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148 Comments on “What The Public REALLY Thinks! / Hugo Talks

  1. Charley Dick Fingers really showing his true colours of late getting angry at his servants

    • Hes friends with klauss schwab and part of the great reset plan…
      Hes as corrupt as the lot of them

  2. First time listening to you Hugo Brilliant thank you listening from Ireland 🇮🇪 a friend recommended listening to you best wishes maura from Ireland

  3. Just read that food banks will be closed on Monday. I help as a volunteer for our local food bank, and I see every time I’m there how many people are really suffering, struggling with the cost of living crisis and life is hell for them. We provide an invaluable service for these poor folk, and several of them have become my friends as I serve them. So to hear that food banks will be closing absolutely horrifies me! I immediately think of families starving, little babies not getting their baby formula and facing starvation, the elderly and so many extremely vulnerable people being denied the support of their vital lifeline! This country has gone totally insane!! Thankfully our food bank opens on Wednesday, so our people will be ok. But in other parts of the country where food banks will be closed, this will have a devastating effect on so many extremely vulnerable people. I’m so angry about this, I just can’t put it into words!

  4. Canada and many nations under the queens regime wanted rid of them in the past…
    Canada said in the los angeles times 2 years back they was parasites and lived off the back if tax payers which they do…
    Yet now its “oh no we loved the queen and her family”…

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