UK Govt Initiate UBI Universal Basic Income / Digital Trap / Hugo Talks

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  1. Hope everyone’s happy.
    You’ll own nothing but you’ll be happy.yeah what ever!!

  2. There are no merits to a ubi we are not all equal in the pay scale thats how life is

    • and in the context of QE and negative interest rates?

  3. There was never a coronavirus crisis…
    Only crisis was wrecking the economy and resetting it with price hikes and inflation…
    I said all this stuff to people when this bollocks “pandemic” all started but i was called insane at the time…
    Hey presto digital society one credit payment system like china and eventually a world governed by a group of facist pigs eventually…
    Jabs for jab passes only etc..
    Nobody would believe that was possible surely…

    • Simple really – after 50 years of 2% devaluation what do you have left? – most still don’t understand currency is just a measure of total debt!

  4. And what the gormless sheeples do not realize is no jab… ubi no access to your bank account and to the digital currency in it.

    • Agreed. Hence Hugo describing it as a “trap” – once you’re dependent on them you have to toe the line or they just cut you off from everything.

    • The leaked document from Canada about 2 years ago that refers to `The World Debt Reset Program` as one of their end goals. States that as part of the contract people will have to continue to co-operate in the government vaccination program. I think further down the road after they have brought UBI in they will implement the WDRP. They may try and get people to pawn their homes and possessions to the IMF. Break the contract or die ( most likely from the jabs ) and they get the lot.

      • Yes Tanya. And presumably this will be the leverage they need to get people herded into smart cities. They won’t want folks spread about in the countryside with land etc…that will be for elites only. With travel limited to a few miles in future you may never get to see open countryside again from the confines of a city. This is all the WEFs wet dream at the moment but you can see how it could be achieved fairly easily if they had people over a barrel with UBI and the WDRP etc.

  5. If the robots that are going to take all our jobs are as crap and stupid as the AI Bot they have running the Live Help on Ikea’s website, everything will grind to a halt before anyone’s even received their second UBI payment.

    tI seriously don’t believe that these Technocrat nutters really have the technology to pull their insane plans off. It will be a total shambles. But maybe that’s what they want.

    • A lot of the time there is NO substitute for a real human being! We’re going to end up like Arnie in Total Recall with the “Johnny Cab” – frustrated with it and ripping its head off!

    • Well, Epic games have been contracted to produce AI Dr’s for the new NHSX platform, thats why they have made them into phone operators, get us all used to suffering, before replacing all of them.

  6. Game over ? Non Compliance and uprising is the only way now surely !! Shared TO ALL including the ‘Sillies’

    • We’re going to need the island’s round our coast to run to when they roll out this bollocks, I for one am not playing their game, I’ve been shunned for trying to educate my mates they think I’m mad, so I’ve stopped trying to save them.

  7. They trialed it with trans and non binary in order to create an divisive and unjust sense of entitlement. It’s a long used psychological trick in order to manifest a universal demand motivated by anger, outrage, a feeling of missing out etc. It’s been used countless times and it works, if people see a minority group enjoying ‘privelages’ even detrimental ones, then masses want those ‘privelages too, in order to quell their emotional feeling of being left out. It’s a trap, a trick.
    Captain Cook used it in order to get his crew to eat Sauerkraut, a food his men initially refused to eat. He then forbade his men from eating it, telling them It’s for the Officers only, after a few weeks of this the crew were demanding they got their fair share. It’s all manipulation.

  8. Name one country where UBI has been successful.

    • In the proposed format it has never been implemented anywhere yet

  9. If they were to allocate the same UBI to each individual person per month, wouldn’t this encourage parents and potential parents to have fewer children… thus helping with the depopulation agenda? And as for the £900 per month to non-binary ‘gender’, well it’s encouraging more and more people to move away from the traditional male/ female roles in society, thus encouraging less breeding and further reducing the world population in the years to come.

    • I think a lot of people on welfare are not stupid and hide their relationships and income they make on the side. A lot of lone mothers with children and a lot of biological fathers paying few quid a month per child because on low income.
      They spoil people on welfare for decades now.

  10. If they get their way, we are almost certainly going to enter into a cashless society in the coming year. Your money will only exist within the system, where you can be easily controlled. If you take it out now and keep it under your bed, unless it’s transferred back within the system by a certain date, I would imagine it will become null and void and rendered zero pence. Once in the system, your money will only be released to you under certain stipulations and if you abide by certain rules, thus you become a slave to the system and forced to comply to everything your owners demand.

    • yep 5this is the plan cashless many places are now refusing cash

  11. Rev 3:10 Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth. (ie THE RAPTURE!)

    Plan A: Get saved now – accept Jesus Christ as Lord and be raptured to heaven soon. If you put it off, there is only plan B left:

    Plan B (the more difficult option): After the rapture of the church, do not accept the ‘mark of the beast’ in your hand or head to buy or sell. Accept Jesus and be beheaded. You will be one of the tribuation saints, below.

    Rev 13:16-17
    It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

    Rev 20:4
    And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

  12. There’s not a doubt that they’ll tie the Covid pass into the digital slave system, hence today’s embarrassing exchange between Savage Jabber and the grinning puppet Swayne in the Commons. It was obvious to anyone with a brain that the Coronahoax restrictions, particularly the mask mandates (which were comfortably disregarded by anyone reading the small print) were simply a test of compliance. Had they pulled this off, say, when I was a kid – just a couple of TV channels, the radio, newspapers and, obviously, no internet – then I could almost understand it. But the information was there if you took just a fraction of your time to research it and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive the cowardly zombies who have dragged us alongside themselves to the brink of this nightmare.

    • Your never get the brainwashed folk out of there trance….in fact i feel sorry for the bastards really as what sort of life do they have keep being jabbed and looking over there shoulder at media and news instructions…wearing a useless face nappy as well…i used to hate them but there doing themselves longterm damage mentally and physically

  13. UBI makes no sense. The amount of money to give everyone just a low base income would exceed all taxes received. And who are they going to tax once the majority are unemployed – Elon and his pals?
    To do this in reality, they would need to abandon tax and continual inflate money away by continual and ongoing generation of more money supply to pay people to effectively “steal it” from those left earning it. Musk and co are going to be happy with that?

    • You’re thinking of it in terms of the current monetary system. Go read about Douglas Social Credit – the money is created by the central bank, then cancelled again when it returns to the bank every month. It’s a different kind of monetary system. However, it relies upon strict money management by the central bank and government, and that’s never worked in history – like when John Law convinced the French to swap from precious metal based currency to paper – worked well until the King and his government decided they could print forever – and caused the economic collapse of France in no time squared. Another good read is the madness of crowds and other popular delusions.

      • guaranteedcarfinancesite

        “However, it relies upon strict money management by the central bank and government, and that’s never worked in history”

        That is why they want it to be completely different from anything that has ever existed. A completely sealed system everything locked in a digital block chain.

        Coupons individually locked to a certain person with a code that is part oft that person, non transferable and time limited. These coupons can be switched off and on, can be coded on the fly to allow or disallow the purchase of certain goods.

        Crime and punishment completely digital, no Judges no Jury everything A.I. based including predictive crime scanning. The A.I. that assess the case and gives you a punishment based on your freedom to move and what you can do and what you can own..

        No fossil fuel vehicles, electric vehicles based on your ‘good citizen score’ , 10/15 minute cities, everything you do has to be inside that zone, unless it is a ‘green day’ where all vehicles will be switched off as your remote controlled ‘smart meter’ will too, to ‘save the world’.

        Unfortunately satan’s followers haves been brainwashed into the lie that satan is their only choice as they are his seed and can not repent. It matters not to satan if you go willingly into it or not, actually he wants it to lead to the complete destruction of us all. He has convinced his followers this will lead to a glorious age of their complete power do whatever they wilt so unfortunately this will lead to total devastation and if not for the return of God no one would be left alive.

        21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
        22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

        Matthew 24 21/21

        If anyone reads this who believes they are unable to repent and turn to God because of the lie they are ‘satan’s seed’ please understand it is an evil despicable lie, a direct blasphemy against the truth of God Almighty in his promise to us.

        This is proven beyond argument by God’s word to Cain.

        6 Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why that scowl on your face?
        7 If you had done the right thing, you would be smiling; but because you have done evil, sin is crouching at your door. It wants to rule you, but you must overcome it.”

        Can was never the seed of satan God himself welcomed Cain into his family if he did the right thing and warned him satan was crouching ready to take him away from the family. Unfortunately Cain fell to satan through free will even after God himself warned him. If you come to God through free will with an open heart and mind and confess your sins he will listen.

        Gods Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

      • Indeed. It is not reasonable anymore to think that the money for the welfare system comes from our taxes. It comes from the banking corporations who create if at the Bank of England and now the same people dial down the economy and especially the human factor in mass production.
        Joo industrialists and bankers from City of London needed cheap workforce to dig out all the coal but this has finished and surplus people – the miners were since then a liability someone had to cover for so the welfare was introduced to address this problem. It is said we cover for it but for some reason we don’t anything to say about the whole process but the banksters via a proxy.

  14. So in order to reduce carbon usage, which largly comes from power and food, we get rid of all of the workers, replace them with robots that need powering, and still need the same amount of power to keep people warm, produce and transport and cook their food, which equals – maybe twice as much power needed. Obviously the plan is – less people.

      • Yes, I have this sticker that has a face of Joo Klaus Schwab and “You are the carbon I want to reduce” written on it.

  15. A month ago, I was shown a photo of a strange looking vehicle that had just arrived in the UK.
    The instructions were was ‘they were to stay packed up and not moved yet.’
    I recognised the vehicle. It was one of Elon’s driverless lorries.
    So! They’re already here but being kept under wraps for now.

  16. Rumour is they are talking about a UBI of around #1,600 per month. Have they thought this through ? A man of a certain faith; with four wives will receive #8,000 per month. Nice work if you can get it. And “they” definitely will.

    • Its been planned since 2017 i read…
      Was backed by labour in the uk at the time…
      Its also part of agenda 2030

  17. UBI, is a Bonus for playing a part in the depopulation program, you need to have frequent jabs which will sooner or later kill you, but you get a better life in the mean time, here is the trick, it’s sooner rather than later, so the costs aren’t really that high as from here, with a 4th and 5th jab average life expectancy is approx 1year, there is no other way people will take there boosters.

    Told double jabbed ex, she knows ish what’s going on, but for £800 extra a month, she’d go get her 3rd jab. Madness!!

    • The nhs app was the prototype for the jab passes and the jabs just act as a top up for them later on…
      But a fake pandemic is ideal to get that idea stuck in peoples heads because they think the jabs are helping them…
      Thats not the case and never will be..
      I spoke to a few people recently who not had any jabs and i said thats good…
      They can see like many others how sinister this has become

  18. Elon musk , isn’t that the lying prick who said he put a car into space.

      • @Raw Truth, Anyone who uses the handle ‘Raw Truth’ would do well to steer well clear of the disso Miles Mathis, and this Flavius Stilicho numbskull who thinks the sun shines out of Mathis’ arse!

      • The Raw Truth is a hard pill to swallow. I liked what I read and does not mean I don’t have my own mind. I follow no one but if I like something I will say it. Get a life!

  19. I also noticed this HSBC billboard at London Tube station.
    The corporate financial abusers (HSBC – the Jooish Phoenician East India Company dealing with opium back then but also these days via CIA opium production in Afghanistan but what is more interesting legal opium production in Tasmania) teach passengers about DOMESTIC FINANCIAL abusers. You have to laugh!
    I reckon they want this domestic “financial” abuse to be easily linked with narcissism and psychopathy.
    Since many women are fascinated with psychology and already come across the work of Dr Ramani on YT they soak this stuff and suddenly their partners and husbands tick most of the boxes of a narcissist or a psychopath who does what? Controls and abuses.

    The corporate financial abusers clearly want to move the blame onto struggling heads of the families and I don’t know the statistics but I reckon a lot of relationships didn’t make it through the Plandemic and subsequent hoaxes. And as you know atomized people (singles) are bigger spenders and lawyers are also happy.

  20. @HUGO! Citizens are already EMPLOYEES of the government via their Birth Certificates and NI Numbers – THE UK CORPORATION is their employer!

  21. On a lighter note cows farting and sheep burping will get farmers charges for it due too “climate change”…😀…
    How bloody mad can this shit planet get…

    • Maybe not such a lighter note Steve. The plan is to bankrupt the farmers and appropriate their land. This is already underway in some European countries. They plan for us all to eat lab-grown proteins and plants.

    • Sorry but there is no lighter note in your statement , this is a very serious matter in that stupid bastards will allow this . We the people are on our own here , the farmers need us as we need them , they have to start the ball rolling and we must join them . Cows with masks in Ireland tell us we have a battle on our hands , A REAL BATTLE , , we are at WAR now . Do whatever you can to bring all this shit to light or regret it later.

  22. Need more people that say what they this channel…mick

  23. I have only one question. Here they are preparing this «new wonderful world»for us. But millions of people are involved, they perform small functions in this. Don’t they understand that they will live like we do in this shit – made by themselves?!? do not understand that the elite and all these locusts with bags of money will not share their pie with them!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maybe the elite will have their own currency. I went to Cuba – they have currency for tourists and currency for locals. Communism?!?

    • Most housing association flats there is no point in purchasing. They are unsellable as they are prone to ASBOs living next door with county lines connections, multiple bulldogs, and music which might as well be within the inner-fence of Glastonbury.

  24. What is the music at the end of the video please?!?!?!!

    Sounds like the Verve – but I can’t place it. Its been driving me mad for weeks..

  25. A mask phone has been designed i see as actual phones will be gone by 2030…
    I cannot only imagine the hideous sight of people wearing them…😑…
    World is going to be proper shit by then😷…

  26. Pure evil no one putting chip in my head I follow God KJV BIBLE

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