The Boris And Zelensky Show / Hugo Talks

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  1. With no armour, no bullet proof vest… give it a rest Boris!!!

    • because its fake as fuck , no war and just pure bollocks as per usual

      • Zelensky has all the attributes to be in Boris Jonestown’s cabinet , once Sunak uses his green card, perhaps give Zelensky the UK chance seller job and he can have all the UK’s money too.

        Instead of cash for questions, he could be the west’s cash for hero.

  2. Most entertaining hugo. 2 cocks and a load of MSM bullocks. Bumbling bafoon better?

  3. No one wearing flak jackets, I notice. And neither of Johnson or Zelensky saw the joke of the gift of two cocks. Because of the media and government throughout the covid scam, I find it very hard to believe anything I am told is happening in Ukraine. I know there is conflict and people are dying but I cannot get past the idea that everything is manipulated to a set narrative.

    • As soon as it dies down in Ukraine then you can guarantee that it’ll be back to C…. in the headlines once more. No doubt the Ukraine variant will be rife.

      • Yeah, the C is only on the back burner at the moment so it doesn’t take peoples attention away from being completely on Ukraine.

  4. I can’t even look at bloody Johnson he is one ugly bastard & so rigged so obvious & so bloody pathetic pity somebody in Kiev didn’t get an aka 47 & shit loads amo and blow the fat ugly bastard into oblivion coz at least it would look real then I can’t fucking stand that fat ugly bastard I hate absolutely everything about that pathetic freak his ugly face & his voice is annoying as hell how the fuck he ever got wives I will never know as for the rest of them uffff the usual we – don’t – care act total bullshit fake crap

    • what utter fakery and yes two cocks together , fucking unreal

  5. There taking the piss out of people basically…
    Ones a known bullshitter and one works for the WEF and is a ex actor…
    They can both rot…

    • Correction: They are both bullshitters and work both for the WEF and the people behind that!
      Kind of crazy how all world leaders are either Jewish or closely connected to the banking industry. Or both.

      • Heaven help us from these very dangerous monsters..
        Wolves in sheep’s clothing..
        Working for their judaic overlords to bring destruction upon the world..
        See how they move quickly from one staged atrocity to another with no proof, only accusations against Russia…

        They do not present real evidence of any kind..
        Only lies, lies, lies.. The ukranianians who were wearing white armbands to signal neutrality were shot by the azov battalion..
        This is the same thing that happened in Syria, and the BBC were caught out time and again… All staged!!
        These satanic whores want war with Russia, who are more Christian than the west…
        And traditional Christian morals they value..
        Which the demons in the west hate!
        God bless! Christ is king!

  6. The 2 gifts were metaphorical, in actuality there are a pair of massive cocks.

    • Look into the 4th plinth exhibition rooster that Johnston unveiled 8 years ago.

    • I just looked-up who Bert and Ernie are – what a striking resemblance! (I used to drive a Fergie when I was young, back in the seventies).

  7. Surely the 2 gifts must be metaphorical, because in actuality there are a massive pair of cockz

    • I love her face in the photo, she knows she’s given 2 crowing cocks to a pair of crowing cocks, a very apt gift me thinks what a couple of tossers! Shame the bombings not really happening

  8. No Covid in Ukraine, I guess. No mask, no distancing, proper hand shakes instead of elbow bumps…
    Zelensky got fat in his bunker hideout, too.

    • However! At 5min 10sec, there is one loser who’s wearing a silly face nappy! 😂. There is supposed to be a threat of bombs raining down and that zoom is frit of catching a cold! 😷😂😂😂

  9. Good to see that under so much pressure from Russia, the bombs and bullets flying everywhere, they’ve all still got nice haircuts, new clothes, and could even dig up some Union Jack flags the same size and shape as the Ukraine ones.

    • I noticed that too. Everyone who appears on camera always looks like they have just stepped out the hairdressers/barbers. You would think these would be one of the first businesses to close in the middle of a war.

      • I don’t think Boris’ barber is open. I think he probably retired a good few years ago.

      • @Senga the idiot. Hairdressers? Who needs a hairdresser when you’re Johnsonstein and permanently walking around looking like a bog brush? LOL

  10. Yes, it beggars belief. We are being asked to donate £30 – £40 when using a cash machine, and here are these cocks in an apparently untouched city. Was that the message they were trying to get across? Like many others, the sight of Johnson turns my stomach. The sight of the bears I found really cheering! (Just like our dog, only bigger).

    • It is not the cash machine that takes the money though. It asks you to TEXT 50 to some number to donate £50 ‘to Ukraine’. The days of the feckers asking for ‘spare change’ are long gone. And then you get the ’rounding up’ to the nearest £5 on your bill ‘for Ukraine’.

  11. during a war fat fookin boris the last thing you want is a folder to protect you

  12. I thought that Zelensky puppet was in hiding from the evil Putin regime. Boris their walking around with his suite on, not a care in the world. One would think this war is just for show.

  13. Obviously flown into a war torn area,. Maybe they’ll shoot him down on the way out, we can dream!

    During this terrible war they signed up for the great reset, jab passworts, UBI if jibbed ofcourse, the enture package, likely had to fir WEF support.

    Blowing there own people up to sqve there own corrupt skins is looking highly likely.

    Still no mention of why there are fuel shortages, russia or thise protesters? Or something else?

    Price hikes 20% in Aldi crom 1 shop till the next ouch!!!

  14. WHY did the woman who gave them roosters speak Russian and not Ukrainian?!?!?!🙄😂 And what bad actors!

    • @D Correction! “Why did the Jewess who gave them roosters speak Russian and not Ukrainian?!?!?!” Answer: because Kabbalah Jews are running the show on both sides – with emphasis on the word ‘SHOW’ as in theatricals.

  15. This is video a must watch! Understanding the times!
    Jan Markell hosts Pastors Mark Henry and Brandon Holthaus as they discuss the coming digital currency expected within a year. It will be programmable money, dictating what you can spend it on, replacing cash. This is a global effort. Biden signed onto it March 9. They also discuss the forthcoming food shortages. This info is not conspiratorial but a warning as to the lateness of the hour.

  16. Instead of sending weapons over there can be not throw in a few t shirts so the mini green prat can change his clothes. Sick of the muppet trying to look like action man when we all know he isn’t. .

  17. Boris doesn’t look very well. I wonder if his jabs were not just saline. With his wife & children nowhere to be seen or even heard of perhaps all is not happy at No 10.

  18. You’re a master Hugo! And I’m.glad you are starting to appreciate the theatrical arts 😉

  19. I notice too that Zelensky and Ursula shook hands with a horned fence post over their shoulders! Anyway all a cock waving contest like any war, even though this one is as staged as they get, with Ursula wagging her tail too for the cameras.

  20. Lady with the cocks

    “I bought these ‘little cock’s’ (peturshok) for my friends in Poland but I will give them to you, they were the last two in Berjangka”


    “I’m from London”

    peturshok is also jail slang for gay people.

    They love making fun of their puppets I think it gets them off.

  21. The BBC is now promoting cold as a good thing.

    “A cold shower a day keeps the doctor away! Anybody can do it! That is the message of the show!”

    Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof starts on BBC1 on Tuesday, 9pm

  22. Boris reminds me of a very bad Chris Farley impersonator. The whole thing is a joke!

  23. They were quick rebuilding!is the war over!?the,ve done wonders!you would swear,there has never been a war there!it’s a miracle!

    • You couldn’t make this up if you tried. An Oscar winning performance from both leaders.

  24. Awful. Don’t know whether to cringe or laugh. This is that bad, yet there are masses swallowing this shit. I’m glad l’m past 60, not 6 or 16, or even 26.

  25. Both Boris and the Ben Wallace Hoax call show the British position in a very sycophantic light. These ‘leaders’ have high stakes in this ‘war’. You can tell by their emotional leakage.

  26. The woman who hands the cockerels to Boris, says- Svoboda Ukraina. Svoboda is also a name of ultranationalist party.

  27. I wonder if the missiles we supply come ready with Russian words “For the Children” knowing how easily we’re all fooled out here.

  28. Are we sure this visit is recent because there are still Christmas trees in the windows and in the place where they meet?? As we do know that the MSM like to put out old footage as well as total BS…

    • Can you tell me at what point you can see a Xmas tree please? Ta 👍

  29. Kiev – the city where Stiepan Bandera birthday was celebrated by the torch march 1st of January 2022. Also streets in Kiev and Lvov are named after Bandera.
    Also Ukraine declared 2022 The year of UPA. Look it up UPA=Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which fought the 2nd WW till the ’48 (uncommon truth).
    Thanks again for this sweeping show!
    I’ve watched it again. Where this YouKraine gift at the beginning comes from?
    The West? Kraina means country.
    Anyway, the most important that Boris’s having a nice city break, strolling around, admiring the architecture.👍

    • All true. But small correction: krai in Russian means edge or border. Ukraine was just the outer edge of the Russian empire/ Soviet Union.
      okraina is translated as “outskirts”!
      Interestingly, while the nationalistic/ patriotic behaviour of the Ukrainians is celebrated in Western MSM, the same thing is condemned by the same media outlets if the Western nations try to do it.
      When you go to other sources you’ll find out that most the Ukraine is not touched by military warfare, which explains why BoJo and the other Jew can walk about so carelessly. Which makes millions of people fleeing the country very suspicious. Even though at least 1/3 of them don’t really look Caucasian at all.

  30. Stop me if someone’s already said it but, very fitting that a pair of cocks should be presented with a pair of cocks!

  31. bloody Johnson fat ugly evil demonic sadistic satanic distorted narcissistic scum piece of fucking shit deserves to have his throat cut he deserves to be bruatly murdererd by public hanging in broad daylight for all the world to see tortured to death for illegally stealing – ( our kids ) – and ordering ( kids ) to be stolen from they’re parents coz that fucked up cunt of pedo loving freemasson freak better start fucking running & fast evil bastard is nothing more than a pathetic little wimp you put that cunt out into the real world & that Bastard wouldn’t have a fucking clue and he’d be bricking it pathetic fucking wimp that fat ugly bastard is gonna murder millions of – ( kids ) – in care and get away with it by saying it was fucking covi bullshit well not on my watch and as for msm freaks huh there’s more than one way to skin a sewer rat those evil demonic sadistic satanic distorted narcissistic scum bastards are gonna get what’s comming to them 1 billion % fact & oh btw why is nobody going fucking nuts huh too scared huh phohe em up write to them get those bastards told what you waiting for ?????? av already written letters to that blooby Johnson freak & that sturgeonna nazi hitler bitch and I didn’t hood back whatsoever & as for pc pedo freemasson plod pathetic fucking wimps the whole fucking lot of them

    • @blueangel, Sturgeon is Cultural Jew Marxist, not a German National Socialist. If she were to become a National Socialist I would move to Scotland faster than you could say ‘Jack Robinson’.

      • No she is not. Sturgeon is a Nationalist and a Socialist, a National Socialist, in the mould of a German Nationalist Socialist or Nazi if you prefer.

      • @Senga So she rules Scotland alone as a dictator does she? Or does she have a politburo like all good Commies do? Her Nationalism is a fake as a 49p piece – she wants Scotland in The EUSSR you ignorant cretin.

  32. So what if I didn’t spell words blah blah blah am I’m a bad mood coz am sick to fucking death of all of this fucking hell years of it & if I had a aka 47 & shit loads o amo I’d blow they’re fucking heads off in seconds

  33. At first I didn’t think it was fake. But it is THE WHOLE BLOODY THING!!!!!

    • Did you notice the Blue and Red symbolism?

      The Rooster has it’s ties too.

      If you look at the art displays of 8 years ago you’ll see an entry in National Gallery.
      It is an entry that Boris unveiled.
      The art sculpture was a Blue Cockerel.
      It was submitted by a German artist and it’s name and art title was Han Koch.
      The National gallery had red and blue banners for the exhibition.

      The Blue and Red was seen a day or two later with Putin and a alleged, rare occurrence. Announcing some new Moon probe.

      Check out the 4th plinth art/ sculpture submission ..
      Sick to the root with symbolism.

  34. Pure theatre 🎭 , couldn’t help notice right at the start that they were using the same stage colour scheme , battleship grey painted walls , maybe it was to remind boris of home ( downing street ) … apparently the bricks were yellow in colour before all the pollution , but that’s another story… 🧐

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