an atheist. but obviously the bible is scripted. i mean, the translation u are most likely reading, the KJV, or the derivatives from it, were translated by not only a 33rd degree freemason, but the highest freemason in England at the time, higher than king james! sir francis bacom, also know as the pen name “shakespear” full peekaboo club membership translation …and u trust it? ive got mates that translate earlier versions and thru languages like romanian, and show me the very editing and changes bacon made for his edition that they have found so far …. like “lucifer” was mentioned only once ever, and in the KJV bible….. the trinity is another example , the removal of the divine feminine …the father the son and the holy ghost means the feminine has been “ghosted” …..***end rant****

    • Tovia Singer on You Tube mentions what you’ve just said about the KJV and Lucifer in his latest video.

  23. Hi franny23dmt,
    I agree, local farmers, but not if we end up following Hollands state of affairs. I was merely pointing to the fact that they are pushing us to depend on Amazon.
    Best wishes.

  24. Tesco had 70cl of Jack Daniels on sale for fifteen pounds via club card. That’s cheap. Also a 32 inch Tishiba smart tv for 129 quid.

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