How To Spot A Fakestream Media PSYOP Part 2 / Hugo Talks

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    • If you posted that meme,you fell for the “cuckoo egg” they want people to post it,to deflect attention from the real culprits.Fox is there to place reverse psychology.

  1. Just have to keep on flagging Lawrence up as a traitor to the people he pretends to be a ‘saviour’ for, it’s as clear as day when you look at the footage and see how he ‘just happened’ to be on the scene. Is anything he has ever tweeted or whatever true, or merely what whoever is handling him wants his followers to think

  2. Good to see Triggernometry featuring in Hugo’s video. They have an illuminate brick wall background in their video, and they did a U-turn on the mRMA injection in January 2022

  3. I was criticised for calling out Mr Fox during the “freedom marches” when he was trolling the public with his “minder” . Foxy by name, Foxy by nature.

  4. check out P.I.N.A.C.(Photography Is Not A Crime)Media on YouTube,and you will see how corrupt,clueless,and PIG headed the British “police” are on a daily basis,these morons in uniform dont even know their own policy or the law;there are lots of Auditors out there some of the best are :Auditing Britain,To plod or not to plod,Yardley Ski,Nobody Poor,Power to the Proletariat

  5. Excellent video as usual Hugo. Thanks for encouraging us to think for ourselves and to look past the obvious.

    I watched the L Fox video and agree how amazingly coincidental that he was there to video the whole episode.

    But also thought it strange how there are no Collar numbers visible on ‘Police’.

    • Bible passage mention Satan becoming desperate as his time is running short , might this explain why no animal testing is not happening

  6. It is amazing to be honest how many so called awake people on the FB Groups still listen to GB News despite being advised not to. 🙂

  7. I agree nail it Hugo… its all just a big show..I give them no energy and pay them no tell lies to your vision electronic ouija board is down the tip

  8. I only have 2 words for this………………….

    BRING IT!!!!!!

  9. Fantastic many thanks again for highlighting this Operation Mockingbird-esque psyop and highlights the extent to which these cretins go! Keep up the great work!

  10. I would say the purpose of this one was to outrage people on the left. Nearly all of these ops are calculated to create and deepen divisions in society. This is how THEY move their agendas forward.

    • Totally agree….chaos is first required before initiating (new world) order.

      • Chaos?…i never been infected with this chaos myself…in fact i sat back qnd watched people ruin themselves mentally and physically over a cold/flu…its amazing how fear can drive things in people and one thing i learnt about people is they are very easy to manipulate and control..
        I take pride now in not being a conformist as it means i think for myself and not let others do it for me.

      • @Tim – I agree but no matter how immune we are to the nonsense going on around us, it will come and find us eventually. I can’t sit back and merely observe the fuel prices, food prices and energy prices rocketing because I am forced to fall victim to it when the bill lands on the doormat. All on the back of a scamdemic and “conflict” in Ukraine or whatever else is blamed for the chaos?

    • @etscinemapsychomasonica, “I would say the purpose of this one was to outrage people on the left.” It doesn’t take much to do that!

  11. Cheers Hugo
    I have noticed he is ‘around’ other people
    on YT channel’s,
    He pops up quite a bit?
    I don’t watch GB crap
    Or tv anymore
    And I rarely switch my computer on much anymore to be honest.
    But far as this fella,
    Time will tell.

  12. I would say the majority of the awake don’t fall for the media brainwashing fear. I certainly don’t. I only answer to God, and I’m fearless. Your always spot on Hugo, not all hero’s wear capes. xx

  13. If this video is Part 2, where is Part 1 please? Great analysis as usual 👍🙏

  14. Drove the nail home again Hugh, always the fake arrested with cuffs on the front. Citizens Arrested are always cuffed in the stack position ,behind the back in a bid to stop outbursts escapes etc. The times we’ve noticed this in retrospect..

    • i hope i can one day buy you a beer , mate, life wont be complete without it

  15. Radio 2 tbis morning there putting very good spyware on all devices, under the guise of to catch pedos.

    Really Anti Jab, Anti Government, Anti Woke, anti Trans it’ll hurt your social credit score and police mighy even be called. Talking joking around on whatsapp with a mate here

    Coming soon!

  16. (*man/(any color)/*berg/*field/feld/bell/bailey/fox/smith/miller/coh*en/Khan/stein/stone/*ski/y) every single time!

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