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124 Comments on “David Icke Petition Psyop? / Hugo Talks

  1. I think I identified that doctor from the previous video.
    It’s Dr. Bosconovitch from Tekken.
    In Tekken 3 he use to be drunk and fight while holding in his hand a bottle of some liqueur.

    The Intelligence has some sense of humour.
    We all should roll on the floor laughing when they come up with new shit.

  2. Icke denies that Jesus Christ is Lord, this alone stops me supporting him, the holocaust is a lie, there is no paper trail or proof back to Hitler that proves it, also there is no bodies, there isn’t even proof that huge quantities of coal were bought to burn the corpses.. holohoax

    • Holohoax has been invented well after the 2WW.
      Dr. E Michael Jones is soon going to release a book about this fraud. Can’t wait.

      In the interim you can read Nicholas Kollerstrom “Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust: Myth & Reality”

    • I watched that 3 part video made by Peter Santenello in the Jooish ghettos and finally in upscale Jooish neighbourhood.
      The young rabbi was saying “yes we don’t wear mask because we all had it (COVID) but yes millions have died”
      I would not be surprised that the NY Joos will up the number of the Holocaust victims by the official number of fake COVID deaths among Joos.

      How come an isolated community where most of them apparently don’t watch TV and don’t use smart phones yet do maintain the COVID narrative?

      The Amish people who are also an isolated community also don’t watch TV, know little about COVID and none of them claim to be COVID sick or to die from it.

      You should watch this bit where a pro rabbi spill the beans about how they use genetics to determine who can date and who don’t.
      I didn’t know that Hasidim Joos are eugenicists.

      • from another video let’s meet Golda an Orthodox Jooes working in investment management for cannabis industry. She said herself that she is a walking contradiction.

        Crown Heights – hipster capital of the Orthodox Jooish America LOL
        Imagine a Disneyland with nightclubs for Orthodox Christians!
        Most of them, especially these masquerades from Chabad sect just pretend the orthodoxy.

        I remember meeting that Pakistani Muslim guy with a long beard.
        He claimed to be a religious Muslim but was wearing a t-shirt with a symbol of anarchy on it.
        He also said that he is drinking alcohol just fine as according to him in Islam you pick what suits you.
        I am sure he would love to go to Crown Heights and meet with other hipster Hasidim and hipster Muslims.

        This is what excessive number of Jooish/Muslim rules and prohibitions leads to.

      • @Flavius A big issue with the term itself “burnt offering” it is religious and so faith based,within this dialectic the historical events mean nothing,it is used to make your faith i.e Christianity subordinated to Judaism,the term itself must be rejected through your faith and thus showing they are the aggressors.I hope that makes sense.

      • I’m sure it’s the background check that matters more than the blood test. There are reports of massive inbreeding within certain isolated religious groups and Muslim clans. The latter because they want to keep their wealth in the family (very much like members of the global peerage, which is why some of them have very dominant features, see King Charles). I read somewhere that a lot of wealthy Arab families fly to the US to cleanse the DNA of their kids from the bits that cause “problems”!
        Some Jooish guy on another (totally different type of forum) said that it’s ok for a Jooish guy to make out with non-jooish girls (schicksas are good for practicing) but in the end he would only marry a jooish girl. I don’t know whether the Jooish girls have the same rights when it comes to “practice”, though.
        Didn’t couples in the US have to have a blood test at some point before they could get married?
        The guy mentioned in the article, Thomas Parran Jr. was the surgeon general from 1917 to 1948, so he must have also been involved in the so called “Spanish flu”!

      • @A German expat
        I know what you mean it’s called tree of life.
        Especially the orthodox Joos maintain so called dynasties where they inbreed.

        Speaking about schicksas I reckon it’s their old custom when they had slaves and house maids were molested by the Joos.
        I think they are molested to this day but they are no longer Christian slaves – a property of a Joo.

        Jooish porn business bears similarities as the Jooish directors brag about schicksas.

    • You don’t believe the Holocaust happened, because there are no paper trails back to Hitler … Yet you probably believe every word that’s in the Bible, even though there has never been any documented evidence for any of it. You poor deluded fool.

  3. I had no idea there was a petition.
    I do not follow the guy. But I love to mention the inception of the internet. AKA DARPA-NET
    “They” see you. Canadian cash has RFID chips/antennae.
    The social score system is well in play. China and their credit score is in full swing.

  4. These days you are called an anti-Semite not because you don’t like Joos but because Joos don’t like you.
    ADL is to protect all the Jooish criminals and call people anti-Semites left and right .

    1994 – Holocaust denial becomes a crime in Germany
    1998 – Holocaust denial becomes a crime in Poland
    2014 – Holocaust denial becomes a crime in Russia

    All 3 witness nations of the Holohoax have been silenced. They would tell you it’s 300k not 6 millions Joos. Most of the “Holohoax survivors” were born well after 2WW but these Joos still claim they are the survivors it does not matter it’s a new generation of Joos.
    Most of the Joos fled to US long before 2WW, the remaining Joos fled to East and joined the Soviets.
    Using all sorts of channels they migrated to Palestine to help the creation of Israel.

    For instance according to Joos 2WW started in 1941 not 1939. Why? Because 1941 was the time when Hitler realized he cannot cooperate with Joos as they continue to spy for USSR, started rounding them up and moving to concentration camps but for instance Poles were already in those camps. The Joos renamed these camps to death camps to spice up their wicked Holohoax messianic agenda.

    The function of the concentration camps was not to keep them there to starve but once in a concentration camp distribute the workforce to other smaller sister camps – factories. This way the Germans used slave labour to maintain their industrial needs and depending on the current needs people have been redirected from a concentration camp to this or that factory camp. Each concentration camp had a whole network of branches.

    Hugo what you describe is happening all over the world they try hard to make a precedence and extend the criminality of Holohoax denial to other countries ideally the whole world.
    With this kind of publicity I reckon it is again to monitor people’s reactions, measure if the number of anti-Semites has increased since the last time Joo Intelligence has checked.
    Icke is famous for attacking Israel that is one of the reasons he became popular but half way to all his talks he spins listeners into oblivion. And because of that he is also a prominent gatekeeper.
    I think the purpose of such articles is also to deter criticism of the Joos who are close to ban the Bible as anti-Semitic but first they need to destroy the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations.

    Read “The Gulag Archipelago” how the Soviets destroyed the Russian and other Central-Eastern nations but also how they obliterated the Orthodox Church.

    • Flavious, sounds like you like to read…you may be interested in ‘This way to gas, ladies and gentlemen by T.Borowski – actual camp survivor. Reviews of the book summarise it well.
      He is democratic, he doesn’t favour chosen people, but mentions also the Czechs, the Greeks, the Canadians, Poles amongst the others.
      After liberation of the camp by the USSR, he turned to communism but became disilusioned. He took his own life in his late 20s, disappointed by thetotalitarian regime.
      He is portrayed as Beta in another book ‘Captive mind’ by Milosz, which illustrates how totalitarian tactics work.

    • On another note a fragment of old documentary on bitchute ‘ADL asking Ukraine not to discuss Holomodor’. Outcompeted.

      • Of course Holohoax is stolen the Holodomor genocide from Ukrainians and Russians to mask the crime Jooish Bolsheviks were behind.
        I am also looking into similarities to Armenian (Christian Joos) genocide in 1915-1917.

      • Flavius, I am not sure about stealing the name, but I am sure I watched documentary on bitchute in which rabbis talked about the word holocaust and 6million – a number coined by the Jews themselves, long before the WW2. Six million was used as symbolic number. Back in Eastern Europe the Ashkenazis were forbidden from owning the land, or perhaps they later chose not to own it. Anyway, they resorted to owning the shops, usery and becoming educated. It is not a secret that many intellectuals simply changed their names to blend in with the society and climbed up the ladder in education field. It is hard to say, whether it is good or not but they were a minority and adapted well. Many of us change name by marriage (in my case) so it is easier to pronounce.
        As for the numbers of people of all nations who perished in concentration camps, it kept changing and was also inconclusive according to the sources I read in the past.

      • @Hunter
        Sure however my point is that a lot lot more Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Germans perished in this war not them but we all supposed to visit their museums and bow low and promise not to commit a genocide against them again. Riddiculous

    • Hugo isn’t saying that they are ‘extending the criminality of Holohoax denial’ – the truth is both you and Terence are in fact anti-semites who know nothing. My father and uncle at 8 and 11 years old respectively ran on their own from the Nazis in Czechoslovakia for 3 years. My grandfather, their father died in a concentration camp. My father had nightmares til and including his dying day. Yes I do understand that Rockefeller, Rothschilds have a lot to answer for but that there was no holocaust? – You make me sick and should be ashamed. BTW I’m now a born again Christian – Hugo you’re on the only true path there is – I’ve tried them all.

      • There was no Holocaust period.
        There was no burning of the bodies so no holocaust. There were no gas chambers either. People who died in concentration camps were mainly from diseases (typhus) and starvation as towards the end of the war Allies bombed all the supply lines and whatever else to stop German industry – forced labour camps were the infrastructure. The conditions in those places deteriorated. You don’t need much time before people start dying.

      • I am reading Solzhenitsyn once more and see how the Joo Bolshevics destroyed Russia – so many Joos involved. If people don’t start reading his books the Joo banksters will do the same to the West. I use Communism 2.0 frequently but you have to understand what Communism 1.0 really was. Nightmare.

  5. Yes, Hugo! And this is the same thing in a different package that the basketball player, Kyrie Irving, is being forced into. If Irving apologizes for making anti-Semitic statements (that he didn’t make) he will be saying he did say them via the apology. No one apologizes for stepping on your toe unless they’ve stepped on your toe. This is all so deceptive and strangely geared to punishing those who say anything the Jewish community doesn’t like. Why are the top two “offences” Icke HASN’T committed about Jewish people?

  6. They know how naïve the population is and will just sign without any insight

    • DMT Never thought they would get away with this, lie lie lie

  7. This is a way to condition people about social credit score style thing going in China. They are moving fast and with full deception.

    • Yes, “0 covid” has them welding people into their apt complexes. No one is talking about it.
      It is happening right now.

      • Or dragging them off to camps for the sick, even though most aren’t. Then once they are gone, they broke into their homes and killed the pets. It’s crazy what’s going on in China with their zero vid policy, from what I’ve seen the people are starting to push back. But they disappear desenting voices in that country, so the one’s who are, in my opinion are very brave or just so hungry that they don’t have any choice.

  8. I still believe we should have freedom of choice or belief. So should be able to seek and read about different views and decide for ourselves what is true. No one person on earth knows the whole truth. Even those who can start off with good intentions can easily be manipulated and changed be it through power fame or money. The important thing is to be of true pure heart. Live your life for the greater good. That true happiness comes not from the material things in life. But by surrounding yourself with decent genuine people pure of heart ❤️

      • You know I very rarely do this but I read your comment I thought it was really well said it’s right none of us know everything in but reading some of the comments on here sometimes I think people do them but I thought what you said was really lovely put

  9. Hugo I agree in essence of what you say but cannot support any attack on di . I found you through him , so if he’s controlled so could you be . He has been a ‘ leper ‘ to society for most of his adulthood , his family have suffered for his continued stance . I don’t agree with everything he says but he has a right to say it , if god doesn’t agree when the time comes then that’s a conversation between them , we all will have a one on one at some point . Many comments regarding ‘ shedding ‘ , I hadn’t heard of it before , maybe the jabbed have become the ‘ colony ‘ and di was never the leper …

  10. It’s guilt by association if you share any of DI’s views. He’ll spit some truth, sure, but let’s not forget his origins – young pro footballer (keeper), career finished by arthritis, suddenly turns up reading the news on on the BBC. He’s far better spoken than his background might suggest but I believe him to be British Intelligence and a Freemason. His Ickonic studio set up is purple brickwork, which, for me, is a dead giveaway. And, as Hugo says, there’s the endless circle of guests on his platform. He’s all new age and that’s just one of the scenarios the enemy have planned for us – the one world religion. He should write a new book: “From Goalkeeper To Gatekeeper.” If he does, I’m claiming intellectual property rights!!!!

    • His carefully cultivated reputation as a nutter with all the lizard nonsense was created to keep the questioning of the mainstream narrative in the realm of crazy people. He’s always been playing a part.
      It also means he can reveal some uncomfortable truths safe in the knowledge they will be dismissed as nonsense by most people.

      • My thoughts exactly on David Icke- he has done a marvellous job in discrediting anybody who questions the mainstream view of things as they then become associated with his lizard beliefs

  11. I must admit that I find it hard not to be sceptical about anyone these days. Putting others on pedestal is not my brew. I learnt best values from my family members, and trust their judgement which is usually expressed in less eloquent way than by internet personalities. Perhaps because a very famous reactionary celebrity from my homeland in fact turned out to be a grasser and gov’s agent, but hey ho…he had children to feed. This what we say when we justify…crumbling moral principles.

    For a while I was interested in Peterson’s monologues but I read his book in 2020 and it was not revelation. His diet and enigmatic illness seem to be well eccentric.
    I still like Neil Oliver but do not listen him anymore. He was good as Coast guy and does very well as controlled opposition. As for Icke, I never listened him, maybe this is a shame, but I do not feel that way.
    Reading the comments below Hugo’s talk is sometime more interesting than their content.
    I do not sign petitions, once or twice I did UsForThem but they flooded us with petitions. It was well off putting. Something about putting others on pedestal puts me off, we are all flawed and we do not know who those people really are. Attributing them divine qualities also goes against the 1st Commandment. And I am not really that religious. It is just a common sense.

    • I think this petition is to capture the names of all able anti-Semites so in couple of years time the Bolshevik NKVD will know which addresses to invade with their troopers.

  12. You must be friggin knackered Hugo. You have remained consistent and bang on the money since the start. I dread to watch you, just in case I discover that you have turned. Please don’t, there’s hardly anyone left to believe in anymore. Stay with us.xx

    • It’s a huge burden once you know who is the enemy on the ground.
      In this case the world is completely out of balance while Phoenician Joos encounter little resistance.

      • The truth! Needs no protection it will stand the test of time!!
        The very fact! They go out of their way to attack anyone who sees through the charade! Tells you all you need to know!
        “The biggest lie! Of the twentieth century!
        The media never questions the narrative, tells you who they are in the hands of!!
        If you do some research! You will see all the flaws!

        The bolsheviks! Are Jews! Who took Russia! Communism is a creation of world jewry! To control and destroy “christendom
        Alll churches were destroyed, not one synogogue was touched… Tells you all you need to know!
        Judaism is bolshevism is communism is satanism. Their Talmud is from hell! They call us” Goyem “cattle! To be rounded up! Clergy were killed, nuns raped all the middle classes of Russia destroyed.. These truths! Have been very cleverly hidden from us! By the Jewish owned media! Do your own research! And you will see! All a pack of lies to keep the white man on his knees and never questioning what they do! The fact is they control all institutions throughout the west.. We live in a de-facto “communist” state. Pretending to be a democracy.. Mass immigration is another tool of theirs to destroy white nations..
        God bless!
        Christ is king!

      • @riverhope99
        I like to read Solzhenitsyn.
        He wrote that the British army and secret services collaborated with Soviets very well.
        In 1945 when Germans were destroyed the Brits were helping Soviets to round up all the Russian and Ukrainian including Cossack units that were not Soviet.
        Moreover there were Russians in Buchenwald camp. The allied forced freed them and given to Soviets.
        What Soviets did? They treated them as traitors and sentenced to 10 years in the gulags.

        With this British/Soviet collaboration it is now more obvious Bolshevism was a project controlled by the banksters from London.
        Trotzky, Lenin and Co all came to London in 1907 and slept in the hostels owned by Rothschild.

        Solzhenitsyn also indicates that Hitler was unreasonable because he didn’t accept the offers from the remaining Russian forces (not Soviet) to destroy Stalin.
        I think it was because Hitler supposed to replay Napoleon and be defeated like him 100 years ago but what’s more important unleash Soviets and let them swallow half of the Europe. That was the plan. A complete obliteration of the Eastern nation. Russia, Ukraine, Poland has not recovered from these many purges. All the intelligent people and clergy were eliminated in the 1st waves.

      • I’ve told you, Stop hating on the Jews, you odious piece of shit.

  13. Here’s this awful video from London, about the royal family lizard people and hunger games claims – not for children


    Doesn’t “The Icke” speak of the Lizard people and is it similar to this sick piece of information?
    I had accidentally came across a video similar to this about Hillary Clinton, which was a rip off of the Canaanites in the bible and utterly rile.
    Why would people make up and influence people with this sick properganda? Although there are cases where people are generally abused and It makes you wonder why people join Q.
    I found some statistics somewhere where they were analysing people who have joined “Q” comparing Christian’s to low education or IQ’s of people etc – they’re taking the piss.
    Real Christians are compassionate, wise and are looking out for the welfare of others.

    • @ Lizard

      Okay ….where to start with this comment ?

      This is one of the areas that even many of the truther channels are afraid to go.
      Child trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse.
      And there is a reason for this. Because, whilst we argue over LGBT and Stop Oil; BLM and Drag Queens, we are not looking into the one thing that possibly has the power to bring the ‘Elites’ down.

      These are the GENUINE child abuse cases that people need to research – The Westminster Peadophile ring and their dissapearing dossier./ The Marc Dutroux case in Belgium./ The Hampstead School and the two children involved.

      Sadly people like Jeanette Archer ( in the video) are either being used or are put in place to discredit the whole SRA fight. Much like David Icke, she gives many truths. But by adding ‘the lizards’ she totally discredits that truth and therefore leads people to dismiss EVERYTHING she has revealed . When I first watched this my opinion was she was 100% controlled opposition. Here was a supposed truther, setting up a protest with cameras and loudspeaker, right outside Windsor Castle, accusing the Queen of horrendous acts…… and she is allowed to …with the police just standing by and watching ? Really ? It is exactly like all the “Stop Oil” hoaxes. And that is how it works. Just like Carl Beech. He made many allegations of sexual abuse, but when he was ‘proven’ to be a ‘fantasist’, new laws were introduced to protect those (accused MPs) from any further allegations.

      For the many Christians that follow Hugo , please look into the work of Wilfred Wong. He is an international human rights activist and a true man of God, who had been investigating Satanic ritual abuse for over 27 years. He has now been falsely imprisoned for trying to assist the rescue of a child who was experiencing SRA.

      And finally, one of the main reasons I felt compelled to reply to this post. What we are seeing at the moment is the re-emergence of these cases and there is a desperate attempt by TPTB to stop that information getting out.
      The linking of ‘Pizzagate’ to “the QAnon nutters” is one way of silencing and discrediting anyone who is brave enough to question child trafficking, and any of the other terrible forms of child abuse.

  14. William Cooper called out David Icke’s bullshit back in the 90’s. Stop worshipping your “heroes” and become a responsible adult.
    By the way, don’t believe anyone, including William Cooper, until you verify what is the truth, for yourself.

    • @ Greg Landry
      I agree.
      Always ask yourself – 1) WHO is telling me this ? 2) WHY are they telling me this ? and 3) Why are they telling me this NOW ?

  15. I think you’re right Hugo. Although I’m sad to concede it having believed DI was, ‘mostly’, one of the good guys.

  16. They censor the people themselves so they can not earn any money, presumably in the hope that a) it will discredit them, and b) they will stop producing content since it’s not worth it. Be careful Hugo, you are talking yourself into a trap – when they ban you, what will you say then? I said all these things about banned people, but honestly… I’m different?

  17. Hi Hugo, you make some very valid observations. Signing the petition is basically saying you consent to those accusations.
    I though won’t throw stones at David Icke…I don’t know anyone who can judge David Icke on this earth…

  18. In February of this year I helped to organise a rally against the proposed Human Rights Act reform proposals.
    David Icke gave up his time and energy to speak at this small rally which had no media coverage etc.
    I know members of his family quite well.
    They would be horrified and hurt to see some of the comments suggesting that he is controlled opposition by people who do not know him and do not take the time to do so.
    It has not been easy for his children growing up at school with comments like”your dad is that nutter” etc.and painful for him as a good family man.
    Give him credit for the courage of standing in his own name despite all of this
    I enjoy your videos Hugo but show some courage yourself and stop hiding behind a cloak of anonymity – if you believe in The Lord as you state then it should not be a problem.

    • This demon wants Hugo to dox himself. Not happening you complete tit. 🤦‍♂️

      • Yes then “Martin” and his friends would track Hugo down and proceed with the offers Hugo could not refuse.

        @Martin Godden
        Sorry but I don’t think your friend Icke is genuine. Same like Alex Jones a lot of talking, ranting but no real action comes out of it.
        When they show up at Trafalgar Square among other speakers they just cover their part of the agenda, pack up and go home.
        There is only one man who I trust who one day led part of the march to the City Of London while the rest waste time at Trafalgar Square, Downing Street or Westminster.

      • Hello Xenon
        My ex-wife would probably agree with you that I am a demon but I assure you that I am not.
        My name is Martin Godden and you are most welcome to meet me any Sunday morning at ASITP Appley Isle of Wight and I am happy to have an adult chat with you about anonymity in the freedom movement.
        I do not know David Icke (although he lived here on the Island) but I do know two members of his family quite well.
        I just get tired of people accusing others of being”shills” under the cloak of anonymity without disclosing who they are and without knowing the family concerned.
        I admire https://miriaf.co.uk/ who often writes in similar vein but is quite open as to who she is.
        And for what it is worth i do make a small modest donation to Hugo Talks despite being “a complete tit” x

      • @Martin Godden
        I hear you but as I said Icke is a gatekeeper who tell some truths to salt in lies usually half way in his talks.
        He spins his audience into oblivion. I don’t know how useful is that?

  19. Excellent insight and my sincere appreciation for exposing the manipulative language used in that false petition. As for David Icke, I consider him one of the most provocative, influential, and long-established deceivers the anti-establishment world has ever experienced. A master of disguise!

    An accomplished liar, Icke who declared himself the Son of God in 1991 later admitted being spirit possessed, meaning demon possessed. He is an ardent enemy of Christianity and acolyte of Helena Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society.

    I once considered Icke a man of the People. Today, I consider him one of the People’s greatest traitors. To use the inverted words of another great deceiver, George W. Bush (one always needs to invert to get the truth), “I am a divider, not a uniter!”. The establishment of the New World Order, i.e., the One World Communistic State, is built on a foundation of lies predicated on the mantra of divide and conquer.

  20. Isn’t it funny how some of best known supposed truth tellers have something that the general public will instantly dismiss as ridiculous? Does the person your listening to talk like a WWF wrestler or claim that the world is secretly run by advanced shape shifter my little ponys? Are they a scruffy degenerate who wrote a childrens book about the pied piper and played the role at the opening of a major international event in London? Not saying these people don’t give any truth. But they definitely discredit the movement in the eyes of general pubic and i think deliberately distract their audience at times.

  21. I 🙇‍♂️ and tip my 🎩
    Hugo, this is a fantastically well spoken piece.
    You are so on the money totally
    He in my opinion is a gate keeper, and deeply concerned
    He like most things in the realm caught me for a while.
    Trust you
    Trust your gut
    A million waves of gratitude to you brother
    Happy 🙇‍♂️

  22. Hugh Trafalgar Square gathering last year or so they had monster TV screen and truck, cordoned off main square, how was that allowed.. big names Kate Shimirani, Vernon Coleman, David Icke and others.. made me wonder 🤔

    • Yes, this also kept me wonder. People didn’t like it, people wanted to march on that day not to listen what every opposition celeb has to say.

      Shimirani looks genuine but she could well be just an Intelligence nurse delegated to keep nurses at bay. You know 8 million people work directly and indirectly for NHS so quite an army of nurses.
      I am sure Intelligence could not skip it.

  23. An interesting video would be on “anarcapolco” Hugo,all of the “truth movement” are talking there,including icke,tenpenny,del bigtree the list is long.

  24. As fare as I understood it was not Icke who started the petition, but a guy from Netherlands. His interests might be as you described, by using Icke. I think David Icke is just in a kind of euphoria because he finally gets the kind of acceptance he longed for all of his life. And maybe he want to give his children with ickonik a future, as they had to suffer a lot during their youth. Anyone of us would want that for his children too.
    I absolutely see what you mean, I find now many people of the “opposition” are mixing truth with propaganda traps. Or making the occult “Merkle-gesture”. We sure live in strange times where everything is turned upsidedown. But we should try to trust our good intentions – otherwise we are completely lost.

  25. I don’t put all my eggs in one basket,I trust no one any longer ( no offence meant ) I saw this 2 weeks ago and thought it was dodgy but that is not to say I don’t trust David or Gareth,just like you Hugo. Just don’t play the games and look outside of the box objectively, it is all Mind games to confuse.

  26. These petitions serve as fact finding missions, handing over names on a platter of people the elites may be consider “people of interest”. I’ve said it many many times before. Rulers of the world own and control everything. Both teams, the refs and the fans. They herd people. This channel could well be part of it as well. Point is, don’t look for leaders outside yourself. Prince Andrew mess etc, Oprah interview. These are done deliberately and in some cases, I think they are humiliation rituals against whoever misbehaves . There is no justice in our understanding of the definition because they own the legal and court systems. Stay alert. They are ALL in the club.

    • @Lisa that is my view as well, petitions are merely deceptive means to collect data/surveillance on possible troublemakers and also serve a double purpose of acting as a census for the number of gullible people out there who are naive enough to fall for their smoke screen petition schemes.

  27. Definitely with you Hugo, I only listened to David Icke, Alex Jones and his off shoot Paul Watson oir a short time before realising they were controlled opposition! Don’t like or trust any of them!

    • l like to see Hugo whoever? talk to David Icke via a podcast…..come on Hugo l sure Icke would be up for it wouldn’t you?

      • 29harps@ doubt if Icke would agree as his business may suffer. He is focused on subscriptions & supplement sales which are enhanced via travel bans etc. Wonder how much he charges for the regular interviews he does?

    • I think Kanye West (Ye) is another one who’s recent actions will bring in new Holocaust denial laws,

      • Yes, you both are spot on. When I saw picture of Kanye with this spook Musk I knew it cannot be true besides Kanye cannot say “Jesus Christ” he only says Jesus to fool some soft Christians.

  28. David Icke booked to give a series of sold out talks in Austrslia.
    He was given a visa, did the flight and was refused entry.
    So this has happened to him before.

    David is authentic in his focus, I know because I have followed him for twenty sonething years, and he has never changed his focus.

    • john@ Granted Icke wakes up a lot of people but I think is controlled at some level. Freemason? Icke is forever connecting with shills & his website is full of them….A.Jones, Carlson/Fox news, Sacha Stone, Brian Rose are just a few & even recently promoted Dr Campbell YT channel. Do you think Icke is ignorant as to who they are?

      • He has lots people who like him Hugo and many ‘influenced’ friends that’s for sure,
        so me personally,
        I don’t watch or listen to his content.
        So sadly many will sign it
        unknowingly not seeing what you have bought to light in your video here today.

        No one should be banned to do anything against their will.
        That’s my view.

        Thank you as always Hugo

      • Icke and “Dr.” Campbell… If that’s true. People really are more ignorant and foolish than I thought!

    • If Icke was genuine, he would have been ‘dealt with’ years ago.
      He is easily traceable, even with a video showing where he lives!

      • Indeed and he groomed a whole generation of followers who now I think have a hard time admitting it.
        But I would not be surprised that these “followers” are just some Unit 8200 operatives whitewashing Icke as he helped the Israelis create a long list of anti-Zionists.

  29. I saw that recently Gareth Icke, on Ickonic, chatted to “holocaust survivor” Vera Sharav (MBE). Naturally there was no debate over the historical accuracy, or otherwise, of the ‘holocaust’, regardless of the fact that Ursula Haverbeck (93) is in prison for the crime of questioning said holocaust – surely something the Ickes, as supposed ‘ambassadors of truth’, would like to chat to Sharav about. I’ve always defended Icke when I have seen accusations of fraud levelled at him, but that trust is starting to crumble. Incidentally my own views on the holocaust are that questions need to be asked to ascertain the truth, because clearly we have all been lied to to some extent. My only concern is for that truth to come out, one way or the other.

    • Indeed but once they shut the discussion in Germany, Poland and Russia (where most if not all witnesses live/lived) they want to shut the discussion globally because Holohoax has a lot of holes in it and taking on water.

  30. There you have a point. If he can still be found on all kinds of platforms, you have to wonder something. Of course he occasionally says something that you can relate to, but watch out for this.

  31. Icke takes what he hears from others without careful consideration and analysis before coming up with his own easy-to-digest narrative. He doesn’t look at legalities nor fully understand everything he talks about. He sounds good, right? But the devil is in the details. He’s no threat to the systems because he is misleading enough, not educating, and not posing workable solutions. A public of uneducated ignorant people is where they want us so they can rule without valid resistance, angry mobs that do nothing, no legal premises, twisted stories, poor evidence, etc. That fits right in. And boy do people get angry if you try to show them otherwise so they can take good action that scares the rulers. Critical thinking is lost on followers and mobs.

    I’m not saying everything Icke says is wrong, but lacks important details, if not honesty. He’s taking a position of popularity and authority without having the background to prove his full understanding and rationale on subjects he discusses or opposes. His audiences miss this part about him and just label him willy-nilly without references, explanation, observation, and evidence. Just big, overrated nothing burgers, yelling and petitioning for the sake of releasing emotions. And this signals to the ones in-the-know who control businesses and government that people are still not formidable opponents to their ways.

    I sincerely doubt he’s been banned from traveling and more likely he has no energy or desire to travel in his condition. But that banning story garners a lot of popular attention.

    • Spot on.
      “Even the plants tell a lot of truth, to salt in the lies” Miles W. Mathis
      This is exactly what Icke does. A clever guy who will spin many people into oblivion and that was his job for so many years.

      I don’t care about the livelihood of his family as he is most likely part of the Intelligence because if he was otherwise legit we would hear NOTHING about him in the news especially in the mainstream news.
      They assassinate people this way and they did it to many people but for unknown to me reasons Icke is still afloat and popular.


  33. Unfortunately I did sign the petition without really thinking
    Feel a bit of a prick now

    • me too….lets give oursleves a bit of a break….its a journey….we are learning as we go…

      • exactly take a break and turn on Flight Mode while in the Intelligence command centre on their control panel a red light is flashing red and beeping over your name. LOL

    • No don’t this is merely a point of view from Hugo – another point of view is that the first three popints were to counter the Anti Defamation League

  34. Interesting twist Hugo, you are more awake than many of us!

  35. Deaf but this video is not with subtitles? Please always put subtitles on on thanks

    • Thank-you Hugo for providing a vital insight, not just in this video but day in day out. These are the conversations that need to be had.

      Hope all is well 💙

  36. No, I don’t agree you should be banned if you were any of those 3 things, but he definitely shouldn’t be banned because he isn’t. I signed it.

    • @Lewis to sum up,you are saying people must religiously buy into a historical narrative and be ignorant of all contrary information and ignore facts and figures on Government website’s,is this starting to sound familiar?

  37. Thanks Hugo for your insight. I never thought of this angle but since you have pointed it out, I totally get where you are coming from. Everyone needs to be aware of these kind of traps. Whether you believe David Icke is legit., or not, and whether you believe he should not be banned from travelling, should have nothing to do with the outlined ” observations ” made by those who started the petition. Great post Hugo.

  38. So important the work you are doing. I appreciate very much how much you notice and deeply analyse things, and point out how easy it is to get caught up in things without knowing what you are putting your name to.
    Have wondered about D.I. for a long time.
    Your work is sterling and shines like a beacon. Thank you Hugo.

  39. Although I have never voted labour, I thought that Jeremy Corbyn was one of the few honorable people in government but because he spoke out about his opinion that what Israel is doing in Palestine was shameful he was labelled anti semitic so that gave the jews a reason to get rid of him. After all they run the media and the government don’t they?

    • Jeremy Corbyn is not what he seems. I believe he was used as a way of removing/silencing anyone in the Labour Party who said anything detrimental to Israel’s cause, and a way of making the very pro-Israel Kier Starmer leader. Part of the implosion in the Tory party is to get Starmer in to power at the next election. He wouldn’t be voted for on the grounds of charisma, but will be voted for if people are just desperate to get rid of the Tories and their policies. Also, over the years, people have claimed that they have reported very serious child abuse in Corbyn’s constitutency of Islington North, and never had a reply or action from him. I haven’t watched TV for many years, so I have only seen Piers Corbyn in photos, but each time I see him, his appearance reminds me so much of Bill Gates.

      • I met Piers in London t the marches 2 years ago. I can see the resemblance with Bill but Piers looked very old and frail in the flesh. In need of a good bath too.

    • Does not explain the murder of anti-Islam pro-Israel popular politician Pim Fortuyn in 2004.
      Had he ever become Dutch PM he would have been the most pro-Israel PM ever in the Netherlands.
      There is far more to all this. Pointing at one villain is what ” they” want. Everyone has fallen into a trap whatever ” side” they take. Everyone of us has been fooled and deceived to some extent. The rulers are far smarter and far more powerful than we can imagine. Take no sides on anything on internet especially not politics. Don’t feed the Beast!!!

      • Yes. Their power is your own used against you. Their power comes from people who “engage”. It is known as psycho/sociopathy.The financial is only one reflection of the fact: Evil runs through every fibre of their being, every action taken and word spoken. The adversary lives through them.The language and numbers are often done consciously in rituals but more often are too advanced for people to have done. Possessed individuals are not always easy to identify but often can be by breaking their speech down and comparing to others. Theirs will have advanced codes and multiple meanings woven into the fabric of every word yet it is all spontaneous and not pre written.

  40. The establishment can only censor the individual from their platform. They can’t stop people posting stuff about Icke because that would actually be true censorship and we aren’t there yet publicly or we’d be called China 😂

  41. Hugo, this is one of the best videos you have done. An excellent breakdown of how a Psyops works. Please keep making more videos like this.

  42. Thanks for helping to stop us go down roads we really shouldn’t be going down Hugo. You are like a human traffic light

  43. Definitely Hugo! Don’t give them any reason to turn the tables!

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