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  1. Well instead of mourning the old bag, I will carry on as normal, and I will wear the brightest colours possible! I’ve got pink t shirts so will wear those with my bright blue skinny jeans! So while my friends go round wearing black and being miserable, I will do the polar opposite!! It’s great being a rebel!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep on smiling and laughing and living life as I’ve always done. That’s what we should all do, totally ignore this whole ghastly circus! I’ve been putting upbeat posts on Facebook, and I will continue to do so. Life’s too short to waste on this rubbish so live your lives to the fullest and happiest you can everybody. Those royals can go jump off a very steep cliff! Off with all their heads!!!!

  2. Wouldn’t it have been absolutely hilarious if sausage fingers had splashed fountain pen ink all over his shirt!! I would have loved to see that!! Or ink splashed on Camilla’s horse face!

    • Lol
      No Mrs Queen consult
      -Will fix- it for him
      it’s why he wanted be with her
      Because she do Anything for him! I mean ANYTHING!

      It’s actually sickening to watch!

      Have great day Carolyn

  3. Must admit that box they are carrying does look light…
    I reckon its empty actually….
    Also reckon this a load of bollocks and people will be locked in there own mental prison on monday crying like the weak fannys they are…
    She did fuck all during that “pandemic” and let some bullshitting turd screw his own people with lies…
    Then she bails her nonce son out…
    Got no head space for any of this rubbish the last 3 years so let the plebs take the hit and let the jabs fuck them over longterm as well

  4. Can’t believe what I’ve just read in our local paper. Leicester vie cinema to screen Queen’s funeral for free. You couldn’t make it up

    • WTF who the fuck would want to watch that crap ffs huh watching paint dry would more exciting & more rewarding than that shit fuck can you imagine them all sitting there all balling there eyes out huh like fucking idiots seriously over somebody they’ve never even met ffs fuck that so when is the old hag getting planted or burned -how fitting – am not watching that circus freak show that’s for damm sure not giving them the ratings or the air time they’re not worth it whatsoever

  5. I have watched Charles’ tantrum over leaking fountain pen while he signed paperwork on 13th of September. I think it was on Skynews. Also his annoyance with some object, which was in his way on the desk. His servant quickly removed it. Enough to say my compassion to him quickly evaporated.

    • That was like an accident waiting to happen. Those inkwells sat on the desk were just waiting to get knocked over. And he appeared to drop a pen? There was a loud clunk as he left the table. Did William pick it up? Did Charlie pocket a pen, then put it back? I couldn’t make out what was going on. Did he use his own pen? He appeared to dip the pen in the inkwell. Aren’t all fountain pens cartridges? Only a quill would use an inkwell. Then there was a close-up of him signing with a ‘Pilot’ pen. Was it a tray of ‘Pilot’ pens that he ‘grimaced’ to have moved? Is that what William and Camila signed with? The desk was way too small. He came within an inch of knocking the pen tray over. Why wasn’t there a ‘scratch-pad’ to check the pen for ink-flow. It is only liquid gel pens that are guaranteed to flow from the get-go. Biros get ‘stuck’, fountain pens use capillary action. Maybe that was why there appeared to be more than one pen in the tray. Spares? In case one got stuck? Or were they ‘Pilot’ pens for the lower orders? But , in any case, these are historical documents so they should be signed in ‘archival ink’ that won’t fade. I don’t know who set this up, a complete lack of foresight either intended or deliberate. There is no way I would have set it up like that. At least this was one part of the proceedings that weren’t rehearsed if even though through.

    • I’ve never experienced compassion for any fake royal…If I had, it would’ve evaporated when I understood that he associated with pedophiles namely cardinal Peter ball, sir jimmy saVILE, his brothers & his stepdad Phil the Greek…I’m sure there’s more that I’m unaware of….Who knows that many nonces?

      • Unfortunately truthnotdoctrine no new information breaking …got my Porchester/Andrew mixed up! An honest mistake.
        Although I’m never surprised…when the red shields acquired them….breeding rights may have been part of the deal…a murky world

    • Who the fuck cares about evil ugly pedo satanic bastard n a fucking pen n ink well who the fuck even cares why even give that satanic bastard the fucking air time that ugly piece o fucking shit is fucking worse than n a child having a tantrum ffs seriously poor little rich bastard having a fucking hissy fit over fucking nothing boo fucking hoo I’d soon give that bastard something serious to fucking worry about is make that bastard sorry big time sorry that mistake was ever fucking born

    • You know they have no real-world problems or worries when a pen manages to annoy them so much! Must be nice.

      • I find it quite amusing in a way and, as you say, it proves just how detached from reality these people, reptilians or whatever are. Comedians are going to have a field day with Charlie and his ‘bloody, stinking pens’.

  6. A man who ‘predicted’ the date of the Queen’s death on Twitter has also predicted the length of King Charles’ reign. Logan Smith initially posted back in July that the UK’s longest-serving monarch would die on September 8, 2022.

    The prediction sadly came true last week after Her Majesty passed away in Balmoral surrounded by members of the Royal Family. Smith’s tweet has now gone viral after he also predicted in the same post that King Charles would die on March 28 in 2026.

    • I predicted (more like revealed the plan) in this forum in december last year that the queen would die and that boris would be gone this year and that would be the 2 major events in the UK. Low and behold they both happened in the space of a day between the 2 events….7th september boris officially left and the day after the queen died. Coincidence i think not. Both events have been planned for years and i knew even before the government scandals with the party etc and even before the queen started becoming very unwell. It was in the post on the forum titled “Where Do You Think ‘We’ Will Be This Time Next Year? – December 2022”

    • I am amazed they never pushed a “covid 19” enhanced death on her…
      She had a false positive test which people believe that the swab detects illness which it doesnt…
      She had a runny nose but yet people do believe she “had it” and it contributed to her death even now…
      The news could of made a field day out of that like they did with the old guy that did the walking in his garden for charity the first year of it…
      He had “covid 19” on his death certificate yet never had the bloody thing…

  7. Spot on Hugo with your video. Thank You.
    We have stopped watching tv as every time we turn on there is coverage of the coffin on it’s journey. Who wants to see that. Sick of hearing about it.
    We do not watch BBC and hardly watch anything now.
    Very concerned for our future. Good luck everyone here.

    • Hi

      Yes keep the box off
      Much more interesting things to do

      Good luck to you to Shirley

  8. Do you think they’ve tried switching her off and on again? Maybe she might re-boot and we won’t have to endure the big eared hare-brained one instead.

    • @guaranteedcarfinancesite There’s a good chance that she’s not dead. I saw no evidence of her with failing health, and she looked after herself re her diet. Her mother was a boozer and lived to over 100. In contrast the queen was much healthier, so for me she has retired and now lives in a cottage on one of her large estates with her ladies in waiting.

  9. The Queen died in 2019. Charlie boy is about to die also, or get arrested. We are watching a film.

  10. Guy if you can’t handle the truth don’t read it simple am not gonna change who I am to please you I’m a fighter not a Sheep and If everybody had a backbone of fucking steel like me we wouldn’t be in this bloody mess in the first place instead the worlds full o sheep who are shit scared of a fake virus & all the rest of the crap that’s comming with it at least I can look ( my son ) In the eyes and tell ( my son ) that I’m fighting this crap that I’m not bien a pc fake ass little wimp scared to say a bad word seriously do you even know how pathetic that sounds no wonder we’re in this mess when all the pc brigade are too up themselves to say a bad word but yet call themselves fighters well guy wait until you can’t afford hearing elec food and if you have kids and social services turn up at your door where is bien “ pc “ gonna get you then huh coz they want all kids in care in covi land 100% fact and am telling you know youve gotta have a backbone of fucking steel bcoz if you don’t your dead Simole as that plus seriously the shits hit the fan & your slamming me for swareing really is that what your spending your energy on stop nit picking & fight coz when the “ too little too late “ hits you can’t never turn the clocks back

  11. Hey Hugo the comment I did earlier didn’t get put up. Was it something I said? I’m sure you said ages ago no censorship on here and we could say what we want.

    • I’ve had problems too. It took three goes to get one comment up, which is not the case every time. So I’m not sure whether it’s censorship or something to do with computer nonsense (bots, algorithms etc). I just hope it’s not the former.

  12. When Liz took the throne in 1952, the UK was a safe, and proud country. Over the 70 years of her reign, she signed away the whole lot to nefarious corporations, bankers and other unelected organisations, and now the country is a total mess with unfettered illegal immigration, importing who knows what – disease, crime, benefit scroungers! What’s more, she knighted her son’s (now king) best friend Savile (the most prolific paedophile in modern history), and T Blair got the highest Order of the Garter Knighthood; let’s not forget what a war criminal he is, and how many thousands he sent to their unnecessary deaths. Her second son is widely known to be the son of her racing manager ‘Porchie’, and was Epstein’s good buddy – Liz paid off Andy’s American accuser with £12M of taxpayer’s money. Liz’s husband has several illegitimate children scattered around the world, and his uncle Mountbatten, was a well known kiddy fiddler, who was blow up on the boat he used to take boys on from the local orphanage in Ireland, to abuse and in some cases, murder. Also, Phil lived with his lady friend (Penny), for the last 12 years of his life. This family is not what you’ve all been told they are – this is not a fairytale. In fact, your hard earned tax money, to the tune of over £100 million per year, goes to fund their lifestyle. Open your eyes people, you’re being had!

  13. I just another common I’d like to make people saying about maybe the common stop being place stop I honestly think that must be a mistake because I just might strhat Hugo is trying to sense of peoples comments as he is definitely one for free speech and also agree with another coming up there in relation to the UK column they are definitely one of the better alternative media they do tend to give a lot of truth I generally am like a lot of what I hear from them I hear from them

  14. Hi Hugo I love this type of video you look over the comments start with the hardest working woman in Britain honestly there’s a lot of full-time mums will definitely take that position I’ll tell you any day the week I also don’t believe she died when he said that she died it doesn’t make any sense I think it was definitely awhile ago but don’t know exactly when yes everyone seems to be skipping over the fact that he is quite Pali with all the paedophiles it makes me at this absolutely sick to my stomach yes an old woman has died but look at everything they stand for everything they’ve done it makes no sense at strangers are mourning over them I think it’s absolutely crazy goodness knows what’s going to happen in the future what he’s going to be on to this country and likewise am with the electricity potentially going to Ukraine that wouldn’t surprise me just a final point I absolutely love is it blue Angels comment I probably shouldn’t as a very to the point and slightly Swarey but I do like them thanks

    • Hay cheers for that and her hardest working woman huh your kidding right try bien a single mum – me – fighting social services 5 + yrs and as of today more yrs to come I am absolutely exshausted emotionally physically mentally every way but yet the bloody queen huh walked about made speeches that’s it fuck I do more In a day just trying to get through the day plus washing and other housework with hardly no energy & going through hell my body’s fucked and yeah full time mums got it hard but it’s worth it but if ya think having your kids is hard am telling you know not having your kids is absolutely exshausting fighting a system that is designed to fail all mums kids dads – £3 billion a yr – child – abuse industry uk & global – and id give everything in the whole world to have ( my son ) & ( my angel baby ) back home to me so no the queen definitely wasn’t hardest working woman whatsoever bullshit bloody queen lived a life of luxury she didn’t do shopping n walk up rd with heavy bags n pouring bloody rain do any housework worry about bills n food n everything else did she no so for that stupid bloody woman to say that is absolutely ridiculous plus mums n dads whose kids are fighting cancer etc oh they’re going through hell so the queen oh please that’s the biggest joke yet and it’s s sick joke at that

  15. it’s all so fucked up now It’s giving me a headache ffs am knackered with it but at same time I can’t stop researching this shit coz av got ( my son ) to think about plus this crazy circus freak show is getting worse by the day

  16. I live in Cornwall, & It’s not true that the Duchy do not get your property if you die without a will, if you die without a will it goes into probate, then your property goes to your descendants, however, if you have now family that they can find, then it goes to the Duchy, but that’s a last resort. Personal, I think it stinks that that idiot king has the rights to your property in the event of dying alone. Personally, I think if you die in this manna, your property should be sold & shared out amount local charity’s & good works

  17. People are getting arrested for protesting against him being king now…
    Planet is a shit show

    • Yes, the man arrested will probably get life in a Scottish dungeon if they are lucky and hanged, drawn and quartered like the other Scottish rebel, William Wallace, if they are unlucky.

      • Off topic a little but many researchers believe that the person currently playing Paul McCartney, that is, William Shepherd/WilliamCampbell/Billy Shears, is a descendant of William Wallace. Who knows? All the world’s a stage!

      • Whoever SIR Paul McCartney is he can’t sing and neither can he write music. I could give him a run for his money on both counts any day.

      • Well, I’m a Scot, Sarah…brought up within 7 miles of Stirling Bridge, Falkirk and Bannockburn – and close to every other battle that was ever fought between the Scots and the English (apart from Culloden). Dyed in the wool, you might say…and, yet, I’m beginning to doubt that any of it happened in the way that we are told.

      • @Adam. It seems that my reply to you didn’t make the cut! Re Paul McCartney, for an alternative and original view, research Miles Mathis. He has a good paper on Lennon, as well.

        I’m leaving out the links, this time, because I think that they cause the comment to be suppressed (not by Hugo).

      • @kerenibus
        Check out the portraits of the so called Scottish “nobles”. Each and every one has a very particular nose shape.
        Also, a lot of “Scots” moved to continental Europe after the final defeat of Prince Charlie at Culloden, setting up their lodges in various countries and especially in Germany. Coincides with the rise of the Rothschilds, French Revolution and so on.
        Most what we were/ are told about history is at best streamlined for the masses, if not outright false!

      • The real Paul died and they out an imposter look alike in his place. Been fooling the masses for years. After all, if they can tell the world that man went on the moon, and they believe it, they can tell them anything. People are too foolish

    • It now appears that several more people have been arrested by Police State Scotland for ‘peaceful protest’ at the royal shenanigans. Is peaceful protest no longer a ‘human right’ in Krankie’s Scotland or is it only when it suits. These peaceful protesters are going to get the judicial book thrown at them. A country where you can be imprisoned for 4 years for posting on Facebook. ‘Disgusting’ as Jimmy Krankie would say.

      • This started over a year ago in France. A young woman was arrested and jailed for carrying a banner with the word, ‘QUI (WHO)’, surrounded by the names of French and International politicians associated with the covaids scandal. Reason? She was, apparently, being anti-semitic. I should add that only some of the names on that placard are known to be ‘semitic’.

      • Haha am Scottish and if they saw my Fb they’d run a mile coz am not scared o that jimmy krankie haha seriously infact I argue with pc plod and they walk away from me while am still screaming at them lol n that sturgeon freak haha am not scared of her whatsoever that’s hilarious just thinking about it

      • @kerenibus Why do you think I call it CovYID 1984, and I called it that from day one, only to be vindicated later when I discovered that ALL FOUR CEOs of the jab manufacturing corporations are JEWS!! QED as those papists would say!

    • Might also be show to frighten people. You never know these days.

    • @ A German expat. Check out the thesis, ‘When Scotland was Jewish’, at Electric Scotland.com. I’m from there. The architecture and decoration tells us everything.

      • @kerenibus, Scotland is part Judahite and part Simeonite, and neither of those tribes are/were Jewish – Northern Ireland is Judahite. Jews are Serpent Seed Hamitic Canaanites, not Semitic Israelites.

        “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew’. The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all…”

        — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3.

        I will firm that up by stating that the first Hebrews were never Jews: Were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, Jews? – The Beginning:

  18. Turns out the queen paid £6m to the woman who said she was abused by andrew….
    Bloody hypocrites the lot of them

      • I care not one jot, who sits on the throne of England I only care who owns the money supply and i control the money.supply.
        Nathaniel rothschilds 18thcentury.
        Usury!usury, usury!
        “If my sons didn’t want wars there would be no wars” mama rothschilds

        We’ve been ruled by puppets of the bolshevik illuminati bankers for a long time..
        We were mere cannon fodder…
        England was in chaos after the reformation, 16th century Henry 8th split the church…for greed, lust and power.. Then it became Catholic v protestant. Oliver Cromwell (protestant) open the doors to the (Jews) in 1656.. Then they quickly became embedded into the English aristocracy and bought up most of the country estates and created the bank of England… Bankers print our money and charge us for it… They own all media outlets, newspapers etc, judiciary, police, politicians .
        Masonic lodges were opened in 18th century, England, Scotland they worship, lucifer.. Freemasonry has infiltrated the churches, especially the Vatican hierarchy..
        Entertainment, pop stars, movie stars, Hollywood etc to shape the minds of the masses with trash…

        Climate hoax, pandemic hoax, holohoax all orchestrated by them to keep the masses in fear..

        No questioning of the holohoax allowed… The biggest lie of the twentieth century.. To keep the white race under the jack boot of the jew… With shame and guilt… And anyone who dares to connect the dots will be called nazi, racist etc..
        Judaism is bolshevism is communism…
        The biggest atrocity of mass murder and torture happened in Russia under the bolsheviks… 1917, 53 over 60million Christian Russians were killed.. By the bolsheviks all churches burnt nuns raped priests killed .. But not one synogogue touched… Penalty for anti semitism was death…
        What do you think political correctness is? Communism.. You’re not allowed to think and speak the truth….
        Where did that happen before? Pharisees and scribes hated Jesus Christ for speaking truth so they killed him….
        And they will kill you too, if you don’t bow down to morloch…
        Understand this! Catholic faith is the one true faith..
        Henry 8th was of the devil (church of England) is man made..
        These are truths! I tell you! England will return to her Catholic faith as God wills it…
        “The Jews are displeasing to God and enemies of humanity”
        St Paul the apostle
        God bless!
        Christ is king!

  19. The lovely late Maurice Cole ( aka comedian and radio DJ Kenny Everett ) said he dreamed about royalty a lot. He mentioned this one in particular. There i was he said walking down the street and her majesty was coming the other way. She was there with all her robes and her handbag. She was about to step out into the street right into a puddle. So i took my coat off and was about to lay it over it. She put her hand up and said oh no no that`s quite alright , i have someone to do this for me. And i thought oh really ok then.

    Bless him. I think that kind of sums up the lot of them.

  20. it’s well known this piece of sh*t has always been an idiot with delusions of grandeur. Known as the runt of the family, he wont last long. He’s only ever been concerned about money and the enrichment of himself to add to his vast fortune. he careth not how many of his ‘subjects’ freeze or have to attend foodbanks. WEF have published plans for no monarchies and that William will become a leader because hes ‘more popular’. Watch this space.

  21. I admit I felt sad and it doesn’t make sense, although I used to be a Royalist until Diana? After her death I went down some rabbit-holes and found some horrendous pieces on tge RF including the Queen & 10 misding children in Canada.
    The thought of having this khazarian descendant of vlad the impaler as king is something I’m not looking forward to. I can see why Harry got out, yet even he is doing the baal moloch hand signals! I’m not on twitter got kicked off many times, so just use gettr now but someone sent this to me, along with a video sent to you Hugo. Makes everything fall into place!


    If you want the video link, it’s a spellbinding 2 hr watch email me at crisstarr@mail.com I’ll happily send it to all who ask!

    God bless you Hugo and remember God uses bad people to take down other bad people! The more awakend to this khazarian cabal the better, they might actually stop going along with our despicable leaders!

  22. hang the bloody lot of them and be done with it ffs evil satanic pedo bastards I couldn’t give a fucking shit about any of them whatsoever I hate they’re fucking guts no sympathy for them never they don’t fucking deserve it rot in hell to the fucking lot of them including the old hag and just watch the circus freak show funeral on steriods making out like they’re hard done by bullshit they deserve everything they fucking get

  23. I love how you said (it shocks me all the time) that in times like these and after everything that has happened in the last couple of years – these people are still interested in this all – all this circus and celebrities and so on…we have zombies at work who will even skip a day of work in order to go to a funeral (all of them jib jabbed and with side effects)!!!! no words

    • And enforced ‘mourning’ aka how to polish-off your business after 2yrs of mandatory low revenue. … Centre Parcs have apparently announced nationwide early closing on the funeral day – and guests must leave early on the day or find somewhere else to stay. Next to a TV presumably.
      Do the staff get paid for the down-tools, all-out …
      The last of those little grey cells have left the building.

      • This, 17 days instead of 10 (insisted upon by WEF poster-boy/heid honcho Charlie), takes us to the beginning of October and the new energy rates…or is there more to it?

        Meanwhile…half of Ukraine has no electricity, since 9/11/2022 – 21st anniversary of THAT 9/11.
        Who dunnit? Makes no difference. It’s all a complete coincidence!

        And, no doubt, whilst our heat is diverted eastward, we will all be nudged to feel happy to have sacrificed ourselves at the altar of a man who plays, Hava Nagila, on the piano, with his penis.

        I think that we should all be getting ready for a serious escalation.

        Btw, I don’t believe that atomic bombs (as we have been taught to believe), actually, work. But, like their, ‘viruses’ (in Latin, ‘toxins’), they’ve got a lot of explosive poison at their disposal.

  24. Just came across this very interesting channel where the author believes that there was a soul transfer between queen and new pm when they met. I think I’ve seen it mentioned in the comments somewhere on another Hugo Talks video so I went looking. Worth a look.


  25. There is a very interesting video on this family, their origins, history and their dealings with magic etc. William the blue eyed perfect child is considered the Anti Christ and the third temple won’t be completed until he reigns (in summary). I think with Charles being 73 years of age, it won’t be long before his son takes over and that is when I think we will see a lot of bad things. Seek refuge with the Almighty Creator.

    • @Faarkey Here are their origins:

      1 Kings 9:5 (KJV) Then I will establish The Throne of thy kingdom upon Israel for ever, as I promised to David thy father, saying, *There shall not fail thee a man upon The Throne of Israel.* 

      Jeremiah 33:17 (KJV) For thus saith The LORD; David shall never want a man to sit upon The Throne of The House of Israel;

      1. Adam (B. C. 4000-3070), Eve.
      2. Seth (B. C. 3869-2957).
      3. Enos (B. C. 3764-2859).
      4. Canaan (B. C. 3674-2895).
      5. Mahalaleel (B. C. 3604-2709).
      6. Jared (B. C. 3539-2577).
      7. Enoch (B. C. 3377-3012).
      8. Methusaleh (B. C. 3312-2344).
      9. Lamech (B. C. 3125-2349).
      10. Noah (B. C. 2943-2007), Naamah.
      11. Shem (B. C. 2441-1841).
      12. Arphaxad (B. C.2341-1903).
      13. Salah (B. C.2306-1873).
      14. Heber (B. C. 2276-1812).
      15. Peleg (B. C. 2241-2003).
      16. Reu (B. C. 2212-1973).
      17. Serug (B. C. 2180-2049).
      18. Nahor (B. C. 2050-2002).
      19. Terah (B. C. 2221-1992), Amtheta.
      20. Abraham (B. C. 1992-1817), Sarah.
      21. Isaac (B. C. 1896-1716), Rebekah.
      22. Jacob (B. C. 1837-1690), Leah.
      23. Judah (b. B. C. 1752), Tamar.

      24. Royal Judahites Pharez to King David and Yashua Messiah and Zarah (twins) Zarah to Ireland and British Monarchy.
      Origins of the Royal Judahites and Canaanite Jews explained:

      25. Hezron.
      26. Aram.
      27. Aminadab.
      28. Naasson.
      29. Salmon.
      30. Boaz (B. C. 1312), Ruth.
      31. Obed.
      32. Jesse.

      Kings of Israel/Judah

      33. King David (B. C. 1085-1015), Bathsheba.
      34. King Solomon (B. C. 1033-975), Naamah.
      35. King Rehoboam (b. B. C. 1016, d. 958), Maacah.
      36. King Abijah (B. C. 958-955).
      37. King Asa (B. C. 955-914), Azubah.
      38. King Jehoshaphat (B. C. 914-889).
      39. King Jehoram (B. C. 889-885), Athaliah.
      40. King Ahaziah (B. C. 906-884), Zibiah.
      41. King Joash (B. C. 885-839), Jehoaddan.
      42. King Amaziah (b. B. C. 864, d. 810), Jecholiah.
      43. King Uzziah (b. B. C. 826, d. 758), Jerusha.
      44. King Jotham (b. B. C. 783, d. 742).
      45. King Ahaz (b. B. C. 787, d. 726), Abi.
      46. King Hezekiah (b. B. C. 751, d. 698), Hephzibah.
      47. King Manasseh (b. B. C. 710, d. 643), Meshullemeth.
      48. King Amon (b. B. C. 621, d. 641), Jedidiah.
      49. King Josiah (b. B. C. 649, d. 610), Mamutah.
      50. King Zedekiah (B. C. 599-578).

      Ezekiel 21:27 (MCV) I will OVERTURN, (the Throne), OVERTURN, OVERTURN it: and it shall be no more, until He come whose right it is; and I will give it Him.

      First overturning:

      The Prophet Jeremiah takes King Zedekiah’s daughter (Tea Tephi) to Ireland where the descendants of Zarah, son of Judah, twin of Pharez are already living:

      Kings of Ireland

      51. Queen Tea Tephi (b. B. C. 565), marries Eochaidh, a Prince of the scarlet thread, later King Heremon, descended from Zerah.
      52. King Irial Faidh (reigned 10 years).
      53. King Eithriall (reigned 20 years).
      54. Follain.
      55. King Tighernmas (reigned 50 years).
      56. Eanbotha.
      57. Smiorguil.
      58. King Fiachadh Labhriane (reigned 24 years).
      59. King Aongus Ollmuchaidh (reigned 21 years).
      60. Maoin.
      61. King Rotheachta (reigned 25 years).
      62. Dein.
      63. King Siorna Saoghalach (reigned 21 years).
      64. Oholla Olchaoin.
      65. King Giallchadh (reigned 9 years).
      66. King Aodhain Glas (reigned 20 years).
      67. King Simeon Breac (reigned 7 years).
      68. King Muirteadach Bolgrach (reigned 4 years).
      69. King Fiachadh Toigrach (reigned 7 years).
      70. King Duach Laidhrach (reigned 10 years).
      71. Eochaidh Buailgllerg.
      72. King Ugaine More the Great (reigned 30 years).
      73. King Cobhthach Coalbreag (reigned 30 years).
      74. Meilage.
      75. King Jaran Gleofathach (reigned 7 years).
      76. King Coula Cruaidh Cealgach (reigned 25 years).
      77. King Oiliolla Caisfhiachach (reigned 28 years).
      78. King Eochaidh Foltleathan (reigned 11 years).

      Lia Fáil at Tara, Ireland

      79. King Aongns Tuirmheach Teamharch (reigned 30 years).
      80. King Eana Aighneach (reigned 28 years).
      81. Labhra Suire.
      82. Blathucha.
      83. Easamhuin Famhua.
      84. Roighnein Ruadh.
      85. Finlogha.
      86. Fian.
      87. King Eodchaidh Feidhlioch (reigned 12 years).
      88. Fineamhuas.
      89. King Lughaidh Raidhdearg.
      90. King Criomhthan Niadhnar (reigned 16 years).
      91. Fearaidhach Fion Feachtnuigh.
      92. King Fiachadh Fionoluidh (reigned 20 years).
      93. King Tuathal Teachtmar (reigned 40 years).
      94. King Coun Ceadchathach (reigned 20 years).
      95. King Arb Aonflier (reigned 30 years).
      96. King Cormae Usada (reigned 40 years).
      97. King Caibre Liffeachair (reigned 27 years).
      98. King Fiachadh Sreabthuine (reigned 30 years.)
      99. King Muireadhach Tireach (reigned 30 years).
      100. King Eochaidh Moigmeodhin (reigned 7 years.)
      101. King Nail of the Nine Hostages.
      102. Eogan.
      103. K. Murireadhach.
      104. Earca.

      Second overturning:

      Kings of Argyleshire

      105. King Fergus More
      106. King Dongard
      107. King Conran
      108. King Aidan (d. 604).
      109. King Eugene IV. (d. 622).
      110. King Donald IV. (d. 650).
      111. Dongard.
      112. King Eugene. V. (d. 692).
      113. Findan.
      114. King Eugene VII. (d. A. D. 721), Spondan.
      115. K. Etfinus (d. A. D. 761), Fergina.
      116. King Achaius (d. A. D. 819), Fergusia.
      117. King Alpin (d. A. D. 834).

      Kings of Scotland

      118. King Kenneth I. (842-858).
      119. King Constantin I. (862-876).
      120. King Donald II. (889-900).
      121. King Malcolm I. (943-954).
      122. King Kenneth II. (971-995, d. A. D. 995).
      123. King Malcolm II. (1005-1034, d. A. D. 1034).
      124. Bethoc, married to Crinan, Mormaer of Atholl and lay abott of Dunkeld.
      125. King Duncan I. (1034-1040, d. A. D. 1040), Sybil.
      126. King Malcolm III. Canmore (A. D. 1058-1093), Margaret of England.
      127. King David I. (1124-1153, d. A. D. 1153), Matilda of Huntingdon.
      128. Prince Henry (d. A. D. 1152), Ada of Surrey.
      129. Earl David of Huntingdon (d. A. D. 1219), Matilda of Chester.
      130. Isobel m. Robert Bruce III.
      131. Robert Bruce IV. m. Isobel of Gloucester.
      132. Robert Bruce V. m. Martha of Carrick
      King Robert The Bruce statue Stirling Castle Scotland
      133. King Robert I. (The Bruce) (A. D. 1306-1329), Isobel, daughter of Earl of Mar.
      134. Marjorie Bruce m. Walter Stewart III.
      135. K. Robert II. (b. 1317, 1371-1390, d. A. D. 1390), Euphemia of Ross (d. A. D 1376).
      136. K. Robert III. (b. 1337, 1390-1406, d. A. D. 1406), Annabella Drummond (d. A. D. 1401).
      137. King James I of Scotland (A. D. 1406-1437), (16g grandson of King Alfred The Great) m. Joan Beaufort
      138. King James II of Scotland m. Mary of Gueldres
      139. King James III of Scotland m. Margaret Princess of Denmark
      140. King James IV of Scotland. (b. 1473, 1488-1513, d. A. D. 1543), Margaret of England (d. A. D. 1539).
      141. King James V of Scotland. (b. 1513, 1513-1542, d. A. D. 1542), Mary of Lorraine (d. A. D. 1560).
      142. Queen Mary (also known as Mary, Queen of Scots) (b. 1542, 1542-1567, d. A. D. 1587), Lord Henry Darnley (d. 1567). (Mary became Queen when she was just six days old. She was deposed as Queen in 1567 and was executed in 1587 ).

      Third and final overturning:

      The British Royal Family Line

      143. King James VI. and I. (1603-1625), Ann of Denmark. James became James I of England (A. D. 1603-1625) in 1603 while still King James VI of Scotland.
      144. King Charles I (Assassinated by the Jew tool Cromwell)
      145. King Charles II (1660-1685)
      146. James II (1685-1688)
      147. Queen Mary II and William of Orange (1688-1702)
      148. Queen Anne (1702-1714)
      149. King George I. (1714-1727), Sophia Dorothea of Zelle (1667-1726).
      150. King George II. (b. 1683, 1727-1760), Princess Caroline of Brandenburg-Anspach (1683-1737).
      151. King George III. (b. 1738, 1760-1820), Princess Sophia of Mecklenburgh-Strelitz (1744-1818).
      152. King George IV (b. 1762, 1820-1830)
      153. King William IV (b 1765, 1830-1837)
      154. Queen Victoria (b. 1819, 1837-1901), Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha.
      155. King Edward VII. (b. 1841, 1901-1910), Princess Alexandra
      156. King George V. (b. 1865, 1910-1936), Princess Mary
      157. King George VI. (b. 1895, 1936-1952), Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother) (b. 1900, d. 2002)
      158. Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926, reigned from 1952), Philip Duke of Edinburgh
      159. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (b. 1948) Now King Charles III

      Luke 1:32 He shall be Great, and shall be called The Son of The Highest: *and The Lord God shall give unto Him The Throne of His father David:*

      • @TTND

        Overturning occurred at
        147. Queen Mary (daughter of deposed James II) and William of Orange.
        ‘The (in) Glorious Revolution’ being the bankster funded overturners, whose female appointee deposed the living King James and breached the line of male succession.
        And rendered every occupant of the throne a usurper since then, and those waiting in the wings.
        The globalist heir to the throne is fully on board with the current monarch, as was the last, and ‘great’ does not augur good.

        Pray the eyes of the people are opened. His too. Or bind him and his acolytes.

      • @Cde, With respect, but the ‘Overturnings’ were Tribal Lineage or family tree based on the Judahites, not politically or fiscally based. The Tudor era ended and they were replaced by The Stuarts who were Judahites. I believe the Tudors were Welsh, so that made them Levites, not Judahites. The Royal line MUST be Judahite from Tamar and Judah.

        William of Orange was a shabbos goy Jewish tool, and they used him to undermine Britain financially, so William of Orange was a usurpation, not an overturning.

        The Scriptural Origins of the Royal Judahites and Canaanite Jews Explained:

      • The satanic royal family has nothing to do with God.

        1 Timothy 1:4 – Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

        There is only Gods family; if you follow the Commandments under The Son of God SPIRITUALLY you are a member of Gods family circumcised in the heart. If you fail to keep Gods Commands you are expelled from Gods family NO MATTER if your were a seed of Israel a Gentile, heathen or pagan.

        28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
        Galatians 3

        Correction to the deception

        Then I will establish the throne of thy kingdom upon Israel for ever, as I promised to David thy father, saying, There shall not fail thee a man upon the throne of Israel.

        The LORD’s Response to Solomon
        4 And as for you, if you walk before Me as your father David walked, with a heart of integrity and uprightness, doing all I have commanded you, and if you keep My statutes and ordinances,
        5 then I will establish your royal throne over Israel forever, as I promised your father David when I said, ‘You will never fail to have a man on the throne of Israel.’

        6 BUT if indeed you or your sons turn away from following Me and do not keep the commandments and statutes I have set before you, and if you go off to serve and worship other gods,…
        1 kings 9. 4-6

        9 The Lord became angry with Solomon because his heart had turned away from the Lord, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice.
        10 Although he had forbidden Solomon to follow other gods, Solomon did not keep the Lord’s command.
        11 So the Lord said to Solomon, “Since this is your attitude and you have not kept my covenant and my decrees, which I commanded you, I will most certainly tear the kingdom away from you and give it to one of your subordinates.
        12 Nevertheless, for the sake of David your father, I will not do it during your lifetime. I will tear it out of the hand of your son.
        13 Yet I will not tear the whole kingdom from him, but will give him one tribe for the sake of David my servant and for the sake of Jerusalem, which I have chosen.”
        1 Kings 11, 9-13

        Solomon a great man entrusted with Gods wisdom and he still fell to satan and left Gods family.


        Abraham was born in the year 1948 from creation (1813 BCE4), during the reign of the mighty Nimrod, who ruled over almost all of civilization. Abraham’s father Terach was one of Nimrod’s noblemen. Abraham grew up in a society where everyone, including Abraham himself, worshiped idols.

        God himself took Abraham from this evil with his special covenant and he entered Gods family after being physically circumcised as a Jew (everything after Christ Jesus is spiritual).

        9 God said to Abraham, “As for you, you must keep my covenant, you and your descendants in every generation.
        10 This is my covenant that you and your descendants must keep: Circumcise every male.
        11 You must circumcise the flesh of your foreskins, and it will be a symbol of the covenant between us.
        12 On the eighth day after birth, every male in every generation must be circumcised, including those who are not your own children: those born in your household and those purchased with silver from foreigners.
        13 Be sure you circumcise those born in your household and those purchased with your silver. Your flesh will embody my covenant as an enduring covenant.
        14 Any uncircumcised male whose flesh of his foreskin remains uncircumcised will be cut off from his people. He has broken my covenant.”

        Further cross referenced proof his descendants were Jews and they lost their inheritance into the family of God through the sin of murder.

        13 The Pharisees therefore said unto him, Thou bearest record of thyself; thy record is not true.
        14 Jesus answered and said unto them, Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true: for I know whence I came, and whither I go; but ye cannot tell whence I come, and whither I go.
        15 Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man.
        16 And yet if I judge, my judgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me.
        17 It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.
        18 I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.
        19 Then said they unto him, Where is thy Father? Jesus answered, Ye neither know me, nor my Father: if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also.
        20 These words spake Jesus in the treasury, as he taught in the temple: and no man laid hands on him; for his hour was not yet come.
        21 Then said Jesus again unto them, I go my way, and ye shall seek me, and shall die in your sins: whither I go, ye cannot come.
        22 Then said the Jews, Will he kill himself? because he saith, Whither I go, ye cannot come.
        23 And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.
        24 I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.
        25 Then said they unto him, Who art thou? And Jesus saith unto them, Even the same that I said unto you from the beginning.
        26 I have many things to say and to judge of you: but he that sent me is true; and I speak to the world those things which I have heard of him.
        27 They understood not that he spake to them of the Father.
        28 Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.
        29 And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.
        30 As he spake these words, many believed on him.
        31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
        32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
        33 They answered him, We be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?
        34 Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.
        35 And the servant abideth not in the house for ever: but the Son abideth ever.
        36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

        37 I KNOW THAT YE ARE ABRAHAM’S SEED; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.
        The words of The Son of God.

        The Pharisees are Jews, The Jews are Abrahams seed, so from an Arminian idolater in nimrods court ABRAHAMS CICUMCISION MADE HIM A JEW AS JESUS ADMITS THEY ARE THE SEED OF ABRAHAM AND JEWS.

        38 I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.

        Their sin of murder is so foul THEY ARE NO LONGER IN GODS FAMILY THEY ARE NOW THE SEED OF SATAN after The Son of God everything became spiritual circumcision of the heart.

        39 They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.
        John 8, 9-39

        The Law and the Promise

        15 Brothers and sisters, let me take an example from everyday life. Just as no one can set aside or add to a human covenant that has been duly established, so it is in this case.
        16 The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. Scripture does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but “and to your seed,”[i] meaning one person, who is Christ.
        17 What I mean is this: The law, introduced 430 years later, does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise.

        18 FOR THE INHERITANCE DEPENDS ON THE LAW, then it no longer depends on the promise; but God in his grace gave it to Abraham through a promise.
        Galatians 3


        23 Before the coming of this faith,[j] we were held in custody under the law, locked up until the faith that was to come would be revealed.
        24 So the law was our guardian until Christ came that we might be justified by faith.
        25 Now that this faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian.
        26 So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith,
        27 for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.
        28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
        29 If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.
        Galatians 3

        30 And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God.
        31 And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS.
        32 He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David:
        Luke 1 , 30-32

      • @Loccie So you’re calling Yah (God) a liar:

        1 Kings 9:5 (KJV) Then I will establish The Throne of thy kingdom upon Israel for ever, as I promised to David thy father, saying, *There shall not fail thee a man upon The Throne of Israel.*

        Jeremiah 33:17 (KJV) For thus saith The LORD; David shall never want a man to sit upon The Throne of The House of Israel;

        Show me your Jewish royalty!

  26. Hugo, are you going to put my comment up please?
    I have noticed this at least several times now.

    • I have had this recently too, seems like a bit of censorship is going on.

      • Your unhinged comments littered with foul language, belong in the trash.

  27. Hugo, as usual I back all your comments and analysis. Thank you for all videos. Some people however, will always remain asleep

  28. Hugo, this monarchy is illegal and a fraud. The actual monarchy was abolished by parliament in 1649 then and forever.
    Willi@m Coombes was @ss4inated, he was to have served as a sworn witness at the September 2011 session reference torture, g3nocide, and crim3s against humanity committed by Eliz4beth Wind$or and her consort Princ3 Philip in Canada 1964.

  29. Agree with much of what you say here Hugo, though UKColumn.org is most definitely not singing Charles praises and essentially condemns our former Queens failure to honour her Oath to the people. It offers a different perspective about Ukraine, Syria, the scamdemic, including many other topics. For these reasons I cannot agree that ALL alternative media sites are controlled objectors. Many people are waking up to what’s really going on in our world and the ‘deep state’ narratives are falling apart, though this cannot be attributed only to people such as your good self or individuals undertaking research for the benefit of humanity and sharing it on social media.

  30. When Princess Diana was murdered I was fully in the sheep phase & it did upset me, but now I know better I hope they all go away very soon.

    • You were quite right to be upset at the murder of a young woman and mother of boys who were made bereft of her maternal care. The wound of such a public event being lifelong, and vulnerable to exploitation.
      The evil that wracks the world is staggering, and only enabled by order followers who do not bother with conscience.

      You are quite correct to now be wise.

      • @TTND
        With respect, where has she been hiding since the age of 36 – surely not waiting to re-emerge on the podium (the stuff of TV soaps) with her son as he takes his willing place, God help us, at the feet of the overturners …
        Hers was not the personality to cower away. Camera-friendly, and no shrinking violet.
        (And unlike Joan Rivers – with more mileage on the clock – whose own daughter said she “speaks with her mother every day” – and who has been seen, heard & voice recorded outside a restaurant with music industry bigwigs – making it quite likely she was still breathing a few years after her *death* during surgery. Is there even a remote possibility that the two young men (one visibly less competent) could or would stay silent on such a secret… Or are they in for the shock of their lives … Pretty cruel it would be, even for the The Firm to play on each other, given that the joke’s usually on the people.

        And with respect, you say William of Orange was a “shabbos goy”.
        He was out of Holland (via links from France) – and not from the British Isles. Whatever he was, or was not, his successors were not of the direct male Stewart line. Usurpers they are and overturners of the order of succession in their breaching of it.
        Political, fiscal, was a matter for those bankrolling the takeover. It mattered not to them who sat on the throne but who controlled the money supply, and the laws – them.

        Certainly the line of succession is of sufficient importance now, and after the passage of time, such that the rule was altered to permit the deceased Queen’s grt grand daughter access under the modern guise of equality.
        And to keep out any chance of a future claim from the younger brother’s camp.
        Ditto the change in the rule (?2005) to permit the heir to marry a divorcee.
        These matters sure do matter, when it matters to them.

      • @Cde you haven’t answered my question: How do you know for sure that she’s dead? I’ll answer it for you, you cannot know. And with plastic surgery why the need to hide? she just began a new life with her new identity. Those around her who knew, would only be those who could be trusted – her sons etc. hence they were smiling and grinning at her ‘funeral’.

        However, there would have been strings attached, for the landmine thing created many enemies for her in powerful positions, so it was most likely do as you’re told or else.

        Are you saying that as a Dutch man he wasn’t a shabbos goy – the English don’t have a monopoly on shabbos goys? The Jews were well established in Holland, and financed Cromwell and his army.

        As for the Stuart line, that was carried by his wife Mary, and he was only a consort, not a true king. Furthermore the Hanovers were descendants of The Stuarts, so the Stuart line has continued to this day.

      • The only way you are ‘going to know for sure’ if she is really dead is if you had known her in real life and and had viewed her dead body. i.e. identified her corpse. Viewing images of wooden boxes, or filing past a wooden box doesn’t count for a row of beans.

      • @TTND. With respect, it’s for you to.subatantiate your position. You ask if she’s dead. Prove it

        The Stuart line of James II had a male living heir in James Stuart. His sisters were pretenders and usurpers in alliance with the bankers who funded Mary & William from Holland (and the armada of Dutch ships waiting for the signal to attack if the English refused the overturners). Mary died childless, as dud her sister, Anne. Their brother, the rightful heir, was still alive. That the overturners took the search to northern Hanover to find a link to put on the throne is clear on the disregard of the rightful heir. That the line of Georges were born in Germany and spoke no English and had nothing in common with the country (save for the financial inducements) further reveals the criminal frauds for what they were about.
        If we are all so interchangeable, then similarly there can be no problem with the interchangeables from alien 3rd world countries simply moving into the west and nudging out the natives. After all, we’re all linked in some way or other, by breathing, some miniscule genetic link or empire entitlement (that the people never profited from but whose taxes were taken to build railways and towns abroad for the corporate empire). The globaalist sales pitch, and no borders. Goes against the Creator’s order of creation. And that which Jesus said “give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s”.
        Can’t have it both ways.
        Anyway, we are where we are because people did as they wilt.
        Old excuse any typo’s but the screen on this device seems to be doing just that.

      • @Cde I have nothing to substantiate – you cannot prove she’s dead, just as no one can prove the queen is dead, therefore my opinion is just as valid, or probably even MORE valid, than any lying media whore ‘news’ report.

        Perhaps you weren’t aware that the Mercedes that left the hotel was brown in colour, and the Mercedes in the tunnel was black, and all three men alleged to be in that Mercedes with Diana were spooks – Rees-Jones (MI6), Henry Paul (French Intelligence) and Dodi Fayed (MI6) and whose speciality was false flag psyop events. Handy if you’re planning on faking some deaths. Dodi was being sued for millions at that time so a faked death would have been useful for him too.

        Do you actually know what a shabbos goy is?

        The male line didn’t count in William and Mary’s reign. Mary was the Stuart, and she was Queen with William as her consort. As was Anne who followed her. The Hanovers, although resident in Germany, were descendants of The Stuarts – The Stuart line continues to this day.

        From Encyclopedia Britannica:

        After the English Revolution of 1688–89, the Act of Settlement of 1701 secured the English crown to Protestants. It made Anne (of the house of Stuart) the heir presumptive; and, if she lacked issue, the crown was to go to Sophia, electress of Hanover (granddaughter of the Stuart James I), and her descendants, passing over many Roman Catholics in the normal line of succession. The electress predeceased Anne by two months, and the crown went to Sophia’s son, George I.

      • It is quite possible that one of the Mercedes was a decoy car ‘to throw of the ‘paparazzi”

      • @Sarah The details of the tunnel event are still very much a mystery, but I know two cars were involved. I also know that Mercedes Cars in Germany offered to inspect the crashed vehicle and assist in the investigation, but their offer was declined by the British authorities. Now why would you do that if you have nothing to hide!?

  31. Good chance of a false flag attack to wipe them all out start ww3 proper, speaking to a girl in the jacquizi last night, her son lived near, moved back up here, avoid the entire area incase they use a nuke.

    Also her sons gf is russian, all media bs and not a war as we’ve been saying.

    Just imagine what there up to in the all other media blackout, what new laws there putting in, don’t let sacrificing your queen with a poison hand shake go to waste.

    Can’t see Energy Prices for 1st October yet for businesses, anyone?

    • I believe that the false flag has already happened (or at least begun) with the bringing down of the electricity grid in several cities in Ukraine.

      • Earlier on, lost Wifi, checked phone no signal what so ever to switch on hotspot, about to grab the go bag and head to the forest with a car full of supplies. tried Airplane mode and it came back, when the internet / phones go off, RUN!!!

        There may be many false flags, remember it’s a global issue and not all about the UK as we think or the USA as they think.

  32. The faint sadness I feel baffled me at first because I’m not a royalist at all, quite the opposite! I was never fussed about the Queen. I have realised that what I’m feeling is not so much sadness as I feel perturbed, and even a bit anxious, because Charles is going to be so, so much worse! I am only relieved that we live in Ireland and are at a remove from all this madness and from the Hell that Charles’s reign will inflict on the people of the UK, but it will affect us! It will affect the whole world in some way. Things are going to get rough!
    As for the Vatican, that has been infiltrated by agents of the Adversary and it started years ago. Now they are in full control and are fully involved with the plans the so-called “elites” have for us peasants. This is why they’re gathering in all the money. I think the Vatican as an institution is now a force for evil in the world and I say this as a practising Catholic. I listen to Archbishop Vigano now, not Francis. Francis is NOT a Catholic, nor are his cronies.
    TBH, I wonder if God is allowing this, as a chastisement for the legalisation of abortion, the denial of the sanctity of human life from conception to natural end, and all the moral degeneracy and depravity in the modern world, as well as the falling away from Faith in Him! The wilful denial of His existence!
    Lord have Mercy on us all!
    Thank you Hugo for all that you do to keep us aligned to Truth, may God bless and keep you, and all here!

    • People share your sense of concern, anxiety (not able to put a finger on why) …the passing of the old world. That’s what she represented, and anyone under the age of 70 knew no other.
      Trepidation at the prospect of what’s coming down the line with the new incumbent – and an unspoken unease – given the long media history he’s had, and none too positive. And now, social alt/media is dripping stories that he’s the ‘Climate King’, and co-spearheading the WEF with Klaus Swab – and all that entails.
      … And still the people form the lines to venerate the coffin – under alpha hypnosis from smart TV neuro lingual programmed loop-*news*, and social media echo chambers.

      Ireland is similarly bubbled, and one part of the small world that is controlled by the criminal gang with its tentacles in every land, unfortunately. As Bliar said “our people in all in place”.
      So this is one almighty fight that only the people can resolve, with help from above, as they will come to realise. When enough open their eyes. And they are. And more so as social/media of any stripe *leaks* stories out there (tightly in line with the controlled schedule).

      What we can most believe is what we can see. To trust our senses and intuition. Some call it the gift of the Holy Spirit. (Not to be confused with that false ‘spirit’, ‘light’, ‘force that we frequently hear.)
      You might say God is allowing this to play out – others say that the circle has turned, as cycles and seasons do. That sufficient darkness has been gained because people were busy doing something else, distracted, and deceived.
      And that the cycle now has sufficient momentum to continue until its end. ” .. Unless the days are shortened” (Matthew 22:24)…. If we the people do something to stop it.
      Revelations lays out the doom, and many resign themselves to that. However, Matthew says otherwise – and not enough people know it(!)

      It’s clear that as long as there’s electricity to power TV, the hypnosis will continue for a large number of people. Ditto 5g wifi and cell masts.
      If the so-called super-surveillant spy in the sky satellites were sufficient, the saturation of cell masts on the streets would not be required. Those 5g cell masts that took root with overnight road crews when Johnson told everyone to stay home or “their loved ones would die” in March 2020. Lest we forget.

      No 5g wifi, and there’ll be no WEF transhuman future.
      That’s an observation to ponder.

      And take no heed of the individual sitting in St Peter’s chair. “Christians make the best communists”, he reckons. And he’s never dared take a trip home to Argentina since his installation. Child abuse scandal that he did nothing to stop, allegedly. He’s one of the “people in place” Bliar mentioned.
      A miserable bunch the lot of them. And physically p-ugly.
      No beauty contest winners, not even the wooden spoon award.
      And they age so prematurely; that’s what the Faustian bargain gets them.
      Take heart, and may the Holy Spirit fill your days with courage and purpose and resolve.

      God bless all of us.

    • @Not Amused, He cannot be any worse than his mother. You need to take stock of the nation she inherited in 1953. Britain was the second largest economy in the world, with a HUGE industrialised manufacturing base, coal and steel production, a merchant navy, and with some semblance of Empire still in place.

      Under her watch ALL OF IT HAS BEEN DELIBERATELY SUBVERTED AND DESTROYED – nothing has escaped. Charlie boy will be hard pressed to come anywhere close to that amount of industrial carnage.

  33. Bbc are flushing peoples brains daily with all this like there “pandemic” and a proxy “war”…
    They give false hope and all sorts of bollocks so they believe all the hype…
    I got kicked off youtube for saying facts about that so called pandemic…
    Its almost a 2 tier society where theres the brainwashed and the free thinkers….
    There predictable and like zombies the brainwashed…
    Civil unrest will happen which is what they want so they can put in more control…
    Its like a boiling kettle now ready to boil over…

  34. Watch this video of a lecture by Yuri Bezmenov. It was filmed in 1984 and describes how a country is taken over from within. Everything he said has happened, we are now into the crisis phase, and after that will come “normalization”. They’re doing it step by step from the Communist playbook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gnpCqsXE8g&t=3s

  35. Lot of younger people say they are not bothered about her going and even older generations and then get put down by so called sympathisers over there opinions..
    Im sceptical if shes in that coffin in the first place personally…
    All a bloody show and its pathetic how people cry about somebody they had no interest in before…
    Charles is one of the for front members for climate change in the future….
    Society is gling down hill fast and on the point globally of civil unrest now

    • And has a month off in may….
      One so deadley people having jabs for it yet it was never tested on any virus sample…
      Only way too detect it is by using a swab that does not test for infection or sickness…

  36. I’ve never aspired to become a British citizen, as I’d have to pledge an allegiance to the Queen and the monarchy is foreign to me.
    Besides, I worship no other Gods before one God. Having said this, I felt sorry for the elderly widow who she was when she stood on her tod, during her husband’s funeral. She loved her pets more than her people, that’s for sure. And probably never made herself a cup of tea, as my late husband would have said. I’m not going to deny that I have become attached to her media image to in some way, and feel for her immediate family members even if they are shady people. They lost their backbone, and are unlikely to become more popular in hard times which are, no doubts, coming.
    It will be interesting how the events unfold from now onwards….poor excuse for the notes and coins being withdrawn and replaced with Charles’ image.
    Also worthy to note that the Habsburgs’ monarchy ceased with the end of the First World War.

    • You feel for her immediate family? Are you actually alright? You should do some hardcore research into this very evil family

      • Look, I am actually okay with being not ‘all right’. Feeling some sympathy for grieving grown up children doesn’t make me a fan of them, if this is what you suggest.

    • You see an old lady, as the media wanted you to see. And you retain your humanity. As the individuals in govt do not. And as the elders in *care* homes were denied. …Those old ladies and men who were barred from seeing their families to keep them.*safe* and died alone. And the 10s of thousands killed off with Hancock’s Midazolem injection – in such numbers that gave the *virus* its *spike* in April-May 2020.
      The spike that sold the fear of death to the country.
      Those elders, lauded as the *greatest generation* killed off, as the VE commemoration in May 2020 was cancelled – and police busied themselves checking that those few celebrating outside on chairs were 6ft apart on the pavement. (And busied themselves on their knees a few weeks later, in June, for the Blm’s.)
      Yes, it’s hard to retain our humanity. And it’s her immediate family who are mourning. And they know they’ve lost their matriarch, their rod of iron. As the country is also feeling somehow; the majority of whom never met or knew her.
      The old order is passing. For the New Order that she helped to secure. And told us we were “selfish not to” (take the convid injection).
      It’s difficult to reconcile the image of the elderly woman with the spoken admonition against urging us to injury. If she was aware of what she said – and how could it be otherwise.
      Her grandson made an example of himself, taking an experimental injection on camera. His wife followed the next day. To help influence & reassure young mothers.

      1917 saw the end of the Romanov family in Russia. Taken over by the same bunch as in Germany 1918.
      Two strong countries whose alliance would have put the anglo-speaking bankster corporation empire out of business.
      … The horrors and the suffering that these creatures forced upon the people, with the support of their helpers, without whom they’d still be dreaming of world domination.

      Judgement day won’t be long enough nor the punishment harsh, if it’s only the false prophet, beast and the man of sin who get chucked into the lake of fire.
      I’ll hold out for St Michael taking care of the imperialists and their collaborators. And the wives won’t be eligible for the ‘5th amendment’ when that day comes.

    • Funny how the lad that shouted at prince andrew in edinburgh in the crowd was wearing a english flag on his hoodie….
      Was he a plant to stir things up a bit?…
      Would of taken some bottle to do that as he was heard very clearly as it was silent at the time in the crowd

  37. The Queen and royal family maybe a bunch of tards but!…..its not who they are, it’s the idea in peoples minds what they represent. Unity, pride, distinguished, civilised, cultured……what ever. The figure head gives the country a strength that if gone would leave the UK vulnerable to exploitation. Yes, the royals over the years have exploited the masses, but if we lose the idea of what they’ve come to represent? There are powers for centuries that have looked to undermine the British Monarchy. They’re on the precipice of achieving.wit for the attack by the media on Charles. Do you think if they over throw the monarchy, all those riches will be distributed to the people…..hell no! They’ll be swallowed up and enjoyed by the corporations and people who have fought to bring them down.
    Its just a thought.

    • Good point. I’d say I am an anti-monarchist but you are right- we peasants wouldn’t see any improvement in our lot should the Monarchy be abolished, as the greedy billionaire “elites” would take everything.
      That’s the plan! “You vill own NOZING!”

    • I’m by no means an unconditional royalist, but what you say is quite true: there is absolutely no guarantee that a republic would be any better or less corrupt, quite apart from the kudos the royal family gives the country world-wide (and the free soap-opera they provide!). As for the queen having been a hard-working monarch ( not the hardest-working WOMAN in the country ), that is apparently quite true: she is said to have read all the minutes from the House of Commons every day (until a couple of years ago) and even caught out Churchill a few times in their weekly meetings.

  38. the queen lived to a very good age anyway and as rightfully stated you have to die sometime so its inevitable to everyone and what about the other people who died at 90 plus ?? nothing stated about that

  39. Another spot on video Hugo. Good riddance to QEII. She was another royal parasite. Charles III will be as dreadful as Charles I. I’m looking forward to watching Charles III wreck the monarchy and help dump it in the dustbin of history.

  40. People say its a shame, its a shock, what? A 96 year old dies is no shock. I turned the tv off the day she died, i couldnt stand the media circus, discussing how great she was etc I said its not news, news is that the Queen has died. Churning this shit out day and night,brainwashing people with it.

    • Yes, indeed. But, I believe that the entire ‘war’, is being staged and that both ‘sides’ are following the script.

      That was started (by Putin recognising the independence of the separatist regions) on 22/02/2022 and this happening on the 21st anniversary of 9/11 (both significant occult dates), regardless of who was behind it, only makes me more sure. 22/02/2022 is a rare palindrome and the number 22 has been used a lot around covid/divoc.

      I discovered yesterday that ER’s great friend (rumoured to be great love and real father of Andrew), Porchey Lord Porchester, died of a sudden heart attack on 9/11/2001. I don’t know if it’s significant but I found it interesting.

      The next move may be for Western European electricity supply (including the UK’s) to be diverted to Ukraine.

  41. as for that bloody woman kissing big ears wtf I’d run a fucking mile I’f a seen that bloody pedo creep comming towards me seeking validation narcissistic freak can bloody do one

    • Did you notice in true beeb style, she wasn’t English. Any chance is a tick box excercise for them

  42. big fuss over queen dying huh what about kiddos dying of cancer etc where’s the big fuss over them or kids in care dying murdererd where’s the huge fuss for them huh oh it’s taboo of course evil satanic scum but yet queen dies and everybody goes crazy with grief absolutely unbelievable seriously you couldn’t make this shit up and oh yeah whilst folks balling they’re eyes out like idiots the “ queen merchandise “ brigade is in full swing selling anything & everything with her face on it what a physop and yet folk that’s stupid enough to but that crap £70 for a bloody coin thinking it’s all gonna be worth something when it’s all crap and they’ve been robbed blind yet again & as for them all singing to Charlie boy well what can I say they’ve lost the bloody plot big time walking dead on steriods

  43. who the hell cares when that old hag died the point is the queen snuffed it end of and oh yeah – one rule – n kissing big ears wtf has she got a bloody death wish or something and as for the Vatican pedo scum they can fucking do one this world makes me wanna scream why folk can’t see it I’ll never know a mean just how bad does it have to get before they fucking see it ffs seriously av only heard 1 ambulance siren in 30 months seriously & where I am it should be renamed “ ignorance lives here “ coz it literary is ignorance on steriods it’s embarrassing

    • Have you read king Charles now handed over to Prince of Wales William Terra carta.. let’s hope he doesn’t get his wish.

  44. They are conditioning children a five year old had a breakdown when someone said the queen died what does a child know about queens etc

    • that’s child – abuse for a start who the hell cares if queens snuffed it ffs this stinking fucking planet is cruelty on steriods

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