Lockdown II The Sequel #Ireland / Hugo Talks

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  1. I don’t know many people that CAN work from home! It’s just not possible for an awful lot of jobs! Also, very few people are driving around for the fun of it any more. It’s as if we are being accused of wilfully wasting fuel for no reason…? With fuel prices how they are, pretty much nobody is on the road now unless they have to be to earn a living and feed their families!

    • Well I don’t know where you live, GinaW, but round here, the traffic is constant and usually well past the 40 mph limit on the road past our estate, so they must have money to burn! I just looked at the prices of Octopus electricity, and when our present scheme ends in October, I really don’t know. Not good.

  2. Here in Yorkshire the biggest public transport network Arriva has just gone on strike as of Monday 6th June. This means that 99.9% of buses are not running across the whole county. And Yorkshire is one heck of a big place. And there is no set time frame either. It is to last indefinitely ! The unite union who called it have said it is to do with the cost of living crisis. Now whilst the strike will certainly have a severe impact on people i am sure we can all appreciate some of the reasoning behind it. But then if you take a closer look across the rest of the UK you see that various other public transport networks are also either currently on strike , have threatened to or are planning to. Is this endemic and will spread to other industries like supermarkets and industry , just a coincidence or is it part of the plan ?

    • The week started off well for Londoners with a tube strike on Monday!
      I’m in rural Yorkshire, public transport is useless for getting to work (and back in time to collect the kids.) Driving still works out cheaper! I drive a car that does 58 mpg. It’s too far and dangerous to cycle. I’d ride a moped if winter weather wouldn’t be a problem, but it would be. I’m a keyworker though so I suppose I’ll get “permission” to buy fuel and carry on if they bring this cr@p in.

      • I had to get on a bus the other week and i nearly fainted when he told me the price of the fair. The last time i used one was years ago. And like you say , they are useless if you live out in the sticks. You`ll be lucky to get one bus a day in some areas. There is a plus side to this fuel malarky though. Assuming you are one of those `lucky` few to get it , at least you should be able to find a parking space.

  3. The ‘PLANdemic’…just significant part of control/coersion/bully tactics…..wear them all down….

  4. Sheeps still do not see any connection between everything that has been happening over the past 3 years. at work, one colleague said in shock, what kind of crisis?!? they are not even interested and do not know about the WHO or WEF !no interest in anything. now they reproach russia for all the problems with gas. it’s terrible. i don’t communicate with such people anymore. I can’t stand their indifference and stupidity. The Master calculated very correctly. because we have more donkeys than thinking people on earth.🥺🤥sad…..

  5. It’s all part of the plan fully available online for all to see. The unions are playing their part perfectly, and if you check online they have been doing so since the start of the plandemic. Its so obvious now I’m astounded how many still don’t see it! Good that you’re publicizing this Hugo. Keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

  6. So what the “war” that has been going on since 2014 and has a president that is part of the WEF…
    The “war” that is constanly rammed down peoples throat with fake pictures and lies yet the stupid majority stick flags out and believe all that shit…
    Hope all the knobheads that believed everything they been told the last 3 years get a nasty shock whether its from there jabs or there brain gets unwashed one day

  7. This is what many were saying months ago, that ‘climate lockdowns’ were going to be next

  8. Time to stop following these sick random rules, stop using the cars, start walking more or cycle, work from home, grow your own food and stop paying taxes… Maybe in this way you affect the economy and these puppets politicians, that are just a disgrace any place World wide, will leave in 2 month time cause they loose all the powers they have on you.

  9. People are so dumb I’ve given up. Sometimes I darkly hope the jab just hurried up and took out the sheep. At least then we’d know who’s left and what numbers we are.

    • It will happen….let them choke on them and then they wont be so smug and ignorant enough with there vitua signalling ways

  10. The kind of people who work for the DECC must be sad and miserable. In fact anyone who enforces NWO agendas and any kind of Nanny State must be a lonely, sad miserable person deep down.

    These sad bastards who laud themselves as world and state leaders really are’t to be feared; they derive their power from being granted administrative supervisory roles, but would be hard pressed to hold open court with many of the people who actually oppose them. So they duck and dive, and hide behind their wealth and law enforcement thugs and military.

    If you could see the state of these people who sit there and propose to make rules for you and I, you would just laugh and laugh. But it’s no laughing matter because the most insidious part is what they’ve accomplished in manipulating peoples minds to consent to it all.

    They feed of fear. The establishment are like Monsters Inc. – They generate power based on how much fear they can generate, so be not fearful.

  11. The alternate weekend driving based on the odd-even number plates was done in the communist Romania during Ceausescu’s regime.

  12. Now “monkey pox” is a disease turns out😀.
    How convienient…

    • they haye pushed the gender thing so much……
      i ask my self why ?
      is their plan AIDS 2.0 ?
      And if Aids was so dangerous as they told in the 1980 tiz.
      All people must have it know……

      • VAIDS (vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). It’s been “fact-checked” as false so we all know by now that means its true!

  13. I have no problem with my smart rabbit hutch for dim human in smart 5G surveilled city. I can use excess English white wine to power my Aston (actually a bit of a cheaper motor in reality) just like Charlie Boy! I am eco, sustainable and resilient. I think ‘outside the box’ ‘hit the ground running’ ‘push the envelope’ and every other word soup shit this new world order uses!!
    Keep it up Hugo and I don’t mean viagara wise.

  14. Fossil fuels are the basis of our civilisation and trying to reach “carbon net zero” by 2030 would require a totalitarian state that will impoverish everyone.

  15. Unfortunately people are just thick. My experience and my family’s and friends is that the british are apathetic and thick. Most can not see what is under their own nose, along as they have their coronation street and eastenders and their factual historical documentaries like bridgerton and their woke trans child grooming brainwashing channel disney to babysit their little drag queens in waiting then they will not move. In my own work I saw kids of eleven or twelve literally unable to count money and put the small handful of change on the counter for me to count it. I just pushed it back and said to her you count it. She could not and was not able to count 55p in 5p coins. Tragic. This is why the global cabal eliteists are killing off anyone over the age of 30, as 30 and under are thick gormless woke zombies. My only joy is at nearly fifty I have more years behind me than in front. Thank fuck.

    • well people are doing themselves no justice wearing masks that do them more harm than any good and jabs that will screw them up eventually….
      Still see folk wearing them stuoid things in cars at times😀…
      Its all fear based and most people will never change that behaviour…
      I see kids literally glued too phones and stuck to there faces out and about..
      Its tragic really..

  16. Sorry I made a mistake in my previous comment, it was not Puerto Rico but Costa Rica who had (and still have!!) these insane car driving restrictions based on the car license number. Back then, when they introduced it, there was no war yet in Oekraine. Their “reason” was either covid or environment.

  17. Look, on Costa Rica these car restrictions have the reason “covid” instead of oil: https://cr.usembassy.gov/20211015-travel-alert/ NL also said a couple of months back that it wanted to restrict the max speed in urban areas to 30 km/h. When all these insane rules are introduced since 2,5 years ago, so insane we all never had this kind of shit before, when this happens all over the world, then we clearly do not live in a democracy. Can’t get any clearer than this. Psychopaths with insane terrorizing and tyranical “rules” have taken over the earth.

  18. When Boris was booed with the wench He was wearing Black and she was wearing Red, These are the colours of the Ukraine NAZI Black for scorched earth and Red for the spilled Blood. CANANNITES. There was a country and western Festival in county Leitrim over the weekend 3 days and would only take cash no cards. There was no shortage of anything when the War in Syria was going on. N.A.TO IS ATON These are the Atonists or Aten or A Ten. THEY WANT WAR WITH RUSSIA FOR 9.11

  19. Exactly as you said – they conduct sociological experiments on the public and monitor the reactions on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, aggregate the results and a report lands on Jacob’s desk. I reckon most of it happens automatically and certain globalist/corporate schemes are introduced, delayed, rushed in depending on those reactions.

    • Not Jacob. Maybe his brother, E.sau – with whom some do link themselves to connect to Abraham, and are outside of the historical 12 tribes. … And those Ka.zar-asian converts, who are misled to condemn the rest of the world for being Esau. Whatever.
      But not Jacob.

    • Ps. Jacob in name only. The ID business being the business of krooks.

  20. I’m so sick of this shit! All I know is the governments, corporations, religious institutions, academia, and NGOs worldwide are all in this together. The false medical emergency they orchestrated, aided, and abetted which enabled them to inject half the world with human altering and deadly toxins have killed millions and likely seriously compromised the health of many more. They are therefore mass-murderers and have forever broken the People’s trust. There’s no turning back now and sooner or later they will have to resort to brute force to complete their selfish agenda… miserable, blood-thirsty and cowardly bastards.

  21. Just so you all know, in 2030, which as you know is significant to the WEF, is also an astronomical alignment between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, the last time this happened was at the time of the Black Death, it is also the time a Jewish ‘messiah’ proclaimed himself starting the Sabatical Frankist movement, this movement believe turning the world to chaos begins the return of the ‘messiah’, though lets assume thats the antichrist right?

    • Also, if you look up this alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, you will also see it is supposed to be a time people are more vulnerable to fear, you dont have to believe that, just know they believe it. No doubt we will see some staged event to finally attempt to fullfill they plans. Dont believe any of its real when it does happen.

    • Sabbatei Tzevi’s father was a rich silk merchant and agent for the Levant Company, from the Donmeh. There are an awful lot of silk merchants’ descendants in the British aristocracy and ‘elite’ and political class…including Elizabeth Bowes Lyon. It is an open secret that Attaturk was a Donmeh Jew. I would put money on Johnson’s g/grandfather being one too. Of course they didn’t restrict themselves to silk trading. They were also busy trading opium in the other direction.

      • Interesting, thank you for your comment, the Frankists belief does in some part explain why this agenda has been pushed, least its one possible smoking gun.

      • @John Siviter – it’s all there and easy to research if you correlate the information. Start with the Peerage.com…then look into every generation and see what you come up with.

        I believe that Hilaire Belloc made mention of the fact that there was no British aristocracy that wasn’t infiltrated…and I believe that he had reason.

      • Yep Kerenibus , and guess who financed the opium trade dealers ? The monarchy , our official drug pushers.

  22. We all know it’s coming, they love there lockdowns, September it is then, atleast no reason to shut shops and gyms.

    Car is becoming a work and back luxury anyway, Oil price +20% in the last 1 month and slowly but surely creeping up, Gas just hit new highs yesterday aswell, ouch!!

    Got to do something to distract from all the ever increasing, heart attacks, Aids cases and how the NHS is about to go into a total melt down.

    • You know what turv
      I’m starting to enjoy the carnage bro. Obviously these things hurt the pocket a bit, but people like me and you(ex army) . Omg …lol
      This is a step out of the “old routine” the well off and the middle class will suffer ….but for us man….this is exciting.. am I wrong ?
      Hmmmm ….bring it on.

  23. Political party’s have no power to tell the common man or women that they can do this or can’t do that, they are no better than anyone else. The sooner the Msm stop treating them like star’s the better, its all you see, I couldn’t give a toss who said wot and who did a u turn on what ever policy, I’m sick of it they are all lying for a living it’s what they do. The sooner everyone starts to realise this the better. Their job is to steer this great country to the best of their ability. Its got nothing to do with being on TV spouting politics every day and night. They all need culling.

    • I agree entirely with you, they all need to be hung for high treason and that simpering sycophant jug ears Charles and his twittering woke son’s need to be hung for the same reason, let them all dance the tyburn jig.

      Unfortunately all politicians are as are all governments merely puppets on a string and it is the likes of the bilderberg group and the wef who are the puppet masters pulling their strings. There is no such thing as democracy only organised anarchy. They all play the Roman game of bread and circuses and simply play a different tune each week to keep distracting you from the reality of what is going on behind the scenes. They have a vested interest in constantly drawing your attention away from their machinations. Hence the MSM press constantly ramming the old bitches jubilee down the peasants throats while sneakily taking the attention of the public away from davos in switzerland. Bread and circuses, bread and circuses.

      • Politicians may be mere puppets, but it is wholly by their choice. They eagerly sought the job, promised to guard the trust of the people, took the vote and promptly betrayed the country – and deliberately crashed the future. Voting for the Coronavirus hoax Act and their silence over the last 2yrs was them hitting the incinerator button on this country.
        The upcoming W H O pandemic treaty amendment for global takeover will pass in December if country-members don’t object – and Johnson-UK will say there’s nothing he can do. … Expect more empty hand excuses like his not knowing whether he attended any convid hoax parties, but if he had, and he really didn’t remember – despite the photographic evidence – well, er, none of the (his) rules were broken. His old master at Eton said rules were made for everyone but not for Johnson. Ditto every job given to him on a plate that he was duly fired from.
        The world is now so inverted. The degen-rats so infested that only a massive wake up can shorten these days.

        Nothing in the vote consented to parliament’s betrayal to foreign & hostile entities. Tyrants will always tyrant. Parliament’s job is to never let that happen. The buck stops there. And they wilfully ditched it.

  24. Brilliant and simple exposeure of the situation that anyone can understand. Thank you for your work.

    • I want you to see this. I was for years just giving my opinion on the state of the world in exchange eventually £50 quid payout. Got an email saying 500 points if it will allow me to monitor my spending . Nuff said

      Here’s the link to future of uncertainty


  25. Hugo, you mention alternate days of driving and fuel shortages ! Have a look at an early 1990s novel by James Herbert ( decreased 2013 ) called “Portent “ a real eye opener !

  26. Turns out the CDC reckon this monkeycrap thing is airbourne now😀 and want people wearing face nappys again…
    They can fuck right off but the sheep will back in line again😷

  27. Once again Hugo 100% spot on. Whats baffling is why so many people don’t seem to see it!. I said this fuel thing was coming back in 2020. All the idiots getting electric cars! They want to stop travel? Just switch off the current for charging!

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