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236 Comments on “Dr Aseem Malhotra & Dr John Campbell / Hugo Talks

  1. Boris thinks we have forgotten that he is the main culprit for pushing this fake pandemic and the jabs in pursuit of the this zero carbon rubbish – the plandemic was to test the resolve of the western world and so successful was it the natives in the Amazon Jungles were caught up in it..

    • Hes a puppet like the others being told what too do by bigger influences…
      He shut the country down to crash the economy under this bullshit fake pandemic….
      Then put on a act that he said he was in hospital with “covid”….
      Man is a traitor too his own people…
      If this was too test the resolve of people then they have failed really because people are still having them experimental jabs…
      Longterm they will do themselves no good whatsoever

      • Some people can’t get their heads around the concept and reaity of that level.of corruption and deception.

  2. Malhotra looks well in with former Health Secretary, laughing boy Hancock, who would have put him in the know about the so-called vaccine.

  3. What so many people fail to grasp is that these GPs, consultants, etc are all Freemasons, whose chief weapon is deception. Nurse Campbell unashamedly places a host of Freemasonic symbols and images in the background on his YT channel. I frequently comment to that effect, although I loathe giving him views. He has a huge subscription base, who bombard him with thanks and praise him for his supposed circumnavigation of YT censorship. Say what? He even wears a purple shirt almost every time, despite being a multi millionaire who should be able to afford a more varied wardrobe! This Malhotra entity is no different. They confuse people, make their head spin, contradict themselves until it gets to the point where folk don’t know which way is up. Confused people are more easily frightened and, therefore, more easily controlled. The only one I’m sort of on board with is Yeadon and who knows? He’s probably acting out some role, too. But Masons and other secret societies are the real problem. They’ve infiltrated at every level and the danger posed by these sick, Satanic b******s cannot be overstated.

  4. Campbell was definitely conning people, it was obvious at the time of COVID and he still is conning People.
    I believe the other guy was too trusting. Exceptional circumstances and he trusted the pharmaceutical industry.

  5. This Asian doctor’s mind is changing like the flag in the wind, isn’t it?
    BTW…you do not have to believe in long covid Hugo, it is fact.
    I happened to have worked on covid wards since March 2020 in full PPE. I also worked with SARS cases before. Shortly after virus outbreak, I was flattened by acute respiratory symptoms which had later complications in lower respiratory tract infection, fatigue, chest pains, that lasted approx. 4 months. This should not be called long covid, imo. Flu also results in complications and deaths in vulnerable people. It is not branded a long flu. Unfortunately, some of the covid complications were pulmonary embolism (blood clot) or blood clots anywhere else in body which may trigger heart attact, stroke etc.. ‘Vaccine’ is known now to trigger exactly the same side effects. I was tested for antibodies three times since I contracted the symptoms and they gradually went down. I believe that my immunity comes from them and also from the constant exposure to infection.
    I was offered to join C-19 vaccinator hub but politely ignored invite emails sent to me.
    I believe that people should be free to participate in medical experiments but they should not be imposed on them.
    This summer there was an outbreak of virus amongst triple vaccinated staff but somehow it did not draw attention of MSM.

    Besides there’s no such a thing like BAME, it’s BBC newspeak. My colleague from ethnic minority said ”BAME…..it’s so silly”, but the truth is that ethnic minorities tend to apply more critical thinking.

    • I have been saying that long covid is long flu from the beginning. I developed pneumonia at 4 years old and was hospitalised. It permanently scared my lungs and I noticeably wheeze to this day. I was on inhalers until I was 10. I had to give up competitive swimming in my teens because of my breathing. This was decades ago. There has always been the potential for long term affects after an intense illness.

      • Henry, sorry to hear this. Have you ever try respiratory physiotherapy?
        I am asthmatic since I was a toddler, hence virus complications. Currently my asthma is dormant. My respiratory physio in childhood involved diaphragmic breathing, which is a simple and helpful techniq ue. Give it a go!

  6. Sorry I shot you pal, I had no idea the gun might be loaded !

  7. I listened to this ‘piece of work’ on Matt Le Tissiers podcast on Gettr, he does interviews every Monday night. Yes, he discussed the side effects being seen now, however when he was asked about Gates TedTalks, referring to good management of vaccines could control population, but he did not believe that there was any malfeasance with the jabs! After the interview someone sent me a link to this evil man and the Blair Foundation, b.liar the Fabien! As for the other one …. they should all be locked up!

  8. there never has been a vaccine and never was , its a kill jab to kill off humanity or most that took it , so everyone of them who went along with this should all be tried and prosecuted for there crimes

  9. Hey Hugo. It’s time to talk about options for the www: videos at rumble, odyssee, brighteon… e-mails out of google platform (I’ve got protonmail)… talking about messages that have trackers inside it… and cookies (luckily they are being phased out)… browsers options and our security (I’m stick to Brave), leaving behind these new age websites (lucis trust), we need to starve these douchebags from our free and easy info they love to prey on. Big step today, after having my gmail account blocked… I moved everything away form google… from subscriptions, mails, newsletters, billing, e-commerce websites… so now I’m glad to say I don’t need google anymore.

  10. There is no such thing as carbon credits and a carbon crisis it is all hot air.If the satanic illuminatti really cared about the environment they would not have killed stanley mayers , he developed 30 years ago kits to convert all cars to run on tap water.They need this fake environmental crisis, it is their excuse for global extermination stiulation , that which makes satan excited. The more they destroy the global ecosystem with excessive logging and pumping chemicals into the water the more their anti life campaign ¨seems¨ to make sense. The true cancer is satan and his army of possesed humans…death to the un and all homosexuals

  11. Well, we all know (most of the people commenting here I mean) that there was a huge Psyop going on around Covid and the jabs. I do ask myself why I didn’t fall for it and so many intelligent people, like my uncle who is a scientist, did. His behaviour has become very strange and withdrawn this year, and he will hardly talk to anyone now. I have a feeling the penny has final dropped with him.

  12. I agree with what you say but yet I wonder where it’s all going to end I don’t think it’s going to end in a good results on how I enjoy listening to your way of looking at it as I agree with what you say thanks Andy

  13. At least Bhakdi and Yeadon were against these jabs and saying so from the beginning (pre roll-out), and they were both against the unnecessary lockdown hysteria, mass testing etc too. However, no man will save us. Sick to death of the back-tracking numpties like Campbell who supposedly failed to see what all the laymen “tin foil hatters” could see coming a mile off.

  14. The Dr’s or GPs that pushed this demonic jab, need to be tried, tested and hung for Treason, they are all murders, from the start…
    Boris johnson and all his government, need to hung for Treason….
    Great Britain is a abomination…. All the leaders are abominations..
    Our country is redrum, from the queen to the mayors to all the politicians to all of nhs the police and bbc….. All are damded….
    Im sick of this discusting country, we were once great…. But we are a country filled with abominations….

    Only Jesus Christ can save us from this mess….

    John 3 16 🙏🏻
    Ps thank you Hugo…. As usual your videos are Brilliant…. And Truthful..

  15. Don’t forget Dr Killery Jones wha was on morning tv pushing the jab, masks and lockdowns. He even suggested wearing a mask while swimming at the beach.

    • And covering a dying person’s face with a tea towel, believe it or not

  16. Whilst the ‘caper’ being a bogey came from addressing my ignorance of economic structures, the first time l even knew there was to BE a ‘jibjab’ was.. no prizes.. think of the term- hugotalks.

  17. These ‘doctors’ know exactly what they are doing. There was no change of heart, they are all playing their part according to the script. John Campbell especially has Tavistock written all over him. His ‘friendly GP ‘ manner and method of hilighting the data he wants you to concentrate on, are all proven behavioural techniques that are designed to reassure the group of people who are now starting to question the narrative, but still have trust in the system.

    I urge anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to look at ‘THE SPARS PANDEMIC 2025 – 2028 – A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators’.
    It is an exercise run by John Hopkins much like Event 201, and covers everything from dealing with anti-vax groups, to videos being shared of children having violent reactions to the ‘Spars’ treatments.
    The bit that really stands out for me however is in the conclusion of the exercise.

    “As the pandemic tapered off, several influential politicians and agency representatives came under fire for sensationalizing the severity of the event for perceived political gain. As with many public health interventions, successful efforts to reduce the impact of the pandemic created the illusion that the event was not nearly as serious as experts suggested it would be. President Archer’s detractors in the Republican Party seized the opportunity to publicly disparage the President and his administration’s response to the pandemic, urging voters to elect “a strong leader with the best interests of the American people at heart.” A widespread social media movement led primarily by outspoken parents of affected children, coupled with widespread distrust of “big pharma,” supported the narrative that the development of SPARS MCMs was unnecessary and driven by a few profit-seeking individuals. Conspiracy theories also proliferated across social media, suggesting that the virus had been purposely created and introduced to the population by drug companies or that it had escaped from a government lab secretly testing bioweapons.

    As the investigations grew in intensity, several high-ranking officials at the CDC and FDA were forced to step down and withdraw from government in order to “spend more time with their families.”
    Exhausted employees of these agencies, many of whom worked long hours six or seven days a week throughout the pandemic, simply wanted to put the whole response behind them. Little desire remained on the part of decision-makers or those who served in the trenches during the response to rehash the events of the past several years”

    The apparent ‘u turn’ that Hugo is hi-lighting above is all part of this plan to cause the people to become confused and demoralised. We have seen this already with people around us who are just glad to have some kind of ‘normality’ back.
    Don’t let that be us. Educate yourselves about what is law as a opposed to what is only ‘recommendation’ and spread that information. And then continue to use that information, backed by the relevant documentation to politely refuse to comply 🙂

  18. Campbell is keeping his options open – he’s a Covid promoter thru & thru & just waiting to bang the drum again with his mate Tim Spector. How he gets away with it is beyond me!

    But look at Johnson’s comeback attempt – country defies all belief.

    I think (just my opinion) you’re being unfair on Dr Malhotra – wouldn’t place him with Campbell.

  19. @ hunter
    so you have worked on covid wards since March 2020…..are you saying you acknowledge there is a SARS-COV2 virus ?,maybe have a look at Christine Massey’s 200+ FOI’s to institutions worldwide asking for evidence,fluoridefreepeel.ca

    • Look, I am not a biostatistician looking for the evidence if a specific virus exists or whether it has been purified/ isolated. In 2020 a biostatistician Knut Wittkowski took similar stance and challenged lockdowns. His message never reached MSM. Patients are treated for the symptoms they present with. In spring 2020 hospital wards were opened for admission of acute respiratory symptoms patients. Virus was branded a novel virus, Cov19, C19 or SARS-Cov-2. As for me it could have been branded novel flu virus or Cov1984 re: measures taken to combat it.
      Every year there’s an outbreak of respiratory virus E.g. flu on hospital wards. Every year many people contract complications from it. Every year media are quiet about it. Regretfully, the people with many co-morbidities are at the highest risk of complications from flu, chest infection or covid.

  20. It’s better for the deep state to have John Campbell to be seen as leading the charge against dangerous ‘vaccines’ since this distracts from the real leader from youtube ie Dr Vernon Coleman who got compeletly kicked off very quickly. Infromation was already surfacing in the mainstream about adverse reactions (intended effects) and had to be acknowleged otherwise people would migrate from youtube to other sites and discover much more of what’s actually going on; it encourages some people to be lazy and not search for better information. It’s time people stopped trusting these TV doctors, they’re not what they used to be; neither is the BBC for that matter or anyone who is in government now.

    Dr Robert Malone was intereviewd by GB news but not really challenged about mRNA jabs and has now on substack stated that he is making his own version of C 19 jab. Any news channel that compromises to any extent at all, by default, becomes controlled opposition: it is the duty of journalists to interrogate the truth no matter how inconvenient. You have to read between the lines: what’s left out is often more telling than what’s put in.

    I wonder what will happen when the jab gets madated as part of the vaccine schedule for children over 6 months in the US. Isn’t this a reckless and desparate move considering that information about the jab effects is now coming out? This is the real war, total war agianst the world’s population: it’s insideous and silent with unforseen effects. Mother’s will get very angry when their children die. The media won’t be able to control information spread by word of mouth, when every mother knows another with an injured child.

    • I’m not sure how things work in the US but I would check whether that would be law or actually just guidance/recommendation.The reason I say this is that most of what they have tried to get away with in the UK certainly is not law, they just have been very clever in making everyone believe that it is.

      • Indeed!
        I would not be surprised they completely run away from responsibility. Like this advise of a thief: when you steal and they grab your hand tell them it’s not your hand!
        Eventually they will say NHS had nothing to do with it. There was no coercion, no prescription, no recommendation, nothing. Sheeple just came over and haven’t even bothered reading what is written in small fonts.

      • Someone posted this recently which sums it up perfectly –
        CDC – “Don’t blame us, we only make recommendations, each school can make their own decisions. Take it up with them.
        Schools – ” Don’t blame us, we’re just following the CDC’s recommendations. Take it up with them.

        And that my friend is the whole scam in a nutshell !

      • @ Flavius Stilicho
        Someone posted this recently which I think sums it up.

        CDC – Don’t blame us, we only make recommendations, each school can make their own decisions. Take it up with them.
        Schools – Don’t blame us, we’re just following CDC’s recommendations. Take it up with them.

        And that my friends is this whole scam in a nutshell !

  21. 1. well done Hugo
    2. this doctor was not genuine back then and he is not today, if he was as you said he should be removed from his profession or at least disappear but since they promote him as a hero you know he is an actor
    3. Hugo you should focus a bit on the comments on your website not only on Twitter or Youtube alone where bots and shills are many.
    4. There is no MRNA in the vaccine. This was just to confuse the victims and smuggle nano-lipid particles with graphene oxide. Dr. Malone is a fraud. https://rumble.com/v1ga1e5-dr.-merritt-interview-with-poornima-wagh-phd-virology.html
    5. for the oligarchs it is essential to push fronts like these fraud doctors so they control the process of releasing bad information do not let the genuine opposition to do that outside their controlled sandbox platforms (BitChute, Rumble, MeWe, Signal, Telegram etc.) that is always the idea.

    • Hugo, there’s no sound with your website videos when i access through ‘duckduck go’. I have to change browsers to get sound to work. Huge censorship issues there. If anyone else if having these issues, try a different browser. Xx

    • Flavius, where do you think the controlled release of negative vaccine information will lead to? Will it be controlled so as to cover up/protect the criminals who pushed the vaccines? Or will they eventually be held to account?

  22. Right on, Hugo. Can someone please point me to where Malhotra has humbly apologised to the fellow human beings he personally pushed to have the jab? Where has he publically addressed his conscience and accepted responsibility for people’s lives being potentially irreparably damaged on his say-so? I haven’t seen that, but I’m happy to be corrected. Malhotra is still joined at the hip to RocHealth, who provide private PCR tests for ‘Covid’. That, alone, should sound alarm bells? I have zero medical qualifications but, as early as April 2020, I was concerned enough to question the contents of these rushed-out, untested ‘vaccines’, so why weren’t our ‘qualified’ GPs? If these are our community ‘doctors’, God help us all! And shame on them all! There was no shortage of informed whistleblowers and creditable medical investigators. The courageous medics and scientists who struggled to highlight the dangers and potential adverse reactions have been universally cut down and shut down. And why aren’t GBNews asking Whitty and Vallence about their part in all this? Let’s call for Whitty, Vallence, Harries, Raine, Hancock, Ferguson and Cummins to debate these questions with Mike Yeadon and Sukharit Bhakdi. Yeah, that’ll never happen and we need to ask ourselves why? This isn’t over till it’s over, my friends.

  23. I started watching Cambell when we got lock down. Stopped when he he recommend jabs but started again recently when he began covering excess mortality. In one vid he calls for stop to roll out and an enquiry. Either he he is just stupid and loves the money his massive die hard following on YouTube gives him or he is actually compromised. If he is an an actor he is bloody good and i doubt that.

    • At one point I remember him likening something to snake bites, I think it was about allergies. I can’t remember the conversation, but the words snake bite rang alarm bells because of the possible link to Corona virus, as in snake bites from some snakes cause a loss of smell. I remember thinking it was an unusual thing for him to mention being from to UK. You’d have thought he’d have said wasp stings or something not snake bites. I stopped watching after that.

  24. Hugo what another informative video and I must omit I agree with you these people can’t be classed as heroes these people are dangerous and evil they’ve let people to go and take this job because they trusted them as so-called doctors or trusted people these people are sadly let’s say it as it is lead people to having Sophia addressed react reactions and to their day that’s what these people have done how can anyone dear class them as heroes honestly I’d many arguments like yourself with family members my mum almost fell out with me because I wouldn’t get my children done no she admits we did the right thing thank goodness but I wasn’t listening to her anyway on that point it’s a scary world right now and you’ve done the right to bring these things to the light so we can all see them I haven’t heard of this Dr Campbell before I feel listening to what he was saying how do you if you try make out that these things are good to take he knew all these people knew they had to know to be on these platforms to be being released these people as I’ve stated are evil not heroes I notice of us in the Lord’s hands and God will judge those thank goodness he will not me but they will be judged according to the works that they have done Jesus did actually get angry he did actually turn the tables in the synagogue so it is okay to feel anger but ultimately these guys should pay the price for what they’ve done not be classed as heroes and it should be held to account criminally because their actions will of definitely lead to either adverse reactions or day to them trying to encourage people to take them keep up the good work you go

  25. These guys are both actors. Notice how there are different spokespeople for different kinds of people – Alex Jones the hardcore tinfoil-hatters, Russell Brand for the young, cool, and hip, Mike Evans for the grandmas, and of course, Dr. Campbell for those well meaning people who were going to take the shot regardless but just wanted confirmation from someone “official”. His role is to “break it to them gently” and come out as a victim along with his audience. This was all carefully planned from the beginning.

  26. Hi guys sorry it’s Laura again I just want to apologise for my rant Hugo keep the videos going no it just makes me so angry am I feel sick to the pit of my stomach but wasn’t sure if the message came across well I’m speaking this into my iPad honestly these guys it to be held account because not any of the lead people to take on this back so come back soon and have an adverse reaction they also lead people to losing their life and that’s what autos be so angry but I know that you guys know that on this site anyway just thanks for listening to my message that makes more sense

  27. I don’t think it was a rushed jab, it was pre planned, they knew exactly what needs to be in it, the pandemic was created for the jab, mark of the beast

    • I agree, Krissy. However, in March-April 2020, we knew very little about the ‘virus’… or what was in the jab as none of these Globalist evil-doers were giving it under ‘informed consent’. We were fed a load of BS about a Big Pharma lifting the ‘code’ for the ‘magic vaccine’ from some suspect Chinese website, for heavens’ sakes! You couldn’t make it up. Yes, as things unfolded, it became very clear that the jab was bottled, ready to be ‘rushed out’ to the jab centres, to be shoved in as many arms as possible. It has been and remains a crime against humanity. What these evil players have done is unforgiveable.

    • Absolutely. A consortium planned for years (and still are), every situation, to control the people….. for the right time to unfold their plan in real time. In January 2019 John Hopkins University designed a “scenario” of C19 “pandemic”. Later in that year Gates and company had a “table top exercise” to that effect. If you were in any doubt about the vx, see below:

      https://medlineplus.gov/genetics/understanding/testing/genepatents/ See this first – easier to read.

      I also saw the JUDGEMENT on mRNA (has been around for at least since 2013), where at that time they wanted to patent “gene patents”. See judgement on DNA and m RNA,

  28. If you remember the world bank’s covid 19 plan stated “governments should use people of public status and influence to promote covid vaccines.

  29. 63,000 UK people would disagree with anyone saying the jabs are safe if they weren’t already dead!

  30. Malhotra and Campbell are controlled opposition saving their sorry arses. Thanks Hugo for another excellent video.

    • I don’t think they’re trying to save themselves. I think it’s more of a case that the adverse reactions to the jab cannot be hidden so it’s better to control the opposition to it in house.
      Both of them still promote the kovid as real.

      • yea …can’t believe some people are still saying convid is real 😄 hilarious…as for long covid…its just to cover the side affects from the jabs !

      • @dan long covid is just another name for chronic fatigue syndrome thats brought on by numerous things…
        Even having a very bad cold can bring it on…
        I remember one guy said to me he had “long covid” after testing positive😀…
        He had sleep apneia anyway…
        Which in turn gives off chronic fatigue syndrome anyway

      • @Tim, Yeah they used to call it M.E fatigue, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Back in the nineties I knew someone who suffered with this.

      • ‘Post viral syndrome’ has long been medically recognised. I remember my GP diagnosing me with ‘post viral syndrome’ after a bout of flu left me listless and debilitated in 1963! PVS seems to have now been given a scary new name… ‘Long Covid’. It is simply ‘a flu’ — the old influenza re-branded (and re-designed)?

  31. Malhotra and Campbell both still promote the kovid as real. The adverse effects of the jab cannot be hidden so it’s better to control the opposition in house.

  32. I can’t trust what anyone from the medical industry says or believes….they have all been manipulated by the system into a rockefella health care regime.

    • It’s not just the medical industry. You can’t trust any experts or bodies when the money involved is substantial to them. And this includes all the religious cults. Heard from a Nigerian chap telling me that priests in Nigeria were telling followers in 2020 that COVID was a punishment from God and they need to repent. Yes…repent meaning they have to support the church with cash.

      I’m just waiting for the cabal to burn civilizations to the ground to start again. Preferably minus the all the weak and stupid vaxxed and fall men.

      • I suppose it does all boil down to money, and greed…..yes- ww3 then.
        Will be good to see less sheep.

      • @John African blacks are Serpent Seed Canaanites, just like The Jews, so it’s questionable whether ANY of ’em are Christians. Plus, I have never heard a so-called Messianic Jew speak The Truth – all lying charlatans and counterfeiters.

  33. Snake Oil Salesmen is what these so called Doctors and Medical Experts are at the very least. Gp’s are nothing more than prescription drug pushers.

    • Agree….the pharmaceuticals industry isn’t intended to make you better, just keep you perpetually ill. They treat the symptoms and not the cause. ….its all about money.
      I won’t take any of their medications and I haven’t been ill at all for years.
      Problem is the doctors although maybe intending good things ?? Actually have been doctrined into the system. All their intelligence counts for nothing !!

  34. The word I use is ‘reckless. The hippocratic oath should read “first take the money”. And just look at the state of our ‘heroes’. Blinking hilarious!!!

  35. It’s pretty simple. If anyone talks as if there is contagious disease (Germ Theory) they are full of shit and should be ignored. Contagion is a myth.

  36. *** HUGO – please check out this seminar on youtube from Dr Malhota from 4 years ago.
    He was completely aware of the corruption in healthcare. How can he have been this type of doctor four years ago then promoted the jab like he did? Now he seems to be back to being skeptical again? Could he have been paid/blackmailed at the start of the jab? It feels like his early pushing of the jab was completely out of character to this seminar. He is admitting some pretty scary stuff here and he appears to be completely awake. Something strange is going on with him.

  37. Hugo, you are the only person who breaks down the reality of these demons words and actions. It is critical that people think deeply on this matter yet they say things like, “I only look at peer reviewed papers” when challenged to do some research on this subject. My daughter-in-law actually said this to me two years ago. “WHAT Peer reviewed papers!?” There were none!

    Now, on Suddenly Died News ( Facebook Group ) People are touting Steve Kirsch as a savior because he has peer reviewed data that proves that the clot shot kills. Please do a video on Steve Kirsch…..who has ties to Elon Muskrat. Thank you, Hugo, for all that do to wake the masses up. God Bless and keep you.

    • I’ve never heard of this guy but after doing a few minutes research alarm bells are ringing. He set up the Covid Early Treatment Fund which he describes as” the world’s only organization that is 100% focused on funding the most promising drugs and treatments for COVID-19″ . Donations welcome !!

  38. The central issue here is ALWAYS to do no harm, to save lives. Anyone, ANYONE, who tells the truth that is going to achieve this should be listened to. This is regardless of what they previously said or did.
    Recriminations, judgements and prosecutions must come in due course. I share the doubts about both the guys you talk about. But I am not going to spend my time attacking them. What they are now saying is TRUE (I am sceptical about the ‘wilful blindness’ bit). I am going to promote what they are saying as a matter of urgency, to save lives and to save harms.

    • @ Mike Aistin
      I agree with your underlying message. However I think you are missing the point Hugo is trying to make here. He provides this information so people do not blindly follow ANYONE (and yes that included Hugo himself) . The overall message is discernment is key.

  39. Hi
    I am a medical doctor & statistician who recommended the vax though I knew that a lot of details were not available.

    The reason being this was a PANDEMIC & the hosp system will quickly get overwhelmed and people may die due to sub-optimal medical care rather than due to the disease itself ie not enough Drs, nurses, beds, oxygen etc.
    My thinking process for this is outlined in this article I wrote. Tq


    • To Manimalar. Thank you for sharing this doc. However in England, the hospital I have been working in for many years, was empty like the ghost-town, A&E with capacity for over 50 patients was almost empty, with two three patients at its best.
      Agency nurses who come to work for us from London remarked the same. It was done to protect the nhs from the patients, as if service were not to serve them but opposite.

    • Sounds to me like you’re just another brainwashed fool from medical school, not knowing anything about the biology of the human body, always wanting to inject something into someone or prescribe some toxic chemicals. People like you disgust me, as you make recommendations with no evidence to support it. Contagion was DISPROVEN back in the early 1900’s. No one catches anything from anyone else unless they’re playing catch. The body ONLY recognizes SELF, ALL else is eliminated. The body does not and will not support or foster ANYTHING that is not SELF. Wake the phuck up Manimalar.

    • @Manimalar, “The reason being this was a PANDEMIC.”

      Oh yes, I distinctly remember tripping over the hundreds of dead bodies in my local high street! It was awful!

    • @Manimalar

      I say you are a big fat liar. Hospitals were empty all over the world. Including where I Iive. I

  40. The Mark of the beast goes out to ALL Revelation 14:16,17 hard push no matter what

    • @Hunter
      Thanks for you reply and yes I agree. There is so much information in that document that we can use to see where they want to go with this. And to be honest the thing that frustrates me the most is we are still arguing about the same things, which is exactly what they want. In the ‘Exercise’ they ALLOW for the truth to come out. They mention groups like TikTok getting huge support by way of a truther known as Epigirl, who exposes the horrific damages caused by the jab. THEY HAVE PLANNED FOR ALL THIS. This is what the people really need to understand.
      As I’ve said before I believe the only way out is by peaceful non compliance. Educate yourself on what is law and what is only recommendation/guidance. Find documents to back that up THEN refuse to comply.

  41. @ Hunter
    I wonder if I could ask you a question .You mentioned that you work(ed ) on Covid wards, and whether we believe in Covid or not, I think most people know there is ‘something’ going on with these patients. At the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ I remember watching an American doctor say that what he was seeing wasn’t like any respiratory illness he had seen before. He likened it to treating people with Hypoxia or altitude sickness. At the time there was a lot of talk around 5g and one theory that supported this connection was that frequencies of around 60Hz have the ability to affect the oxygen uptake of haemoglobin. Is it possible that this was what they were seeing? Now I am not medically trained in any way but through research I know frequencies can also reactivate latent viruses in human tissue.
    Sorry if this seems like a ramble but it would be interesting to know your thoughts. Thanks.

    • To Sassenach, I have no knowledge to support the statement that frequency approx. 60 Hz have ability to affect oxygen uptake of haemoglobin and that this is to something to do with 5g roll out. I can only entertain my fantasy here.
      Some of the patients presented with acute respiratory symptoms and were on CPAP mask and a course of dexamethasone, (Vallance described it incorrectly as a new drug) a corticosteroid that resolves acute respiratory symptoms. In some cases a few litres of O2 by nasal cannula, let’s say 2l and a couple bags of fluids resolved the problems. I have never seen someone with altitude sickness, I can only imagine this from mountaineers’ stories. Hypoxia…Often people with asthma, COPD, chest infection, pneumonia or even flu have lower than normal oxygen saturation <90%, hence oxygen treatment. Many co-morbidities mean often diabetes, obesity, cancer, COPD combined with E.g. an old age. Even without respiratory infection those patients are still likely to have lower than normal oxygen saturation and they are vulnerable to complications. Remember everyone on covid ward was tested and happened to be covid positive, that means that even patient presented with fracture or pregnancy complications, and covid pos. was classed as 'covid patient'.

      • Thank you for your thoughts.
        Re: the PCR tests, I often wonder how different things would have been if Kary Mullis (the inventor of the test) had not died just before this whole thing kicked off.

      • To Sassenach. You are welcome. As for the test inventor, I don’t know…you seem to have more knowledge than I, also in regard to frequencies.
        In fact we talked about the number of cycles DNA strands go through. If you imagine that pieces of DNA are amplified and there’re errors, those errors are also amplified when single strands react with polymerase enzyme. One cannot be certain that the result is reliable.

      • @ Hunter
        Thankfully my husband works in the sciences and right at the beginning of this whole thing he understood that the PCR test was only ever meant for research . It was never designed to be used as a diagnostic tool.

      • Yeah the swabs was not designed to test for sickness or infection as stated by many scientists that have worked with PCR…
        Nobody has had “covid”…
        I think people that test positive and tell others get this feeling of self importance about themselves at times…
        Whole thing is a load of crap…
        John hopkins foundation had only a synthetic version of this thing originally and not the actual virus itself…
        The asymptomatic myth around social distancing was rubbish as well…
        Nobody can pass anything on without showing symptons…
        Masks never work and dont anyway..
        Safe too say its all a scam basically

      • Sassenach, I don’t think they are as accurate as it’s been claimed. As for LTF or PCRs for travel purpose, they were just a farse or gold mine to be precise.

  42. One of the BBC’s own drops dead from a suspected heart attack whilst on air at only 55. Today, I have also read of an 11-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy dropping dead suddenly. I wonder if any, or all of the, were ‘vaxxed’.

    ‘Tributes to Suffolk radio presenter Tim Gough who died on air

    Tim Gough, 55, died while presenting his breakfast show on GenX Radio
    A radio presenter who died while on air has been described as “a warm, caring, fun guy” who was loved dearly by those who knew him.

    Tim Gough, 55, died from a suspected heart attack at his home in Lackford, Suffolk while presenting GenX Radio’s breakfast show.

    He spent much of his life in Suffolk and began his broadcasting career at Ipswich’s Radio Orwell in 1986.

    GenX said it was “shocked and devastated beyond words” at his death.

    James Hazell, managing director of GenX Radio, said: “To know Tim personally, as I did very closely for over 30 years, was to know a warm, caring, fun guy who myself and my family loved dearly. We are heartbroken by the news.

    “I know his family are enormously comforted by the hundreds of loving messages that have been received and have asked for privacy at this devastating time.”

    He added Mr Gough had come out of retirement, going back on air for the first time in a decade, to present the station’s breakfast show.

    The broadcaster, who has been described by GenX as “hugely experienced and highly talented” is survived by his mother, brother, sister and son.’


  43. Plenty of decent honest Doctors were struck off during the great reset scamdemic, for telling the truth.
    First they should ALL be reinstated and compensated for their appalling treatment by the BMA.
    Second all of the shill doctors who promoted the vaccine, mask wearing and social distancing should be struck of PERMANENTLY, no reinstatement at any time.
    Third the same need to happens at the BMA from the top down.
    Time to sort the Wheat from the chaff!

  44. I used to follow you. I think you are the psyop mate. Your all one sided. Never a good hope story. Always negative. Someone was wrong for a year and said dumb things. They find the light. Find Christ and bring their facts and data to crush the jab and you moan because a year ago they had thought differently. You make videos to help shift ideas and thinking. Are all the folks you convert liars. You bloody tool.

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