David Icke Petition Psyop? / Hugo Talks

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  1. Confession Of Fake Moon Landing on Church On Fire Ministry channel on youtube where Stanley Kubrick admits that he filmed the moon landings in collusion with NASA and the USA government

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed Hugo yes I agree David Icke was David to be controlled opposition they’re making out that he’s meant to be censored but as you stated if he’s getting that level of views on his videos I find that quite surprising I can’t imagine any of your videos been seen by that many people even though in my minds eye they should be because your information is 2nd to none but anyway keep up the good work I must am I don’t know enough on the subject to really see much more but definitely feel that this is just some sort of sale up taking Turnbull across their agenda and try make them feel that if he does apologise for something that is not meant to have said they obviously by his level of apology Maisie will have said it which makes absolutely no sense I don’t know what they’re actually aiming to do by this but definitely be part of their agenda somehow because everything is thanks Hugo

  3. “if he wasn’t here battling it out on your behalf so effectively.”
    I will have to disagree. “Colossians 1:13-20” and “1st John 2:1”
    Icke denies the deity of Christ. 1st John 2:22.
    He’s just a man. “Psalm 146:3: Do not trust in princes, In mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.”
    There’s no evidence of Icke battling anyone for anything. A false dichotomy. “Good V.S. Bad”
    The real heroes are marginalized, banned, experiencing federal lawsuits, facing life in jail.
    Icke is a snake lovin’ joke.

  4. Hugo… you’re 200% right on this…. again!!!!! I’m still impressed…each time and every time with your videos content… respect 😁👍
    I need to say that I was on board with David Ickes storys for very short period of time, but I quick realized that he is a controlled opposition, an agent with a twisted psyop and as soon as I start to see him on all this London protests for freedom and against “srovid1984” together with the other popular “anarchists” plus now all this media attention is even more certain that he is just another zion/masonic puppet to bring confusion and to deceive us with his mumbo-jumbo story’s…nothing more nothing less…and he’s the pure “tongue of the snake”…

    • The reason David Ike has so many views is because people have heard about him for decades ,I don’t agree with him about Jesus but I have learned so much over the last 8-9 years from him and many connected people he has interviewed. I am really the only visually resistant active person in my area ( 20, 000+ ) and the knowledge I have gained is immeasurable , although I have been removed from the police station 53 times , Doctors a few times , council buildings etc I know I will be back and so do they . I accuse Doctors of murder , police and councillors of cowardice etc .All of you , not all , are keyboard warriors stop bitching , get off your arses and fight for your survival . I don’t watch you much because all you do now is disrupt the movement..

  5. no publicity is bad publicity,i don,t know who,s side he is on anymore,he,s sure been around for a long time,for a genuine rebel.i should think he is pretty rich now.and you have just given him publicity.iwonder if that was what he was after.the media works in mysterious ways.Who,s Kidding Who?i wonder.

  6. Flavius, if you go to Oswiecim (Auschwitz) and I happen to have lived 30km from there for a good part of my life, you are not expected to bow ‘to them’, but to commemorate lives of everyone who perished regardless the nationality and yes, to hope that genocide won’t be committed again.

    Concentration camp was a mandatory for primary/secondary school kids, so I am not quoting the sources here. I have been there, I have seen that.
    Any doubts, just go and see…

    • @Hunter The American POW’s felt the same until they sort reparations for their forced labor in Japanese concentration camps,guess who blocked it?You have heard of the “transfer agreement” right?Because “cause”and “effect” are quite important,when speaking of “genocide” a word created after world war two.

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