Enjoying The Theatre Show? / Alex Jones Trial

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    • The latest deception, distraction, psyop, clown show. Call it what you want, but I wouls say have a look at the illuminati game cards that were printed in the 90’s to see the big picture.

  1. C no evil speak no evil hear no evil that’s what he remain off

  2. I assume incriminating texts can be added to a phone log at anytime……..?

  3. Watch” Bohemian Grove “ film by Alex Jones (on YouTube); can anyone else post the link? and you’ll understand why the media don’t like Alex Jones.

    Bohemian Grove shows what the elites get up to in July every year in the Mountains near California

    • A lot of truthers are planted there. Please question everything. I know it’s hard to be like that but you have to be. People are losing so much due to this so called truther movement. Its destroying lives.

      • Nah, not when it’s true. AJ is MOSSAD so you get a mix of truth and misdirection. Want the truth go buy the Nexus magazine back issues.

      • The “truther movement” is just as indoctrinated with unquestionable conspiracy folklore BS as the mainstream is full of lies.

    • Oh dear, if AJ is deep state or part of the elites then we should give up now.
      He has been calling this treason whilst Hugo was still in nappies.

      • This all has been been planned way before any of us were born. The masons even hid the script in the bible for ALL to see.

  4. People need to open their bloody eyes and start using their brains. Most so called truthers out there are fake. Most of the information they spread is fake. There are no white hats. Trump isn’t going to save us all. Q anon is a psyop experiment. If you don’t see it with your eyes or hear it with your ears then don’t put faith that’s it’s fact. So many so called awake people have fallen for the truthers crap. They’re making a fortune from your misery. Wake the heck up.

    • Correct, everyone that has a platform is part of it, because if they were not they would be silenced

    • He did expose Bohiemian Grove, that one act made many people wake up, now I dont believe they would inflict such a large wound on themselves for only later to silence and discredit Alex. You can go the opposite too and think everything is set up by the establishment.

  5. Nor me, have no idea who Alex Jones is or what he has supposed to have done, ignorance is bliss lol

  6. Alex Jones is THE original conspiracy theorist and was exposing the “elite’s” activities way before David Icke came along. I didn’t know he was being done or what he is being done for. The judge seems pretty biased.

  7. Controlled opposition? well he did expose Bohemian Grove, that had to have done them damage.

    • If he was legit, he would’ve been turnrd away immediately He was allowed in there to give the public a watered down Disney version of the event.

  8. I have been listening to Alex Jones for about 25 years. He and his guests have talked about the push for global government, elite deviancy and psychopathy, the corruption in government, MSM lies, the WEF 4th industrial revolution etc. And now he’s having to watch his life’s work be taken away by a corrupt legal system. His guests have included Alan Watt, a man who has pulled together a treasure trove of information about the inner workings of the world system… I don’t see how it is feasible for a man to be a shill when he has revealed so much truth. Be scepticle but avoid paranoia

  9. they looked on his phone and examined the last 2 years worth of conversation in order to find something to stitch him up with.Better sling our phones away.

  10. More clown show, just like politics. Electricity prices in Finland are expected to rise this winter, just like in other countries. This strikes me as odd, given that a huge nuclear reactor will increase energy supply by 30% this winter. Meanwhile, Finnish politicians, who just happen to be former WEF Young Global Leaders, are trying to tell the public that the price rises are “Putin’s price rises”. Anybody else think that it’s just a coincidence that (1) all our leaders were WEF Young Global Leaders well before their democratic successes at the ballot box?. and (2) they all coincidentally use the same phrases, e.g. Putin’s price rises, Build Back Better, etc. This can’t be evidence of behind closed doors coordination could it? I guess not, because that would be one of those tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories wouldn’t it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeO3Q2VVtpw

    • Precisely. We all know that but unfortunately the “normies” can’t or won’t see it! Banging your head against a brick wall, springs to mind. I told my boss, that the next idiot running the great 🤣Britain would be a wef participator. The reply I had was that all leaders come from establishments like Oxford uni etc etc. 🤦 Why oh why can’t they grasp it? 🤔

  11. Alex Jones admitted to lying on radio in 1999 about Y2K… See ya!

  12. He’s being sued for $150 million for “emotional damage” caused by claiming sandy hook was a false flag.

    It’s all a show. Trying to scare the people into keeping their mouths shut about any “theories” they may have.

    Alex jones is a bankers puppet. Pushing fear to satiate his own greed. “The world is ending! End times are here! Quick, buy my shite!”

    A lot of people aren’t quite grasping the depth of deception in the world. It goes right down to the nature of reality itself.

      • The one who made you and gave you morality.

  13. Alex Jones was banging on about the elites way before you Hugo an David ick was telling the world about this take over donks. So no I don’t believe it’s theatre.. he’s being framed for a Sandi hooks thing. They are trying to discredit Alex so bad as he is getting a lot of peoples attention now. He’s obviously not perfect but who is in this world.

    • Alex Jones was in a court case a few years ago where he testified that he’s just an actor playing a role. He’s controlled opposition, speaking a lot of truth, but with the occasional, easily debunkable fabrication. Debunk the lie and he’s shown as a liar, meaning everything he’s said gets debunked by association… “Alex Jones said that and he’s a proven liar”

    • anyone appearing on MSM is a part of the cabal, wich part of this you don’t understand? Predictive programming it’s called when they tell you the thruth through these clowns mate, you still chewing the bait

  14. Don’t know what’s worse, his fake acting skills or the fact he’s in court just because he called something a hoax and is not entitled to his opinion. More fear propaganda to make you keep your mouth shut and not question anything.

  15. Hey Hugo why did you take down your ’false flag’ vid on sandyhook? Not to worry copies were made : )
    Not looking good for AJ (estimated payout $80mil)

  16. Not only had Alex Jones’ lawyers ‘messed up’ in sending the material to the plaintiff’s legal team but they were contacted by the plaintiffs’ lawyers after receiving the material. However, Alex’s lawyers ‘did not take any steps to identify it as privileged or protected in any way’. Why, then, did not Alex’s lawyers inform him of the mistake (they had at least two days in which to do this) but allowed him to go into cross-examination unaware of this? It is one thing for lawyers to make a mistake but another to jeopardize their client by not informing him of it. This opens up, to me, the question of sabotage.

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