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  1. That giant phallus above the warehouse says it all. They want to fxck us all. Brexit, plandemic, robots and digitisation. One aim
    to strip us of our rights and enslave the globe?

  2. people are to far gone now , convenience is indoctrinated into them sadly.

  3. They should be asking her名hy are you wearing a fucking mask in a huge ventilated warehouse full of robots????? Have the robots not been jabbed??? God these masked cunts exhaust me!!!

    • I notice she gave a long pause before ‘answering’ all the awkward questions, followed by a “Look… “. Check these masked performing seals out in the audience PLUS the same old yellow/ blue colours throughout. It’s everywhere right now.

  4. All they need is robots ordering .
    To complete the square. While all people are dead, with their memories uploaded to a cloud on the world wide web. For all other non entities to not notice.
    -But it is great for the consumer .

    • But aren’t you a consumer? Aren’t we ALL consumers?

  5. AI taking over everything and yet folk still think thats a si – fi movie decades away when its already happening more n more every day n day n yet folk sit back and do nothing & I havent got an Alexa or a eco dot or a smart watch & I dont want none of that & whats scary is the rate at which this crap is going at lightning speed its crazy fast already

  6. Unfortunately, people are already so used to online shopping, as those companies have already played us. I think a lot of people choose money and then you quickly end up with these types of companies. Why online hey, go to the local market or shop.
    You can still do it now, soon this shop will be a thing of the past.

  7. I went to London for a few days recently and the number of people less Amazon stores had grown at an alarming rate, personally I would not step foot in one and don’t use their site or app but these worjerless stores are gradually taking over – we MUST boycott ALL of them!!!

  8. People have ended up having to have multiple operations on their ankles, many have ended up in wheelchairs due walking 200 miles a day in these infernal Amazon warehouses. These are not jobs for people, these are jobs for robots.

    • 200 miles per day? How did you calculate that…or just more of your made up BS.
      Boycott Amazon and the lucifer worshipping illuminati that control them…Where I live you can not even open a bank account without government permission and to scan the iris.You thnk a normal company would do this kind of insane antics if business revolves around the customer satifaction.They have a stranglehold on the people and giving service to lucifers new world order is the real motivation ..not running a business.The people need to wake up and start to pray gainst the demonic forces that are working to choke humanity, that is the only thing that works.

  9. Car plants have been robotised for decades. You don’t hear anyone complaining. And what about the lithographers put out of a job when desktop publishing took over?

    • Well said….no time off sick…no time off because ‘little Jimmy’ has a sore throat…

      • As Marx said: Capital abhors Labour. The ONLY reason these ‘jobs’ exist is because no one had yet figured out a way to automate them. And the more repetitive a ‘job’ is the easier it is to automate it. Tube drivers will be the next to go.

      • Senga the troll agent for Big Brother. Thereby proving that Hitler was right! “Capitalism and Bolshevism are the two sides of the same Jewish coin.”

        – Adolf Hitler

  10. Does anyone realise how far ‘Joey’ has to walk in a day? Why would you want to inflict that on a human being? Turning people into cripples.

    • How awful that humans have to use legs, I mean walking is so bad.
      What a drag it is to do stuff, even breathing.Why bother?

      • Who said that walking is bad? But walking so much that is causes you injury is.

      • @Senga the idiot Shut up you ignorant moron. I worked in retail all my working life and walking all day and every day without a single injury.

      • Total bs You have never walked further than from your sofa to to kitchen you fucking moron. Most people can’t even manage 10,000 steps a day but expect Amazon workers to be stood on their feet for 12 hour shifts. You are a fucking moron.

      • @Senga the mouthy turd waiting to be flushed. I have told you that I worked in the retail trade ALL MY WORKING LIFE and on my feet every day walking without a single injury – you are a ignorant liar with a head full of shit.

      • What the fuck are you on about you deranged psycho? Do some fucking RESEARCH on Amazon workers being injured and killed at work you fucking nutcase.

      • @Senga the lying troll scum bag who makes Hugo Talk’s threads stink! NO ONE IS INJURED THROUGH WALKING you lying moron – get back to the BBC where you belong.

      • Of course you can get injured through EXCESSIVE walking you fucking kook. I personally know an ex-Amazon worker who has had multiple operations on his ankle through walking for Amazon. Go do some RESEARCH before you open your stupid mouth you filthy fucking lying deceitful Satan-worshipping Nazi scumbag. You wouldn’t last to the first tea-break in a Amazon warehouse you fucking psycho. That is if Amazon did tea-breaks. Their workers/walkers have to piss in bottles.

      • Your friends have died
        And their lives, they just fade away

        Some worked the hills
        Some worked in factories
        Worked their lives away
        And in time, you will see your own life fade away

        There was no time to go back
        There was no time to go back
        Come on!

        They were in hills
        They were in factories
        They are in graves now

        – Deerhunter – ‘Death in Midsummer’

      • @Senga lol YOU stupid MORONIC DICK HEAD!! You try and make a case with one individual who most likely had a bone strength deficiency or weak ankles. Now let me tell you something: Hiking walkers, who frequently carry loads, sometimes suffer with their knees in old age, NOT their ankles. I will repeat = you are full of shit – piss off back to the BBC.

      • @ bs doctrine You really are full of shit. I gave you ONE example. Why don’t you do some fucking RESEARCH on death and injuries at Amazon facilities. And the ABOMINABLE way in which they treat their workers/walkers. One of their drivers was having a heart attack and they told him to carry on. And don’t tell me that you can spend all day on your feet walking twelve hours shifts over a working lifetime without it having any ill effects you fucking dickhead. Most Amazon workers/walkers only last a very short time. Now fuck off back to your blog dick head.

      • @Senga the shit head. NO ONE ever injured themselves walking, unless they have a weakness in the knee joints = YOU ARE FULL OF IT. And Amazon has not been around long enough to encapsulate a WHOLE WORKING LIFE. So once again we catch you building strawman arguments to defend that turd ego of yours. So I’ll tell you again – piss off back to the BBC and join your fellow disso liars.

    • Well the thing is unvaxxed people can walk for miles, its the 穡vaxed穡 that fall dead suddenly and should move around in a motorized wheelchair.

  11. Theyve got people addicted to buying shit they dont need and thus giving their hard earned money to multi billionaires.
    Go to your local shops to buy stuff you need. Its far healthier and a lot more social. I met a guy I hadnt seen in over 40 years the other day whilst out shopping and we had a really good chinwag about people we knew and were still in contact with. You wouldnt get that sat in your living room ordering stuff you dont need from Amazon.

  12. Looking at the WEF chart for future development amazon is the place that people will go to to buy first hand
    Even there name is on the chart
    See more covid crap is coming out again for them jabs..
    Think there will be a vast majority now that will die from them in a few years

    • Stuart….lm seeing alot of on going illness amongst my older friends….their ‘immunity’ is shot….all having had 1st boosters…(lm unwilling to take the ‘jab’…until THE TRIALS are over…May 2023…

      • I wouldnt take them anyway as they never been tested on any virus.
        Not now not 2023 or ever

      • Why would you take a DNA modifying graphene shot when noone has ever seen Covid? Transalation it does not exist?… Are you going to put a injection for the santa claus virus also?

  13. The rise if the machines. You ain’t seen nothing yet

  14. It’s so short sighted, isn’t it? They want the robots to cut costs and lay off workers, so they make more money. But eventually when no one has a job because they’ve all been replaced by robots, then they have no sales because no one has any money to spend with them. So there is no business, no need for the robots, no need for Amazon, and everything has collapsed back to the stone age.

    Technology is supposed to make life better and easier, not worse.

    It reminds me of the greedy textiles companies in the UK who started by bringing over cheaper labour, then decided to build their factories in those countries to cut costs further, then found the people in those countries had now learned the secrets of making wool and cotton, and so undercut them until they all went bust.

    Slitting your own throat to try and make a few sheckels more. Until you have nothing left.

    • +No not short sighted. The bigger picture is Transhumanism and ultimately the total eradiction of mankind. There will be no stone age, there will be no any age.

      “If those had not been cut short, no one would survive,but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” Matthew 24

    • Yep…..certainly look at history to see ‘the rise..and fall’ of civilisations….

  15. This is a must watch! Understanding the times!
    Jan Markell hosts Pastors Mark Henry and Brandon Holthaus as they discuss the coming digital currency expected within a year. It will be programmable money, dictating what you can spend it on, replacing cash. This is a global effort. Biden signed onto it March 9. They also discuss the forthcoming food shortages. This info is not conspiratorial but a warning as to the lateness of the hour.

  16. Jeff bezo pays no tax because he pays off all of the right people. Just like a Mob boss.

  17. People also need to stop working there, there, as well as people not shopping.

  18. Think of how those robots impact the carbon footprint of the warehouse. Let alone the power it’s taken to produce and broadcast this advert-disguised-as-news piece. Pity that mask is on her face, helping to hide the tell-tale expressions as she spouts out lie after lie after lie…

    In the US, btw, Amazon already owns a huge grocery chain – Whole Foods, which began life as an upscale alleged healthier alternative to other supermarkets. It now proudly stocks GMO’s, of course, and is trying to eliminate human employees.

    I quit using Amazon years ago. Truly can’t understand how anyone can buy from that evil entity.

  19. Does anyone else feel sickened when you see a silly fecker wearing a silly, useless blue face nappy? F’king ridiculous!

    • Yes but when the people are demonized they dont think clearley, 穡the spirit of the devil is at work in the sinners Ephesians 2:2穡

  20. Well done Hugo great stuff again yellow and blue does seems to be everywhere now even my can of fosters of all things , a poison that must be resisted . Having read other replies only a office pen pusher would complain about using their bloody legs 仁

  21. They won’t be easily because Amazon and other Jooish/Phoenician corporations are pirate/parasite organizations who control all the Navies and if you interfere they will put the global marine trade into a halt what they did during the lockdowns.

    • A friend of mine was blocked from using Amazon just becaue he used as his email provider, if you dont use email from the lucifer worshippers and give your cell their robot will block you

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